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    All My Children CAST - Sean Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sean Montgomery Played by Brent Weber on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brent Weber

    Birthday: 1980-06-16
    Birthplace: Mauriceville, Texas USA
    Real Name: Brent Weber
    Height: 6'1


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    Adam and Zach Join Forces!

    Thursday, May 17 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, Colby is in the middle of a huge mess, trying to find a dress for the prom. Angry because none of the dresses is right, Colby tells Sean it's all his fault. "Everything's just wrong," she says as Sean tells her it won't matter what she wears. He leans over and they kiss. Sean pulls away, feeling guilty because he slept with Ava. He doesn't tell her about the fling, instead saying that he doesn't want to just hook up with her. Colby begins putting on her own fashion show for him, entertaining Sean all evening. She can't find the right dress and returns wearing jeans and a tank top. Sean says she looks perfect!

    Moving Forward

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    At the yacht club, Ava talks to Sean about wanting a yacht and lots of bling. She gets close to him, but Sean pushes her away. Aidan arrives, watching them for a moment. She runs into Sean and Ava, but doesn't see the romance blooming between them. Ava makes an exit, leaving Sean and Colby alone. She tells him about going back to the mansion with Adam, and lets him know that she has reservations about the decision. "I'm just really stressed right now," she says. Sean asks Colby if she will go to the prom with him. Ava heads for Aidan, asking him about the wedding and reception. She makes a mistake, telling him that Lily told her about all the "hotties" there and Aidan knows she was there, too! Di arrives for a lunch date with Aidan and Ava leaves. As soon as she is gone, Di asks him to leave Ava alone. He agrees but can't get Ava off his mind, annoying Di. She tells Aidan to forget lunch, get a room alone and enjoy a cold shower! She leaves. Ava returns to Sean's table, making fun of the fact that he has asked Colby to the prom. Sean tells her to back off and find another Pine Valley tour guide. Angry, he leaves her alone at the table.

    Friends or Enemies?

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    Erica stops by the Montgomery home to leave papers for Jack. Sean tries to rush her out but Erica has her own pace and decides to have a step-aunt-to-nephew talk. Saying he has homework, Sean tries to break away but Erica just keeps talking about her New Beginnings/New Divorce show, trying to psychoanalyze him. Sean sits down with her, saying he is okay with the divorce. They are interrupted by Ava, clad only in Sean's shirt, asking when he is coming back to bed! Ava tries to convince Erica that she spilled a soda on her clothes but Erica doesn't buy the explanation. She also calls Ava out about stealing from New Beginnings. Ava leaves. Erica asks what is going on between Sean and Colby and Sean skirts the issue. "It's hard to find real friends," Erica tells him, encouraging him to hold on to Colby and leave Ava alone! Sean tells Erica that he knows what he is doing with Ava. Erica hugs him and leaves the house. Ava immediately returns, excited that Erica didn't do anything crazy. "We are so busted," Sean says.

    Will They Find Jenny In Time?

    Friday, May 04 2007

    At the Montgomery home, Ava is getting out of the shower when Sean walks in! Clad in only a towel, she comes on to him - again! Sean leaves and gets into his own shower. Ava disrobes and joins him! She only gives him a glimpse of her body and then leaves the bath. Colby arrives, avoiding school and Krystal and her father because she can't concentrate on anything but Jenny. Ava comes in and stands close to Sean as she introduces herself. Colby can't get over the physical similarities between the girls but immediately realizes that their similarities are only skin deep. Ava begins talking about her modeling career. Babe calls Colby, asking her to get to the mansion as soon as possible. Colby leaves. Seeing that Sean isn't heading off to school, Ava tells him she will keep his school-skipping secret and begins feeding him grapes. Ava steps closer and kisses him! Sean and Ava take their lovemaking upstairs to the bathroom shower!

    Confrontations R Us!

    Wednesday, May 02 2007

    Outside, Colby asks JR if he has heard from Adam, but he hasn't. Talking about her own father, Babe tells Colby that she shouldn't hate Adam, only his actions. She heads to the car to get her school books, leaving JR and Babe alone. As little A plays, Babe thanks JR for being so willing to split time with their son. Babe takes little A inside to get him ready for bed. Leaving Krystal and Tad to talk some more. Krystal is beside herself, not understanding how Adam could have given her child to Janet to care for. Tad tells her to stop blaming herself because they all made mistakes, but the ultimate blame lies with Adam alone. Babe returns with little A who asks where the baby is. No one has an answer for him. Babe puts little A to sleep; Tad leaves to check in with the police. Back on the porch, Colby returns and JR tells her how proud he is of her. JR kisses her forehead and then leaves the house. Sean arrives and Colby lets her guard down. He holds her for a minute. Colby tells Sean about stepping in front of the gun. "I have been the only rational person in this picture," she says when Sean asks why she did it. Colby, though, is tired of being rational and an adult. She wants to be a kid again! Sean leaves and she goes inside to see if Krystal needs anything.

    An Office Romance?

    Tuesday, May 01 2007

    At the Montgomery home, Ava checks out Sean's email to Colby. Uncomfortable, Sean shuts down his computer. She suggests blowing off school and heading to the mall for a shopping trip. Sean says he's broke. Ava doesn't stop there, flirting with him about shopping, but Sean doesn't bite and eventually leaves for school. Alone, Ava grabs his wallet but finds it empty. She heads to Cambias to find Lily and suggests going to the mall over lunch. She tells Lily about sharing clothes and doing sister stuff but Lily declines the trip to the mall. "There are too many people and there's too much red," she says, but still Ava wants to go. From in his office, Zach listens in, wondering what Ava is up to. When Lily hands over her credit card so Ava can shop alone, Zach asks her to come into his office. Ava leaves. Zach asks Lily about Ava. He tries to explain that Ava only wants her money but Lily works hard to make what Ava has been doing all right.
    "Sometimes people get hurt because people that are close to them are using them," Zach says. "I don't want that to happen to you." Lily tells Zach that she can take care of herself, but he is still worried.

