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    All My Children CAST - Sean Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sean Montgomery Played by Brent Weber on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brent Weber

    Birthday: 1980-06-16
    Birthplace: Mauriceville, Texas USA
    Real Name: Brent Weber
    Height: 6'1


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    Ava Arrives!

    Monday, April 02 2007

    Jack arrives home and calls Derek to begin the search for Lily. Before he can get through, Lily comes back to the house. Upset, Sean asks where she has been. Showing him several newspapers, Lily says she was just getting information for her own home. “The only solution if she stays is that I have to move,” Lily says, baffling Jack. He asks what the problem is with Barbara and Lily gives him the low down – she is intrusive, she moves things and she doesn’t listen to either she or Sean about what they want! Lily simply can't live that way. Sean backs up Lily, asking Jack to make Barbara leave. Lily tells Jack she doesn’t really want to leave her home but she can’t live with Barbara! Erica arrives, happy to see Lily is back home. Aidan arrives a moment later to see Jack, telling them all that there is a Lily-double in Philly! Sean and Lily begin searching the net to find out if she might have a relative, while downstairs, Jack, Erica and Aidan try to figure out what is going on. Aidan tells them the look-a-like is working as a hooker and Jack asks him to find Ava – again! – and get her off the streets. Alone with Jack, Erica prepares to leave. Before she can exit, he asks wonders what exactly went on between she and Barbara. He tells Erica that she has no rights to him any longer, and in the next breath tells her she should be with Jeff. Erica pauses, tells Jack he is wrong about many things and leaves the house!

    ...And, He's Out!

    Friday, March 30 2007

    At the Montgomery home, Lily is rearranging things that Barbara has left in the wrong place when Sean returns home. He tells her to get used to it and opens a beer. Sean tells Lily that Barbara is in the picture - forever! Lily is unnerved at the thought of Barbara moving in permanently and makes a decision - she is 18 and has a job and is moving out! Aidan arrives to check on her and is stunned to learn that she wants to leave her home. He asks about the other plan she was going to come up with to oust Barbara. "Another plan isn't viable because Sean says that Barbara has already won," she says and gathers her things to leave. Aidan stops her, telling her to wait until the next day, and talk things over with Jack. Lily, though, wants out of the house before Barbara returns. Aidan convinces her to wait and Lily heads to her room. Sean thanks Aidan for his help, and Aidan asks a favor. He has to go to Philadelphia, can Sean watch Lily for the night? Sean agrees and Aidan leaves. The following morning, Sean wakes the to find Lily gone from the house! Meanwhile, on stakeout in Philly, Aidan runs in to a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Lily!

    A Man With A Plan!

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    At the sanitarium, Janet pokes Adam to make sure he is real. Amanda arrives, surprised to see him in a straitjacket. JR walks in behind her, telling them all that Adam is getting what he deserves! Amanda pulls Janet from the room, but before she leaves Janet promises to help Adam make his adjustment. "You will regret this," Adam tells Jamie, promising to get revenge! Jamie doesn't back down. Instead, he tells Adam to leave Tad and the baby alone or else! Jamie gets in Adam's face, telling him that he deserves to sit, alone and without the ability to move, so he will see what could happen if he doesn't back off from Tad and the baby! Jamie leaves, telling Amanda as he passes her that he'll fill her in later. Before she can follow him out, Adam asks for a favor - he wants her spy on Jamie for him! Amanda listens, but then tells Adam she won't help. Anger gets the best of him, and he tells her she owes him because of Janet's past actions! Angry herself, Amanda leaves. Janet returns to see Adam, who apologizes to her for his actions. She is happy to see him and offers to help with anything he needs. Adam tells her if she can help with one thing, he might be able to help her in return! Meanwhile, Colby arrives at the front desk, asking to see Adam but the attendant won't let her through. Jamie meets her in the admittance office, telling her to back off and go to school. Amanda comes in, asking Jamie to be careful and telling him about her meeting with Adam. Colby leaves, but rather than going to school, heads for the park where she runs into Sean. He apologizes for not taking the right precautions the night they made love. He doesn't want her to sleep around and keeps harping on that, making Colby wonder what is going on with him. "Erica cheated on Uncle Jack," he says, and goes on to say that Barbara is sticking close to Jack and his family is falling apart. He plans to make Barbara leave town, and plans to go with her. Colby asks him to reconsider. "You're all I have," she says!

    Strange Things Are Happening!

