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    All My Children CAST - Barbara Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Barbara Montgomery Played by Susan Pratt on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Susan Pratt

    Birthday: 1949-04-29
    Marital Status: married
    Real Name: Susan Pratt


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    Jenny's Christening!

    Thursday, July 12 2007

    Barbara sneaks in to Jack and Erica's yacht club hideaway and hides a camera in a potted plant! She is going to catch them in the act. She positions the pot just so and leaves the room. Outside she steals one of the maid entry cards and hides. Erica arrives and goes inside, dismissing the maid. When she is sure she is alone she lets Jack into the room. They lay on the bed, kissing and talking about ending the luv-orce. It can't come soon enough for either of them Jack grabs a folder off the table, messing up the angle of Barbara's camera! It's a script for the end of the luv-orce; Erica doesn’t like it at all and tells him so. They begin arguing and the camera keeps rolling. Erica rips up the script but tells him that she will still tell everyone that she is the one that backed down. "Crow will be served. Bon appetite," Jack says. Annoyed, Erica tells him that Pam is coming up with a script that they'll both like. She offers to go over that script with him and they'll make changes together. Jack kisses her, saying fighting is even fun with her. They both get ready to leave but share one more passionate kiss before going their separate ways.

    Colby runs into Sean, dressed for another day of cleanup, at the yacht club for breakfast. She asks him to the christening but he turns her down. Instead he asks her out on a real date the next day. Colby realizes she is really late. Before leaving she gives Sean her iPod with a personal song selection just for him. She leaves. She sees Barbara and hides in a corner. She doesn't notice him because she is too busy calling in her tip to a reporter. "I've got irrefutable proof - audio and video," she tells him, promising to get the scoop on Jack and Erica! After the lunch crowd has left the club, Barbara goes back upstairs. She goes inside the room, checks the camera and then takes it with her! She calls the reporter, telling him the tape is perfect. Sean grabs the phone and pretends to be a psychiatrist and tells the reporter Barbara is unbalanced! He tosses the phone into the water and then sees the camera. Sean takes the tape from the camera as Barbara tries to convince him that Erica is using Jack. Sean tells her to leave Pine Valley!

    Lily - The Next Fusion Girl?

    Thursday, July 05 2007

    Jack meets Sean, who is fulfilling his community service requirements by gathering trash, at the yacht club. Erica is across the way with Pam. Barbara shows up and Sean pulls a disappearing act, not wanting to talk to his mother. Jack asks Erica and Pam for a few minutes. Pam corrects Erica, who is looking at Jack like he's a slice of Prime Rib, telling her she can't put her feelings out there. Pam asks about the newspaper picture, which hasn't run yet. Erica promises that the picture will never see the light of day. A reporter arrives, as does Jack, and begins to interview them about their last holiday as a couple. Pam and Barbara listen in. Jack gently touches Erica's face, telling the reporter how easy it is to spend time with Erica. She agrees, telling the world that things are so great Jack probably won't miss her at all! "Are you regretting our decision?" Jack asks and Erica swears she is proud of her decision. Barbara listens, getting more annoyed by the moment. Jack and Erica flirt on camera, both playing footsie with their new plan of pretending to divorce for the cameras while getting back together off-camera. Jack calls a halt to the interview and walks away. Erica excuses herself, too, and immediately runs in to Barbara. They exchange barbs and Erica walks away.

    Erica goes upstairs to her room at the club and Jack follows. Moments later they are alone, sans cameras and Pam. Jack begins undressing her, kissing every inch of her skin along the way. They make love. "I can't believe I'm cheating with my own wife," he says afterward. Erica tells him not to worry. She reminds him that all of America wants them together anyway and they'll forgive them. Jack asks about the family and Erica tells him not to worry, that their kids will understand. They make love again. They return separately downstairs to continue their interview. The reporter asks who both are seeing and neither gives an answer. Across the room, Barbara realizes they are pulling a con when she sees Erica playing footsie with Jack under the table!

    Whoa! Tad and Erica?!?

