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    All My Children CAST - Zarf/Zoe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zarf/Zoe Played by Jeffrey Carlson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeffrey Carlson

    Birthday: 1975-06-23
    Birthplace: Long Beach California USA
    Real Name: Jeffrey Carlson
    Height: 5'11


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    A Man With A Plan!

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    Zoe arrives to work at Fusion and Bianca shows her a new ad layout. While they work, Kendall calls Zach but Lily won't put her call through! "Please, Lily, just ask him, just this once," she says. Kendall hangs up when Lily won't put her through. Josh arrives, demanding to see Babe, who isn't there. Kendall gives it right back to him and together she and Bianca ask Josh to forget about Babe - who has obviously made her choice - and instead to make things right with Erica. "Just get over it," Kendall says, but Josh won't back down. Instead, he brings Zoe into the conversation, asking what she thinks. "She's your mother, cut the woman some slack!" Zoe says. Josh can't forgive Erica though, and in fact, blames her alone for Babe being back at the Chandler mansion! Josh storms out and Kendall and Bianca follow, leaving Zoe to deal with a client. "You're a guy in a dress aren't you?" he asks, offended and refusing to deal with Zoe. Kendall and the others return as the client berates Zoe. Kendall interrupts, telling the client to leave, that they don't need his business! "Get out of my sight before I throw you out!" she exclaims. Kendall tells Zoe to find three new orders to replace the lost order and then leaves to get the money to repay Erica. Zoe is touched by Kendall's defense of her.

    Love Is In The Air

    Monday, March 26 2007

    At Bianca's penthouse, Babe interrupts Zoe and Bianca who are on the verge of their first kiss! She tries to leave but they invite her in. Little A and Miranda play and Zoe leaves the penthouse. Outside, she runs into JR, who wonders if Babe is inside. Telling him she is, Zoe warns JR not to go inside because obviously Babe wants time alone! Inside, Binks and Babe reminisce about the night Miranda and little A were born. JR arrives as Miranda opens little A's present. Babe is surprised to see him, but he quickly assures her that he didn't follow her. He simply wanted to see Miranda and wish her a happy birthday. He offers to leave if they would rather be alone, or offers to take Babe and little A home. They leave and Zoe returns with a last gift for Miranda. It's a music box that plays the song she sang at the party! Bianca is touched by how much Zoe obviously cares for her child. Zoe prepares to go, but Bianca stops her at the door. They kiss!

    The Lights Go Out!

    Friday, March 23 2007

    While decorating her apartment for Miranda's birthday party, Bianca worries about what Adam will do to Krystal. Josh could care less. He feels that anything that happens to Krystal is deserved! Bianca can't believe what he just said and they begin bickering. Zoe arrives to help as Myrtle, Lily and Jack arrive for the shindig. They volunteer to help get things ready. Zoe asks for Lily's help, and she asks, "You look like a man, why are you dressed like a woman?" Zoe explains herself to Lily, who is very accepting. Barbara arrives to apologize to Bianca for her behavior at the Pine Valley Inn - and then asks if she can stay for the party! Reluctantly, Bianca agrees that she can stay. Annoyed, Jack wonders why Barbara would want to attend the party. Erica, Kendall and Zach arrive with presents. Erica suggests that they make their announcement to the group and congratulations are offered all around. Myrtle, especially, is excited about the baby news. Lily stops the party, asking if she can still be an aunt if the divorce goes through. Before anyone can answer, Miranda and the nanny arrive and the party gets started! No one except Binks and Zoe are concentrating on Miranda, though. Josh tells Kendall about Krystal and Tad and when she doesn't jump to tell him he was right, walks away angrily. Lily talks to Erica, telling her that she doesn't like Barbara being around as Sean pulls Barbara away from the party and asks her to leave. When she doesn't leave, Erica pulls her away, reinforcing Sean's words! "You better get out of here fast before we start playing pin the tail on the floozy!" she says. Still, Barbara stays. Across the room, Zach wonders if he will be a good father and Myrtle gives him her vote of confidence. Erica sits with Myrtle, who tells her there is a way back to Jack and encourages her to find it! Meanwhile, Jack offers Kendall his congratulations. As Miranda opens the last present, Zoe says there is one more. She has written a song for Miranda and begins to sing to her! Jack says goodbye and Barbara asks if he'll take her home as well. Zach and Kendall also leave. Bianca and Zoe begin to clean up the party mess and Zoe reaches out to her. Binks thanks Zoe for the song and Zoe moves to leave. Bianca stops her, and the two move close together.

