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    All My Children CAST - Zarf/Zoe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zarf/Zoe Played by Jeffrey Carlson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeffrey Carlson

    Birthday: 1975-06-23
    Birthplace: Long Beach California USA
    Real Name: Jeffrey Carlson
    Height: 5'11


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    Angry and Confused

    Monday, February 19 2007

    At Wildwind Di, Dell and Aidan prepare for guests. Aidan puts his arms around Di, asking how she is. "I've had better days," she says. Amanda and Jonathan are setting out food and she asks if he still expects to see Erin. Every day, he tells her. Tad arrives and Di snags his attention. She hugs him as Kathy comes in the room, excited to see him. Tad plays with the little girl, swinging her around the room. Julia tries to take Kathy away, sure that Tad would rather talk with Di or someone. Kathy surprises both of them by saying, "Emma has her new daddy, and Tad is my new daddy!" Julia apologizes to Tad, who tells her not to worry about it. He is honored that Kathy thinks of him as a father figure. Bianca and Zoe arrive, and Amanda steps forward to welcome them both. Dell can't believe Zoe is there and offers her a shot of whiskey. Instead, Zoe asks for a margarita and Amanda gives her a drink. Amanda confronts Dell who doesn't think that he did anything wrong. Emma and Kathy are curious about Zoe, but welcoming. Jamie thanks Zoe and Bianca for coming, and Zoe tells Bianca she needs to leave. It is too difficult being there. Tad pulls Aidan into the hall to see if there is any progress in the search for Hannah. So far, Aidan hasn't been able to find any trace of the woman.

    At the cemetery, a black gloved hand traces the letters of Ethan's name on his tombstone!
    Alone at Babe's grave, Zoe is saying a private goodbye. A figure dressed in black approaches and begins to beat her!

    An Emotional Day

    Friday, February 16 2007

    At the cemetery, Ryan shows Jack the most recent note from the killer, wondering why the killer has chosen to communicate with him. Jack doesn't have any answers. He surprises Ryan with his next words. "I've heard from Greenlee!" She contacted Jack after hearing about the killings. Hearing from Greenlee has made Jack realize all he has to lose and he swears to help protect Kendall. Tad and Derek arrive as flower delivery men bring in gardenias and white ribbons! Derek takes the flowers away as the guests begin arriving. Amanda stands over Babe's coffin with Jonathan and Aidan. Bianca hugs Tad and then moves to comfort Krystal. Palmer and Opal make a beeline for Dixie's casket. Myrtle and Dr. Joe Martin arrive and speak with Zach. When Zoe arrives, the gathered crowd turns to watch. Erica arrives with Jeff, causing Jack to look twice. Zach remains near the entrance, almost as if he is standing guard. Adam opens the floor for others to talk about Babe and Dixie. Bianca steps up, telling them that she had forgiven Babe for taking Miranda and that she wished Babe could know. Tad remembers the first time he met Dixie at Myrtle's store. After being so strong, Tad breaks down a little. "I could see my future," he says, crying. "I could see our future." Jamie comes up, to lead Tad back to his seat. Di steps up, saying "I'm going to miss her every day of my life!" In tears, Krystal throws herself on top of Babe's casket. Adam and Colby quickly lead her back to her seat. Zoe stands up and begins to sing, "You Lift Me Up". She continues to sing as the rest of Pine Valley file by the caskets. Finally stepping forward, JR reaches out to touch Babe's casket and begins to cry.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Wednesday, February 14 2007

    At the park, Bianca plays with Miranda. She pulls a card from her bag, it's from Maggie. Bianca isn't sure how she feels about the card. Zoe comes by, surprising her. The police officer isn't there and Zoe explains that the police have cleared her as a suspect! She should feel happy but she can't because of the loss of Babe. Losing her has made Zoe question who she really is. She wonders what parts of Zoe are real and what parts are only holdovers from Zarf? Miranda comes over, wondering why Zoe gave back the doll. Zoe explains that the real gift was Miranda's willingness to share. The little girl runs off to play again. Zoe tells Bianca she may have to leave Pine Valley to find herself. The thought makes her very nervous, but Zoe knows she must go, eventually. She's come to another decision: Zoe is going to find a doctor that can help her decide if sexual reassignment surgery is the right next step. Maybe, though, she will find a doctor near Pine Valley.

    Bye-bye, Babe!

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    In the waiting room, Amanda is in tears. Julia offers to take her home and the two leave. Zoe is alone in the room, even though there are many people still waiting. Bianca comes back in, sees her alone and sits down. Upset, she tells Zoe that she never forgave Babe, and now it's too late. "It's never too late," Zoe assures her. Zoe tells Binks about the first time she met Babe. It was in a fitting room and she remembers that Babe was enchanting to her. Zoe explains that Babe loved Fusion and her friends and she gave Zoe hope for the future. Now Zoe isn't sure what will happen. Bianca offers to give Zoe a ride home, but she turns Bianca down. Her very own police officer is waiting to make sure she gets home safely.

    The Satin Slayer Strikes Again!

    Monday, February 12 2007

    In the parking garage of Chandler Enterprises, Zoe stops walking. She heard something, did her police guard? More yelling reaches them, and the two head downstairs. Meanwhile, in the upper level, the Satin Slayer places gardenias on Babe's chest, and ties a satin ribbon around her wrist. Zoe and the officer arrive and the officer gives chase, but loses the attacker! They call an ambulance and Zoe begs Babe to stay with her. Babe talks to Zoe. "Save my son," she says.

