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    All My Children CAST - Zarf/Zoe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zarf/Zoe Played by Jeffrey Carlson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeffrey Carlson

    Birthday: 1975-06-23
    Birthplace: Long Beach California USA
    Real Name: Jeffrey Carlson
    Height: 5'11


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    Is Babe The Killer's Next Target?

    Wednesday, January 17 2007

    At the police station, Jackson tells Derek he has been appointed a special prosecutor in the case. Derek is not thrilled with the news - they don't know if they have a suspect yet! In the squad room, Bianca asks Jack to let her see Zarf. When she is let into the holding cell, Bianca asks if she did this to him! Through the bars, Bianca tells Zarf she thinks she was wrong about the New Year's Eve revelation. A distressed Zarf asks if she felt anything before that night and Bianca admits she did but couldn't accept the feelings!

    Zarf tells her about his dreams for their life, but he doesn't think he can face the reality. Bianca is beginning to understand. Zarf tries to explain how the rock-star persona helped him hide, but that Zoe can't hide from anything. He brings up Simone and Erin and Dani; Bianca asks what would have happened if they hadn't been attacked. Zarf tells Bianca he didn't kill the women - he only admired them! Their deaths make him feel dead inside, too!

    Bianca tells Zarf she was scared and is sorry for not believing him. Zarf wants to know if she believes he killed the women - she says no. She believes Zarf/Zoe is innocent and takes his hand through the cell bars.

    Zarf is Exposed!

    Tuesday, January 16 2007

    At the Cortland mansion, Josh drags Zarf from the tunnels. Zach calls and Kendall tells him Zarf has been captured. Zach tells Kendall not to call the police. He, Tad and Ryan head for the Cortlands. Meanwhile, Babe continues defending Zarf to everyone. He gets away from Josh and Bruno but is caught by the other guards before he can leave the mansion. Against Kendall's wishes, JR calls the police. Zarf asks what she sees and she tells him - a murderer! Zarf gets in Kendall's face as Zach walks in the door; he pulls Zarf back! Since Zarf refuses to tell them what was in the vials, Josh examines his arms for track marks but finds none. Tad asks Zarf about Zach's mother's picture but he only says, "That was your mother?" Zach grabs Zarf around the neck!
    Zach shakes Zarf, asking about the ribbons and the gardenia but his questioning is interrupted when Colby comes in, excited that Zarf is in the house! JR tells her Zarf killed the Fusion girls and they've called the cops. "It's over!" Zarf says.

    At the mansion, the police arrive to arrest Zarf. He tells Derek not to bother testing the vials - it's V-Tach inside, and if the police don't arrest him now, he'll kill again! Babe won't let Zarf martyr himself and tells him to stop. Everone turns on her. When Derek is called away, an officer comes forward to read Zarf his rights. On the phone, Derek learns the drugs in the vials were not V-Tach!

    At the mansion, Zarf tells the police the lab tests are wrong and it is V-Tach in the vials before Derek can say a word. But, Derek stuns the crowd when he tells them he knows the results and it wasn't V-Tach in the vials - it was estrogen! Upset that they may suspect the truth, Zarf tells them the tests are wrong. Babe takes Zarf's hands, telling him it's time to come clean. She's with him and he needs to tell them who Zoe is! The crowd is stunned. Who is Zoe!?! Babe begs Zarf to come clean. Crying, Zarf admits he is Zoe!

    Tensions Remain High in Pine Valley

    Monday, January 15 2007

    At the office Zach tells Tad that Zarf seemed to recognize his mother's picture at the hospital! Ryan wants to know what Zarf's connection is to the Cambius family. There is none, Tad tells him.

    Outside the mansion, Babe tries to comfort Zarf. She knows the vials don't hold V-Tach so what could be so terrible? Zarf tells her his destiny is in the vials. "It will kill me!"

    Back at ConFusion, Amanda tells Jonathan it is too soon for him to be back at the club. Jonathan agrees. He doesn't belong there. Even more upset, Jonathan leaves the club.

    Outside Babe continues encouraging Zarf to come forward. She will help him because he is strong. They won't understand, they will only "freak at the freak".

