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    All My Children CAST - Sean Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sean Montgomery Played by Brent Weber on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brent Weber

    Birthday: 1980-06-16
    Birthplace: Mauriceville, Texas USA
    Real Name: Brent Weber
    Height: 6'1


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    A Christmas Miracle

    Monday, December 24 2007

    Erica sits with Jack in the waiting area, holding his hands. Across the room Sean is still trying to distract Lily, but Lily is focused on Greenlee. Lily crosses the room to tell Jack she loves him. Stunned, he tells her that he loves her, too. Lily turns away but then returns to Jack. She reaches out to him and takes his hand! Jack is shocked. They hear Joe calling out orders to the other doctor's. Kendall comes out of Zach's room to see what the fuss is about and they fill her in. Erica begins to pray. Jack is touched and begins to pray, too. Kendall tells Erica that Greenlee can't die.

    Aidan walks down to the chapel and sits quietly. Father Clarence is there and tells him that if he prays God will hear. Aidan tells Clarence that praying won't heal Greenlee. Clarence brings up one of Aidan's army buddies, who was saved because of Aidan's efforts. "He just offered a prayer of thanks for you, saving his life so many years ago," Father Clarence says and encourages Aidan to have faith. Aidan says he will do anything to help Greens; Clarence tells him that love can get Greenlee through. "Love is magic. It's the world's most powerful medicine," he says. Aidan kneels and begins to pray as Sean comes running in. "You need to come back," Sean says. Aidan returns to the waiting area and bursts in to Greenlee's room as Joe loses her pulse and heartbeat again. He begins to cry. Jack, Erica and Kendall come in. Jack cries over Greenlee's body and Joe asks the other doctor to call out the time of death. Aidan begs them not to do it and turns to her, asking her to open her eyes. He holds her, telling her it isn't time for her to die. "You need to stay, darling, don't go," he says. Joe tells Aidan he has to let Greenlee go but Aidan can't. He holds her, crying, and Greenlee takes a breath! Joe hurries to check her vital signs and finds that she has a very weak pulse! Sean turns to Lily and smiles. Outside, Father Clarence quietly wishes them all a Merry Christmas and leaves.

    Richie Seals Zach's Fate!

    Monday, November 26 2007

    At The Comeback, Derek tells everyone that they may have found the car that hit Zach. Before he can give a lot of details about the blood on the car, Julia stops him and reminds him there are children around. Derek gives the G-rated version of events and says they haven't been able to type the blood. Across the room, Colby asks JR where little A is and he tells her about the Lavery family dinner. Joe captures everyone's attention and begins the Thanksgiving prayer. Everyone becomes quiet and then the feast begins. After the prayer, Opal begins the annual tradition of telling what she is thankful for. Krystal and Colby join in and so does Julia. Everyone joins in; Adam stops them all when he says he is thankful for JR and a year's worth of sobriety. JR leaves the table; Adam follows him and they have a heated exchange about drinking at the bar. Jack watches them. Opal turns to Jack and asks about Greenlee. She tells him that things will work out; Jack hopes so. She turns the subject to Erica but Jack receives a phone call. He ignores the call, though. Joe pulls Jack aside and tells him about Erica's involvement in Greenlee's commitment. Jack is shocked to learn that Erica forged the document! Meanwhile, Tad and Hannah talk about the mistakes they've made with love in the past; Tad wonders what Krystal will do about Adam. JR is alone in the sea of people, trying to remember anything from the night before. Derek receives a call from the forensics department and learns that it is Zach's blood in JR's car!

    It's Thanksgiving!

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    Krystal and Jenny arrive at The Comeback early to begin preparations for the family Thanksgiving get-together. Babe, Opal and Ruth arrive. Babe tries to tell Krystal about the dinner at Ryan and Annie's but Krystal won't let her get a word in edgewise. JR walks in and listens to them talk about Kendall and Zach. Krystal returns to work and Babe keeps trying to tell her about the Lavery dinner but can't. Tad comes in, says he'll stay for the meal but then wants to get back to the search party. Adam walks in, too, with a toy for Jenny. Amanda walks in and heads straight for Babe. She apologizes for her one-night-stand with JR but Amanda won't listen. She thanks them for the invite and then continues on her way. Krystal, at a table with Tad, talks about the kind of person who would hit Zach and continue on. Tad spots JR and goes over to talk to him. He tells JR what a great job he's been doing in making changes in his life; this only makes JR feel more guilty and he turns away. Tad tells him not to stay away from the family. Finally Babe gets Krystal to listen to her and tells her about the Lavery family dinner. Krystal is stunned and drags Babe into a corner, telling her she isn't going anywhere with Richie. JR joins them and Babe fills him in; he says it's fine even though Krystal tries to convince Babe (and JR) that the Lavery dinner is a mistake. Babe leaves to pick up little A. Hannah walks in and makes a beeline for Tad; she tells him she'll leave if that would be more comfortable for him. He asks her to stay and tells her not to worry about Adam and promises to keep her secrets. She asks about news from the search but Tad doesn't know anything. Julia and Kathy arrive.

    Krystal Wants Adam Back!

