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    All My Children CAST - Zarf/Zoe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zarf/Zoe Played by Jeffrey Carlson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeffrey Carlson

    Birthday: 1975-06-23
    Birthplace: Long Beach California USA
    Real Name: Jeffrey Carlson
    Height: 5'11


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    Panic in Pine Valley

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    Zarf tells Bianca, at Fusion, that his trangender act was research for a song. "I was a part of your research?" an outraged Bianca asks him. Yes, he claims, I needed to see how a lesbian would react. Still disbelieving, Bianca pleads, "Tell me the truth! Are you Zarf or Zoey?"

    In Zarf's hotel room, Di has handed Aiden a make-up bag she found. He looks inside and says "bingo!". He holds up a clear liquid drug and a syringe.

    As Zarf prepares to leave Fusion, he tells Bianca he won't bother her again. Stay away from Babe too, Bianca warns him. Zarf says he's sorry he's hurt her and as he turns to leave the police burst in and hold him against the wall at gunpoint!

    Tempers flare in Pine Valley

    Monday, January 08 2007

    When Ryan gets home, Annie tells him about Jon's angry outburst and reaction to Zarf's questioning and release. She shares that she's afraid that Jonathan might do something crazy, and urged Ryan to make sure Jon is OK.

    In Zarf's Valley Inn room, Babe is comforting a tearful Zoë when Jon breaks in and wants to know who Zarf is. Did he murder his sister? Jon calls Zarf a "sick, psychotic pervert who probably killed my sister." They get into a fight. Josh and then Ryan burst in and saves the day. Babe's bodyguard comes in and urges her to leave, but she refuses. Josh also doesn't want to leave until he's certain Babe is OK.

    Babe tells Ryan and Jon that Erin was her friend, and that she's absolutely certain that Zarf wouldn't hurt anyone. Ryan apologizes for Jon and assures them that he will not be bothering them again. Jon plans to go home, but Ryan insists Jon comes with him.

    After they leave, Josh insists that Zoë tell him the truth. Is he transitioning from male to female? Bianca deserves answers—they all do! Zarf undresses in front of them, and asks Josh "what he sees?" He demands that Josh look at him, and says "there's no woman here. Every part of her is gone. I'm a man."

    Josh tells Zarf to stay away from Bianca and Babe, and asks Babe to leave with him. She refuses, and tells Josh that though she's made many mistakes in her life, this is not one of them.

    Zarf says there's nothing babe can do to help him. Babe tells Zach that she hopes to see Zoë again soon, and leaves. Josh is waiting outside the door, and when Babe leaves, grabs her and asks what she doing! He reiterates that the New Year's Eve kiss meant something, and that he's going to fight for her. He also urges her to stay away from Zarf, saying he doesn't trust him.

    Babe tells Josh that she's is not interested in him and doesn't want to see him again.

    Ryan brings Jon to Annie's, and Jon says he doesn't feel comfortable there. That's the exact reason he should be there, explains Ryan. Jon has to face the truth that Erin is gone. He hopes that Jon being there—among Erin's things—will help him heal. He tells Jon that the anger Jon feels is what worries him. Jon says the same is true for him. Ryan says they have to find a way to channel their anger—otherwise it'll destroy them. Don't give into the rage…that's not what Erin would want.

    Zarf vs. the Pine Valley PD

    Friday, January 05 2007

    Zarf is being interrogated at the police station, but Babe is trying to get him to remain silent until an attorney arrives. Di and Aidan are waiting when Jon rushes in, demanding to know if "that perv" killed Erin.

    Zarf is baiting Derek…when he suddenly "admits I'm a stone killer." But it turns out that he's still playing with Derek, saying that's only a quote from a review of his latest album. Suddenly, Jonathan bursts through the door and grabs Zarf, accusing him of murdering his sister.

    Zarf tells him that Erin was a special person and Aidan gets Jon out of there. Derek tells Zarf he can go, but not to leave town. Zarf and Babe leave the police station. Jon can't believe it, and begs Chief Frye to "do something."

    Babe takes Zarf back to the Valley Inn, where he's disconsolate over the fact that Bianca couldn’t understand and accept Zoë. She tells him that she cares about him—about Zoë.

    Ringing in 2007

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    It's the stroke of midnight at conFusion and Bianca is kissing her female friend, and Josh and Babe are smooching. Bianca tells her that while she enjoyed the kiss, she's in a weird mood. Bianca asks her friend if she's ever known anyone who's transgender. Does she think it's possible for a man be actually be a lesbian? When Bianca decides to go home, she asks the woman to accompany her.