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    At Fusion, Erica interrupts Bianca and Kendall as they are talking about how to improve the company this time around. Erica has her own ideas for how to reinvigorate it, but the thought of Erica moving in on their business is upsetting to Binks and Kendall. Sean arrives, asking Erica if they can talk and when they leave the office, Bianca asks if Kendall thinks Erica would be a good addition. Kendall worries that Erica will take over, making Fusion hers instead of theirs. Bianca agrees. In another conference room, Sean tells Erica that divorcing Jack is a huge mistake and asks her to think about Jack and how Barbara has played him in the past - and how she is playing him now! "Don't let it happen," he says, "don't let her do this to him, or to Lily and me." Though she admits that she loves Jack, Erica is afraid to try for another chance. She hugs Sean, telling him how sorry she is but that it's too late. Sean heads for Bianca and Kendall to tell them to stop Erica. They both realize that Erica is focusing on them and Fusion so that she can ignore the divorce. Sean leaves and Erica comes back into the office, ready to get down to business. Instead of working, Bianca and Kendall hug her tight. They tell her that focusing on them won't make the divorce any less hurtful, and then they land another blow to her ego, telling Erica that they don't want her in Fusion's picture. Kendall explains that she is too big of a figure and they want the company to survive on it's own merits! Buoyed by their words, Erica prepares to go to the meeting with the lawyers. Both encourage her to take another chance on Jack. "You can do anything, Mom," Kendall says encouragingly. Bianca asks if Jeff is her future, but Erica can't answer. When she doesn't, they tell her to fight for Jack! Telling them she can't, Erica leaves.

    At the Montgomery home, Zach stops by to tell Jack about Lily's new job. Lily runs past them to the door, saying she saw a woman peeking in the window! Zach and Jack search for the woman, but can't find her. Lily gives them a description, complete with approximate weight and shoe size, then she and Zach leave. Sean arrives home and sees Barbara preparing Jack's breakfast. He interrupts them, as Barbara talks badly about Erica. Trying to get her out of the picture, Sean asks if they can go back to Seattle - now! Barbara isn't ready to leave Pine Valley, though. She tries to convince Sean that she cares for Jack, but Sean still believes that she is only playing with Jack. Hearing Barbara go on about Erica and Jeff, Jack returns telling her to be quiet! Barbara tries to backtrack, but Jack doesn't want to hear any more from her. Sean asks Jack to be honest with him about Erica's affair with Jeff and Jack tells him the truth. Disappointed in her, Sean leaves. Barbara pretends to beat herself up about letting the affair slip, and then blames Erica for Sean's indifference to her in the first place! When she keeps talking badly about Erica, Jack asks her to leave!

    The Lights Go Out!

    Friday, March 23 2007

    While decorating her apartment for Miranda's birthday party, Bianca worries about what Adam will do to Krystal. Josh could care less. He feels that anything that happens to Krystal is deserved! Bianca can't believe what he just said and they begin bickering. Zoe arrives to help as Myrtle, Lily and Jack arrive for the shindig. They volunteer to help get things ready. Zoe asks for Lily's help, and she asks, "You look like a man, why are you dressed like a woman?" Zoe explains herself to Lily, who is very accepting. Barbara arrives to apologize to Bianca for her behavior at the Pine Valley Inn - and then asks if she can stay for the party! Reluctantly, Bianca agrees that she can stay. Annoyed, Jack wonders why Barbara would want to attend the party. Erica, Kendall and Zach arrive with presents. Erica suggests that they make their announcement to the group and congratulations are offered all around. Myrtle, especially, is excited about the baby news. Lily stops the party, asking if she can still be an aunt if the divorce goes through. Before anyone can answer, Miranda and the nanny arrive and the party gets started! No one except Binks and Zoe are concentrating on Miranda, though. Josh tells Kendall about Krystal and Tad and when she doesn't jump to tell him he was right, walks away angrily. Lily talks to Erica, telling her that she doesn't like Barbara being around as Sean pulls Barbara away from the party and asks her to leave. When she doesn't leave, Erica pulls her away, reinforcing Sean's words! "You better get out of here fast before we start playing pin the tail on the floozy!" she says. Still, Barbara stays. Across the room, Zach wonders if he will be a good father and Myrtle gives him her vote of confidence. Erica sits with Myrtle, who tells her there is a way back to Jack and encourages her to find it! Meanwhile, Jack offers Kendall his congratulations. As Miranda opens the last present, Zoe says there is one more. She has written a song for Miranda and begins to sing to her! Jack says goodbye and Barbara asks if he'll take her home as well. Zach and Kendall also leave. Bianca and Zoe begin to clean up the party mess and Zoe reaches out to her. Binks thanks Zoe for the song and Zoe moves to leave. Bianca stops her, and the two move close together.

