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    All My Children CAST - Zarf/Zoe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zarf/Zoe Played by Jeffrey Carlson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeffrey Carlson

    Birthday: 1975-06-23
    Birthplace: Long Beach California USA
    Real Name: Jeffrey Carlson
    Height: 5'11


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    Playing With Fire

    Thursday, February 08 2007

    At the park, Babe tries to give the "homeless" person some money. The stranger pulls a needle from a pocket! Before he or she can do anything, Zoe and the police officer return. The officer advises Babe not to trust anyone in light of the recent killings. The officer leaves and Babe wonders how she can choose between her mother and her son. Krystal would sacrifice herself if Babe could keep little A, but Babe doesn't want that. She can't take JR to court, too many others could be hurt! Realizing Babe is worried about more than her mother and child, Zoe is shocked. JR is threatening Babe with Zoe, isn't he? Reluctantly Babe tells her about the pictures. They both realize the brilliance of JR's plan, but Zoe believes they can use JR's own secrets against him. But JR's secrets are well-known! Smiling, Zoe tells Babe that since JR's secrets are already well-known, they should give him a new secret. One he'll have to keep under wraps! Maybe they should take their own picture of JR! Babe loves the idea, but worries it will be humiliating for her. Zoe assures her it isn't; they are friends. Ready to put their plan in action, Zoe and Babe part company.

    At Josh's apartment, Erica barges in with an announcement: the family is going on a cruise and her children better get on board! Josh tells Erica a cruise is a big mistake - they'll kill each other! Bianca pipes up, telling Erica that Kendall won't go; she won't leave Zach. Josh doesn't want to go either, feeling that Babe is still in danger. Learning that Maggie is headed back to Paris, Erica tries to push Bianca into agreement. Bianca sees through the plan: Erica only wants to keep her away from Zoe and Josh away from Babe! Annoyed, Erica wonders why they think of her as a "meddling monster". She is only trying to protect her children! Learning that Zoe is living in Josh's apartment, Erica is stunned! Zoe enters, excited to finally meet The Great Erica Kane. She is such a stylish and dignified woman and has been an inspiration to Zoe. Erica is flattered by Zoe's words. When she begins talking about Erica's books, she is even more flattered. Zoe heads to her room and Erica tells Bianca she may have misjudged the girl. She's going to step back and reassess because Zarf is all man. Bianca is attracted to a man! Bianca gets a little freaked - because she likes Zoe doesn't mean she isn't gay! Erica assures Bianca that she understands Bianca is gay, but there are many people who "go both ways"! Zoe reenters, in full Zoe gear. She is on a mission. Assuring Bianca and Josh she is ready to appear in public and everything is under control, she leaves. Bianca tells Erica she is glad her mother finally met the real Zoe. Erica is taken aback by Zoe's transformation from Zarf. "My children have all lost their minds," Erica says as she leaves. Josh hurries out after her, wanting to find Babe.

    Meanwhile, Babe is waiting for JR at his office. Before she tells him her decision, Babe wants JR to understand something: she isn't cheating on him and she really wanted to make things work. What's more, she is done letting JR trounce all over her feelings. She's ready. "Let's get divorced!" Babe suggests joint custody for little A, but JR won't negotiate. He will convince a judge that Babe coerced his shares of Chandler enterprises, and coerced him into signing away custody, and he's certain that a judge will believe his story, especially after he shows the pictures of Babe and Zarf! If Babe gives JR what he wants no one will get hurt - not his father, her mother or their son! A knock at the door interrupts them. It's Zoe! She pulls JR into a kiss as Babe snaps their picture!

    Decisions, Decisions

    Wednesday, February 07 2007

    JR arrives at Josh's apartment to confront Babe, but finds only Zarf inside with his nemesis. Learning Babe has again ditched her bodyguards and JR doesn't know where she is, Josh and Zarf confront him. How could he leave Babe alone? Zarf calls Babe. Is she okay? Babe assures Zarf she is fine and suggests they meet at the park a little later. Josh confronts JR - what did he do this time to make Babe run? JR leaves rather than answer, but not before giving Josh a message - tick, tock! Time is running out for Babe. Josh asks Zoe where she is going to meet Babe - because he is going instead! Zarf/zoe won't let Josh go, especially after learning of the kiss at the gala. Josh is likely the last person Babe will want to see. As Zarf is leaving, Bianca arrives. Josh tells her about the kiss and JR's reaction. "JR isn't the one who's stupid, Josh. It's you!" she says. Why should JR forgive Babe for repeatedly cheating on him? Josh brings up Maggie, but Bianca cuts him off. Maggie has nothing to do with this! Josh surprises - and shocks - Bianca when he tells her the kiss was a goodbye. Babe was leaving him for JR, but rather than taking her back, JR has dumped her. JR has killed anything between them. Bianca tries to comfort Josh, who doesn't want to listen. He believes JR will hurt Babe. Bianca tells Josh to let it drop; he doesn’t have to protect Babe because JR isn't going to hurt her.

    At the park, Babe tells Zarf that JR wished she had died rather than Dixie. She is a fool for ever believing in him! She has to make an impossible choice - her mother or her son. How can she do that? Zarf offers help - money, lawyers, anything she needs. How about a devious little plan? JR is blackmailing Babe, why shouldn't she blackmail him right back? Zarf heads off to find coffee, leaving Babe alone. A homeless person approaches her. "Can I help you?" she asks.

