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    All My Children CAST - Zarf/Zoe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zarf/Zoe Played by Jeffrey Carlson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeffrey Carlson

    Birthday: 1975-06-23
    Birthplace: Long Beach California USA
    Real Name: Jeffrey Carlson
    Height: 5'11


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    Sister, Sister

    Thursday, April 12 2007

    On the yacht, Zoe pulls away from Bianca. Trying to reassure her, Bianca tells Zoe that she is attracted to her soul, not her body! "I could be the worst thing that's ever happened to you," Zoe replies. She tries to make Bianca step away because of the journey she is beginning, but Binx isn't going to just let Zoe leave her behind. "We can do it together," she says, willing to follow Zoe anywhere. Zoe tries to explain that too many things are changing, not just her sexuality, and she isn't ready for a relationship! Bianca storms off, thinking that Zoe has been playing her. Zoe follows. "I love you," she says, but asks Bianca to understand that she isn't ready for a relationship yet. Reaching out to Binx, Zoe holds her hand and offers to take her home.

    Baby Girl Martin Arrives!

    Wednesday, April 11 2007

    At the yacht club, Bianca meets with the manager to set up a romantic table for she and Zoe and then leaves to change. Adam arrives with a bottle of liquor. He sits at Zoe's table as she arrives. "So it's you," she says, angry. Adam hands her a scotch and Zoe tosses it in his face! In anger, she lifts the table, tossing it away and confusing Adam. Bianca arrives and tells Zoe the truth - that she is the secret admirer. "Now I've seen everything," Adam mutters and leaves the club. "You're my secret admirer," Zoe says, smiling. And then calls Bianca a liar! She thinks that Adam was the real admirer and that Bianca is only trying to make her feel good. Bianca tells her everything, stunning Zoe. "You're special to me," Bianca says and tells Zoe that she wants this to be their first date! "Somebody please slap me," Zoe says! Bianca asks for a dance and they begin to move to the music as a storm comes upon the club. They get soaked and run for cover on Jackson and Erica's yacht.

    Labor Pains!

    Tuesday, April 10 2007

    At the doctor's office, Ryan offers Zoe an apology for trying to pin the Satin Slayings on her. Zoe accepts and the two begin talking about sperm donation. Ryan asks why she is there and Zoe explains about the transition process - she has to visit the doctor so that she'll have options for parenthood down the road. "I'm as fit to parent as a cactus," Zoe says, not believing that she and Ryan have anything in common. Ryan asks her to take some time and think about the possibilities, just in case. The nurse arrives, asking Ryan into the exam room.

    At Fusion, Babe and Annie encourage Bianca's interest in Zoe and the secret admirer plan, but Kendall isn't sure it will work. She changes the subject from Zoe to Simone's missing Fusion shares, but the conversation quickly reverts to Zoe and Binx. "I really like her," Bianca says, looking for support from her sister. Kendall is too worried about Bianca's heart, though. Annie steps in, suggesting that Bianca go for it with Zoe. "But you can't even have a real relationship. You can't exactly ignore that... part," Kendall says, referring to Zoe's still being a physical male. The group disperses, but Annie sticks around for a moment with Bianca, telling her that she supports what Binx is doing. Kendall returns, backing down a little with Bianca. Babe steps in, offering her support to Bianca as well. JR arrives, asking to see Babe - alone! He pulls her aside, telling her that Zach is beginning to take shots at Chandler. When she doesn't react to the news, JR leaves. Bianca approaches Babe, offering her support. Kendall joins in, telling Babe to think of all the new people she can torture now! Babe smiles, feeling a little better. Zoe and Ryan arrive at the office; Ryan picks up Annie, carrying her away. Bianca follows to run a few errands. "All this romance is giving me indigestion," Kendall says, going back to work. Babe delivers another secret admirer gift, this one inviting Zoe to the yacht club! Zoe isn't excited by the gift, though, but reluctantly agrees to go meet her crush!

    Is Love In The Air?

    Monday, April 09 2007

    At Josh's apartment, Bianca visits Zoe, who is dressed and made up as herself! She is excited because her mother is finally accepting her as she is. Josh arrives with a gift for her from a secret admirer! He suggests giving the present away - maybe to Babe! - and Bianca objects, loudly. Zoe doesn't catch on, though, that Binx is the gift-giver and leaves. "You are so not subtle," Josh says, when they are alone and suggests that Bianca just go tell her how she feels. Bianca gathers her things, planning to keep the secret admirer plan going for a while longer! A few moments later, JR arrives, angry and thinking that Josh is behind the dummy company that is trying to take over Chandler Enterprises! Josh ignores him and asks instead how the divorce is going!

