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    All My Children CAST - Alexander Cambias, Sr.

    Full detailed profile on Alexander Cambias, Sr. Played by Ronald Guttman on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ronald Guttman
    Alexander Cambias, Sr.

    Actor: Ronald Guttman

    Who played Alexander Cambias, Sr. over the years

    Ronald Guttman (2003 - May 2007, April 27, 2009 - present)

    Useful information on Alexander Cambias, Sr.

    * Killed his wife and blamed his son, Alexander, Jr., aka Zach Slater.
    * He faked his own death in 2003.
    * To get back at his son, he killed Simone Torres, Erin Lavery and Dixie Martin.
    * Dani Frye and Babe Chandler were also attacked.


    Current: Founder of Cambias Industries


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    Amelia Cambias (deceased)




    Ethan Cambias (grandson by Zach - deceased)
    Miranda Montgomery (granddaughter by Michael who raped Bianca Montgomery)


    Zach Slater (Alexander Cambias, JR.) (son)
    Michael Cambias (son - deceased)


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    Tuesday, April 28 2009: Please, One More Try?

    Ryan gets to the psych ward and finds that Alexander can talk! He asks why Alexander is doing this and Alexander insists he is trying to right a wrong by finding Dixie's real killer. Alexander suggests that Babe's and Greenlee's deaths completed the Fusion deaths. He warns Ryan that Dixie's killer will strike again – and it will be Ryan's fault if he doesn't solve the mystery of Dixie's death!

    Friday, April 27 2007: A Mystery Afoot!

    Derek and other officers are at the scene of Alex’s shooting. He is lying, bleeding, on the ground, while Derek sends the officers to the roof to search for the shooter. Zach appears on the scene, and while Derek hints around that he might suspect Zach has something to do with the shooting, it’s clear that Derek is in no hurry to try to save Alex’s life. He purposely keeps officers away from the scene, leaving Zach alone with Alex. Zach talks to Alex, telling him he got his note, taunting him. He begins goading Alex to say something, to ask for help, to prove he’s not insane after all. Alex begins to sing the Redrock song. Zach tells Derek to call an ambulance, saying, “It shouldn’t end like this. I want him to suffer.”

    Meanwhile, word about Alex’s shooting begins to spread and almost immediately suspicions begin to fly. Kendall suspects that Zach might have something to do with it – worrying that if he did they would never get Alex out of their lives. Annie suspects Jonathon – telling Ryan that she’d seen Jonathon lately in the middle of the night, pacing, with a bad look in his eyes. Zach suspects Hannah, remembering their recent conversation where she claimed that Alex deserved revenge. Derek suspects pretty much everyone, but even he can’t escape suspicion as both Ryan and Zach point out that he, too, had motive. It seems another Pine Valley mystery is underfoot!

    Ryan faces off with Derek at Pine Valley Hospital. Derek clearly suspects Jonathon of the shooting, but Ryan swears that Jonathon has an alibi – he was working at Confusion all day. Ryan tells Derek that he can’t pin every bad thing that happens in Pine Valley on Jonathon. Dr. Joe tells Derek that Alex is alive, but the bullet is lodged in Alex’s spine.

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