    Outside the hospital room, Zoe watches the doctors work on Babe. Josh arrives and tries to force his way inside but Jeff Martin pushes him out. Krystal and Adam arrive, asking for an update and watch the doctors work from outside the room. Krystal begins to flash back to happier times. At the hospital desk, Zoe tells Josh about JR's plan. JR told her she should have died instead of Dixie! He's also got some kind of blackmail over her, but Zoe isn't sure what it is. Moments later, JR and Tad arrive. Josh tries to confront JR, but Tad interrupts them. Adam tells JR that Babe is alive but critical and pulls him away. Bianca, Kendall and Zach arrive. Learning Zoe was there soon after the attack, Tad pulls Zoe away to ask question her. Josh goes on the attack, this time against Zach. He could have saved the women - all he had to do was leave town! "If I thought it would have made a difference I would have left," Zach says. But Josh doesn't believe it. Zach should be in that hospital room, not Babe! Zach leaves the waiting area and Josh tells Kendall she has to leave her husband. Erica arrives, thankful Kendall and Bianca are safe. Erica immediately tries to convince Kendall to leave the country - she and Bianca will come with her! Kendall interrupts. She isn't going anywhere. She's staying with Zach! Bianca tells Josh about Babe's heart problems, causing Josh even more stress. Seeing him, Adam confronts Josh. He has no reason to be there! "I would enjoy nothing more than grinding you to nothing," Adam says as Josh walks away. Jamie and Amanda arrive and JR tells his brother he thought it was a trick; Julia comes over to comfort Jamie. Zoe talks to Amanda, who is sure Babe will make it through. The two bond over their friendship with Babe.

    Jeff comes out to update the crowd. They can't seem to stabilize Babe, he leaves for the cardiology lab and Josh follows. Jack arrives, along with Ryan and Aidan and Ryan immediately confronts Kendall. What has she done with Spike? Kendall assures him Spike is safe - he's guarded by a nanny and has tons of security at the casino. It isn't enough - it wasn't just Babe that was hurt. Her bodyguard was attacked as well! The news stuns Kendall. Across the room, Jack asks Zoe what Babe talked about before the paramedics took her away, but Zoe can't remember anything except Babe wanting little Adam to be protected. Josh and Jeff come back in, arguing over whether or not Josh can be in the operating room. They need to implant a pacemaker to safe Babe's life, and Jeff doesn't want Josh to be there. Erica assure Josh that Jeff will take care of Babe. The orderlies roll Babe out and Krystal kisser her, telling Babe to stay strong for little Adam. As they wheel Babe way, Josh follows. Everyone else in the waiting room settles in to wait for news. From outside the operating room, they hear Josh yelling. "You didn't have to stop! You didn't have to stop!" Jeff pushes him from the room and Josh unleashes his anger on JR. "Are you happy now? Babe is dead!"

    Babe Is Attacked!

    Friday, February 09 2007

    Inside JR's office, he reacts angrily to Zoe's kiss. Zoe holds him back from Babe saying, "I still have enough testosterone to take you!" JR escapes Zoe's grasp as Babe's picture is sent to her lawyer. JR becomes even more angry when Babe throws his own lies in his face. Zoe completes their plan, telling JR she will tell the tabloids that JR has been begging she and Babe into a three-some if he takes his picture public! Babe tells JR she won't use the picture if he agrees to settle things quietly. Josh bursts in, ruining any chance Babe might have had to convince JR not to use the pictures. Josh asks what JR is holding over Babe's head, but Babe won't tell him. Neither will Zoe and JR keeps twisting the knife. "Tick-tock, Babe," he repeats. Zoe tells Josh to leave and they do, reluctantly, together. Alone once more, Babe tells JR she will return the Chandler shares and share custody with him. No way! JR won't share anything with her. "You take down my mother, I will take you down just as hard!" Babe exclaims. JR calls her bluff - he can handle anything she throws at him. Babe gives him one last chance and JR doesn't take it. Seeing she won't get through to him, Babe leaves. Alone once more, JR flashes back to Dixie's dying request. It's time to go home! At the mansion, JR interrupts Adam and Krystal who have agreed on the No Secrets Policy. "That should work well," JR says sarcastically. Adam tells him the rules: anything JR says to his father will be told to Krystal; anything Babe says to Krystal will be shared with Adam. They don't want any more personal information about JR's marriage, either. Can he live with that much honesty? JR asks Krystal if he and Adam can speak alone. Before Dixie died, she told JR something and it's time Adam knew!

    Outside JR's office, Josh and Zoe are waiting for Babe. She doesn't wait for them, but heads for the parking garage alone. Josh and Zoe catch up and Josh continues his questioning. He wants to help her, can't she see that? Zoe interrupts. The best way to help is to back off! Babe tells Josh the last thing she needs is his help; his being around is making things worse for her. Just leave her alone! Finally seeing she is serious, Josh leaves, telling Babe she can call on him for anything. Zoe hugs her, making Babe feel a little better. Zoe leaves and Babe's bodyguard takes her to the car. The guard, Max, disappears and Babe gets out of the car. Max has collapsed! Frightened, Babe backs away and a mysterious figure grabs her! Babe screams and tries to fight, but the stranger is too powerful. He pulls a needle from a pocket, along with a white satin ribbon and plunges it into her neck!

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