    Friday, May 18 2007

    Erica and her camera crew arrive at the yacht club. Erica wonders what is going on until Jack, with Barbara on her arm, walk in! Across the room, Tad and Del watch the action. As the cameras roll, Erica and Barbara exchange barbs. Del interrupts, telling Erica about his new book. Erica whispers to him to "go with it" and invites him to join her for dinner. They begin talking about Del's new book as Jack and Barbara listen in. Tad comes over, telling Del he left some cash on the bar. Tad leans in, kissing Erica passionately. Before he sits down with her, Tad flirts with Barbara. He returns to Erica's side as Barbara talks about her night with Jack. They exchange barbs again, and Barbara tells Erica that Jack is too good for her! Erica stands up, calling a halt to the taping. Another camera crew arrives and the show goes on. Erica invites Jack and Barbara to join them - and Jack agrees! All four sit down. "Well, three adults and Barbara, sitting together at a table," Erica says! Tad asks Barbara what she is doing to pay the rent and she tells him she's a full-time mom now! Barbara tosses a roll across the table. Jack and Tad decide to order but Barbara wants to leave. Tad's wine glass accidentally spills on her lap! Angry, Barbara tells Erica that she did it on purpose. Barbara faces the camera, telling the viewers that Erica is a spoiled brat. Tad makes a joke, telling her he'll take off his pants if she will take off hers. Barbara storms away. Pam sends Erica and Jack home - together! Erica tries to pawn Jack off on Tad but it doesn't work and they leave the club together. In Erica's car, she and Jack fight over the reality show, his relationship with Barbara. Neither will admit that they are really fighting because they still love one another. They arrive at the Montgomery home, finding Sean - shirtless! - and Ava in a hot embrace on the couch! Erica puts her purse over the camera lens, ordering them to cut!

    Ava and Lily Meet!

    Friday, April 13 2007

    Jack helps Barbara move into the Valley Inn, telling her that as long as Lily is at his home, she won't be! Barbara tries to change his mind, but Jack isn't having it and leaves her alone in the lobby! Barbara and Erica run into one another in the hall, and Barbara makes like the Valley Inn move was her idea. Meanwhile in the lobby, Sean accompanies Lily to a convention. She asks for his help in deciphering what Aidan is up to. Erica sees them, confused because she just saw "Lily" upstairs and now she is fully dressed in the lobby! Lily is confused and asks Erica what is going on. Erica tells them about Barbara's hotel room and tells Lily she can check out - and go back home! "Do you know what she's talking about?" Lily asks when Erica leaves. Barbara arrives and asks Lily to give she and Sean space. Lily heads off, with a mystery to solve. They sit down and Barbara tries to enlist Sean's help with Jack. "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt," he says, unwilling to help her. Barbara tells Sean that the real reason she is in Pine Valley is to repair her relationship with him, but he doesn't buy her explanation. Sean throws Molly and the circumstances of his birth in her face, telling Barbara that she has never really cared for him. In the hall, Lily begins going over the clues and puts things together. The concierge sees Lily, believing she is Ava, and asks for a credit card. Lily hands over one of her cards and asks for another room key! She heads upstairs and she and Ava come face to face for the first time!

    Is Love In The Air?