    Center of Controversy

    Thursday, April 19 2007

    At the Montgomery home, Erica asks Jack why the judge let Alexander off. Jack doesn't know. On his cell phone, Aidan talks to a friend about finding Ava. Together, the three go inside where Lily introduces them to Ava! Lily is quite proud of herself for solving the Ava mystery. Erica questions Ava, wondering why she impersonated Lily at the Valley Inn. "I don't belong here," Ava says, ready to leave. Lily asks her to stay but Jack and Erica don't back her up. "She's my half-sister," Lily says, begging her family to accept Ava. When she tells them that she will leave with Ava, Jack steps in, asking Ava to lunch. Lily leaves to make them sandwiches. As soon as she goes, Aidan, Erica and Jack begin questioning Ava's motives for coming to the Montgomery home. Ava apologizes for impersonating Lily and she promises to never hurt Lily. "What did you say to them?" Ava asks Aidan when Jack and Erica still have questions. Ava comes clean about stealing wallets but denies ever working as a prostitute. "This is exactly the lifestyle we don't want Lily exposed to," Erica says, telling Ava that Lily looks up to her. This makes Ava laugh. She doesn't understand how or why Lily would look up to her. Sean arrives, stunned at the resemblance. Ava assures him that her resemblance to Lily is only skin deep. Sean heads to the kitchen to see Lily. Jack invites Ava to stay, but it will be short term. "You make one problem and you're out the door," he says as Sean and Lily return with lunch. Jack sends Sean and Lily to prepare a room for Ava. She follows, realizing that Jack and Erica want some privacy. "I hope this doesn't blow up in my face," Jack says. They talk for a moment and Erica offers her support to Jack, reminding him that she things of Lily as her own daughter. Aidan pulls Ava outside teh home, with his own threats for her - if she causes any trouble for Lily, he will make her pay! He tells her to repay Jonathan and she refuses. "Nobody here owes you anything," he says when she suggests that Jonathan repay her for his poor treatment of her! "Cha-ching," she says as Aidan angrily leaves.

    Will Justice Be Served?

    Tuesday, April 17 2007

    At the hospital, Sean and Colby watch baby Jenny through the nursery window. "How could anyone blame a baby for anything?" she wonders but Sean doesn't have any answers. Sadly, Colby tells him about her run-in with Adam. "I'm another non-child, just like JR," she says as Sean comforts her, telling her that he will stand beside her. She tells him about the birth, still excited about it. "So Jenny's not my dad's. What does that have to do with anything?" she wonders. Sean can't believe the changes in Colby since Jenny's birth; he invites Colby to stay at the Montgomery home, if she doesn't want to go back to the Chandler mansion.

    Meanwhile in Krystal's hospital room, Adam angrily confronts her over Colby's change of heart. Adam tells Krystal that he won't allow Colby to move in with the Careys! "I'm not going to let you warp my daughter," he says as Krystal orders him to leave. Adam gets in her face, threatening Jenny! "You even look at her cross-eyed and I swear it will be your last act on earth," she threatens. Annoyed, Adam moves to the door, but when Krystal doesn't back down, he returns to argue more with her. She picks up the phone to call security and Adam finally leaves. Adam approaches and watches Colby with Sean for several moments. Colby turns to go to Krystal's room and Adam warns her to stay away from Krystal - and Sean! Colby ignores him and leaves; Adam threatens Sean, who also ignores him. Adam stands outside the nursery window for a long time, staring at Jenny. Dr. Joe confronts him; telling him that if anyone in the Martin family is harmed, he will be held accountable! Back in Krystal's room, Colby tells her that she wants to live with her. "I could help you with Jenny and everything," Colby says. Krystal tells Colby to think about what she is doing, reminding her that Adam does love her. Hugging Colby, Krystal says "You're brave and you're smart and you have the most beautiful heart," and asks Colby to join the family.

    Ava and Lily Meet!

    Friday, April 13 2007

    Jack helps Barbara move into the Valley Inn, telling her that as long as Lily is at his home, she won't be! Barbara tries to change his mind, but Jack isn't having it and leaves her alone in the lobby! Barbara and Erica run into one another in the hall, and Barbara makes like the Valley Inn move was her idea. Meanwhile in the lobby, Sean accompanies Lily to a convention. She asks for his help in deciphering what Aidan is up to. Erica sees them, confused because she just saw "Lily" upstairs and now she is fully dressed in the lobby! Lily is confused and asks Erica what is going on. Erica tells them about Barbara's hotel room and tells Lily she can check out - and go back home! "Do you know what she's talking about?" Lily asks when Erica leaves. Barbara arrives and asks Lily to give she and Sean space. Lily heads off, with a mystery to solve. They sit down and Barbara tries to enlist Sean's help with Jack. "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt," he says, unwilling to help her. Barbara tells Sean that the real reason she is in Pine Valley is to repair her relationship with him, but he doesn't buy her explanation. Sean throws Molly and the circumstances of his birth in her face, telling Barbara that she has never really cared for him. In the hall, Lily begins going over the clues and puts things together. The concierge sees Lily, believing she is Ava, and asks for a credit card. Lily hands over one of her cards and asks for another room key! She heads upstairs and she and Ava come face to face for the first time!

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