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    All My Children CAST - Maggie Stone

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Stone Played by Elizabeth Hendrickson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Hendrickson
    Maggie Stone

    Actor: Elizabeth Hendrickson

    Who played Maggie Stone over the years

    Elizabeth Hendrickson (Jan. 15, 2007 - Feb. 7, 2007)

    Useful information on Maggie Stone

    * The lesbian love of Bianca Montgomery.
    * Paired in several heterosexual relationships before developing a relationship with Bianca.
    * Maggie and Bianca eventually left Pine Valley with Bianca's daughter Miranda to live in Paris.
    * Tried to renew her romance with Bianca but was rebuffed.


    Past: Student at Pine Valley University


    Maggie Stone arrived in Pine Valley to find out who killed her sister Frankie. She crossed paths early with Bianca Montgomery, who fainted when she saw Maggie, thinking she was her dead sister - and Bianca's almost lover - Frankie.

    Maggie later learned that Vanessa Cortlandt, their aunt, had killed Frankie. When confronted, Vanessa attacked Maggie and left her for dead in an abandoned pump house near Willow Lake. David and Leo found her in the nick of time. Maggie, David, Leo and Trey eventually became a close-knit family. She also grew close to Bianca, but fearing she saw Maggie as a replacement for Frankie, Bianca pushed her toward Tim Dillon. When Leo died, Bianca comforted Maggie, bringing them to a new level of emotional intimacy. Maggie admitted she had feelings for Bianca, but did not act on those feelings.

    David paid Maggie's college expenses to PVU where she met and dated Henry Chin. Maggie let Henry cheat off of her during a test, but she was accused of cheating by their teacher. When Henry let her take the blame she ended the relationship. Henry came forward, finally, before Maggie was expelled from the university.

    When Bianca was raped by Michael Cambias in 2003, Maggie became her confidante. Finding out Bianca was pregnant from the rape, Maggie stood by her friend. Maggie dated Jamie during Bianca's pregnancy but jealousy of Bianca's relationship with Lena caused that relationship to fizzle. A relationship with Jonathan Lavery followed, but his abuse killed her feelings for him. Soon after Maggie left Jonathan, Bianca decided to leave Pine Valley. After some soul searching Maggie went with her.

    Maggie cheated on Bianca while living in Paris and Binks returned to Pine Valley. Several months later, Maggie followed hoping to win back her love. Bianca, though, was busy developing a relationship with Zarf/Zoe, which angered Maggie. Seeing that Binks didn't welcome her return, Maggie left for Paris - again!




    Bianca Montgomery
    Jonathan Lavery
    Jamie Martin
    Carlos Reyes
    Henry Chin
    Tim Dillon


    Gwyneth Bennett (mother)
    Mary Frances "Frankie" Stone (twin sister - deceased)
    Vanessa Bennett (maternal aunt)
    Dr. David Hayward (maternal cousin)
    Leo du Pres (maternal cousin)
    Ben Shepherd (maternal cousin)
    Arabella Carey (maternal first cousin)
    Leora Hayward (maternal first cousin)
    Adam Chandler III (maternal first cousin)




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    Monday, March 21 2011: Madison Asks How High.

    In their studio, Madison and Scott go over baby names, but come up empty. Frankie stops by and Scott leaves. Madison tells Frankie Ryan knows he's the father of the baby, but nothing changes. She will still raise the baby on her own. Ryan calls Madison to tell her Emma wants to see her and asks her to meet them at the hospital. Madison hangs up and Frankie notes she's still jumping when Ryan calls.

    Madison helps Ryan bring Emma home, which Greenlee isn't too thrilled about. Madison leaves and Greenlee pulls out Emma's princess dress. Emma seems happy, but when Ryan leaves the room, her smile fades. She says costumes are for babies an stomps out of the room.

    Wednesday, February 07 2007: Decisions, Decisions

    At the park, Maggie lays a passionate kiss on Bianca, upsetting her. The kiss was a mistake. Maggie was her best friend, her lover, but Bianca's family needs her now. Maggie being around feels like pressure. In tears, Bianca tells Maggie she still loves her but she can't take the pressures that Maggie brings to the table. She needs time alone! Bianca walks away, but stops when Maggie brings up Zoe. It's Zoe's fault they aren't getting back together. Angry that Maggie would even bring Zoe up, Bianca tells her about her New Year's fling. Zoe has nothing to do with their breakup, she has changed and that is all thanks to Maggie! Maggie breaks down when she hears about the fling because that is out of the ordinary. Maybe Bianca really has changed. What is Maggie supposed to do? Bianca tells her that going back to Paris is the only thing she can do. Can they at least call? Bianca isn't up for calls, but an email would be okay. The two hug and Maggie walks away. Alone, Bianca lets her tears fall.

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