    Inside the mansion, JR thinks Kendall wants to dump Babe from Fusion and then run her out of town! Kendall doesn't care what JR thinks, but before she can explain a computerized voice says "Motion detected". Curious, Kendall opens the computer to find that JR has bugged Josh's room. "You're spying on MY brother because YOUR wife is a tramp?"

    Outside, Babe manages to get Zarf off the cold ground and leads him to a bench. Zarf believes Bianca has turned on him. Babe disagrees and insists Bianca will come around. If he can just hold on, she will be there with him. She holds out her hand. "Let's go." And Zarf takes it.

    In the mansion, Kendall tells JR that Zarf is the number one suspect in the Fusion murders. Zarf is gentle, Babe insists, telling Kendall to leave. JR asks Babe to leave so he can talk to Kendall. Unless Kendall wants JR to tell Babe she was here on Josh's behalf, she'll keep quiet about the computer!

    Somewhere in the mansion, Babe takes coffee and a blanket to Zarf. He tells her everyone will turn away from her. "Then they'll be wrong about both of us."

    Back at the hospital, Josh continues to defend Babe to Erica and Bianca. "If you're her friend, you're her friend." Bianca interrupts Josh. Zarf must be with Babe! Josh runs from the hospital.

    Back at the club, Dell tells Amanda Jonathan's hang-ups should not be hers. Meanwhile inside the boathouse, Jonathan rages.

    At the mansion, JR has a proposition for Kendall. They should work together! Josh can have Babe, just as soon as he has enough dirt on her.

    Meanwhile at the hospital, Erica and Bianca argue over Josh. Bianca leaves and alone in the corridor, Erica leans against the wall. A hand reaches from behind a door to grab her! Dr. Jeff Martin pulls Erica into an empty room and kisses her!

    At the loft, Bianca gets off the elevator to find her bodyguard confronting someone at her front door. He steps aside to reveal - Maggie!

    Tension & Tempers

    Friday, January 12 2007

    In the hospital waiting area, Derek demands to know what drug is in the vials - Zarf replies by shouting and grabbing for the bag, "They're mine, you have no right to them you bastard!" Ryan begins to grill Zarf as well, wanting to know how he put the poison into Erin's drink, and did he watch her die? Zarf has no comment. Ryan leaves. Babe begs Zarf to tell the truth about what is in the vials. Derek interjects that Zarf can say what he likes 'downtown'. As Dr.Joe comes out to update the group on Dani, Zarf causes a commotion with nearby stretchers and makes a run for it!


    Thursday, January 11 2007

    At Fusion, Derek has Zarf at gunpoint and demands to know where he has been all day. A shocked Bianca is told that Dani was left for dead by the killer. Zarf tries to tell Derek that he had no reason to go after Dani, but refers to her in the past tense, further angering Derek. "Some women die & some live - it's destiny..." Zarf sighs. Just go ahead and shoot me, he tells Derek, I don't care anymore.

    On the far side of the Fusion offices, Aiden whispers to Derek and Zach that he found a syringe and vials of drugs in Zarf's hotel room. Zarf meanwhile asks Bianca if she's happy now that he'll be getting punished. Bianca continues to second guess herself, asking him outright if he committed the murders - that would give you a reason to hate me wouldn't it, Zarf retorts.

    The group from Fusion arrives at the hospital and Babe defends Zarf when Bianca explains that he is now the main suspect. Kendall begins to attack Zarf verbally and Josh turns on Zach - is this about you? Zach says he wishes he knew.
    In Dani's room, Derek remembers aloud when she spoke her first word - "Daddy". I'd give anything to hear it now, he whispers. Dani's eyes open slightly and she says what he want to hear.
    Outside, Zarf tells Babe she's wasting her breath defending him. Zach shows him the picture of the woman and tells him it was found in his room in London - what's the connection, Slater wants to know. Dani is wheeled out at that moment - Derek tells her he loves her and she is taken to surgery. Suddenly a detective comes in and tells Derek that "we've got him." He is holding the bag with the syringe and vials from Zarf's hotel room. As Josh assures Kendall that Dani's surgeon is a good one, Zarf notices the bag of vials and lunges for them, shouting, "give them back, they're mine!" Tad arrives and Aiden nods toward the unfolding scene as a means of filling him in.

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