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    All My Children CAST - Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) Played by Sabine Singh on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sabine Singh

    Birthday: 1974
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Sabine Singh


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    Tad + Krystal = Love?!?

    Tuesday, January 15 2008

    Still at the falls, Greenlee tells Aidan she has never gotten over losing Leo and she believes Zach will never get over losing Hannah! Greens explains that Leo was her first love and Ryan was her champion. "You are my hero," she cries, telling Aidan that Leo would be happy for her this time around. They return to her penthouse and Greenlee begs Aidan to kiss her like he used to and stop treating her like an invalid. Aidan sets up a seduction scene complete with flowers, candlelight and a roaring fire. He kisses her and then begins to massage her back. Greenlee turns the tables, kisses him and they make love. Afterward they talk and Greenlee tells Aidan she trusts him. He kisses her again.

    Ryan Acts Crazier and Crazier

    Monday, January 14 2008

    Aidan rushes to the rocks to catch Zach who has gone over the edge with Hannah. Zach holds desperately to Hannah's hand as Greenlee and Kendall urge both men - and Hannah - to hold on. Hannah says she can't do it. Kendall calls out that she loves Zach and he replies that he loves her, too. Aidan is having trouble keeping his grip on Zach strong so Greenlee and Kendall grab his shoulders and begin pulling, too. Zach tells Hannah that he won't let her go this time. She looks down and says she believes him. Zach cries out in pain when they pull on his shoulder again. Hannah says, "Goodbye," and then lets go of Zach's hand! Once back on solid ground Zach wants to run down to find her but Kendall demands that he stay with her. Derek arrives and calls for a water search and rescue team to begin searching for Hannah below the falls. Derek begins asking questions; Aidan takes the lead, saying Hannah slipped by accident and that Zach was trying to save her. Zach can't stop worrying about Hannah, even with Greenlee and Kendall by his side, telling him there was nothing more he could do. Aidan and Derek come back to Zach; Derek calls in more search teams and walks off. Zach apologizes to Kendall for going off on his own. He tells her everything that Hannah said, shocking Kendall. He sits heavily on a rock and asks Kendall how he lost Hannah again. Kendall tells him it wasn't his fault this time because Hannah made the decision to let go. She holds him. Greenlee separates herself from the group and becomes lost in memories of Leo. After a little while Kendall takes Aidan aside to tell him that Greenlee can never know what happened between them or they'll never be able to completely move on. Derek calls off the search until morning. Aidan goes to Greenlee and holds her. Kendall calls Erica to fill her in. Derek promises to keep Zach in the loop; he and Kendall leave.

    Hannah Falls From The Falls!

    Friday, January 11 2008

    Outside the Slater home Aidan refuses to tell Jack Zach's whereabouts and leaves. Jack returns inside to cover Aidan's disappearance. Erica doesn't believe him and asks where Aidan went. Jack tells them Aidan went to help Zach with Hannah and all the women freak out on him. Erica, though, tries to help Jack be the voice of reason for Kendall and Greens when she sees how both girls go on the attack against him. Jack tries to talk but Kendall and Greenlee won't let him get a word in edge-wise so Erica pulls him aside and tells him to let the girls work this out themselves. Kendall throws ideas about Zach and Aidan out and Greenlee backs them up; they decide that the men may know what they are doing. Sean arrives. Before he can tell anyone else about Hannah Jack takes him outside so they can discuss the situation privately. Sean tells him that they just hooked up and as he explains Erica walks out and overhears! She asks for an explanation and Jack fills her in. Seeing that Erica is cold, Jack gives her his jacket. Sean tells them Hannah kept asking about the falls; Jack and Erica wonder if that is where Hannah is now.

    Back inside Kendall and Greenlee commiserate with one another. Greenlee has another weak spell but tells Kendall it's just weakness from almost dying. She sits down, though, as they talk some more about Aidan and Zach. Greens tells Kendall about the high fever and hallucinations that Zach had in the bomb shelter; Kendall is stunned because Zach didn't say anything to her. The subject turns to love and Greenlee admits her fears about Aidan to Kendall. "He's not the same with me," Greenlee says, "he won't touch me." Kendall tells Greens Aidan is probably just being very careful. They go outside to see what is keeping Jack and the others. As they come outside they hear talk about the falls; Sean goes to give the police the details he knows. Kendall and Greenlee decide to go help their men! Jack refuses to allow Greenlee to go and Kendall agrees with him. She tells Greens that they should both stay at the house so that they don't get in Zach's or Aidan's way. Erica and Jack love that she is finally seeing the light. Jack takes her jacket and as he is hanging it up, Kendall pushes him and Erica inside the closet - and locks them in! She and Greenlee hurry from the house. In the closet Erica blames Jack for their predicament.