    More Questions Without Answers

    Monday, February 05 2007

    At Bianca's, she invites Zoe over to apologize. Will Zoe stay, so they can get to know one another better? Bianca feels like she knows a lot about Zoe, knowing she is a woman in a man's body, but feels she doesn't know anything about the woman herself. Zoe opens up. She is just an ordinary girl from Indiana. Zarf is simply a persona that is wearing thin. Zoe feels she has lost track of herself along the Zarf trip - like the fake English accent she can't shake and isn't sure what parts of herself are really real. Binks asks if Zoe will start taking the estrogen. Zoe tells Bianca she bought the estrogen on the street, not from a doctor and Bianca can't believe it. That's dangerous! Zoe tries to explain she is afraid of taking that final step; all she can think about is New Year's Eve when she tried to pull off a rock-star-in-drag joke. What will people think? How can she keep this to herself? Bianca tells Zoe about the New Year's Eve when she came out to Erica. It was a hard step, but in the long run it was the right move. Josh bursts in to the room, angry and asking for Scotch. He tells them about Jenkins. Zoe makes a quick exit, realizing Josh and Bianca need a few minutes alone. Seeing that Zoe has gone, Josh tells Bianca he finally said goodbye to Babe. Bianca tries to comfort him; she has felt that ache that he feels. The feelings aren't the same for Josh - his feelings are for Babe's safety. Josh thinks JR will hurt Babe!

    It's Party Time!

    Friday, February 02 2007

    Zarf/Zoe arrives at Bianca's to give back Miranda's doll. It was a present for Miranda from Erica and she doesn't feel right keeping it. Bianca tries to give the doll back, but Zarf/Zoe won't accept it. If it would be all right, though, she would like to come and visit from time to time. Maggie comes in, annoyed that Zarf is there. She leaves, and Maggie goes on the attack. Just what does Bianca think is happening with the man? She is letting "him" take advantage of her! Maggie storms out, leaving Bianca alone. Picking up the phone, Bianca calls Zoe. Would she come back upstairs? Zoe returns and mentions meeting Maggie at the park. What happened? She tells Bianca about their converstaion.

    Questions Without Answers

    Thursday, February 01 2007

    Bianca arrives at Josh's apartment and finds out Zoe is living there. Angry, Bianca asks if Zarf/Zoe is stalking her! Josh comes out and Bianca slams the door in Zarf's face. Why did Josh do this? Why did he bring Zarf to her building? Zarf opens the door - he isn't there out of the kindness of Josh's heart. Josh wants to keep an eye on him - just in case he is the Satin Slayer! All three go inside, but Zarf quickly leaves. Josh promises to keep Zarf out of Bianca's way. Seeing her brother is preoccupied, Bianca asks Josh if he has heard from Babe. No, and not being able to protect her is driving him crazy. Kendall arrives, angry with Josh for drugging Zach and the events that followed. She blames Josh and Ryan for their current situation! Kendall doesn't see Bianca, who is shocked to learn about Emma's parentage. So this is what Josh has been using to get Kendall to help him with Babe! Angry, Josh storms from the apartment but Bianca isn't done with Kendall. How could she keep Emma's paternity a secret after what happened with Miranda? She was trying to protect Ryan, Kendall explains, but Bianca is still angry. Kendall drops a bomb on Bianca - she and Zach will use Kendall as bait to draw out the killer; will Bianca take care of Spike if something happens? Will she fight Ryan to keep Spike? In tears, Bianca tells Kendall Spike will have Ryan; she can't do this. Kendall is just as upset. She has to follow through on the plan - for Zach. He has risked his life for her and it's time she did the same for him. Seeing she can't talk Kendall out of it, Bianca agrees to care for Spike.

    At the park, Maggie runs in to Zarf and accuses her of the killings. Zarf asks who she is and once she finds out, wonders how Maggie could have betrayed Bianca like she did. Her relationship with Bianca is none of Zoe's business, Maggie says. Zoe won't let the subject drop. What was she thinking? How could she hurt Bianca like that? Her words only make Maggie more angry. Zoe better stay away from Bianca! Zarf/Zoe assures Maggie she won't hurt Bianca. As a parting shot, Maggie tells Zarf "he" isn't Bianca's type - and never will be!

    Dixie's Final Scene

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, Babe is in shock. Adam goes on the attack, telling her everything that has happened is her fault. Jack interrupts the fight, telling Adam to go to the hospital. His family needs him. Derek and Jack begin questioning Zarf and Babe erupts in anger. Those were her pancakes, if anyone is to blame, it is her not Zoe. In tears, Babe asks to go to the hospital to see JR. She and a bodyguard leave.
    As Babe arrives in the waiting room to comfort JR, Dr. Joe Martin comes outside. "We lost her," he says. Without saying a word, Tad leaves the crowd. Joe keeps Jamie from following his father and Babe comforts JR. Angry, he demands that Joe go back inside and fix Dixie. Finally realizing his mother is gone, JR asks to see Dixie. Babe wheels him inside. Jamie follows with Adam and Opal. Dixie singing "You Are My Sunshine" fills the room. Those closest to Dixie say their goodbyes, but Jamie can't. He stays in the back of the room, crying. Di leaves the room, angry that they couldn't catch the killer before he got to Dixie. Aidan takes her in his arms and holds her while she cries. As JR takes Dixie's hand, she appears and her spirit squeezes his shoulder, then moves to Jamie. Her spirit can't find Tad in the hospital. Babe brings JR his mother's bracelet and, crying, he puts it on Dixie's wrist. "I love you, Mama," he says.

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