    Monday, April 09 2007

    At Fusion, Kendall tries to pay back Erica, but she doesn't want Kendall's money. Seeing that Kendall won't let her refuse, Erica accepts the check. Barbara walks in, wearing only one shoe and yelling at Erica! "You hijacked me into the middle of the ocean!" she says, and Erica calmly claims to know nothing about her being locked inside the yacht! Kendall gets in the middle of the fight, telling Barbara to leave. After exchanging a few more words wit Erica, Barbara stomps out of the office. Kendall can't believe what Erica did and wonders why she tried to get Barbara out of the picture! Ryan and Annie arrive before Erica can explain anything. Learning that they are getting married and that Annie is working at Fusion, Erica wonders if Kendall has lost her mind! Kendall sends Ryan and Annie off to get her settled in at the office. Ryan leaves a few moments later. "You're setting her up!" Erica says, suggesting that Kendall use her yacht to get Annie away from Ryan! Kendall suggests Erica concentrate on herself and Jack! Bianca and Zoe arrive and Erica tries to enlist their help to get Annie out of the picture. Bianca, though, is excited that Annie and Ryan are engaged. "Are you ill?" Erica asks. A delivery man brings in another gift for Zoe. Erica tells them to be careful - it could be a bomb from Barbara! Kendall reads the card and learns it's for Zoe! Babe arrives, excited to finally be getting things back to normal. She tells them she and Krystal are moving out of the mansion and Kendall offers space for little A, whenever Babe needs it. Seeing Erica, Babe confronts her, wondering if she is happy now. Kendall and Bianca try to interrupt them, but Babe and Erica aren't listening. "Understand this: your mother is a cheating tramp," Erica says as Jack arrives! Annoyed with her for the Barbara stunt, Jack pulls Erica from the office, leaving the women to fawn over Zoe's latest gift from the secret admirer! Zoe is convinced the person is a deranged fan, and even when Bianca suggests it's from a real admirer, blows off the gift. She leaves for an appointment, leaving Bianca crushed. "You?!", the women ask, realizing that Bianca is Zoe's secret admirer! Kendall is called away and returns a few minutes later with news for the group - Simone's Fusion stock certificates are missing!

    Ava Arrives!

    Monday, April 02 2007

    At the yacht, Erica interrupts Barbara and Jack. In her fake French accent, she asks if they’re hungry after a night of “sea air”. She uncovers waffles and Jackson takes a bite as Barbara tells him not to touch the food. Jack is enjoying himself, though, as Barbara loses her cool. “This is just breakfast among consenting adults,” Erica says and sits down to enjoy some tea. Jack asks Barbara to try the sausage and she becomes even more angry. She leaves to shower and dress. Alone in the room, Jack asks what Erica is really up to. “This is just my way of saying how happy I am for you,” she says, but Jack doesn’t buy it. Before he can get anywhere, Barbara returns and tells Erica, again, to leave the yacht. Sean calls, interrupting them and telling Jack that Lily is missing. Worried, Erica prepares to leave with him, but Jack tells her to back off. “I’m still Lily’s step-mother, nothing changes that,” she says, but he doesn’t listen to her and leaves the ship. Barbara turns, telling Erica that she is now ready for a good meal - especially after her night with Jack! “Then eat up, because you’re not going to do anything like that again for a long time,” Erica says and gathers her things. The two exchange barbs, neither backing down. Letting Barbara know she isn't done with Jack, Erica leaves. A few minutes later, Barbara realizes that she is locked inside the boat – and it’s leaving port!

    ...And, He's Out!

    Friday, March 30 2007

    At the yacht, Erica walks in hoping to talk to Jack. She sees he and Barbara in bed together and is too shocked to leave right away. Jack opens his eyes, unsure if this is really Erica or another figment of his imagination! She turns to go and Jack realizes exactly what he has done! Dressing quickly he tries to leave, but Barbara wakes before he can. She tells him not to worry, things are just fine now. What happened between them was only comfort and doesn't have to mean anything, unless he wants it to. Jack could care less what she says and continues getting dressed. Telling him that she has her own plans, Barbara tells him, "I just need to figure some things out and then I'll leave. If you really want me to." She invites him to come back to bed, just to sleep and Jack goes along with her!

    At Josh's apartment, he watches the end of Erica's talk show and hearing her talk about a future guest makes him wonder if he has been too hard on his family. Erica arrives, looking for Bianca but she isn't there. Josh asks if there is anything he can do. Erica doesn't want to talk to Josh and tries to skirt the issue, but reluctantly tells him that things are over with Jeff and with Jack. She wonders if he is happy, now that her own life is falling apart the way his was a few weeks earlier. Josh pours them both a glass of water, telling Erica that he isn't happy, but he does want her to be. Erica asks about he and Babe, and Josh lets her know that Babe is still at the Chandler manse. Mother and son bond over wanting people that they can't have. She mentions Bianca's Paris apartment and Josh wonders why she is going to run away. Erica says she isn't running! "Thank you for getting me back on track," she says and leaves the apartment. Adam arrives a few minutes later with an offer for Josh!

    The next morning, Erica arrives back at the yacht in a French maid's uniform, complete with a long blonde wig and a phoney French accent!

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