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    All My Children CAST - Sean Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sean Montgomery Played by Brent Weber on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brent Weber

    Birthday: 1980-06-16
    Birthplace: Mauriceville, Texas USA
    Real Name: Brent Weber
    Height: 6'1


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    Spike is Mine!

    Friday, June 08 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, Ava is putting the squeeze on Adam for more money for ridding Colby’s life of Sean Montgomery. Adam is resisting, telling Ava he’d already given her $500 for this project and it’s her own fault if she spent it already. But Adam doesn’t know who he’s messing with this time. Threatening to tell Colby that Adam was throwing money behind a Sean Montgomery setup, Ava demands another $1,000. But Adam is too busy worrying to balk when he finds out that Ava’s method of setting up Sean was to slip him a pocketful of drugs and have him busted on prom night. Is Colby right in the line of crossfire?

    You bet she is! And this time the kind officers of Pine Valley PD, still holding a grudge about the time she and Sean got away with a limo joyride months before, intend to make the charges stick. And they think they’ve got a case this time. The drugs were in Sean’s jacket, which Colby was wearing, putting her in possession of the drugs. Time to call Adam for some Daddy Reinforcement!

    Adam and Jack arrive at the police department – Adam throwing his weight and sputtering insults and threats as usual, and Jack going into lawyer-mode, trying to ferret Sean away into privacy before he can say anything incriminating. But it’s too late. The smitten Sean falsely confesses to buying the drugs just to get Colby off the hook. It works – the police will let Colby go – but the confession comes with a price. The judge won’t be available for arraignment until the morning, which means Sean will have to be held at the jail overnight. And though Jack doesn’t believe his story one bit, Sean’s sticking to it for the fair Colby’s sake.

    Colby shows up at the police station to see Sean, who is being ushered to the courtroom, about to be arraigned. Does she have sympathy and gratitude on her mind, or does she have her hate on?

    Trouble Is Brewing For JR!

    Thursday, June 07 2007

    At home, Sean gets ready for the prom. Ava arrives, wondering who he's going with since Colby won't go. "It sure won't be you," he says! As Ava continues talking, running down Colby and flirting with Sean, he ignores her. "I can be anything you want me to be," she tells him, reminding him of the fun they have been having together. Sean walks away, telling Ava that he isn't interested. Alone, she takes the drugs from her purse and puts them into Sean's tuxedo jacket!

    At the prom, which is being held at the yacht club, Colby hangs out with some girlfriends, all three checking out the available hunks. Sean arrives and her friends try to keep Sean away but Colby tells them she can handle him. Angry, Colby tells Sean that he can't change the things he did with Ava. He swears that he didn't want to hurt her and blames Adam for their problems. Colby grabs him by his jacket, threatening to toss him in the water! "Slap me, kick me, I deserve it," he says, begging Colby not to take away his best friend in the world. Colby turns away from him and begins to cry. "Don't walk out on me. Even though I deserve it," he says, offering his jacket to her. Colby pushes him away at first but then takes the jacket. She tells him that she needs time. A man in a suit approaches, flashes a badge and asks Sean what he's trying to sell Colby! The cop begins searching Sean and finds drugs in the inside pocket of his jacket. Sean and Colby are stunned.

    Zach Admits He Was Wrong!

    Wednesday, June 06 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, Sean and Adam butt heads over Colby. He has a corsage and wants to take Colby to the prom that night. Adam tells him to get out and leave Colby alone. Adam grabs a tee shirt that Sean left behind and when he tries to explain about staying on her floor, Adam doesn't want to hear it. Colby arrives and immediately thinks that Sean admitted everything to Adam. He tells her that Adam found out on her own. Adam, ignoring Sean, asks Colby how she could have let Sean stay when she knew how he felt about the Montgomery family. "He played you for a fool," Adam says. Sean brings up Ava, trying to convince them both that there is nothing left between he and Ava. Adam pushes Sean's buttons by reminding Colby that Sean has been lying about Ava since they first met. Sad, Colby steps between them, ignoring Adam and telling Sean that he ruined everything. Adam gets a call - from Ava! She tells him that the plan will go into action tonight. As he hangs up, Sean asks Colby to go to the prom with him and hands her the corsage. Colby is touched for a second and then gets angry again. She hits him with the flower and storms away! Before Sean can follow, Adam grabs him and orders him to leave.

    Erica Kane: Advice Giver!

    Tuesday, June 05 2007

    Greenlee barges into Erica's New Beginnings office, despite the efforts of a flunkie trying to keep her out. Erica allows her inside, wondering what she wants. Greenlee offers her the expose of a lifetime - how Zach killed the hopes and dreams of hundreds of Pine Valley residents! Erica thanks Greenlee but turns the story down. Greenlee realizes that Erica knew all along! "It is extremely unhealthy to dwell in the past," Erica tells her, advising Greenlee to move on! She tells Greenlee that her show focuses on strong people, those who have overcome their problems and not the victims who only complain about their lives. She tells Greens to lose the chip on her shoulder and get out! Sean arrives a few moments later, surprising Erica who wonders where he has been. Sean keeps quiet about where he's been. He is obviously uncomfortable and apologizes to Erica for how he treated her when he learned about Jeff. He tells her about Ava's machinations against him and Colby. Sympathetic, Erica listens as Sean tells her how much the girl means to him. He asks how she managed to keep Jack interested even after she was with Jeff. Erica tells him not to give up, to tell Colby how much he cares about her. "Keep it up and whatever you do, don't give up," she says.

    Greenlee Threatens Zach!

    Monday, June 04 2007

    Outside, Sean surprises Colby, asking her to listen to him. Angry, she lashes out at him. "I am so over it. You don't exist," she says. Sean doesn't leave and asks her again to talk to him. She tells him to move and he does. Upset, he watches the door close behind her. Colby runs into Adam in the hall, who asks what's wrong. She asks him to leave her alone, but Adam doesn't. He makes her talk to him and holds her in his arms! Sean stands on the other side of the closed door, wanting to see Colby, but not going inside.

    ...And The Roof Caves In!

    Friday, June 01 2007

    Colby angrily comes out of the yacht's closet, calling Sean a liar. Ava tells her more than she wants to know about their sexual relationship, telling Colby that Sean turned to her because Colby wasn't sleeping with him. Sean tries to make her stop talking but Ava won't and tells Colby that he moved out of Jack's because Jack found out about their relationship. Colby feels betrayed by Sean. Ava gets sick and runs from the room. When they are alone, Sean swears that the time he spent with her is much more important that the time he has spent with Ava. "Truth, Sean. You've been having sex with her," Colby says and Sean admits it's true. Colby can't believe how many times Sean has lied to her in the past few days and isn't sure whether to believe him now. They hear a scream from somewhere on the yacht. It's Ava, freaking out because of a high wave. She pulls Sean to her but he pushes her away. Colby tells him to take the yacht back and he leaves for the wheelhouse. The girls get catty, neither liking the other much. Ava pretends to know everything Sean needs, making Colby feel bad. "Guys date girls like you. They want girls like me," Ava says. Colby gives it right back, saying she doesn't want to be anything like Ava!

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