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    All My Children CAST - Sean Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sean Montgomery Played by Brent Weber on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brent Weber

    Birthday: 1980-06-16
    Birthplace: Mauriceville, Texas USA
    Real Name: Brent Weber
    Height: 6'1


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    Making Demands

    Wednesday, August 08 2007

    Jack takes over from Derek with the media, asking them to back off so the police can take care of things. Behind the media line, Jonathan asks Amanda about her relationship with JR. Upset and worried about him, Amanda wonders why he didn't just walk away. Tad arrives and heads straight to Jack, along with Babe, Krystal, Colby and Sean. Jack blames JR for the situation. Derek tells Tad about Ava helping with a drug bust and also blames JR for getting involved. Annoyed, Tad tells them they should never have chosen a public beach to do a drug sting. Krystal asks Colby to leave but she won't budge. Babe asks Tad how things really are and he admits he doesn’t know. Sean asks Jack if this is part of the way they are going to clear him and Jack admits it is. Bereft, Jonathan asks Amanda what he'll do if Ava doesn't make it out alive. Jack and Derek have a private confab, hoping that JR and Ava will make something happen that will save the day. Talking to Krystal, Babe worries that JR won't make it out okay. She is worried, not only because he is in danger but also because he has been acting like two different people for a long time. Spotting Amanda, Babe goes to talk with her, reassuring Amanda that she will be okay. Adam shows up and asks Jack to let him through. Derek and Jack pull the tape so he can pass and Adam immediately goes on the attack wondering how many of his family members are on drugs. Jack outs Adam as the source behind Sean's arrest and he turns to Tad, blaming him for the whole situation! Derek goes after Adam and Jack pulls him back as Adam continues arguing with Tad. He becomes even more angry, then has a sharp pain and nearly falls over! Colby rushes to his side.

    Derek hangs up from talking to Lenny. Tad asks for details; Jack and Derek ask him to just be calm. Lily arrives, very worried about Ava, whom she saw on the news. Jonathan talks to her, telling Lily that Ava was part of a sting operation. When Colby tries to play nursemaid, Adam angrily tells her to back off. Krystal steps in and tells Adam that he needs to see a doctor - and leave his daughter alone. Adam won't listen. Krystal opens a bottle of water and offers it to him. Finally, Adam opens up a little because of his worry over JR. Amanda and Jonathan begin arguing about JR - again! Telling Jonathan that she still thinks Ava is trouble Amanda tells Jonathan that she may also be good for him! Sean and Colby talk to Lily about Ava's actions to help the police, extremely proud of what Ava did and hoping she'll get out okay. Babe returns to Amanda, who admits she is really scared for JR. Babe reaches out to her. In tears, Amanda tells Babe that she has her moments when she wants to hurt JR but mostly she has fun with him and cares about him. The crowd hears a gunshot from inside the shack!

    Derek pulls everyone back from the shack as Lenny walks out of the shack, pushing Ava ahead of him! JR is right behind and holds up the gun, telling them the situation is over! Police officers rush to take Lenny into custody as the Chandler and Martin crew head straight to JR. Ava immediately begins posing for the cameras until Jonathan pulls her back and hugs her tightly. Jack tells her Lily is there. Ava turns to see Lily holding out her arms. The girls hug!

    Moving Day!

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    It's moving day at the new Martin home! Babe, Sean and Tad help Krystal, Colby and Jenny move in. Stuart arrives with little A to lend a hand, too. Babe takes over with her son as Colby teasingly orders Sean around. Krystal finds a hula girl lamp, wondering where it came from. It's Tad's! He grabs it from Krystal, glad that it survived the fire at the old house. Tad plugs it in and the hula girl begins to move around; he suggests it be placed in the foyer! Stuart realizes JR is nowhere to be found. Babe wonders, too. Sean and Colby become distracted with one another; Tad and Krystal interrupt them and get them back to work. She then asks Babe about the webcast and she tells them how things are going at Fusion. Colby joins them, talking about Fusion's makeup for a minute before Sean pulls her back over. Tad quickly interrupts them and takes Sean with him to check on a few other things. Babe continues telling Krystal how great Ava was.