    Tensions Mount in P.V.

    Thursday, March 22 2007

    At the police station, Adam tries to convince Erica to be his witness as Josh and Bianca try to keep her from saying anything. As Erica makes the decision to tell "the truth", Babe collapses! Josh tries to revive her and with the others occupied, Babe tells them to get Erica off Krystal's back so she can take Adam down! Tad pulls Adam from the room and threatens him, telling him that locking up Krystal and Babe isn't the answer. Adam challenges Tad to take Krystal off his hands by moving in with her himself! "Get that tramp out of my house and I'll never speak to you again," he promises. They go back to the squad room and Tad asks Krystal why she is insisting on staying with a crazy man. Meanwhile, Bianca tries to convince Erica not to side with Adam. Erica explains about Charlotte's paternity to tries to get Bianca on her side, but it doesn't work. Bianca tells her that siding with Adam will only result in the loss of everything Erica loves! Josh confronts JR, telling him that his machinations to sway Babe won't work. Babe interrupts them, telling them both to back off. She wants nothing to do with either of them! Josh tries to follow when she walks away, but Zoe cuts him off! JR heads for the insurance adjuster, telling him to back off from Krystal and Babe. Tad approaches, asking if JR is using Krystal's baby to keep Babe under his thumb! Just then, Erica comes back into the squad room, ready to make her statement! When Derek asks if she saw Babe and Krystal, she says no! "I saw Babe but I didn't see Krystal," she says, telling Adam that she can't be manipulated! Angry, Adam tells them that they won't get into his home ever again and storms out. Krystal thanks Erica but Erica isn't having it. "Did you even think about Tad and what joy the baby could bring him?" she asks. Derek disperses the group. Tad approaches Krystal, telling her that he will sue - and win! - custody of the baby. Angry, Krystal promises to fight him. Babe comes over and leads Krystal away. Erica approaches Josh, telling him that she lied for him but Josh only walks away. Zoe approaches her, asking Erica to give Josh space. Jackson interrupts with news for Erica. He is ready to move forward with their divorce!

    Adam Goes On The Attack!

    Wednesday, March 21 2007

    Outside Josh's apartment, Erica begs to be let in but Josh reads the paper inside the door and ignores her. Zoe arrives and allows Erica into the apartment! Josh asks her to leave, telling Erica that she broke his trust when she went behind his back and told JR the truth about Babe. "She's your mother, be nice," Zoe says and leaves. Refusing to leave, Erica tries to make Josh see that helping Babe disappear and plotting to kidnap little Adam was wrong but Josh doesn't see things that way. "If you never speak to me again, I will not regret stopping you," she says. Erica kisses Josh's cheek and quickly leaves. Josh stops her at the door, telling her that JR's blackmail scheme won't work any longer and that now Babe is free to be with whomever she chooses. Erica says she is glad and leaves. Outside, Adam calls, asking for Erica's help in getting Babe and Krystal out of Pine Valley for good!

    At the Fusion offices, Kendall and Bianca get back to work. Di arrives, telling them it's time to bring Fusion back to life! With only the three of them, Kendall is worried that they won't be able to complete the fall launch. Zoe arrives, offering to help them out. Kendall isn't sure if Zoe should come on board, what with her rock-n-roll job, but Zoe is ready to work. Still hesitant, Kendall asks Bianca for a private meeting. Bianca can't believe it when Kendall says she is worried that Binks might be falling for Zoe! Binks tells Kendall she wants Zoe to work with them because they need help - no other reason! "This is ridiculous," she says but when Kendall tells her Zoe was glowing just like she was, Bianca begins to question her own thoughts. Binks tells Kendall to stay out of her life, but Kendall won't let things drop. When Kendall tells her Zoe doesn't fit in, Bianca becomes angry and threatens to quit! Seeing that Bianca is serious, Kendall gives in. Josh arrives, telling Zoe and Di that he is there to help with the launch. He asks if Di has heard from Babe; she hasn't. Josh then turns to Zoe, wondering why she let Erica into the apartment. Zoe tells him to give Erica a break, she would give anything if her mother cared for her as much as Erica cares for Josh! Kendall and Bianca come out of their meeting, telling Zoe that she is hired! Binks and Zoe begin working as a reporter arrives, telling them about Babe and Krystal's arrest! Bianca and Josh hurry away. Annie arrives a few minutes later, offers her resume and asks for a job. "You need marketing people and I'm qualified," she says. Kendall asks about her wedding plans and if that will interfere but Annie tells her there isn't going to be a wedding! Surprised, Kendall hugs her.

