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    All My Children CAST - Alexander Cambias, Sr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alexander Cambias, Sr. Played by Ronald Guttman on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ronald Guttman

    Birthplace: Belgium
    Real Name: Ronald Guttman


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    Please, One More Try?

    Tuesday, April 28 2009

    Ryan gets to the psych ward and finds that Alexander can talk! He asks why Alexander is doing this and Alexander insists he is trying to right a wrong by finding Dixie's real killer. Alexander suggests that Babe's and Greenlee's deaths completed the Fusion deaths. He warns Ryan that Dixie's killer will strike again – and it will be Ryan's fault if he doesn't solve the mystery of Dixie's death!

    A Mystery Afoot!

    Friday, April 27 2007

    Derek and other officers are at the scene of Alex’s shooting. He is lying, bleeding, on the ground, while Derek sends the officers to the roof to search for the shooter. Zach appears on the scene, and while Derek hints around that he might suspect Zach has something to do with the shooting, it’s clear that Derek is in no hurry to try to save Alex’s life. He purposely keeps officers away from the scene, leaving Zach alone with Alex. Zach talks to Alex, telling him he got his note, taunting him. He begins goading Alex to say something, to ask for help, to prove he’s not insane after all. Alex begins to sing the Redrock song. Zach tells Derek to call an ambulance, saying, “It shouldn’t end like this. I want him to suffer.”

    Meanwhile, word about Alex’s shooting begins to spread and almost immediately suspicions begin to fly. Kendall suspects that Zach might have something to do with it – worrying that if he did they would never get Alex out of their lives. Annie suspects Jonathon – telling Ryan that she’d seen Jonathon lately in the middle of the night, pacing, with a bad look in his eyes. Zach suspects Hannah, remembering their recent conversation where she claimed that Alex deserved revenge. Derek suspects pretty much everyone, but even he can’t escape suspicion as both Ryan and Zach point out that he, too, had motive. It seems another Pine Valley mystery is underfoot!

    Ryan faces off with Derek at Pine Valley Hospital. Derek clearly suspects Jonathon of the shooting, but Ryan swears that Jonathon has an alibi – he was working at Confusion all day. Ryan tells Derek that he can’t pin every bad thing that happens in Pine Valley on Jonathon. Dr. Joe tells Derek that Alex is alive, but the bullet is lodged in Alex’s spine.

    Operation: Jenny!

    Thursday, April 26 2007

    At the jail, Derek plays Zach's teddy bear for Alexander and asks the guards to get him ready for transfer. In the alley, he stuffs the bear into Alexander's unresponsive arms. From behind the jail, someone takes aim and shoots Alexander in the chest!

    The Wheels Are Spinning

    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    At the jail, Zach confronts Alexander. "You killed those women and you don't have to pay," he says. Alexander sits quietly in his wheelchair, pretending to ignore Zach, who keeps baiting him. Telling him what life will be like in the hospital, Zach tries to get Alexander to react. "What are you going to do?" Zach asks, telling Alexander that as soon as he begins acting normal he will go to jail. Zach paints a picture for Alexander - alone, with no interaction with anyone for the rest of his life. "Every time you want to get up, you can't. Every time you want to say something, you can't. This is your prison," Zach says. Alexander still doesn't respond, so Zach gives him one more thing to think about - the possibility that he really could be Raymond Jenkins son! Zach places his childhood teddy bear into the bars, leaving it there for Alexander!

    Will Justice Be Served?

    Tuesday, April 17 2007

    In the courthouse, the police wheel Alexander in as his lawyers prepare for the hearing. The judge asks Alexander if he understands why he is there but all Alexander does is scream and begin talking in rhyme, "Yesterday upon the stair, I met a man who was not there!" he says over and over. The judge doesn't stand for Alexander's outburst, telling him that any more outbursts will land him back in jail. Jackson stands, telling the judge that Alexander is acting! Del lunges toward Alexander, but before he can attack the bailiffs pull him from the courtroom. The judge orders the lawyers into his chambers. Zach leaves to get some air and Babe asks Kendall how she is holding up. She asks Babe to hold her hand for a moment. JR leaves the room but Tad holds Jamie back from following. Ryan sits beside Jonathan, who says the bailiffs wouldn't have been able to stop him like they stopped Del! Outside, Di tries to calm Del. JR approaches to thank Del for his actions! "You spoke for all of us in there," he says, surprising Del. The hearing resumes and Jack begins questioning one of Alexander's psychiatrists. As he talks, Kendall begins to sway, reacting to the stress of the hearing. She leaves for the restroom and Hannah follows. In the hall, Kendall tries to gather herself and Hannah asks how she is. "I can hear him breathing," she says, finally reacting to the torture that Alexander put her through. Hannah tells Kendall that Alexander will never hurt anyone else.

    Josh arrives, telling Zach that the drugs are a no-go. Jack calls Alexander to the witness stand as Kendall returns to the courtroom. Alexander ignores Jack even when he tosses a ball at Alexander! Jack reads off the list of men and women that Alexander killed and then points out Babe - the woman he couldn't kill. As Jack talks, those in the courtroom flash back to the various attacks and the aftermath. Still, Alexander doesn't respond to the questioning. The judge orders Jack to release Alexander. He does and calls Zach to the stand. Testifying, Zach tells the courtroom that he isn't Alexander's biological son. His real father was Jenkins! The revelation surprises everyone in the courtroom. "What do you think of that, Alex?" Zach asks, telling him that he gave Cambias Industries to his wife's lover's child. Finally, Alexander reacts by standing up, but he gathers himself before losing his cool and begins repeating the rhyme again! The judge orders a recess; Jonathan approaches Jack, thanking him for what he did in court. Hannah watches Kendall and Zach from the back row. Outside, Annie tells Ryan that justice will be served. Ryan, though, doesn't see how the judge could rule against Alexander's plea.

    Court is called back into session. The judge calls Alexander a murderer, telling him that he believes it is all an act. Unfortunately, he has no proof that Alexander is acting and releases him to a psychiatric facility. Everyone reacts badly to the news. As Alexander is wheeled away, Tad sits with his hands clenched together. Aidan joins him, saying a bullet through the head is the right justice for Alexander! Zach and Kendall stand together and watch Alexander until he is gone. Babe asks if Zach is really Jenkins' son and he admits that it was a lie. He leaves Kendall with Babe, Ryan and Annie and leaves the courtroom.

    Alexander is wheeled away from the courtroom. Outside the courthouse, someone is putting a high-powered rifle together!

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