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    All My Children CAST - Sean Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sean Montgomery Played by Brent Weber on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brent Weber

    Birthday: 1980-06-16
    Birthplace: Mauriceville, Texas USA
    Real Name: Brent Weber
    Height: 6'1


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    Amanda Wants In On JR's Plan!

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    Alone with Lily, Ava makes up a story about a new job and a new life waiting for her. Telling Lily that she has to move, Ava tries to hold back her tears. "It's the right thing to do," she says when Lily tells her not to go. Unable to hold back her tears, Ava begins to cry for real, apologizing for leaving her sister and thanking her for believing in her. Lily offers to help her move in but Ava tells her that she has to finish a few things up first. Turning away, Ava leaves. She blows Lily a kiss from the door. "Bye, Ava," Lily says after Ava is gone. Sean comes in and Lily starts talking about Ava and her "exciting" new life.

    How Far Will Kendall Go?

    Monday, June 18 2007

    At the Montgomery home, Ava is admiring a new pair of shoes she bought with Jonathan's money when Sean comes home. He asks her for a little more action - the kind that got him in trouble! Ava pretends not to know what he is talking about. He comes right out and asks her for more drugs! "I want to do it again, with you," he says, asking for her source. Lily walks in the room, freaking out. They think it's because they are so close on the couch but that isn't the reason - she is afraid Ava's nail polish will tip over and stain the carpeting! Sean helps her clean up and Ava goes to answer the door. It's Jonathan! She is disappointed to learn that he is there to see Lily. Lily comes out of the house and hands Jonathan a box of mementos from their wedding. She tells him that she doesn't want to remember but since he apparently does, he should have the things. Jonathan isn't sure what to think. He holds the box as Lily tells him that he can be happy again. With tears in his eyes, he leaves!

    Ava returns to Sean who asks again for some happy pills. She pulls away, telling him to leave her alone! Ava tells him that that he deserves his troubles but she has nothing to do with them! She tells him that he is no investigator. Just then, Lily returns from her talk with Jonathan, offering to help them both become investigators so they can find out how to clear Sean. She asks if Sean has any new suspects and he doesn't let on that he suspects Ava. Sean leaves. Lily tells Ava about giving Jonathan the box of wedding things but is upset because giving him those things hasn't blanked out her memories. "I don't want to remember those feelings," she says, hoping that her memory will be clear of Jonathan before much longer.

    Jack arrives home and Sean tells him all the details of prom night and his suspicions about Ava and her involvement in the plan. He wonders why Ava would do that and Sean tells him about Colby. He calls for Ava who plays innocent for a moment.

    Dream A Little Dream

    Thursday, June 14 2007

    When her shift with the baby is up, Krystal hands off to Colby who can't get Sean off her mind. She imagines him locked up in jail, chained to the walls. He breaks free when she arrives at the jail. Sean takes her in his arms, holding her close.

    No Negotiations!

    Tuesday, June 12 2007

    Jack and Sean arrive back at the Montgomery home, followed by a camera crew shows up. It's part of Erica's reality show! Jack tells her to back off but Pam, who follows her in refuses. Erica reaches out and pushes the camera down and orders both the cameraman and Pam to leave. Alone, she asks what is going on. They go inside and Jack explains about the drug charges. Erica is shocked. When Jack tries to convince Sean to tell the whole truth he refuses. He asks if Jack has ever protected Erica the way he is trying to protect Colby. Jack admits he has but says that is different. He brings up Colby's crime record and the problems they have had in the past. Erica tells Sean not to take the blame because he feels guilty over Ava and reminds him that drug charges could change his life for the worse! Still, Sean won't budge. Erica plays dirty and asks Sean to think about how the charges will reflect on Jack and his business, and then brings up the problems that come with being a Chandler. "Are you sure that they aren't Colby's pills?" she asks. Sean tells them what happened at the prom and swears the pills aren't his or Colby's. Sean goes upstairs, unable to go over the situation any longer. When he leaves, Jack wonders how the pills got in Sean's jacket in the first place. They talk about Sean's friends, wondering if someone asked Sean to hold the drugs. Erica asks about Barbara and makes Jack laugh by pretending to be Barbara in a mock-interview with the press. Things get touchy when Erica begins to seriously flirt with Jack. "Sometimes I remember just why I married you," he tells her. Erica leaves and at the door Jack kisses her goodbye. She pulls away but he pulls her back and they kiss again!

    Upstairs, Ava barges in on Lily who is going through some old wedding memorabilia. Lily wonders if she and Jonathan can have an amicable divorce - like Jack and Erica's! She talks about Jonathan, wondering how he could understand he so well when so many other people don't understand her at all. Ava joins in, wondering why Jonathan is on her side one minute and against her the next. Lily tells Ava that she and Jonathan just aren't a good match! She surprises Ava by telling her what really happened with their marriage. "Jonathan's big and only lie was pretending to be not normal?" Ava asks, not understanding at all. As Lily continues talking, she realizes just how much Jonathan must have loved her sister. Lily remembers when Jonathan took her to New York and how well they worked together. "When I was married to Jonathan I felt safe and happy and not alone," Lily says, wondering if she will every find someone to love her again. Ava asks how Lily would feel if Jonathan moved on with someone else and Lily isn't sure. Sean comes in and informs them that Jack invited her back to the house after springing him from jail. Lily is intrigued by the happenings and glad to see him home. Sean tells both girls that he took the fall for everything to protect Colby. This news annoys Ava. She receives a text message and leaves. Sean tells Lily that someone set him up and she is eager to find the culprit.

    Back upstairs, Sean tries to figure out how the drugs got into his pocket. He wonders if whoever rented the tux before him left the drugs but Lily doesn't believe that. She asks when he picked up the tux and if anyone else was around when he was getting dressed. He remembers Ava being there. Just then, Ava returns!

    Who Kidnapped JR?

    Monday, June 11 2007

    Colby sees Sean at the police station, shocked that he spent a night in jail. Sean tries to play it off but Colby is worried. He tells her to go home and not worry about him. She asks where the drugs came from, wondering if the drugs really belonged to him. Sean won't admit they were his and keeps trying to get her to leave. "Just turn around and walk away," he says and she finally leaves. Colby heads home. As she talks to Adam, the kidnappers call and tell Adam that they have JR! Adam plays it off, not wanting to worry Colby. The kidnapper hangs up, promising to get proof that they have JR. Colby wonders about the call but is too caught up with Sean to worry long. She tells Adam that the drugs couldn't belong to Sean. Adam advises her to forget about him but she can't. He reminds Colby about Sean and Ava, telling her that she doesn't know anything about the real Sean. Adam's phone rings again and Colby leaves. It's the kidnapper. He tells Adam to log on to a website and then hangs up. Adam logs on and sees the kidnappers and a beaten JR. Moments later the online feed goes dark. A package is stuffed under the door. Inside is JR's bloody shirt! Adam begins to worry, for real this time.

    In the squad room, Jack talks things over with the D.A., believing that the arrest was a mistake. An officer brings Sean in. He is surprised to see only Jack and wonders why Barbara isn't there. Jack ignores his question, instead asking Sean repeatedly about the drugs. Sean tries to make Jack believe that he really did have the drugs. Jack badgers Sean until he admits that the drugs weren't his! "So where did the ecstasy come from?" Jack asks. Sean tells him it doesn't matter that the drugs weren't his - he isn't going to fight the charges! He is worried that if they fight it could make Colby look bad and he doesn't want that. Jack tries to change his mind but can't. The detective returns to take Sean back to a holding cell. Before he leaves, Jack tells him that not fighting the charges will be a huge mistake.

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