    At the police station, Krystal apologizes to Babe as JR comes in with Jackson. Jack asks about the charges and an insurance investigator explains: Babe took out a million dollar policy with Krystal as the beneficiary and Krystal signed the petition form after her "death" to get the money. Since Babe is alive, they believe the Carey women were trying to defraud the company! Adam arrives and Krystal explains that Adam had her sign several papers but that she didn't know the insurance form was one of them - or that Babe was alive when she signed it! Jackson tells Derek to let them go because without a witness, Krystal signing the form means nothing. Just then, Erica arrives! Derek asks what she saw as Jackson and JR try to coach her into saying nothing. Rather than answer, Erica asks to speak with Adam, alone. JR jumps in, telling Erica not to let Adam use her. Tad arrives, backing them up! Jackson pulls Babe away, asking why she didn't just come out of hiding when Alexander was caught and she admits she was thinking about leaving town - with Josh! JR talks with Babe, who is appreciative of his help but wants him to know that this isn't going to change her mind about the divorce. Across the room, Tad asks Krystal to sit and eat. Krystal wonders what this new side of Tad is about and he assures her that he doesn't care about her - he cares about their baby!

    Outside the squad room, Adam tries to convince Erica to take his side about the insurance fraud. "What better way to Babe-proof Josh than to send them away for a long, long time?" he asks. They return inside and Erica goes on the attack against Krystal. Krystal isn't backing down, though, and tells Erica that even pregnant she can take her! Josh, Bianca and Zoe arrive as Derek asks Erica for an answer - did Krystal plan to defraud the insurance company?

    The Truth Hurts!

    Friday, March 16 2007

    At Josh's apartment, Zoe invites Bianca inside. They share champagne and Zoe pulls a cake from a box. The two feed one another, but Zoe nearly spoils the mood when she asks about Maggie. Bianca she tells Zoe she has no plans to go back to Paris because Maggie's cheating killed their relationship. Zoe tries to be understanding as Bianca talks about wanting to forgive Maggie and not being able to. She reaches out to Zoe telling her that watching how she has dealt with things made Bianca want to be stronger herself. She reaches over to wipe some chocolate off of Zoe's face and the two nearly kiss! Josh arrives, interrupting them. He is upset that Babe left the casino with JR! Binks asks if he set this "honesty policy" in effect on purpose and he admits that he goaded Krystal into the dropping the bomb. "Babe can't have a life with this hanging over her head," he says! Bianca tries to show Josh how his actions were exactly like Erica's - he pushed Krystal for his own benefit and not her own! Josh doesn't see it that way; he believes he only gave her a choice. "And if Krystal leaves, Babe and little A will be right behind her," he says, thinking he did them a favor.

    Adam Learns The Truth

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    In the sub-basement, Zoe arrives to see Babe. Bianca leaves to check on Miranda and meets Josh outside the room. Josh has mixed feelings about everyone knowing Babe is alive. Bianca tries to show Josh that running wasn't the right option, but Josh doesn't want to listen. Telling him that he needs to trust Babe's choices, Bianca tries to make Josh see that he can't rescue Babe unless she wants to be rescued. "You can't drag her out of town if she doesn't want to leave," Bianca says. Inside, Babe asks Zoe what really happened in the cemetery with JR. Zoe tells her she is over it and not to worry and then tells her about the transgender meeting. "I was so scared I thought I was going to throw up," she says. When the people embraced her, though, she began to feel like everything would be okay. Bianca comes back in, Josh in tow. Zoe kisses Josh, thanking him for saving Babe's life. Binks and Zoe leave so Babe can get ready to go.

    Bianca and Zoe go to the Valley Inn to have drinks. She informs the staff that she is now Zoe, not Zarf. Barbara arrives with Sean and recognizes Zoe. She believe, though, that this is only a stunt by the rock star. "Still acting out I see," she says to Bianca, who is mortified by Barbara's words. Sean tries to get Barbara to leave, but she grabs Bianca by the elbow and pulls her from the bar. Uncomfortably, Sean talks with Zoe for a moment. Colby calls, asking Sean to come to the mansion. In the lobby, Barbara tells Bianca that she is concerned about her. Bianca becomes angry because she knows Barbara doesn't care about her. She calls Barbara a bigot. "I didn't expect the first stupid, insecure person in my life would be you," she says and returns to Zoe's table. They toast one another, giggling.

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