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    All My Children CAST - Sean Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sean Montgomery Played by Brent Weber on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brent Weber

    Birthday: 1980-06-16
    Birthplace: Mauriceville, Texas USA
    Real Name: Brent Weber
    Height: 6'1


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    What Will Krystal Do?

    Tuesday, July 17 2007

    Meanwhile, Ava wakes up on the pool table at The Comeback. Colby walks in, sees Ava and dumps some beer over her head. When Ava wakes Colby starts in on her about Sean. Ava tells her there is nothing between them but Colby doesn't believe her. She starts to call Krystal but then stops. The girls exchange barbs, neither liking the other. From arguing about Sean, they begin arguing over Fusion which sets Ava off even more. She begins talking about Jonathan using her to replace Lily, how the Fusion girls want her to be Ava for them and not liking either situation. She tells Colby to go after Sean and the girl wonders why. She demands answers, thinking Ava and Sean are still sleeping together. Ava tells her they aren't and angrily tells Colby she was behind Sean's drug arrest - and just how involved Adam was in the scheme! Sean walks in. Angry, he asks Ava how she could do that. She defends her actions, telling him that she had to pay him back for how he treated her. Colby yells at her, telling her to go to the police to set things right and she says she will. Before she can leave, Sean tells her that Lily is having problems because of Ava's relationship with Jonathan. She runs out of the bar. Colby isn't sure she should believe Ava's story. She wonders why Adam would want to frame Sean but Sean thinks Ava might have been telling the truth. He tells Colby that Ava didn't have the money to buy the drugs and reminds her of the things Adam did to Krystal and Jenny. Krystal walks in, asking what is going on. Colby lets her know what Adam did.

    Two Steps Forward

    Monday, July 16 2007

    On the terrace of The Comeback, Colby tries to convince Sean to let her tag along on his trash duties but he turns her down. He wants to take her on a real date - not a trash walk.

    Ava goes to the beach and sits alone. Sean walks down, sees her and thinks he is seeing Lily. Crying she tells him she's Ava - the cheesy knock-off of the real thing! Sean sits with her, letting her talk about Jonathan and Ava tells him everything that's happened. "Tonight Jonathan looked at me and saw Lily. He touched Lily and he kissed Lily," she says, her voice breaking. Sean tells her she must have been imagining things but she knows she wasn't. Sean hugs her as she cries, not noticing that Colby just walked down to the beach. He turns, sees Colby and tries to explain. She throws the picnic at him and walks away. Sean runs after her. He returns - alone - and Ava apologizes for messing things up for him. She tells Sean that she'll make things right between him and Colby.

    Proposals and Goodbyes

    Friday, July 13 2007

    Colby finds Sean sleeping on a table at The Comeback. She tells him to go home but he wants to stay. Sean holds her hands and they talk about the play list she gave him on the iPod the day before. All of those songs meant something to him because they are songs that Colby has played for him before. She kisses him. Sean asks for coffee and Colby leaves. He picks up a knife. Colby returns to find Sean carving up one of the wood supports on The Comeback's terrace. She tells him about being a godmother and loving her new family as he finishes up. Sean tells her about Barbara leaving town, hoping it is for good this time, and about Jack and Erica's reunion. She is the closest thing to a mom he has ever known. Finally done, Sean shows his creation to Colby - he has carved a heart into the wood with their initials carved in the center! Colby loves the gesture and they kiss!

    Jenny's Christening!

    Thursday, July 12 2007

    Colby runs into Sean, dressed for another day of cleanup, at the yacht club for breakfast. She asks him to the christening but he turns her down. Instead he asks her out on a real date the next day. Colby realizes she is really late. Before leaving she gives Sean her iPod with a personal song selection just for him. She leaves. She sees Barbara and hides in a corner. She doesn't notice him because she is too busy calling in her tip to a reporter. "I've got irrefutable proof - audio and video," she tells him, promising to get the scoop on Jack and Erica! After the lunch crowd has left the club, Barbara goes back upstairs. She goes inside the room, checks the camera and then takes it with her! She calls the reporter, telling him the tape is perfect. Sean grabs the phone and pretends to be a psychiatrist and tells the reporter Barbara is unbalanced! He tosses the phone into the water and then sees the camera. Sean takes the tape from the camera as Barbara tries to convince him that Erica is using Jack. Sean tells her to leave Pine Valley!

    Love Detox

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    Colby tracks Sean down at the park picking up trash. She offers to help him finish the clean up. Sean keeps working, telling her she should go have some fun. She stays and they begin playing a fighting game with his litter sticks. Things turn serious and Colby asks Sean how he really feels. He admits that she is the most important thing in his world!

