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    All My Children CAST - Sean Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sean Montgomery Played by Brent Weber on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brent Weber

    Birthday: 1980-06-16
    Birthplace: Mauriceville, Texas USA
    Real Name: Brent Weber
    Height: 6'1


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    Truths Are Revealed

    Thursday, March 01 2007

    At Jack's home, he asks Barbara if she will stay to care for Sean and Lily while he goes to Vegas to find Kendall. Barbara surprises him by telling him she will, and reveals that she called Reggie to let him know she was around, too! Assuring Jack that she can handle the kids, she wishes him good luck. Erica arrives with one more surprise - she is going to Vegas with him! Jack tells Erica to stay away and Barbara backs him up. Telling Barbara to back off, Jack focuses on Erica. "This guy's not playing by any rules," he exclaims as Barbara listens in. Erica won't back down, and Barbara comes out. Hoping to put another barrier between them, Barbara lets it slip that Erica is sleeping with Jeff! Jack leaves and Erica follows him out, telling him not to believe Barbara's lies. "We both know you're sleeping with Jeff," he says sadly. Erica tries to explain, but can't, and Jack walks quickly away. Realizing what she has done, Erica goes back inside. Angry, she smacks Barbara - hard! - across the face. Catty, Barbara tells Erica that she knows Jack and suggests that she is his lover. Erica tells the other woman to leave her home, but Barbara isn't leaving. Thinking that she is using Sean and Lily to get to Jack, Erica confronts Barbara. "You were always the pathetic, desperate consolation prize," Erica says and leaves. Sean comes in and Barbara offers to check his homework. Sean doesn't know how to react to her offer. He tells her to leave - he doesn't need her pretending to be his mother! Barbara tells him Jack asked her to stay so she is staying. "But he doesn't want you," Sean says and tells her to move on. Barbara tells Sean she isn't just there for Jack; she is also there to try to be a better mother. Sean doesn't buy it. "Don't ever try to play me," he says and leaves the room.

    Angry and Confused

    Monday, February 19 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, Adam wraps Krystal in a blanket and puts her to bed. "I'd do anything to give her back to you," he says, holding her tight. As Krystal rests, Colby walks in with tea and tells her to eat. Krystal is cradling a pillow against her body, like a child. "I'll never be able to hold my daughter again," she cries. Colby offers to be a stand-in for Babe. "Maybe you could hold me and pretend you have her back," she says. Krystal tells Colby she doesn't have to be anyone but herself and hugs her tightly. Adam walks in, smiling at the two of them. Alone in the room, Adam tells Krystal how proud he is of her. She raised Babe alone and she did a great job. "I want Charlotte to be you," Krystal says. "And she will be." Outside on the terrace, Colby is crying. Sean arrives and hugs her close. He tells her about his father, and the fact that he still misses him. They sit quietly, gazing at the moon.

    Secrets and Lies

    Thursday, February 15 2007

    Jack arrives home, to find Barbara inside. Surprised, he asks what she is doing there. "You don't know how much I've missed you," she says and kisses him! Erica walks in, stunned to see Jack and Barbara kissing. Slamming the door, Erica asks to see Jack alone. Barbara interrupts. "Center of the galaxy, you haven't changed at all," she says. Erica tries to shut Barbara out and asks for Jack's help with Josh - the boy is gone and Erica hasn't been able to reach him. Barbara continues to interrupt. "Why are you here again?" Jack asks and tells Barbara to go away. She won't leave, annoying Erica, who continues asking Jack for help. He won't budge; there are too many other things going on that he can't drop. But he has as idea. "Why don’t you talk to Jeff. I'm sure he could help," Jack says. This angers Erica who slams out of the apartment. Happy to be alone with Jack, Barbara tries to come on to him. But Jack again asks her to leave. Sean comes in. "Yeah. Why don't you just go?" he asks. Barbara doesn't want to leave, but seeing that Sean really doesn't want her around, Barbara says she will get a hotel room or stay with Myrtle. Exasperated, Jack tells her she can stay there, but only if she will stay out of his way! He leaves to change clothes. Alone in the room, Barbara tries to play mommy to Sean, who isn't biting. "The only reason you're here is to tag Uncle Jack," he says and informs her it won't work. He believes Jack and Erica still have a chance! In the hall, Jack receives a call from Josh. Jack tells him he is on the way to the funeral. "You keep in touch," Jack says.

