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    All My Children CAST - Zarf/Zoe - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Zarf/Zoe Played by Jeffrey Carlson on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jeffrey Carlson

    Birthday: 1975-06-23
    Birthplace: Long Beach California USA
    Real Name: Jeffrey Carlson
    Height: 5'11


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    Kendall Confesses!

    Friday, December 28 2007

    “Is it too late to say Merry Christmas?” Bianca asks, bustling into Fusion, where Babe is working. She’s got gifts for Little A. “How are you?” Babe asks. Bianca’s answer: “That’s a complicated question these days.” Babe commiserates. Bianca tells Babe that she and Zoe are not a “thing.” “We’ll be close friends forever,” Bianca says. “but she’s still getting used to the idea of being Zoe.” Again, Babe commiserates, this time by telling Bianca about her relationship with Richie. She then confesses about her fling with JR. “It’s weird isn’t it, us talking to each other like friends?” Babe says. Bianca tells Babe that she's grateful for all the hard work that Babe did to keep Kendall from losing Fusion.

    Back at Fusion, Bianca and Babe worry that the many things their children have been through will "mess them up." Babe tells Bianca about Tad & Krystal’s wedding. Bianca admires their commitment to their child, and surmises that the reason it didn't work between her and Zoe was because Zoe loved Miranda, but not as a parent would love their child. It's time for Bianca and Miranda to catch their flight back home. She and Babe hug and say their goodbyes.

    Operation: Jenny!

    Thursday, April 26 2007

    Sitting on the New Beginnings stage, Bianca and Zoe talk about leaving. She reassures Zoe that the interview went well and hands her a note from a fan. Reluctantly, Zoe opens it, remembering all of the messages and emails she has gotten in the last few hours. The note is from her father! Calling her "Freddie" in the letter, her father tells her that he has followed her musical career. "Have you really been unhappy your entire life? Am I the reason why?" her father asks in the letter. Her father goes on to apologize for not understanding Zoe's choices. "I hope one day I can love you for who you are now as much as I loved Freddie," he says. Zoe begins to cry and Bianca takes her in her arms. Erica arrives, surprised to see them. Both say a final goodbye, touching Erica's heart. Bianca reminds Erica that she will be back. "I think I'll miss you most of all," Erica says and hugs her close. Bianca tells her she loves her as Miranda runs in to give Erica a last hug. Erica walks them out of the studio.

    Drama, Drama!

    Wednesday, April 25 2007

    At the yacht club, workers are preparing for a party. Erica has put together a last minute going away party for Bianca and Zoe! The entire Kane and Montgomery families are there, along with Myrtle. Seeing Jack across the room, Erica approaches him, thanking him for coming to the party. "It's good to have the family together," she says, when Jack asks how she feels about his being there. Kendall and Josh watch as they skirt the real issues. A waiter arrives, announcing that dinner is ready and she leaves. Josh takes Jack aside, telling him that Jeff wasn't invited because he and Erica are no longer an item. Zoe and Zach talk about their pasts, both having come to terms with their fathers. Kendall takes Bianca aside, asking how she is supposed to get through the pregnancy and her life with her sister. Sad because she is leaving but excited about her plans, Bianca tells her that things will be fine. Lily begins talking to Bianca and Kendall about Ava; both are excited to meet her. At the bar, Kendall begins showing pictures of Spike. Across the room, Myrtle captures Erica's attention, telling her that she is happy that Erica and Jack are getting on so well. "Is there some kind of progress?" Myrtle asks, believing that she sees sparks between them. Erica tells her there are no sparks, believing that Jack is unreachable. Myrtle tells her not to give up. The group sits down to dinner and Jack proposes a toast to Binks. Erica gives a toast to Zoe, bringing back a memory of Erica supporting Greenlee. Kendall is next in the toasts, telling Bianca that she won't give birth without her sister by her side. Josh stands to give his own toast but is interrupted when Tad and Jamie burst onto the scene. Telling them that Jenny is gone and that Adam is behind Janet's disappearance, Tad asks Jack for help. Bianca and Zoe rush to the hospital to be with Babe. Tad believes that Adam may have put Janet and the baby on the yacht and demands that the harbormaster give him the slip number. The harbormaster refuses, telling them that the yacht sailed - with no destination point! Jamie calls the Coast Guard and helps Tad get ready to get on the boat that will begin searching for the Chandler yacht.

    Alone in her hospital room, Krystal dreams that Adam has come to see here. Calling the baby Charlotte, Adam tells Krystal it's time to go home. A nurse brings in the baby but before she can hand her over, Krystal begins to wake up. Tad sits beside her, promising that he will get Jenny back. The sedative takes over again and Krystal is thrust back into the nightmare, with Adam telling her that she will never see Jenny again! Krystal wakes, alone, grabs her bag and leaves the hospital room. She winds up at the nursery but doesn't go inside. Joe finds her there and tells her to go back to bed. "Is this payback?" she wonders, asking if she brought this on herself and worried that she will never see her child again. Joe tells Krystal a story about Tad, telling her that things happen and there is no way to protect a child all day, every day. "All we can do is do our best," he says, assuring her that they will find Jenny. Arriving at the hospital, Bianca asks Krystal if there is anything she can do. "I know exactly what is going through your head," she says, telling Krystal that there is nothing she could have done to stop it. Krystal does blame herself, though, believing that she deserves to have Jenny taken away because of what she and Babe did in the past. Outside, Zoe offers to stay in Pine Valley until Jenny is found, but Babe nixes that idea, telling her that she isn't to blame. Krystal returns to stand outside the nursery with Babe. After a moment, Babe leads Krystal back to the room.

    Will Jenny Be Found?