    Thursday, October 18 2007

    Colby, Sean and the hip-hop crew come in. Colby asks Corrina if she's decided whether to model for Fusion. The guys tease Corrina about it; Sean wonders why Colby is so interested in Fusion's models. Ren realizes there is more going on between Colby, Sean and Ava that they originally thought. Sean walks off and Colby goes to the kitchen. The kids gather back outside and Colby starts pushing Corrina's modeling career. Sean agrees that Corrina would be a good model; Dre says if she does it should be her decision and not to pump the band. Corrina and Colby go inside to grab more food and drinks. Once the guys are alone, Ren asks Sean about his relationship with Ava. Sean doesn't even have to answer and they know. Colby and Corrina return and the kids start clowning around. Tad comes outside, playing the dad and telling Colby to be careful. She hugs him but reminds him she's a grown up now.

    Does Zach Have Greens' Eggs?

    Wednesday, October 03 2007

    Adam can't stand the noise in the mansion - Colby is visiting with Dre, Ren and Corrina and they are listening to a few new tracks. He orders them to turn down the noise but Colby tells him that they need as much sound as they can get. She offers him ear plugs so they can keep listening. Adam takes a business call and leaves as Sean walks in. He's been covering an anti-war protest at PVU and tells them about it. Ren talks about war being wrong and that starts a fight with Dre, who says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Adam returns and Sean picks his own fight - with Adam for hiring Ava to plant drugs on him! Colby separates the guys and takes Adam outside, apologizing on Sean's behalf. Adam tells her he deserves it. She asks about Krystal and he tells her that things aren't going well because Krystal doesn't want to see him any longer. Colby has a brilliant idea: Adam should take Krystal fishing! Adam knows that won't work because Krystal would never agree to an outing. Colby asks him to try and then returns to her friends. Stuart arrives and asks if he can help. Adam wants to know if Stuart told Krystal about the impersonations. Stuart doesn't say anything. Adam goes on about his conversation with Krystal and tells Stuart he has permission to stop by from time to time.

    Colby returns to her friends inside just in time for Sean to unveil the CD cover for the band. They all love it - especially Dre, who sees that his face is in shadow. Colby is worried, though, especially when she learns there aren't any pictures of Dre inside either. Dre says the fans can listen to the music to learn about him instead of looking at his picture. Corrina begins singing a new riff as Adam returns to the group. He asks if they know any real music and Corrina reels off a list of Golden Oldies, she even sings one of the songs. Adam likes her voice but the song reminds him of Krystal and he becomes sad.

    Greenlee Under Cover!

    Wednesday, September 26 2007

    Sean and the hip-hop crew are doing a photo shoot on the beach. They begin to argue about the shoot. Sean orders Dre to remove his sunglasses but he won't. He regroups them but the shots still fall flat. He suggests they get Colby in on the act but she isn't around. Instead, he begins asking the kids some biographical questions for their website. Corrina begins talking about her big, crazy family. All the kids get into the act, making jokes about favorite songs and favorite foods. Dre pulls back from the revelry. Sean asks them to settle down so he can get a good photo but Dre refuses! Corrina and Ren persuade him to pose for one more picture but when Sean takes the photo, Dre turns his head!

    Love in the Afternoon!

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    Adam is dressed as Stuart and making plans to get his company back! He heads to Tad and Krystal's next and is surprised to see all the young people around. Krystal walks in with chili as he watches the goings on. Finally he steps into the room, playing his Stuart role to the hilt. The hip-hoppers invite Colby and Sean out to their show and they convince Krystal to extend their curfew to 1am. Adam brings up age limits but the band is sure they can get Colby in with them. Colby swears she won't get into trouble if they let her stay out later than 1am. Tad agrees to let Colby stay out as late as possible - as long as he can tag along! He heads up stairs to change clothes. Krystal and the rest of the crowd leaves, too, leaving Adam to talk to Colby. He gets emotional when she mentions missing Adam and hugs her tightly. They talk about Adam for a bit and "Stuart" tells Colby he is doing well and following the doctor's orders. He tells Colby to go see Adam sometime but she isn't sure that is a good idea. She goes off to the kitchen to help Krystal and leaves him alone with Jenny. Adam begins to talk to her and Krystal listens in. They talk a bit about the kids in their lives and she wonders if Adam could love a child that wasn't his own. She doesn't think he could after the things he did. "Stuart" asks if Krystal could ever get past what Adam did to her and to Jenny; he isn't sure how to answer. Instead, he asks if he can tuck Jenny in.

    The Morning After

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    Krystal and Tad arrive home after the party to find Colby and Sean asleep on the couch. Tad yells, "Hands off the hottie", to get their attention and then makes Sean leave. Colby goes upstairs to sleep. Krystal asks Tad why he kissed her. He tries to shrug off the question but Krystal isn't interested in skirting the issue. She lets him know she liked the kiss, but she isn't over Adam, so they shouldn't take things any further. Jenny starts to cry and they go upstairs to check on her. They return downstairs a while later, Jenny in tow and loud rock music blasting all around them. Colby hurries downstairs wondering what's going on. They all realize there is a garage band practicing next door. Sean arrives with doughnuts and a few birthday party pictures. He asks about Colby and learns about the band. Tad asks if Sean can fix the television as Colby returns with the members of the band. She introduces Ren, Dre and Corrina and asks if they can stick around for a while. They all chow down on doughnuts and get acquainted as they talk about music. Tad isn't thrilled and asks them to keep the noise down until after sunrise in the future. Corrina notices his television and offers to fix the system for him. Tad is impressed with her work. The kids begin talking about an upcoming show and they all take off, leaving Tad and Krystal alone. In a false British accent, Tad talks in hip-hop slang, ready to tag along with the kids! He returns downstairs and he and Krystal talk about their lost youths.

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