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    All My Children CAST - Sean Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sean Montgomery Played by Brent Weber on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brent Weber

    Birthday: 1980-06-16
    Birthplace: Mauriceville, Texas USA
    Real Name: Brent Weber
    Height: 6'1


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    Greenlee: Party Crasher!

    Thursday, May 31 2007

    By the pool at the Chandler mansion, Colby and Sean play around. He asks her to keep things quiet so Adam won't find them. From the terrace, Ava listens in! Colby goes inside and Ava approaches, angry that Sean has been ignoring her messages. She demands he take her out on the yacht, even though it belongs to Adam now. When he hesitates, she threatens to tell Colby - or Adam - about their relationship! Colby returns but Sean is gone. She picks up his phone and begins to look at his messages! Colby arrives to Adam's yacht before Sean and Ava and hides in a closet. Moments later they arrive and Ava being kissing Sean passionately as Colby watches from the closet!

    Lust Is In The Air!

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    Colby sneaks Sean out to the Chandler terrace. He immediately begins to strip - to go skinny dipping! Colby tells him no way! "Imagine the possibilities," Sean says, taking off his shirt. Colby begins to undress, too. Adam arrives! Colby tries to explain that she wanted to be one with nature. Adam can't believe what he is hearing and wonders if Colby is turning into a flower child. She tries to get him inside, but Adam hears a splash and believes it's the neighbor's dog. Before he can learn that it's Sean, Palmer arrives! "Allow me to the be first to inform you that Krystal has out-foxed you once again," Palmer says and returns inside. Adam follows! Colby shuts the door. Sean and Colby get out of the pool and talk for a while about plans for the summer. They talk about rock-climbing but both are obviously not only talking about sports. JR arrives and Sean quickly hides behind the terrace wall! He asks Colby why she has returned to the mansion. Colby explains that she only wants to help Adam, not realizing that he is still having problems. JR asks Colby to help him keep Adam away from Chandler Enterprises. "Tell him that you need him around," JR says and then asks Colby to tell him when Adam decides to return to work. Colby tells him she won't be his snitch! Annoyed, JR tells her that if anything happens to Adam, it could be her fault! JR leaves, but Colby can't forget what he said. Even though Sean congratulates her for not getting pulled into the fight between her brother and father, Colby wonders if she is doing the right thing. From behind the terrace wall, Ava watches them! Sean kisses Colby and Ava takes a picture on her camera phone.

    Annie Stands By Her Man

    Friday, May 25 2007

    In Colby's room at the Chandler mansion, she tells Sean that it's time for a little truth or dare! They begin to wrestle on the bed and Colby wins. Sean gives in and they begin to play a game of strip truth or dare. Sean fails the first truth or dare and loses his belt. They keep playing, each losing some of their clothes. "Before this night is over," Colby says, "I'll know everything about you." Colby asks Sean to tell her the truth about Ava! Sean tells her the partial truth - that Ava walked in on him in the bathroom, but he doesn't tell her they slept together. Colby accepts his answer. Sean asks Colby what she wants and she runs from the room, telling him to follow her. She heads out to the roof, sitting just outside her window. Sean follows and begins pointing out constellations, Colby correcting him when he gets one wrong. The roof is where she goes to think when things get rough, she tells him. He tells her that he does the same thing! Sean holds Colby's hand. "Truth," he asks. She nods and he kisses her!

    Don't Give Her Alcohol!

    Wednesday, May 23 2007

    In Colby's bedroom, Adam asks what the beeping noise is. Knowing it's Seans cell and not wanting Adam to find him, she says it's her phone but that she is ignoring it. Krystal bursts into the room, sees Sean under the bed and loses her train of thought. She doesn't give them away, though, instead engaging Adam in an argument over whether or not she will give up her Chandler stock. She pulls him from the room. Alone, Sean crawls out from under the bed, while he's busy, Colby grabs the phone and reads the text message! She suggests he send a similar message back but when Sean tells her it is from Ava thinks twice. He tells her the message is only a joke but Colby isn't so sure. "I bet she does want you," Colby says. Sean swears that he would rather be with Colby than anywhere near Ava. Colby wonders if that is why Sean moved out of Jack's home. Sean doesn't answer and begins to gather his things, preparing to leave. Colby offers to let him stay, saying everything will be fine as long as they avoid Adam. "But if we can't leave this room, what are we going to do?" Sean asks. They begin playing video games and Colby beats him badly!