    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    At the New Beginnings studio, Erica prepares for the live interview with Zoe. Reporters from several national outlets are following her around, asking questions. Meanwhile, Bianca finds Zoe who is finally nervous about the interview and offers her support. Erica heads to the stage, greets the audience and introduces Zoe. She heads to the stage to thunderous applause; Bianca takes her seat. Zoe talks a little about her transformation, saying her jokes and her songs cover the pain that she has been through. "I hid for so long behind Zarf and hidden meanings in my lyrics that it's nice to be honest," she says. Without saying her name, Zoe talks about how Bianca has helped her through the transformation. Erica opens the floor to questions and Zoe begins talking about her family's reaction. She talks about romance and not being ready for that and Bianca takes the microphone to ask her own questions about their relationship and where things could go. Erica asks one last question and an angry woman stands up, calling Zoe a pervert! Erica comes to Zoe's defense, telling the woman that the show isn't about ratings but about educating. Zoe simply listens. "Maybe you wouldn't call her brave," Erica says, and thanks Zoe for her courageous stand. Zoe begins to sing her new song and the crowd goes wild. After the show, Erica confronts Leon, realizing that her new producer planted the angry woman. She fires him as Bianca listens in. When he leaves, Bianca comes over, thanking Erica and telling her that she wants to be just like her!

    "Where's My Baby?"

    Monday, April 23 2007

    In Erica's New Beginnings office, Kendall learns that Bianca really wants to go to Paris to be near Zoe. She isn't pleased with the news, but before she can start a real fight, Bianca asks for her help to keep Erica from doing something stupid with Zoe on live television. Kendall thinks Bianca is overreacting. "This is Zoe's choice, not yours," she says, making Bianca angry. She believes that Kendall only wants to see Zoe made a fool of! Erica runs in for her research but won't talk to Bianca about the show. Zoe follows, asking her to come back to the set. Erica runs back out and Kendall follows, leaving Zoe and Bianca alone. Bianca warns Zoe not to go on television with her mother but Zoe is certain she can handle anything that Erica could throw at her. "I'm just going to sing a song and be a fascinating guest," Zoe says. Bianca doesn't understand why Zoe would even want to go on the show and she explains that this gives her the chance to talk to people instead of waiting for the rumors to come out. Zoe changes the subject, asking if Bianca is going back to Paris only to begin a relationship with her. Bianca tells her that she is moving to return to her life there. "I want to be close to you," she says, even though she knows that Zoe isn't ready for a relationship. They hug and Zoe heads out to the stage.

    Trouble in Pine Valley

    Friday, April 20 2007

    In her New Beginnings office, Erica and her new producer Leon wonder if they can get Zoe on the show. When Zoe arrives, Erica sends Leon away. Thinking that Erica is worried about Bianca, Zoe sits down to talk. She tells Erica that she and Bianca will only be friends and that she doesn't need to worry about Zoe breaking her heart. The news calms Erica's fears about Bianca's relationship with Zoe. "I haven't found myself," Zoe explains about the move to London, telling Erica that she is hoping that her music will show her the way once again. Erica asks if Zoe will go on New Beginnings to sing her new song! Zoe hesitates but finally agrees to go on the show. "This is very courageous," she says, promising Zoe that she has nothing to worry about. She manages to reschedule a guest and Zoe prepares to go on the show that day! Bianca arrives, unsure of the plan. Seeing that Zoe is going on with or without her support, Bianca drops the Paris bombshell, freaking Erica out. Erica tries to change Bianca's mind, but she is certain of where she wants to be. Looking at Zoe, Bianca asks for her opinion on the move. "What could be more perfect?" Zoe asks and they begin planning little trips to see one another once they move, annoying Erica. Kendall arrives, unsure about this new development.

    Ava and Lily Meet!

    Friday, April 13 2007

    At Fusion, Babe tells Zoe the baby news. "Help me, Babe," Zoe says, asking her to stand by her decision to stay romantically apart from Bianca. Babe wonders why she is pushing Bianca away when she is obviously willing to go along for the ride. Telling her that Bianca has a big heart that can handle anything, Babe encourages Zoe , saying, "Bianca wants a chance with you, give her that chance." Zoe is worried that Bianca will only ever see her male body, and in fact isn't sure she will ever have a fully-female body. "There are so many risks from surgery. So many complications," Zoe says, really unsure about whether or not she wants to go through with everything. She changes the subject, telling Babe that she is leaving town for London. "Don't be a coward," Babe says! She pesters Zoe into telling her what is really behind her wish to leave town. Fear, Zoe tells her! Seeing that she won't change Zoe's mind, Babe leaves her to consider her actions alone. Zoe picks up her bag and leaves the office.

    At Josh's apartment, Bianca asks for his help in getting Zoe to remain open to a relationship with her! Josh tells her it may be too late because Zoe is planning to leave Pine Valley! He tells her that Zoe is leaving for London to finish an album, shocking Bianca. "When is she leaving?" Bianca asks, thinking she pushed Zoe into leaving town before she is really ready. Josh tries to convince Bianca to give Zoe her space. Talking about the therapy and hormone treatments, Josh tells her that Zoe will need a lot of support; maybe more than she can give! Bianca doesn't want to listen to the negatives, though, and tries to convince Josh that she could be good for the other woman. "What's wrong with giving her some understanding?" she asks, telling Josh that she only wants a casual relationship. When Bianca compares she and Zoe and Josh and Babe, he becomes angry, telling her there is nothing similar in the two situations! He leaves. Zoe arrives, surprised to see Bianca there. She tells Zoe about her talk with Josh and Zoe tells her that Babe said just the opposite. "So what do we do?" Bianca asks.

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