    At Fusion, Kendall tries to pay back Erica, but she doesn't want Kendall's money. Seeing that Kendall won't let her refuse, Erica accepts the check. Barbara walks in, wearing only one shoe and yelling at Erica! "You hijacked me into the middle of the ocean!" she says, and Erica calmly claims to know nothing about her being locked inside the yacht! Kendall gets in the middle of the fight, telling Barbara to leave. After exchanging a few more words wit Erica, Barbara stomps out of the office. Kendall can't believe what Erica did and wonders why she tried to get Barbara out of the picture! Ryan and Annie arrive before Erica can explain anything. Learning that they are getting married and that Annie is working at Fusion, Erica wonders if Kendall has lost her mind! Kendall sends Ryan and Annie off to get her settled in at the office. Ryan leaves a few moments later. "You're setting her up!" Erica says, suggesting that Kendall use her yacht to get Annie away from Ryan! Kendall suggests Erica concentrate on herself and Jack! Bianca and Zoe arrive and Erica tries to enlist their help to get Annie out of the picture. Bianca, though, is excited that Annie and Ryan are engaged. "Are you ill?" Erica asks. A delivery man brings in another gift for Zoe. Erica tells them to be careful - it could be a bomb from Barbara! Kendall reads the card and learns it's for Zoe! Babe arrives, excited to finally be getting things back to normal. She tells them she and Krystal are moving out of the mansion and Kendall offers space for little A, whenever Babe needs it. Seeing Erica, Babe confronts her, wondering if she is happy now. Kendall and Bianca try to interrupt them, but Babe and Erica aren't listening. "Understand this: your mother is a cheating tramp," Erica says as Jack arrives! Annoyed with her for the Barbara stunt, Jack pulls Erica from the office, leaving the women to fawn over Zoe's latest gift from the secret admirer! Zoe is convinced the person is a deranged fan, and even when Bianca suggests it's from a real admirer, blows off the gift. She leaves for an appointment, leaving Bianca crushed. "You?!", the women ask, realizing that Bianca is Zoe's secret admirer! Kendall is called away and returns a few minutes later with news for the group - Simone's Fusion stock certificates are missing!

    Peaceful Pine Valley?!?

    Thursday, April 05 2007

    Josh arrives home to find Bianca, Zoe and her mother there. Zoe asks Binx and Josh to leave so they can talk alone. Without makeup and in men's clothes, Zoe offers to be Freddie for Margie again! She even sheds the English accent and offers to buy them tickets back to Indiana. "It'll be perfect, just like it was before," Zoe says. Margie doesn't buy the act and asks whey Zoe is doing this. Trying to convince Margie that she can ignore what she wants as long as she can have her mother, Zoe pushes Margie to leave town with her. "Freddie, no," she exclaims, when Zoe grabs a pair of scissors and prepares to cut her hair! Margie takes the scissors, telling Zoe to talk to her about what she really wants. "It all hurt me, Ma," she says, crying over the pain of her life. She explains that she kept her life filled with stuff so that she wouldn't have to have quiet moments alone with the pain of who she was. "I wanted to die," she says. Finally realizing the pain that Zoe has been in, Margie asks when she first knew. Zoe talks about crying through her first haircut and Margie is shocked that she knew so early. "I can't be your son," she says. Margie reaches out, calling her Zoe for the first time and telling her she is glad she's growing her hair out again. Mother and son embrace!

    Bottoms Up!

    Wednesday, April 04 2007

    At ConFusion, Zoe is tipsy and in the mood to celebrate! Her family and the world thinks she is crazy, so she is going to prove them right! Amanda moves off to wait on other customers and Zoe heads behind the bar to help out; she winds up making a spectacle of herself. Del approaches, telling her to calm down and angering her. Amanda is finally able to pull Zoe from the spotlight. Zoe begins to cry, wishing she were a complete woman. "To your one-gender life, Amanda," she says in toast to her friend. Zoe asks about Janet, but Amanda doesn't let it slip that Adam helped her escape. "I'm terrified for her," is all she says. A man approaches to buy Zoe a drink. "You're a sick freak," he says in toast and tosses back the drink. Del comes to Zoe's defense, asking the man to leave. When he doesn't Zoe steps up to defend herself! Angrily, Zoe toasts the man saying, "My parents would have loved every bigoted part of you." Zoe slugs the drink and turns away, crying as Del escorts the man from the bar. Zoe hurries home and sadly stares at her reflection for a moment before running bathroom. There, she begins applying makeup to only half of her face. Bianca and Margie arrive, shocked at her appearance. Bianca asks Zoe to allow Margie inside, but Zoe wants nothing to do with her mother and turns away. When Margie turns to leave, Zoe rushes after her, hugging her and asking her to stay!

    Decisions, Decisions!

    Thursday, March 29 2007

    At Fusion, Zoe is frantically making calls to try to gain new clients. Josh and Bianca are helping her. A woman arrives, asking for Freddie - it's Zoe's mom! Bianca introduces herself and Josh quickly gets off the phone, too. Her mother approaches, smiles and envelopes Zoe in a hug. "Please don't do this to our family," she says, pulling away from him. Bianca tries to interrupt, but Zoe wants to hear whatever her mother has to say. "I saw pictures in the tabloids of you dressed. . .It's not right, honey," she says. With tears in her eyes, Zoe tells her mother that she is a woman! "I was born a girl! On the inside I am a woman," she says, begging her mother to understand. Mrs. Luper doesn't understand and wonders if the past drug and alcohol use has effected her son in some way. She asks Zoe to come home with her, to return to her life as Freddie. Zoe rushes from the room and Bianca follows. Alone with Mrs. Luper, Josh tries to make her see that Zoe is in fact a woman, but she doesn't believe him. "Zoe didn't choose this," Josh says, telling her that medically it is possible that she is a woman trapped in a man's body. Mrs. Luper wonders if she did something wrong during the pregnancy to cause this. Cautioning her that no one did anything wrong, Josh asks Mrs. Luper to just accept Zoe as she is.

    At the park, Zoe sinks onto a bench, angry at her mother. Bianca tells Zoe about coming out to Erica and how difficult it was. She offers her support. Zoe doesn't see that what Bianca went through is the same as what she is going through, though. "My mother doesn't love me, she loves Freddie," she says, trying to make Bianca see the difference in her mother and Erica. Sitting with Zoe, Bianca tells her that when she sees intolerance from others, she prays that it will be different for Miranda if she lives an alternative lifestyle. If Miranda turns out to be "normal", though, she will be relieved because then her daughter will be safe from the intolerance that she and Zoe face. They continue talking and gradually Zoe begins to wonder if she can give her mother another chance.

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