    Babe rushes away from Josh after kissing him, and says that the kiss meant nothing. He feels quite the opposite, and calls her a liar. He says that the kiss "proves" she wants him, but Babe says this is the last time he'll ever see her in Fusion. He insists he loves and wants her and that she wants the same thing, but Babe hands him the compact and tells him to leave. He refuses to accept it, so she drops it on the floor and grinds her heel into it.

    In the Fusion office, Aidan and Di demand to know who the woman is…oh, it's Zarf! They're more than surprised seeing the rock star in drag. Zarf tries to turn it around and asks what they're doing skulking around. Aidan is confused and wants to know what gives.

    Zarf attributes it to the fatigue of being a celebrity and says he's doing it for kicks. They believe him and convince "Zoë" to go downstairs and have a drink.

    Suddenly, Zoë grabs a mike and breaks into a dramatic rendition of "Falling in Love Again." The crowd goes [mostly] crazy, but after he finishes, Bianca rushes up to Zoë and asks what's happening? She calls him cruel and sick. Josh comes over to see what Zarf's done to Bianca, and wants to slap him—Bianca tell him to forget it. Di and Aidan decide that Zarf is hiding something.

    A tearful Zarf comes over to Babe and tells her that "Zoe is dying." She tells him to come with her, but they're interrupted, first by Josh, and then by a police officer. They wants Zarf down at the police station, to answer questions about the murders of Simone and Erin.

    One heck of a New Year's Eve

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    Bianca is incredulous at Zarf's assertion that he's Zoë, a lesbian. And why has he chosen her? Zarf says she's very special and that he loves her. Bianca tells him that she doesn't love him. In fact, she doesn't even know him. "I can't love you…I don't want to love you," Bianca replies.

    Zarf says he thought Bianca could see his soul, and love him for who he really is. When Bianca challenges that, he accuses her of being like everyone else, and being defined by society's labels.

    Zarf continues that he's finally who he was meant to be because of Bianca, since she gave him courage. Bianca disagrees, and insists that a person comes out because of themself and their unwillingness to live a lie.

    "I can't be responsible for what you're going through…just leave me out of it," says Bianca. Zarf insists that he has never lied to her and that the longings of his heart remain the same. It's not a game, he insists, and says there is something about him that is driving her crazy.

    Bianca insists that she doesn't believe him to be who he claims to be, and demands he leave, and as she closes her door, Zarf breaks into sobs.

    He returns to the Fusion office, where he finds a sketch on the computer—and Di in the shadows. Aidan rushes in, collars Zach and demands to know his reason for being there.

    Bianca goes over to conFusion, where she runs into an old acquaintance—and the sparks are obvious.

    New Year's Eve Surprises

    Friday, December 29 2006

    At Fusion, Bianca and Kendall review 2006 and look towards '07. Bianca announces that she's heard from Maggie, who'd heard about the murders and was checking on Bianca's safety. But Maggie doesn't want to get back together.

    Kendall takes Bianca's side and calls Maggie "crazy" for rejecting a woman as "fantastic" as Bianca. Bianca tells Kendall about her date. Kendall is shocked when Bianca reveals that her date is…Zarf.

    Zarf? Kendall can't believe that, and calls Zarf a "raving lunatic" and, furthermore, he's a man! Bianca says there's something about Zarf that attracts and touches her.

    Babe tells Josh goodbye

    Monday, December 04 2006

    Ryan and Annie are at conFusion, her "first date in ages." He has concert tickets and a helicopter waiting to whisk them there.

    Zach and Kendall come to the Fusion office and invite the staff to join them downstairs to celebrate their new house. Kendall finds Zarf and Bianca together and invites him to celebrate with them, but he declines, claiming his "aura needs cleansing." Simone stays in the office while the rest of them go down to the club to celebrate. She's working at her desk when she's startled by Zarf, who tells her she's "spectacularly beautiful," and asks her out. No thanks, says Simone, and asks him to leave.

    At the conFusion bar, while ordering, Zach keeps having visions of a beautiful, long-haired woman—the same visions he had at the new house.

    Annie and Ryan are sitting with Kendall, who is bummed when Ryan shows her the photo of him, Spike and Annie with Santa that they had taken at the mall—she wanted to take Spike to see Santa herself.

    Love [actually]

    Friday, December 01 2006

    Zarf is rendered speechless by the "magnificent creature" Bianca. Apparently, they are fabulously compatible—it's "meant to be."

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