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    All My Children CAST - Barbara Montgomery

    Full detailed profile on Barbara Montgomery Played by Susan Pratt on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Susan Pratt
    Barbara Montgomery

    Actor: Susan Pratt

    Who played Barbara Montgomery over the years

    Susan Pratt (1987 - 1991 - recurring since 1990's)

    Useful information on Barbara Montgomery

    * Has jumped from man to man since her husband Travis died.
    * Became pregnant with her son, Sean, in order to save her daughter's life when she needed a bone marrow transplant.


    Current: Business woman
    Past: Stay at home mother


    Barbara arrived in Pine Valley in 1987, involved with husband Travis Montgomery's election campaign. She and Erica Kane immediately butted heads when Barbara learned that Erica was pregnant with Travis' child. She later became involved with Tom Cudahy, who was married to Skye Chandler. Skye was in a coma at the time, but even after she recovered, Barbara did everything she could to keep Skye and Tom apart. Skye kidnapped Barbara and threatened to kill her because of this but Tom was able to save Barbara's life.

    Barbara became involved with Tom, but when his daughter Laura was killed by a drunken driver, the relationship ended. Barbara began having an affair with Tad Martin and later went back to Travis. She became pregnant with his child but he left town before she could tell him. Tom proposed and raised Molly as his own. When Molly was diagnosed with Leukemia, Barbara told Travis the truth. Though Travis was married to Erica at the time, they agreed to have another child to save Molly's life. They made love and Barbara became pregnant with Sean, breaking up both of their marriages. Sean's bone marrow saved Molly's life. Travis and Barbara left town to start a new life in Seattle with Sean, Molly and Travis' daughter Bianca. Since Travis' death, Barbara has returned often to Pine Valley, causing problems for Erica.


    Travis Montgomery (divorced - remarried - deceased)
    Tom Cudahy (divorced)


    Tom Cudahy
    Travis Montgomery
    Tad Martin




    Molly Montgomery (daughter with Travis)
    Sean Montgomery (son with Travis)


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    Thursday, July 12 2007: Jenny's Christening!

    Barbara sneaks in to Jack and Erica's yacht club hideaway and hides a camera in a potted plant! She is going to catch them in the act. She positions the pot just so and leaves the room. Outside she steals one of the maid entry cards and hides. Erica arrives and goes inside, dismissing the maid. When she is sure she is alone she lets Jack into the room. They lay on the bed, kissing and talking about ending the luv-orce. It can't come soon enough for either of them Jack grabs a folder off the table, messing up the angle of Barbara's camera! It's a script for the end of the luv-orce; Erica doesn’t like it at all and tells him so. They begin arguing and the camera keeps rolling. Erica rips up the script but tells him that she will still tell everyone that she is the one that backed down. "Crow will be served. Bon appetite," Jack says. Annoyed, Erica tells him that Pam is coming up with a script that they'll both like. She offers to go over that script with him and they'll make changes together. Jack kisses her, saying fighting is even fun with her. They both get ready to leave but share one more passionate kiss before going their separate ways.

    Colby runs into Sean, dressed for another day of cleanup, at the yacht club for breakfast. She asks him to the christening but he turns her down. Instead he asks her out on a real date the next day. Colby realizes she is really late. Before leaving she gives Sean her iPod with a personal song selection just for him. She leaves. She sees Barbara and hides in a corner. She doesn't notice him because she is too busy calling in her tip to a reporter. "I've got irrefutable proof - audio and video," she tells him, promising to get the scoop on Jack and Erica! After the lunch crowd has left the club, Barbara goes back upstairs. She goes inside the room, checks the camera and then takes it with her! She calls the reporter, telling him the tape is perfect. Sean grabs the phone and pretends to be a psychiatrist and tells the reporter Barbara is unbalanced! He tosses the phone into the water and then sees the camera. Sean takes the tape from the camera as Barbara tries to convince him that Erica is using Jack. Sean tells her to leave Pine Valley!

    Thursday, July 05 2007: Lily - The Next Fusion Girl?

    Jack meets Sean, who is fulfilling his community service requirements by gathering trash, at the yacht club. Erica is across the way with Pam. Barbara shows up and Sean pulls a disappearing act, not wanting to talk to his mother. Jack asks Erica and Pam for a few minutes. Pam corrects Erica, who is looking at Jack like he's a slice of Prime Rib, telling her she can't put her feelings out there. Pam asks about the newspaper picture, which hasn't run yet. Erica promises that the picture will never see the light of day. A reporter arrives, as does Jack, and begins to interview them about their last holiday as a couple. Pam and Barbara listen in. Jack gently touches Erica's face, telling the reporter how easy it is to spend time with Erica. She agrees, telling the world that things are so great Jack probably won't miss her at all! "Are you regretting our decision?" Jack asks and Erica swears she is proud of her decision. Barbara listens, getting more annoyed by the moment. Jack and Erica flirt on camera, both playing footsie with their new plan of pretending to divorce for the cameras while getting back together off-camera. Jack calls a halt to the interview and walks away. Erica excuses herself, too, and immediately runs in to Barbara. They exchange barbs and Erica walks away.

    Erica goes upstairs to her room at the club and Jack follows. Moments later they are alone, sans cameras and Pam. Jack begins undressing her, kissing every inch of her skin along the way. They make love. "I can't believe I'm cheating with my own wife," he says afterward. Erica tells him not to worry. She reminds him that all of America wants them together anyway and they'll forgive them. Jack asks about the family and Erica tells him not to worry, that their kids will understand. They make love again. They return separately downstairs to continue their interview. The reporter asks who both are seeing and neither gives an answer. Across the room, Barbara realizes they are pulling a con when she sees Erica playing footsie with Jack under the table!

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