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    All My Children CAST - Sean Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sean Montgomery Played by Brent Weber on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brent Weber

    Birthday: 1980-06-16
    Birthplace: Mauriceville, Texas USA
    Real Name: Brent Weber
    Height: 6'1


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    I Need Your Help!

    Friday, August 28 2009

    Scott goes over the financial results with Adam and concludes that Zach is desperate for cash. Adam wonders why JR isn’t around when these important business decisions need to be made. Annie says that she is the reason he isn’t there. She suggests that they take advantage of the loan to Zach, and have the reception there since they may own it soon anyway. She offers to assist Scott with reviewing all of the accounting books since JR isn’t around to help.

    What's Wrong With Quentin?

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    JR is making a deal at B.J.'s when Sean walks in. JR needles Sean a little, realizes how distracted and upset Sean is and demands to know what he's done to Colby this time! Sean tries to avoid JR but Colby walks in and JR becomes more aggressive. She calms things between the guys and takes Sean aside to find out what is wrong. He tells her about sleeping with Hannah. Colby is heartbroken; Sean leaves. Colby sits down with JR and tells him everything, crying about her past with Sean and the fact that she really thought he had changed this time. JR tells Colby it takes a lot for people to change. "But you just try to do what's right," he says, telling her that love can make anything possible. Colby asks how she can tell if she is really in love and JR says she will know. Sean walks back inside as JR hugs his sister. Dre makes a beeline for him and asks Sean why he keeps running from Colby. Sean is very flippant with Dre; Colby walks up and asks Dre to take her home. Before Sean can leave JR confronts him, threatening to hurt Sean if he ever hurts Colby again.

    Hannah Falls From The Falls!

    Friday, January 11 2008

    Outside the Slater home Aidan refuses to tell Jack Zach's whereabouts and leaves. Jack returns inside to cover Aidan's disappearance. Erica doesn't believe him and asks where Aidan went. Jack tells them Aidan went to help Zach with Hannah and all the women freak out on him. Erica, though, tries to help Jack be the voice of reason for Kendall and Greens when she sees how both girls go on the attack against him. Jack tries to talk but Kendall and Greenlee won't let him get a word in edge-wise so Erica pulls him aside and tells him to let the girls work this out themselves. Kendall throws ideas about Zach and Aidan out and Greenlee backs them up; they decide that the men may know what they are doing. Sean arrives. Before he can tell anyone else about Hannah Jack takes him outside so they can discuss the situation privately. Sean tells him that they just hooked up and as he explains Erica walks out and overhears! She asks for an explanation and Jack fills her in. Seeing that Erica is cold, Jack gives her his jacket. Sean tells them Hannah kept asking about the falls; Jack and Erica wonder if that is where Hannah is now.

    Back inside Kendall and Greenlee commiserate with one another. Greenlee has another weak spell but tells Kendall it's just weakness from almost dying. She sits down, though, as they talk some more about Aidan and Zach. Greens tells Kendall about the high fever and hallucinations that Zach had in the bomb shelter; Kendall is stunned because Zach didn't say anything to her. The subject turns to love and Greenlee admits her fears about Aidan to Kendall. "He's not the same with me," Greenlee says, "he won't touch me." Kendall tells Greens Aidan is probably just being very careful. They go outside to see what is keeping Jack and the others. As they come outside they hear talk about the falls; Sean goes to give the police the details he knows. Kendall and Greenlee decide to go help their men! Jack refuses to allow Greenlee to go and Kendall agrees with him. She tells Greens that they should both stay at the house so that they don't get in Zach's or Aidan's way. Erica and Jack love that she is finally seeing the light. Jack takes her jacket and as he is hanging it up, Kendall pushes him and Erica inside the closet - and locks them in! She and Greenlee hurry from the house. In the closet Erica blames Jack for their predicament.

    Zach Goes After Hannah

    Thursday, January 10 2008

    Hannah and Zach set up a meeting place - at Miller's Falls just outside of Pine Valley. Hannah dresses and takes great care with her makeup, all the while remembering conversations she has had with Zach. She takes the small handgun from her bag and stares across the room as Sean continues to sleep. He wakes up and sees the gun! He asks about it and Hannah says it is just for protection. She kisses him again and then leaves. Sean locks all of the door locks behind her! He turns on the television and dresses; a reporter breaks in with an announcement about Hannah Nichols. Sean recognizes her picture!

    Hannah Escapes!

    Tuesday, January 08 2008

    Sean has just arrived at the park and is texting Colby, apologizing for being late. Hannah literally runs into him, knocking him to the ground. "What is your problem?" Hannah asks angrily. They get back to their feet. Sean is worried about Hannah because she was running so fast; he asks if someone was after her and Hannah reaches for her gun! Sean doesn't see the gun but backtracks, telling Hannah he really doesn't care what is going on. Hannah asks Sean how old he is - and then comes on to him! She kisses him! Sean is completely seduced by Hannah and they leave the park together.

    Kendall Confesses!

    Friday, December 28 2007

    Colby, Sean, and the gang are hanging out, eating popcorn, and talking about New Year's Eve. Corrina and Ren are ready for their New Year's gig, but Dre says he can’t go. He says he’s got “family stuff.” Corrina and Ren are disappointed and in his face about it, and Dre blows up, telling them it’s got nothing to do with them, so "back the hell off!" Colby tries to get Dre to spill, but before he can say anything, the doorbell rings. Sean opens the door to a very serious-looking guy, who says he’s looking for Andre Woods.

    Back at Colby’s house, the gang pretends they’ve never heard of anyone named Andre. The guy at the door is no-nonsense, saying this is “family business.” They tell him that Dre took off and they don’t see him anymore and don't know where he went. The scary-looking guy says that Dre's father is looking for him. He hands them a card and they realize he's a private investigator. After he leaves, they yell at Dre to come out of hiding. But Dre is gone...

    Bianca's Home!

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    In the hall Erica runs in to Jack and tells him she really is happy that Greenlee is back. She brings up their relationship but Jack refuses to talk about them, at least for the holiday. Everyone comes into the hall as Emma announces they are having a party. Zach and Kendall sit with the boys, Annie and Ryan sit with Emma - and then Bianca and Miranda walk in! They are welcomed with hugs and kisses. Julia arrives. Erica is carried in by two young orderlies. She makes a speech to all of them about love, family and happiness. She wishes everyone "Merry Christmas" and the crowd begins singing "Deck the Halls" as the kids begin dancing. Greenlee and Zach, sitting across the room from one another, lock eyes and smile.

    A Christmas Miracle

    Monday, December 24 2007

    At the hospital, Jack is praying for Greenlee to get well. Erica arrives; Sean and Lily point her toward Jack, who says Greenlee isn't doing well. They watch Joe and the staff work on Greens through a window. Inside, Aidan begs Greens to fight. Joe shocks Greenlee again and gets a sinus rhythm. Joe asks Aidan to leave the room so the doctors can work. Before he leaves begs Greenlee once more to fight. In the hall he reports what he knows to Jack and Erica. "They got her back, but. . .," Aidan says. Sean interrupts with news that Lily is beginning to lose it. Erica offers to talk to Lily so Jack can stay near Greens. Erica tells Lily, who is shaking and rocking, that Greenlee is doing better. Lily can't understand why the doctors are yelling; Sean explains that they are simply doing their jobs. Erica reminds Lily of Ava's operation and Kendall's early delivery, telling her that Greenlee will be okay, too.

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