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    All My Children CAST - Zarf/Zoe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zarf/Zoe Played by Jeffrey Carlson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeffrey Carlson

    Birthday: 1975-06-23
    Birthplace: Long Beach California USA
    Real Name: Jeffrey Carlson
    Height: 5'11


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    Good News Travels Fast

    Tuesday, March 13 2007

    At the Miranda Center, Bianca and Zoe are going over some plans when Jeff arrives. Bianca apologizes to him for reacting badly to his relationship with Erica, but Jeff shrugs off the apology and gets to work with the volunteers. Binks turns back to her work with Zoe. Zach arrives, sees Zoe and offers his unconditional support for anything that she needs. Zoe thanks him and leaves the two alone. "How do you make sure that the past never touches Miranda," he asks when they are alone. Bianca is surprised at the question and about the turn of events with Alexander. She assures Zach that as far as the past goes, she thinks of Ethan and Ryan and Zach when she thinks of Cambias - not about Alexander and Michael. Whatever he decides about the company, she will back him up! Rachel arrives with Miranda, Emma and Kathy in tow. Zach hugs Miranda quickly and sends her off to play. Binks tries to get Zach to look to the future instead of focusing on the past; if he can do that, she believes he can make something wonderful from Cambias. "I believe in you," she tells him. Zach kisses her forehead and leaves. Erica arrives a few minutes later and asks Bianca to leave with her. When Bianca refuses, Erica tells her there is a problem with Josh, but Binks doesn't take her seriously until Erica tells her that Babe is still alive! She is stunned to learn that it's true and that Josh has been hiding Babe for weeks! Erica begs Bianca to help her, but when Zoe comes in Bianca is too excited about Babe being alive to focus on her mother's problems. Zoe is speechless when she learns the truth and leaves to tell Amanda the good news. Jeff comes in and overhears Erica again asking for Bianca's help with the situation. He can't believe what he is hearing and neither can Bianca. Without answering her, Bianca leaves the room. Jeff confronts Erica, telling her she may have lost Josh for good this time! Rather than listenting to him, Erica turns her anger and frustration on him!

    The Future Is Bright

    Friday, March 09 2007

    At the hospital, Zoe attends her first transgender support group meeting. The other group members are surprised that "Zarf" is joining the group but are accepting. Zoe sits back and listens as the group members introduce themselves, as she hears their stories Zoe sees a part of herself in the different men and women. She explains that she created Zarf to hide her real self. Jenny, the group leader, asks why Zoe didn't think she was lovable. Zoe talks about dressing up in her mother's clothes and her father ripping them off of her. That relationship made her afraid of how others would react to her. Jenny begins talking about the support system that they will all need though the process. Zoe talks about Bianca's support. "Maybe it is love that will help us become who we are," Jenny says. The group dismisses and Zoe comes out to talk to Bianca. "For the first time in my life I realize I'm not alone," she says.

    Ready To Run?

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    At the hospital, Zoe and Bianca wait to see Dr. Massey. Zoe knows it is time to move forward with the transition but she is so scared of that step. "I wanted this my whole life," she cries, but is still scared. Her biggest fear is going through the process and still being lost at the end of the journey! Bianca encourages her to move forward, to take the step and promises to be with her through the process. JR watches from the hall. He approaches them and apologizes to Zoe. "Just because I don't understand her doesn't give me the right to treat her as less than a human," he says. Erica arrives and pulls JR away as a nurse invites Zoe and Binks inside the office. Dr. Massey asks Zoe about her reasons for wanting to begin the hormone therapy and listens closely as Zoe talks about her own research and feelings toward the process. Zoe becomes uncomfortable as Bianca and the doctor talk about the risks. Dr. Massey leaves to take a call and Bianca tells Zoe to think before she acts. She believes the actions are too extreme and too dangerous and wants Zoe to reconsider. Zoe doesn't want to rethink things. She is ready! Dr. Massey comes back. "I would like to begin hormone administration. Right now," Zoe tells her and is stunned when Dr. Massey tells her no! There is a protocol, so Zoe can't just start taking the drugs. She must be analyzed by a psychiatrist first. Binks encourages Zoe to do this, and she decides to follow the doctors orders. Zoe is stunned to learn about a local support group meeting. Dr. Massey invites her to attend but she doesn't know if that is something she really wants to do.

