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    All My Children CAST - Zarf/Zoe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zarf/Zoe Played by Jeffrey Carlson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeffrey Carlson

    Birthday: 1975-06-23
    Birthplace: Long Beach California USA
    Real Name: Jeffrey Carlson
    Height: 5'11


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    Dixie's Final Scene

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    Back at the Chandler mansion, Zarf/Zoe repeats her story to Jack - she went for a walk, found the flowers and came right back in. She had just met Dixie and liked the other woman. Jack receives a call from the hospital, telling him Dixie has died. The news shocks those still at the manse. Bianca tells Zarf/Zoe about Dixie not finding Kate. Jack comes in and asks Bianca to follow him. What is going on between she and Zoe? he asks. A little annoyed, Bianca tells Jack to back off. Zoe hears the exchange and tells him she would never hurt Bianca. She then explains to Josh that she has nowhere to go; she can't intrude on the family's grief by staying with them. Josh corners Jack, telling him they need to keep an eye on Zoe. She was around when the ribbon was left on the gate and she found the flowers. Jack agrees. Josh offers to let Zoe stay with him.

    Poisoned Pancakes!

    Monday, January 29 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, Dixie tries to convince Babe it's only her heart, but as Babe tells Krystle and JR to call 9-1-1, Dixie collapses! JR falls to the floor, begging Dixie to stay with him. With Babe's help, he begins CPR when Dixie stops breathing. As Krystle calls 9-1-1, Zarf comes in, he found a box of gardenias outside the house, shocking Adam! JR and Babe see the flowers and immediately begin to panic; hearing the ambulance, Babe goes to bring in the EMT's. JR begs Dixie not to leave, to stay with him. Dixie wakes for a moment, saying, "Give Tad his child." She tells JR that Krystle's baby is Tad's! JR can't believe what he is hearing. Dixie passes out again as the EMT's arrive to take her to the hospital. Adam asks Babe to stay to help the police. Zarf offers to go to the hospital and Adam explodes!

    At the Chandler mansion, Josh pulls Adam off of Zarf. Jack and Derek arrive asking what happened. Adam points the finger at Zarf/Zoe, who says she didn't do anything. Derek leads Zarf from the room as Jack continues questioning Adam and Babe. What happened this morning? Babe tells Jack they spoke about the Fusion murders, but nothing strange happened. Did they eat or drink anything? Babe remembers Dixie ate her pancakes! She tells Jack that Winifred made the pancakes for her! Just outside the room, Derek demands answers from Zarf, who explains he took a walk and found the gardenias outside the gate. One of the guards saw him. As they go back inside, Derek hears Babe's pancake story and tells the crowd the attack on Dixie was a mistake. "I was supposed to die today," Babe says as Bianca walks in the door.

    Satin Slayer Strikes!

    Friday, January 26 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, JR finds Zarf and Babe in bed together! Angered by what he sees, JR tells Babe it feels like déjà vu. Babe explains Zoe has nowhere to go; she couldn't turn her away! She tells JR finding out about David freaked her out and Zoe helped her through the night. Can she stay? JR freaks out, but in the end says Zoe can stay.

    Downstairs, Tad makes Dixie promise to be extra careful. If David is the killer she could be in real danger. As Dixie talks to Tad, we see the killer replace peanut butter in Winifred's shopping cart with a tainted jar! As Tad and Dixie continue talking, Tad asks her out to lunch. The two to share a kiss as Krystal and Adam come in. Is there any word on the killer? Tad tells them there is nothing yet, prepares to leave and reminds Dixie about lunch. Colby, Babe and Zarf arrive and Babe introduces Zoe around; she is welcomed into the home but Adam is very hesitant about her staying. Colby is excited - they can have a make-over party! Babe assures Adam that JR agreed to Zoe staying. Adam storms out, yelling for JR.

    Upstairs, Adam confronts JR. He needs leverage for the custody fight, not to make friends with Zoe! JR shows Adam a picture he took on his cell phone - of Babe and Zoe in bed together! It's a brilliant move, Adam thinks. But JR surprises Adam, saying he isn't sure if he'll need it. Or if he should even use the picture. JR is conflicted about his feelings for Babe. In fact, he hopes David is the killer: that makes Babe a little bit safer. He'd rather see any or all of the girls hurt than Babe.

    Ryan is Emma's Daddy!

    Thursday, January 25 2007

    At the Chandler Mansion, Adam wants to know what JR spoke with Babe about, but Jamie and Tad arrive before JR can say anything. The two men need to speak with Babe. Meanwhile upstairs, Zarf/Zoe sneaks into Babe's bedroom through the tunnels. She was released from jail but reporters were everywhere and she had nowhere else to go. Adam knocks on the door, and Babe helps Zoe hide. Adam tells her that Tad and Jamie need to see her downstairs. Quickly Babe makes Zarf/Zoe comfortable and leaves to go downstairs. Outside her door, Colby has been listening. Colby goes inside once Babe leaves and pulls a camera. "Say cheese, Josh," she says before realizing she just caught Zarf inside - not Josh! Downstairs, Tad and Jamie ask Babe when she last spoke with her father, David. He may be back - they think he could be the Satin Slayer! Tad explains why they believe David could be responsible: he man hates everyone in Pine Valley and Babe has apparently been skipped over. They tell Babe what they found in the warehouse, reminding her all of this was done with Zoe behind bars. Stunned, Babe doesn't believe David could be responsible. What would he have to gain? No one can answer the question, and Babe isn't sure what to believe. She tells them she hasn't heard anything from David since he left and neither has Krystal. Upset, Babe leaves, apologizing to them because she can't help.