    On the rocks Hannah angrily tells Zach she deserves to have the life that Kendall has had! She pulls a gun on him. Zach starts talking, trying to keep Hannah off-balance. He tells her he knows how she was working with Adam and says that is just one more reason they can never be together. "Kendall is the only woman I love," he says. Hannah asks Zach to look past her appearance and his hatred to see the teenager he once loved. Zach says he can't see that girl anywhere. Hannah talks about Alexander taking advantage of her when she was still a desperate, teenage mother. "He thought it was funny that I jumped when he touched me," she says brokenly. Zach is stunned to learn that Alexander raped Hannah over and over. Aidan arrives, and hears the explanation, too. Zach asks why Hannah stayed with Alexander so long and she explains that she was certain that Zach would return for her. "But you never did," she cries, "you never did." She tells Zach that she pulled her life together for a while but that she can't keep up the pretense any longer. Hannah begins listing all of the women that Zach has rescued - Maria, Erica, Julia, Dixie and Greenlee - and wonders why he couldn't come to her rescue all those years ago. With pity in his eyes, Zach says he can still make things right by rescuing her now. Hannah holds the gun on him and begins to cry. He takes a step closer to her and she tells him to back off. Aidan keeps his gun trained on Hannah, just in case. Zach keeps talking, promising to protect her now since he couldn't protect her in the past. Hannah finally lowers the gun and lets Zach hold her close while she cries. Zach says they can make things work for her but as they turn around she sees Aidan and begins backing away. Hannah slips over the edge of the rocks! Greenlee and Kendall come running up at that moment.

    Zach Goes After Hannah

    Thursday, January 10 2008

    Jack and Greenlee return to the penthouse and he realizes she is a weak. Jack heads into the kitchen. When he turns Greenlee sways but Jack catches her just before she falls. Joe makes a house call and tells Greens that her pulse and heartbeat are both high. Greenlee begs Joe not to take her back to the hospital and Jack promises to keep Greenlee under lock and key if he must to keep her resting and quiet. Joe receives a page and goes to his car for some notes. Jack tells Greenlee she needs to take a break from the stress of her life. She is already worked up, though, about Ryan, Kendall, Zach and Aidan and can't calm down. Joe returns. He offers Greenlee a vitamin supplement and tells her that she needs to come in for more tests. He and Jack leave the penthouse; Jack asks if there is more to Greenlee's condition. Joe says he isn't sure but that Greenlee could have a virus or she could be having psychological problems because of the ordeal. He leaves. Erica calls Jack and asks about Greens; Jack says his daughter is fine. Erica suggests that he bring Greenlee over to the Slater home because of the extra security Zach has on hand. Greenlee overhears and says she wants to go there right away.

    Erica returns to Aidan and Kendall and tells them Jack just called to see if Greenlee could come over for a while. Kendall doesn't buy the explanation and asks Erica what she is really up to. Jack and Greenlee arrive. Aidan focuses on his girlfriend for a while. Kendall and Erica go to get blankets and pillows for Greenlee; Jack receives a call from Sean, who is freaking out. He tells Jack that he spent the night with Hannah! Sean tells Jack about the gun; Jack tells Sean to get to Kendall's ASAP. He calls Aidan (who is just across the room) and asks him to come outside for a few minutes. Aidan makes a few excuses, so does Jack, and the men go outside. Once away from the women Jack tells Aidan about Sean and Hannah. Aidan tells Jack what he knows about Zach and Hannah. He tells Jack to make his excuses because Zach needs help! "I'm gonna make sure he doesn't kill Hannah and Hannah doesn't kill him," Aidan says.

    Greenlee's Still Sick!