    Faking It!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    Colby rushes into the Montgomery home, freaked out because some big guy is following her! Sean watches the guy, who is standing out side. He grabs a heavy paperweight and heads outside! Colby stops him, telling him the thug could be the kidnapper! She tells him about the kidnapping and then swears Sean to stay quiet. They both get scared when someone knocks on the door but it's only Derek. He's checked on the stalker - who is actually only a bodyguard! Colby can't believe Adam hired a bodyguard and then didn't tell her about it. Derek sits them both down, playing the tough cop and telling them both that he would have taken things much farther than Adam did, especially after all the trouble they've gotten into in the past. Derek leaves. Colby scotches closer to Sean and tells him no one is going to keep them apart - not even Adam! Over cold drinks Sean tells Colby about his community service and ruined summer. Sean leans in to kiss her but Colby hesitates - she wants to make sure they are alone! Sean tells her the house is there - everyone is at work and Ava has moved out! They kiss!

    Lies and More Lies

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    Ava arrives at The Comeback, introduces herself to Krystal and asks for a job! Krystal is pleased to meet her, though the resemblance throws her, and asks Ava to convince her why she should be hired. Ava is brutally honest - she wasn't good at school, she hasn't had an easy life but she is a hard worker. "I want to make my sister proud," she says. Krystal sees Lily arrive and makes her decision. "You're hired," Krystal says and tells Ava she starts immediately. On the deck Jack, Sean and Lily sit down to lunch after Sean's court hearing. He has a lot of community service to finish but won't serve any jail time. Ava arrives, with an apron, to take their order! Lily orders a sandwich and Sean orders his wrecked summer back! Ava turns but Jack stops her, giving her the details on Sean's 300 hours of community service. "Sean's being punished for someone else's crime," Lily says. Sean and Jack suggest that the guilty party step up and take responsibility. Both stare at Ava which makes Lily nervous. Barbara calls and Jack offers to bring Sean by to see her. He and Sean leave but Lily stays behind. Ava heads out to put in Lily's order. A worker comes over and tries to take a bug or something off of Lily and she begins screaming "Don't touch!" Ava and Krystal calm her down and Krystal tells Ava to take a break to spend some time with Lily. They begin talking about touching and Ava tells Lily that they have something in common - she doesn't like being touch a lot either. She hands Lily a compact and tells her to touch the face in the mirror. Lily realizes it doesn't hurt to touch reflections. Since they look exactly alike, Ava tells Lily that they are a reflection and they can touch too. She reaches out her hand and waits. Lily pulls back, afraid to touch Ava. Ava talks to her, telling her that it will be find and Lily reaches across the table. Gently, their fingers touch and Lily smiles! Ava clasps their hands together.

    Cooking Up Trouble!

    Thursday, June 21 2007

    Outside Krystal's condo Colby runs into Sean. He's been trying to call her but hasn't been able to get through. Colby tells him she could forgive the drugs but not his messing around with Ava behind her back! Still, she isn't going to let him take the blame for the drug charges. Unable to listen any longer, Sean pulls Colby into a passionate kiss! Colby pushes him away, trying to keep things platonic. She offers to make up a story about someone planting the drugs but Sean turns her down. He doesn’t want her anywhere around at the hearing. He asks her to go to a concert with him, wanting to spend just a little time alone with her. She agrees but only if he will consider letting her help him! They leave for the concert. At the concert, Sean takes Colby to the boathouse. They begin talking about his hearing the next day, unable to keep their minds off of it. Sean apologizes to Colby for ruining her prom and asks her to enjoy their own private prom night - tonight! As the concert continues, they begin to dance. They kiss!

    Amanda Wants In On JR's Plan!

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    Jack confronts Ava, who denies any part in the charges against Sean, telling them she wasn't anywhere near the prom. "Sean's a liar," she says, trying to convince Jack that Sean is trying to pin the crime on her because he is heartbroken over losing her! Ava tells Jack about Sean living at Colby's for a while but Jack doesn't care. Ava changes her tact, reminding Jack that she doesn't know anyone in Pine Valley and asking how she could have found a drug dealer. Jack doesn't believe her for a second. Ava tells them that Sean is using her past against her and begins naming all of Sean's crimes. Jack steps in, telling Ava that no amount of connections will save Sean. Angry, she asks for any proof that she was involved with the drugs. Sean swears that no one besides Ava had access to his jacket but she says that doesn't prove anything. Jack gives in, realizing that all they have are suspicions. He makes both of them swear not to tell Lily what happened. Just then, Lily comes home talking about the "bad man" at the boathouse. Without thinking, Ava says, "Did he hurt you? I'll kill him!" Jack asks Lily to tell him exactly what happened and she does. Ava speaks up, admitting that the drug dealer knows her - not Lily or Jonathan! Jonathan leaves. Ava tries to backpedal, saying the drug dealer was only hitting on her and not admitting to buying the drugs. Jack can't believe her explanations and tells her it's over. When Ava suggests she leave immediately, Jack won't have it. He wants Ava to explain why she is leaving to Lily before she goes anywhere.

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