    To The Future!

    Wednesday, March 07 2007

    At the cemetery, Zach approaches the graves of the dead women. Seeing Zoe there, he stops. Startled, Zoe turns and Zach immediately offers an apology to her. "I treated you badly and I shouldn't have done that," Zach says as Zoe offers her own apology. When the attacks began she took the credit to cover her own fears, she explains, so it is no one elses fault that she ultimately was blamed. Zach sits next to Dixie's grave and Zoe sees another side of the man. She sees a man who hates who he is! Zoe understands that kind of hatred, she explains, because she has struggled with it her entire life. "You can never cure who you really are," she tells him. Agreeing, Zach wonders if he can ever separate what he wants from what his father wanted for him. Zoe isn't sure. She has hope for both of them, but, "You're not going to give up the guilt, are you?" she asks. Zoe prepares to leave as Zach kneels before Dixie's grave, telling her he is sorry. Rather than leave, Zoe hugs Zach and holds him close for a few moments.

    Truths Are Revealed

    Thursday, March 01 2007

    At her apartment, Bianca sees Zoe returning and is torn between relief and anger. She doesn't understand why Zoe left the hospital without a bodyguard and without telling anyone where she was going. Calm, Zoe tells Bianca she is fine and is sorry that she was frightened. "I just want you to be safe," Bianca says, explaining that no one in her family seems safe any more. She explains that Zach took Kendall but Jack seems worried. Finding out Zoe was gone and alone made her even more worried. Zoe tries to comfort Binks, assuring her that things will be fine with her family. Together they make cookies and Bianca questions Zoe about Zarf. Is he a part of Zoe, like Zoe was part of Zarf, she wonders. Zoe isn't sure; she is trying to read the line between Zarf/Zoe but hasn't figured everything out yet. She goes on to say that she does want to rid herself of a few of Zarf's ideas - like being with Binks! Zoe understands that she was overwhelming to Bianca and apologizes. Bianca understands that, though. She did the same with her friend Frankie! With new insight into each other, Zoe and Bianca agree to start over. Zoe tells Binks she has found a gender-reassignment doctor in Baltimore and the news shakes Bianca up. What about staying in Pine Valley, she wonders. "You're going to need someone you can count on," Bianca says. Feeling close to Bianca, Zoe tells her she will stay in Pine Valley.

    Setting A Trap

    Friday, February 23 2007

    At the hospital, a figure in black approaches Zoe's hospital bed. It's JR! The two argue, with JR surprising Zoe, telling her that she needs to back off from telling everyone that he was blackmailing Babe. If she doesn't, Krystal's secret could be blown sky high! "Nobody is going to find anything out unless you blow it!" JR says. He explains that he won't tell anyone about Krystal's baby because Babe wouldn't want that. JR tries to convince Zoe that he is truly sorry for the way he acted toward Babe before she died. Zoe isn't sure what to believe but realizes this JR is different from the one who left her in the cemetery. Bianca arrives as Zoe tries to figure out the visit from JR. "What if I'm wrong about him? What if I'm wrong about everything?" she asks.

    Digging For The Truth

    Thursday, February 22 2007

    In Zoe's hospital room, Derek and Jack continue questioning her about the attack. Zoe doesn't remember anything about the attacker and Derek wonders if Bianca was right. Could this attack not be related to the Satin Slayings? If so, Derek believes he can be better used elsewhere. Zoe stops both men from leaving as a memory comes back. The killer spit on her! Jack pounces on the information, ready to begin running DNA tests but Derek doesn't care. He is only interested in the Satin Slayer. Julia comes in with water and pain medication. Alone in the room, she apologizes to Zoe for the treatment at Wildwind. Zoe tells her not to worry about it, she's just uncomfortable in her own skin. Julia offers to get her in touch with a therapist but Zoe isn't interested. As Julia finishes up with Zoe, she encourages her to face the world as her real self. In the corridor outside Jack confronts Derek about his treatment of Zoe. The two argue over Zoe's story, which Derek doesn't believe. Bianca arrives and Jack tells her they will look into the possible DNA information. She goes inside and Derek tells Jack he still isn't convinced of Zoe's story. "With all due respect, I am ordering you to run that DNA test - and I mean right now!" Jack exclaims. Back inside, Julia and Bianca give tips to Zoe on how to be a woman - like not going certain places alone. "If you're going to live your life as a woman, it's going to be different," Bianca instructs. The attack, all the rules of being a real woman have Zoe very confused. Julia leaves Bianca and Zoe alone and Zoe has another flash of memory. She ripped a button off the attacker's coat! Bianca leaves to look for the evidence! Derek arrives to take Zoe's clothing for testing. He doesn't say anything, but it is obvious he isn't happy about his job!