    Tad drags Sean out behind the house and gives him a talking to about girls - specifically Colby. Sean sarcastically impersonates a mad dad, making Tad laugh. He tells Sean he knows where Sean is because he's been there. "If you're not really careful you could snap somebody's heart in two," he says. Sean gets the message, especially when he tells him that he really needs to be wary of Krystal - because she once blew up JR's sports car!

    Colby wonders where Tad took Sean and Krystal and Babe tell her not to worry. The older ladies give Colby a few tips on dealing with bad boys. Tad and Sean return and begin to work on the cable. They get everything going just in time to hear a news report that JR has been involved in a hostage situation on the beach!

    The Babies Are Okay!

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    Jack and Sean return from court. Jack has a new plan - if they can get Ava to work with them to turn in the drug dealer, they can clear Sean's record. Sean isn't sure the plan with work but Jack goes ahead. When Ava comes by to see Lily he sidetracks her, gives her the information and tells her to help. Ava, unsure of his real motives, won't admit to anything and tells him she can't help! Ava tells him about her contract with Fusion and tells him she can't risk her image to help him or Sean. Calmly Jack tells her that she won't be charged with anything if she helps them. Ava tells Jack to call Adam if he really wants to nab the drug dealing creep. Jack tells Ava he knows Adam was involved but that they can't prove it. "I will do everything I can to protect you," Jack says, promising that Lily won't find out. Outside the drawing room, Lily walks up and begins to listen to them. Ava tells Jack that she doesn't want to hurt Lily and that is why she won't help them. He leaves. Lily hides in a doorway. When he leaves she joins Ava, asking what is going on. Unable to beat around the bush, Lily asks Ava about the secret. Ava tells her that she got the Fusion job back, hoping Lily will drop the subject. Lily buys the story. She asks Ava about the drugs. They talk about Sean and the charges. Lily swears she will find out what happened with Sean; she believes the drugs were Ava's but they wound up in Sean's pocket by accident. Lily swears she won't let any of that trouble touch her sister. Touched, Ava tells Lily that she will take care of the troubles. Ava runs into Jack outside. She tells him that she will do whatever it takes to clear Sean's name.

    Across the way, Sean tells Colby that Jack might be able to get the charges against him dropped. Colby is excited but quickly distracted when she sees Adam. Sean distracts her and they talk about Jack's plans.

    JR Gives Up!

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    Sean is happy to see Lily has calmed down. He asks her about Ava and Jonathan but she doesn't want to talk about them. She wants to talk about Erica and Jack. Just then Jack walks in the front door and Erica walks in the back door. They tell Sean and Lily that the divorce is off and their reunion is on! They tell the kids to keep the news quiet until the next day when they officially halt the divorce. "Sweet!" Sean says. Erica and Lily begin talking about love. Lily wonders if she'll ever be free of her feelings for Jonathan. Erica encourages her, telling her that she'll be happy again soon. Across the room Sean stuns Jack with Ava's news. Getting mad because Adam was behind it, Jack stalks off ready to go after Chandler. Sean stops him, telling him it doesn't matter. Calmed a little Jack asks Sean to stay with Lily because he'll be gone for the evening. Sean picks up on the vibes between Erica and Jack and sends them on their way. When they are alone, Jack suggests a final illicit meeting between the two of them. "It's going to be a night to remember," he promises, kissing her passionately.

    What Will Krystal Do?

    Tuesday, July 17 2007

    Over breakfast Sean sees Lily working on the computer. She begins talking about sex and tells Sean she is researching the activity to understand it better. She talks about how other people can touch but she can't and Sean realizes she is upset about Ava and Jonathan's new relationship. She isn't okay with the concept, which confuses her even more. Lily doesn't understand why Jonathan moving on should bother her.

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