    Wednesday, January 09 2008

    At the penthouse Greenlee wakes from a bad dream with a scream. Jack hurries to her side, reminds her that she is out of the bomb shelter and that Ryan is okay and that everyone is standing by her. Greenlee hugs him but doesn't believe him. Jack promises her that she is safe. Greens tries to look on the bright side but all of the trauma and drama of the past few weeks has finally caught up with her. She tells Jack about the changes between both she and Zach while they were in the shelter. She finally tells Jack what is really wrong - that she is having a lot of panic attacks and keeps calling out for Zach. She wonders if this will cause problems with Aidan but Jack assures her that Aidan understands where she is now. They go to the park for some fresh air. Greenlee gets tired very easily so Jack has her sit down for a while; she admits to Jack that Joe wants to run more tests on her. To distract Jack Greenlee asks about Erica; he tells her things are over with Erica, for good this time. He says Erica deliberately tried to put Greens in danger and that was the last straw for him. Things take a lighter turn and Greenlee makes a wish for better days. "Like right now," she says. Jack goes to order coffees. Greenlee has a dizzy spell and begins to have trouble hearing things distinctly.

    Josh Is Hannah's Hostage!

    Monday, January 07 2008

    In the apartment, Babe calls 9-1-1 for help as the others gather around Ryan. Zach keeps him awake and talking while Greenlee and Kendall hold his hands. "Kendall. . .target," Ryan keeps repeating. Finally he loses consciousness. Babe leads the emergency workers inside; they say it looks bad and hustle Ryan out of the penthouse. Aidan returns, showing Zach the rifle casing. Kendall tries to follow but Zach keeps her inside. Babe leaves to notify Annie. Greenlee wants to go with Ryan but Aidan won't let her leave. Zach realizes Kendall is standing at the window and pulls her out of the line of fire, just in case. He promises to find out who did this. Kendall and Zach leave for the hospital. Greenlee sits on the sofa, staring at the blood-stained pillows and towels. Aidan returns with no news about Ryan. Greens thanks him for staying, then rages about her health and not being able to be with her friends. He gets her to lie down and begins cleaning up the mess. Greens is almost asleep. She screams, "Oh my god, Zach!" Embarrassed, Greenlee hides under the covers and asks if she really just called for Zach. Aidan says yes and she explains that she heard a noise and just called for help. Aidan understands and doesn't feel bad about the mistake at all. He kisses her. Kendall calls and updates them on Ryan. Greenlee and Aidan are both relieved. Once the penthouse is put back together Aidan gets ready to leave. Greens tells him she loves him and asks if he will stay with her. Aidan is afraid that if he stays Greenlee won't get any rest but she convinces him to stay. They make love.

    Hannah's Nuts!

    Friday, January 04 2008

    Ryan, Zach and Kendall accompany Greenlee and Aidan home. Ryan tries to call Annie but can't get through. Kendall brings up the future; she and Greenlee are both excited about what could happen next. Aidan breaks out the bubbly but the girls both prefer fizzy water. Ryan calls for pizza. Kendall asks about Annie and Ryan assures her Annie will be by later. Greenlee and Zach start in on their silly, bomb shelter jokes. They all make plans for a weekend outing with the kiddos; Aidan and Greenlee are glad to be included. Zach and Kendall get amorous and so do Aidan and Greenlee, leaving Ryan to tell them all to get a room. They all wonder what is keeping Annie. Zach brings up the love letters they found in the shelter; Kendall mentions that while Zach was missing she began writing, too, to keep her mind off of the situation. Greenlee tells them more about the letters. Ryan pulls Aidan aside and thanks him for standing by Greens. He believes Greenlee and Aidan have a shot at real, deep love. Aidan asks about Richie and Ryan fills him in on the latest happenings. Ryan tries calling Annie again but she doesn't answer. Greenlee and Kendall start talking about Fusion and ideas for their next big campaign. Kendall gets a little teary because it seems like they really are moving on from all the drama. Across the room Aidan asks Zach if he needs to know about anything traumatic that happened in the bomb shelter. Zach tells him Greenlee was great in the shelter. Ryan and Zach decide it is time for Greenlee and Aidan to have some alone time but Greens asks them all to stay a little while longer. The guys begin giving Greenlee a hard time and teasing her unmercifully. Greenlee loves it. Kendall and Aidan are across the room, chatting and becoming more uneasy with each other by the moment. Finally Kendall brings up Zach and Greenlee; Aidan tells her to leave all of that in the past and returns to the group. Ryan comes over to Kendall to make sure she is okay. She wonders what her community service will entail and the gathering begins giving her a hard time about being a member of the fashion police or having to live without 4-inch heels.

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