    The Satin Slayer Strikes Again!

    Monday, February 12 2007

    At Sean's apartment, Erica is surprised by Barbara's appearance. Just how long is she going to be in Pine Valley, playing good-mother? Why doesn't she just take on someone her own size - like Erica? Barbara brings up their past rivalry over Jack and Trevor, bringing up Erica's hackles. Sean listens from outside the room and interrupts the women before they can really get going. He hugs Erica, much to Barbara's dismay. Lilly comes in to give them the news - there's been another attack, but she doesn't know who was hurt. Sean and Erica hurry out. Left alone, Barbara tries to talk to Lilly about Jack and Erica's marriage. Lilly is obviously nervous around Barbara, but the woman won't leave her alone. Instead, she enlists Lilly's help to find ways to help Jack "relax"!

    Panic in Pine Valley

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    At the courthouse, Sean and Colby are miserable, but relieved to see Jack, Adam and Krystal arrive. Colby asks what her father has been able to do about the charges. "Nothing,' he tells her, "the D.A. won't drop the charges and this judge can't be influenced." Jack advises the pair to plead guilty and apologize.

    The charges are read to Colby and Sean in court. It was a busy night, the judge says, these are serious charges. Sean tells the judge it was a big mistake, because he wouldn't have taken the supervisors limo if he had known who it belonged to. Colby says the mistake was giving the officers the fake ID, and that they didn't drink ThAT much champgne. The judge tells the spoiled duo that prison time is a reality, then calls for a recess to give them time to think!

    In the courtroom, Sean assures Jack he'll be sticking by Colby since the joyride was his idea. Colby spends the recess begging 'Daddy' to do something, until Krystal paints her a scary picture of life behind bars with no Daddy to help her.

    As the judge calls the court back into session, Colby announces that she knew what they were doing was illegal but she didn't care, didn't think about other people or what could happen. She asks for a second chance and please no prison time! Sean gets up and says he was trying to be cool - it was a big mistake and he too knew it was wrong, but didn't care. He says he was an idiot and that he is sorry. It's not enough to be sorry, the judge declares, it's your actions and what you do with your second chance should you be granted one that matters. The judge is ready to pass sentencing...

    Tempers flare in Pine Valley

    Monday, January 08 2007

    Adam rushes to the police station where Colby has been arrested. She insists that Chief Frye has something against the Chandlers, and that's the only reason she's in trouble.

    Jack arrives to see Sean, and they learn that Erica has moved back to the Valley Inn. Jack wants to know what the heck Sean was thinking when he drank and commandeered the limo.

    Jack tells Adam that he has no intention of bailing out Sean, saying jail will be a lesson in consequences for the teen. Krystal agrees that's a good idea, and suggests that Adam do the same. He thinks that's crazy, but she insists he's "creating a monster" by saving Colby every time she does something wrong.

    Krystal convinces Adam, and they leave Colby at the station.

    Colby insists to Sean that this demonstrates that Adam really doesn't want her. The next time Sean's planning a road trip…she's in.

    Ringing in 2007

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    Colby and Sean are bummed since her credit card was declined by the limo company. How can they get to Manhattan for New Year's Eve? Sean saves the day by impersonating Nico and commandeering another limo. They're having a nice time, sipping champagne and heading towards New York when sirens are heard, and suddenly the police stop the limo and discover the impostors. They're arrested for a number of offenses, including theft of services and underage drinking.

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