    In Babe's bedroom, Zoe begs Colby not to tell anyone she's there. Colby is excited the police let her go; she understands Zarf/Zoe. She's been listening to the music and believes Zoe has always shown her true colors! Playing makeup, Colby gives Zarf/Zoe a make-over. Babe enters, angry with Colby. What is she doing? Colby says she won't "rat out" Babe, but it's for Zarf/Zoe's sake, not Babe's. Zoe asks if Babe wants her to leave and Babe asks her to stay. She needs a friend, right now. Telling Zoe her father could be a suspect, Babe wonders how she can live with the guilt if her father is the killer. Zoe tries to reassure her - until 5 minutes ago she was the killer! Babe and Zoe prepare for bed. It's a slumber party atmosphere and Zoe assures Babe she can handle the situation. She begins to sing Babe to sleep.

    Meanwhile, downstairs, JR wonders if Babe and Dixie are really in danger. Tad believes they could both be in danger from David and Adam volunteers to supply extra guards for both women. Jamie drops another bombshell: they haven't been able to locate David anywhere in the world. Jamie asks JR how he is dealing with everything. If Zoe isn't the killer, that means Babe was only protecting a friend. What will JR do? He doesn't have an answer. Tad and Jamieleave, promising to keep JR in the loop. Adam says he is only surprised it took David this long to snap. He advises JR this is a good thing - if David is guilty it could help JR get custody!

    Setting Plans In Action

    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    At Zarf/Zoe's cell, JR tells Babe he needed time with Zoe to figure things out for himself. He is only trying to protect Babe and little Adam. Babe begins to buy his story, but is put off when JR brings up her affair with Josh. As he leaves the cell area, Babe turns to Zoe. Is she really okay? Zoe assures Babe she is fine; JR just wanted to protect his wife. This supposed turn-about changes how Babe sees JR. It also changes how Zoe feels. The meeting with JR, and especially Bianca's belief in her is bringing back Zoe's belief in herself. She shines! Babe assures Zoe she will be free again soon. There is happiness waiting in the future for her, and Babe believes she has found her own happiness - with JR!

    Arriving home at the Chandler mansion, JR lets Adam listen to the tape he made at Zoe's cell. Excited about what they hear - Zoe saying Babe has taken many chances - they plan the court hearing. All they need is a family-friendly judge. They'll have little Adam soon! Babe arrives a few minutes later, still excited at JR's turnabout. She understands now that JR was only trying to understand Zoe, and she is glad he's trying to understand her actions! The situation makes her optimistic for their future. JR won't make any promises to her; Babe kisses JR. More confused than ever, JR watches her leave.

    Kendall is in the Killer's Crosshairs!

    Monday, January 22 2007

    At the police department, JR asks to see Zarf/Zoe. Jack and Tad aren't thrilled with the request; JR seeing her won't solve anything. But Derek has another idea. They can use JR to get Zarf/Zoe to confess to something before her lawyer arrives. That way they'll have something to charge her with. Jack and Tad don't like that idea, either, but can't stop Derek. He's obsessed with fingering Zarf/Zoe for the crime. JR, on the other hand, is happy with the suggestion. This could be just what he needs to get little Adam from Babe for good! Inside the jail cell, JR tells Zarf he's been on stage, he knows how exciting that is. How can Zarf give it up to be a woman? Sarcastically, Zarf says his name is Zoe - she can give up the fame because she's a woman! She doesn't need that type of life. JR asks her to convince him Babe doesn't need protecting. She tells JR there was a connection as soon as they met. Babe didn't judge him. Does JR know what that feels like? To be liked by one when everyone else leaves you completely alone? JR isn't sure what to think and prepares to leave the jail cell. He didn't get what he needed, but he does have things to think about.

    Will Dani Be Used As Bait?

    Thursday, January 18 2007

    At the jail, Josh's anger toward Zarf/Zoe gets the most of him and he grabs Zarf through the cell bars. Babe arrives and interrupts before Josh can throw a punch! Josh says he just wants the truth, and Babe tells him to butt out. She just got off the phone with Zarf's lawyer and he'll be free again soon. She can't stay - there is an emergency at Fusion. When she leaves, Zarf pleads with Josh to believe him - the Satin Slayer is still out there. Josh must protect all of the girls!

    Meanwhile in the squad room, Ryan, Jonathan and Amanda continue asking the detective to investigate Kenny. The detective refuses because he remembers Kenny from the old days. Ryan has a vague memory of Kendall mentioning someone named Kenny, but can't remember anything more. Kenny says he is only here now to help. The detective takes Kenny from the squad room telling them Zarf is the guilty party. Jonathan wants to know what Ryan thinks. Ryan assures his brother that he will keep investigating everyone connected to the case.

    Is Babe The Killer's Next Target?

    Wednesday, January 17 2007

    Derek demands to know why Zarf had estrogen, after a bit of stalling, Zarf explains he has always felt like a girl. When the crowd is skeptical Babe jumps to Zarf's defense, saying everyone hated Zarf from the moment he came to town. Bianca arrives, telling Zarf they need to hear everything. Zarf/Zoe explains - he clipped the photos because he was trying to find out what kind of woman he was. The women were role models. Undeterred, Derek arrests Zarf/Zoe. Babe tries to stop Derek from taking Zarf/Zoe away. Zarf tells Bianca he is sorry as Derek leads him away.

    Angry, Babe confronts the gathering and Kendall strikes back - Zoe killed their friends. Did that take courage? Focusing on Bianca, Babe tells her she knows Zoe couldn't hurt anyone.

    Gradually the crowd leaves the mansion. Left alone with JR and Josh, Babe continues defending Zarf/Zoe. When she turns her attention to Josh, JR tells Josh to leave. Babe backs him up.

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