    At the Chandler mansion, Tad looks very comfortable in the company of four very angry Chandlers - Krystal, Adam, Babe and JR. Krystal tells him to leave, but Tad isn't going anywhere. Colby and Sean look on, both uncomfortable, as Adam threatens Tad! Tad baits Adam, hoping he will attack him, giving him a reason to take the baby when it's born. Sean pulls Colby from the room and asks her to leave with him for Miranda's birthday party. Colby won't leave her family, though. Back in the parlor, Krystal calls Derek, asking him to arrest Tad for breaking and entering. Tad sits comfortably on the sofa, being sarcastic. Derek tells Krystal she is on her own and hangs up! As the adults fight, Winifred comes in with little A, singing Happy Birthday! Babe and JR turn their focus to Little A as Colby brings in a bunch of gifts. Adam stands quietly beside the fireplace as the presents are distributed and the focus turns to the boy for a few moments. Later, Babe and JR begin to clean up the party mess. JR apologizes to Babe, again, for his past behavior and asks her to believe that he really has changed this time. She can't, though. Outside the parlor, Krystal thanks Colby for the party, but Colby has other things on her mind. She believes that Krystal has only been using Adam for his money! "You messed this all up. How could you let this baby be Tads?" she asks. Krystal tries convince Colby that Charlotte can still be her sister and Adam's child. Colby warns her to stay away from Adam before she hurts him even worse! Tad and Adam leave the parlor to talk alone! Adam tells Tad that if he will help him, he'll make sure Tad gets full custody of the baby! "The day I trust you is the day hell freezes over," Tad says, telling him that using the baby to get his revenge on Krystal is the wrong thing to do. Returning to the parlor, Tad sits alone. Krystal approaches Adam who ignores her and passes by as Tad watches. He hands Krystal a glass of milk as JR comes back in, telling them that Babe and little Adam are missing! Tad tells them not to panic as the lights go out!

    Tensions Mount in P.V.

    Thursday, March 22 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, Colby asks Sean to help put her family back together. Adam arrives home, ordering Winifred to have all of the locks changed. Seeing Sean, Adam orders him to grab a hammer! "Krystal is never setting foot in this house again!" he says. Adam and Sean proceed to board up the doors, windows and the tunnel entrances as Colby tries to make them stop! "This is total nonsense," she says. She tries to make Sean stop next, but he is excited and thinks he should have done the same to keep Barbara out of Jack's home! JR, Babe and Krystal arrive, trying to get into the house but they can't get the doors opened! Colby begs Adam to let them in as JR crashes through a French door, telling Adam that he is staying! He undoes the board over the door, letting Krystal and Babe inside! Together, they storm into the parlor to find Tad waiting. "Heck of a party," he says, "make room for one more!"

    The Truth Hurts!

    Friday, March 16 2007

    Colby eavesdrops on Adam and Krystal, learning the truth about Charlotte before going back to the terrace to wait for Sean. She needs a friend right now! Sean arrives and the two talk things over but Colby is still unsure what to do. "I thought Krystal was for real," she says, taking her father's side. Sean tells her that trusting an adult was her first mistake. "We just have to stay out of their way," he says. He sees a lot of Barbara in Krystal and suggests that Colby simply smile and pretend to go along but instead keep forging her own path. Colby isn't ready to give up on her family, though. She wants to fix them so they can be together again like they have been for the last few weeks. "I want my family," she says. Sean hugs her, trying to comfort her.

    Caught In The Crossfire

    Monday, March 05 2007

    At Jackson's, Colby barges in and surprises Sean. He didn't hear her come in because of a video game and is angry that she is there at all. Angry herself, Colby asks why he's been skipping school and avoiding everyone. "Just leave me alone," he says! Barbara arrives and introduces herself. She offers to pack Sean a lunch for school and he ignores her. When she pushes school attendance, Sean tells her there are teacher conferences. Barbara offers to take the kids to a movie but Sean turns her down. Barbara leaves, telling them to behave. Colby realizes why Sean has been so distant - it's because of his mother!

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