    Road Trip!

    Wednesday, February 21 2007

    At the cemetery, Bianca finds Zoe beaten and bruised. She orders her bodyguard to call the police. Worried about her friend, Bianca doesn't notice the button slip from Zoe's hand! Help arrives to take Zoe to the hospital where Bianca uses the desk phone to call the cops. Jeff brings Zoe out on the way to x-ray but she is too weak to talk. Wondering how someone could attack her, Bianca is shocked when Julia suggests it could be a hate crime. Derek arrives and begins questioning Bianca. He is surprised to learn they think it could be hate related. Since she was found near Babe and Dixie's graves, he assumes the attack is related to the serial killings. If it turns out to be a random attack, he'll hand off the case. Bianca is stunned that Derek is more concerned about the Satin Slayings than with a possible hate crime against Zoe. A few minutes later inside Zoe's private room, Bianca tells her to relax. They are keeping the attack under wraps so the papers won't hear of it. Derek and Jack come in, asking if Zoe saw or heard anything. She doesn't remember much but... "JR was there!" After the attack she remembers JR came but then he left her there!

    On The Trail Of The Killer

    Tuesday, February 20 2007

    At the cemetery, Zoe recognizes her attacker. "It's you!" She says. "You killed those women!" But that doesn't stop the attacker who keeps beating her. Zoe fights back, but is unable to overcome the attacker. The figure begins choking Zoe, leaving her for dead behind a bush. JR arrives at the cemetery, talking to Dixie's grave. "You're not supposed to be here," he says and apologizes to her for taking so long to allow her into his life again. Behind the bench where he is sitting, Zoe reaches out to him for help. Startled, JR flips over the body. Zoe asks for help, but JR won't help her. Calling her a freak, JR asks what she expected as Zoe cries. "Are you happy now?" JR asks. "You destroyed my family, give me one good reason I should let you destroy anyone else's." JR walks away, leaving Zoe beaten on the ground. Her hand opens, revealing a button from the attacker's clothing!

    Angry and Confused

    Monday, February 19 2007

    At the cemetery, JR tries to find comfort in saying he is sorry. "Please, know how sorry I am," he tells Babe's coffin, crying. He cries over Dixie's coffin as well. Colby embraces him, but JR can't be comforted. Julia invites everyone to Wildwind. Tad holds Krystal's hand for a moment before Adam leads her away. Bianca goes to JR, who tells her to forgive Maggie. Zoe approaches, angry and not listening when Bianca tells her to be quiet. "You put Babe in that coffin as sure as the killer did!" Zoe says. She confronts JR about the blackmail and his threats against Babe. "Enough. Stop!" Bianca hollers. She can't believe Zoe is bringing up the past when they should just be saying goodbye to Dixie and Babe. Bianca tells JR she is sorry and he leaves. Tad grabs his arm, asking where he is going. "Not to the bar, isn't that all that matters?" he says as he storms off. As Bianca cries, Zoe comes over to apologize. She realizes she shouldn't have said what she did to JR. Bianca shows Zoe a picture of Babe, before their friendship fell apart. "We all need pieces of our past to hold on to," Zoe says as Bianca decides to put the picture inside the coffin. Zoe convinces her to keep the picture, for Babe's sake. Jack arrives, asking Bianca to take extra care. Alone again, Binks invites Zoe to Wildwind with her, but Zoe isn't sure she will be welcomed. "Everyone who loves Babe should be together now," Bianca says and the two leave. Meanwhile, Opal asks Joe and Tad for help with Palmer. She's worried about him and doesn't know what to do. "I can't fix what broke when Dixie died," Opal tells Tad. In another part of the cemetery, Zach talks to Ethan's grave, vowing not to stop until he finds the killer.

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