    In Adam's office at the mansion, Krystal shows him the papers threatening fraud and claiming that her Chandler shares should be reverted to him. Adam threatens to drag Jenny into the fight for her shares. Krystal tosses the papers on his desk, giving up any of her rights to Chandler. "I'm done," she exclaims! Adam doesn't believe her and wonders what she is really up to. Krystal tells him that he can keep his company but she won't go away empty-handed - she wants half of everything else that he has! "Our battle has just begun," Adam promises. Krystal turns to leave but Adam stops her, telling her that she will regret crossing him! "The only thing I regret is falling for you in the first place!" she says. Outside the office she hears Adam coughing and peeks back inside, worried about him. She sees Adam holding his chest! She stomps inside, grabs his pills and pours a glass of water, making him take his medicine. "This is what you get - all that hate is eating you alive!" she says, making him sit on the sofa. Krystal grabs the phone, calls the hospital and asks for an ambulance. When the worker asks for symptoms, Krystal gives the phone to Adam, telling him to take care of himself. She heads back upstairs and finds Colby and Sean - having a tickle fight - on her bed! "Just stop it right there," she says. Telling Colby that Adam has had another attack, Krystal tells the girl to go to him. She returns downstairs as well.

    Making Moves!

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, Colby tries to keep Adam out of her room until she can get Sean hidden away. Adam opens the door as Sean takes position under the bed, hiding away. Breakfast in hand, Adam wonders why Colby would make her bed but doesn't push the subject when she doesn't answer. He shows her the breakfast, telling her that he wants to take care of himself and her! Colby tries to get him out on the terrace but Adam doesn't leave. He drops a napkin and Colby pounces on it, realizing that one of Sean's socks is right there! Adam sits down to eat and wonders why Colby isn't eating. She tells him she isn't a breakfast person and tries to get him out of her room. They sit on the bed, making Sean - who is still under the bed - very nervous. Colby pulls Adam to the window to look at the flowers and tries to talk him into a walk. Sean realizes his phone is on the floor and reaches for it but Colby kicks his hand and the phone away. Adam tells Colby about Sean coming to the house and begins to talk badly about Barbara. Colby distracts him by asking him to come shopping with her at the mall for a prom dress. Adam suggests a professional shopper but Colby won't give in. Adam wonders if the manic-dress-shopping is about Sean and tells Colby that the boy is only using her. Angry, Colby tells Adam that things aren't like that between them. Telling her that Sean doesn't deserve her, Adam reminds her of the last time she and Sean got together. "You can't take a teenage boy seriously!" Adam says. Colby sits with Adam, telling him that she understands why he doesn't like Sean but asking her father to trust her judgment. A text message comes across Sean's cell. It's from Ava. "I want ur naked body" the note says!

    Caught on Tape!

    Monday, May 21 2007

    At the Montgomery home, Ava begins posing for Erica's reality cameras, angering both Jack and Erica. Erica keeps trying to get the cameras to stop rolling. Lily arrives, wondering what is going on. Erica shoos Pam and the cameraman out of the home. Jack tries to get Sean and Ava alone but before he can, Sean offers to move out. He tells Jack that he'll be back, but for now he needs to be out of the home. Erica asks him why he kept "playing with fire" and he doesn't answer. Jack hears and wonders just how much Erica has been keeping from him. He sends Ava and Lily out of the room and confronts Erica about not telling him that Ava and Sean were sleeping together. From outside, the camera-man and Pam are still recording! They can hear every word through Jack and Erica's microphones. Erica asks Jack if he is mad about Sean and Ava or about their own relationship. Angry that she would bring their relationship into the happenings, Jack tells her he is angry because of how Lily might have reacted. Erica tries to make him see that both Ava and Sean are responsible for their actions and tells him if he wouldn't have allowed Ava to stay none of this would have happened. "You're right," he says after a moment. Erica comes to his side, telling him to have a talk with the kids and offers her support. "It's been very difficult around here. . .without you," he says! He admits he has no idea what to do about the Ava/Sean situation. Erica reminds him that Lily hasn't noticed anything strange between Ava and Sean and reminds him that he makes the rules in his own home. Jack agrees. Erica apologizes for coming down hard on him before and leaves. The next morning, Ava and Lily make plans to go shopping after work. Lily leaves and Jack makes new house rules for Ava and Sean, starting with not sleeping with his nephew! Sarcastically, Ava assures him that they use protection. Jack asks her to have an HIV test and Ava threatens to tell Lily. Undeterred, Jack tells Ava that Lily would like. "Let's try it out on her and see whose side she takes," Ava challenges. Jack challenges her right back, telling Ava that she doesn't know Lily as well as she thinks. "My family is the most important thing in my life," he says. "Then how come you let Erica leave you," she asks, before leaving the room.

    At the Chandler mansion, Adam clutches his heart, trying to ignore the pain. He reaches for a glass of scotch as Colby comes in. She tries to keep him from drinking but Adam doesn't want anyone telling him what to do. Colby threatens to call his doctor, telling him that she loves him and wants him to stay around. "You're killing yourself and I don't want you to die," she says. Agreeing not to drink and to take things easier, Adam asks Colby to get his medications. She makes him promise to listen to his doctors. Bringing his medications, Colby watches Adam take them. He goes off on a tangent against JR, telling her that JR will not rip their family apart and promising to protect her. Colby heads for bed, leaving Adam alone. "I love you," she says before leaving the room. Adam tells her he loves her and when he is alone, picks up the scotch and pours it back into the decanter! He heads upstairs but Sean arrives. Adam tries to slam the door in his face, telling Sean to stay away from her! Since Adam won't let him inside, Sean climbs the terrace and gets into the house through Colby's window! He tells her that he needs a place to stay because he can't go back to Jack's and he won't go to Barbara's. Sean promises that it will only be for one night. Colby agrees to let him stay! She wakes and watches Sean for a moment until he wakes up. They make plans for their day, neither really wanting to go to school. Adam knocks on the door with breakfast for Colby!

    Whoa! Tad and Erica?!?

    Friday, May 18 2007

    At the Montgomery home, Ava finally admits that she impersonated Lily at the wedding. But she shocks Jonathan when she says Lily begged her to do it! "You have no idea what Lily wants!" Jonathan exclaims as Ava begins her Lily impersonation again. Jonathan tells Ava how he loved Lily and tells her that she will never be loved that way. Angry, Ava retailiates, telling him that Lily will never return to him. "You know that you can't touch her," she says, moving closer to him. Angry, Jonathan asks what Ava is really doing in Pine Valley. Is she there to become someone she can never be - Lily? "You can take her clothes and put on a phony voice. But you will always be nothing but a cheap fake," he says. Annoyed, Ava begins imitating Lily again, telling Jonathan that he wants her - not Lily! Ava draws Jonathan into a kiss! Jonathan kisses her back but them pulls away, telling her to stay away from him and warning her against hurting Lily. Sean arrives home, and tells Ava that their "romantic" relationship is over! When Ava begins coming on to him, Sean walks away. She follows, crawling over the couch to get to him. She succeeds and they begin to make out!

    Adam and Zach Join Forces!

    Thursday, May 17 2007

    At the yacht club, Aidan threatens to have Ava arrested - because she's been hanging out on the yacht Jack sold to Adam. Ava fights back, asking how he always knows exactly where she is. "There's no need to follow me, love," she says, smiling. Aidan doesn't back off, though. Sean, who has been off to the side listening, gets a call from Colby and leaves. Alone, Ava asks Aidan why he can't simply admit that he wants to "get in trouble" with her! Angry, Aidan tells her that he wants nothing to do with her and even regrets having met her in Philly! Angry, he walks away.

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