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    All My Children CAST - Bianca Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bianca Montgomery Played by Eden Riegel on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eden Riegel

    Birthday: 1980-01-01
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Real Name: Eden Riegel


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    An Uncomfortable Moment...

    Tuesday, January 27 2009

    Zach is home with the kids; Opal stops by as Erica, Bianca and Reese finalize their plans for the shower and gowns. They each dress behind a sheet so they can't see one another. They are nervous but show off their gowns – which don't go together at all! "Well, I think they look beautiful," Zach finally says. Erica and Opal say the dresses just need a little adjusting. They suggest getting rid of Reese's bow and shortening Bianca's hem. The more they adjust the more uncomfortable Reese and Bianca get. Zach ignores them all. Miranda accidentally rips down the sheet! Opal leaves shortly. Reese and Bianca, seeing the dresses, agree that they are all wrong. Reese says they need knew dresses and to be surprised on their wedding day. Reese goes to change. Erica brings up Kendall, wishing she could be there. Bianca says Kendall will be home soon. Reese, dressed in a towel, heads for the bathroom. Zach comes out, startles her and she drops the towel! "Yeah," they both say and go in opposite directions.

    I Remember!

    Friday, January 23 2009

    At the hospital Frankie tells Bianca and Reese that Kendall is holding her own. Then he mentions that Zach hasn't been in to see Kendall since the transplant. The women are stunned. Greenlee arrives with Emma and Frankie looks her over. Brot and Taylor run into one another near the exam room and hear Emma crying. He goes in and calms Emma down, telling her that burns aren't that bad. Emma lets Frankie take care of her.

    JR calls Amanda at Fusion but she won't talk to him. Petey and Randi wonder what is going on. Then Erica walks in, hears the message and tells Amanda to stop taking personal calls at work! She gives Amanda some paperwork; Amanda says the work is finished and waiting on Greenlee's approval. Erica goes off on a tangent about putting their personal lives before work. Amanda tries to convince Erica to go home and rest but she refuses. JR arrives and Amanda promises to get rid of him. Erica listens to them and when JR won't go, tells him to leave and take Amanda with him! Erica thanks Amanda for being concerned and returns to work. Bianca arrives as Erica is lashing out at Petey for a misspelling on an ad. Binks asks why she is at work at all. Erica says she has to be there because Greenlee is ignoring the office. Binks offers to help but Erica won't let her. Randi asks Petey why he puts up with Erica's actions. He says he likes the work. Erica finally leaves and they start bagging on her. Bianca hears them, gets upset and says they need to show Erica that she can count on them!

    Reese takes Zach to Kendall's room. He hesitates outside but she pulls him into the room. He tells her about the times he would just listen to Kendall's heart as she played with his hair. He wonders if things will be different now. He goes inside finally and lays his head on Kendall's chest. Bianca arrives. Zach turns to them, relieved that her heart sounds the same as always. Erica watches from the hall.

    The Guilt Begins!

    Wednesday, January 21 2009

    Jesse approaches Erica, who is sitting with Reese, in the waiting room to ask what went on in her room before the shooting. Zach interrupts, says Josh robbed the casino and he shot him. Erica is very upset but agrees to talk to Jesse. He says it can wait and leaves. Ryan arrives and kisses Greenlee hello; there is no word on Kendall's condition. He tells her everything will be okay and holds her. Bianca hugs Erica, saying Kendall will make it. "I can't lose her, too," Erica says as David walks in. "The surgery was a success," he says but warns that Kendall won't be out of the woods for at least 48 hours. Zach wants to see her but David holds him off, saying they have to get Kendall into her own room first. Then, David says Zach will be the only visitor allowed for a while. Erica walks into the hall and he follows, apologizing for Josh's death. Erica questions her decision to let Josh die; David comforts her. She returns to the waiting room. Zach thanks her for making the decision she made; she says she did the only thing she could do. "But I loved my son," she says, crying. Joe arrives. They talk about the mistakes they made with Josh and Erica thanks Joe for always seeing the best in Josh. He says Josh always knew she loved him and hands her a bag with Josh's things in it. Inside is his wallet, with pictures of Kendall inside. Jack arrives and asks Greenlee how things are going. She gives him the update and Jack asks what happened to the nice Josh they all knew; Greens can't answer. Greenlee jokes about the promises she made to Kendall and wonders if Kendall will hold her to them. Ryan goes to Joe, who says he has to contact Jeff. He leaves. Ryan comforts Erica, talking about Gillian and the tough decisions they have both had to make. Jack and Greenlee offer Erica their sympathies. Ryan and Jack finally convince Erica to return to the Valley Inn to rest.

    Bianca talks to Reese about the Josh she remembers and wonders what happened to that man. Zach comes in and wonders if Kendall can ever forgive him for making Erica choose her life instead of Josh's! Zach goes to see Kendall and when he returns, tells them that Kendall is already getting some color back. Everyone is thrilled. Binks convinces him to go home to the boys; Reese leaves with him. Greenlee goes after comfort foods. Ryan talks to Bianca; she brings up the weddings and says they should postpone so that Kendall can be there. Ryan tells her that waiting isn't what Kendall would want. He convinces her that Erica will hold up to the pressures, too, and asks why she is still so uncertain of Reese and Zach! Bianca insists that she trusts Reese now. She asks if he knows everything about Greenlee. Greens overhears and says having secrets is half the fun. Ryan looks out the window to watch the eclipse. Bianca and Greenlee pray for Kendall's recovery.

    Erica's Choice...

    Monday, January 19 2009

    At the casino Zach and Josh both fire their guns. Josh is hit and falls on top of Reese; Erica rushes to his side. "I just wanted a second chance," he mumbles and tells Erica to make sure Kendall is taken care of. The EMTs arrive and Zach tells them to keep Josh alive – so Kendall can have his heart! Erica asks what Zach means and he tells her about David's proclamation that Kendall is going to die without a heart transplant.

    Angie turns to another doctor and asks him to run some tests on the drugs she stole from David's! Greenlee arrives and asks about Kendall; Angie tells her to talk to David but before he can answer her questions Kendall's monitors flat-line! David stabilizes Kendall but tells Greenlee that she won't make it through the night! She begs him to keep Kendall alive until the family arrives and then goes into Kendall's room. She begs Kendall to wake up but Kendall doesn't respond. Jake arrives and tells David that he will fight him. Angie sees Zach arrive and tells him that Kendall has already arrested once; he says they have a heart. Erica follows him in, trying to decide which child she should save! Zach goes straight to David and demands that he hurry the tests through so they know if Josh is a match for Kendall. David heads for the ER. Greenlee asks him what happened but Zach rushes to Kendall's side. Amanda arrives and runs into Jake. He warns her about JR – again – but Amanda won't listen. Jake takes the canceled check from his pocket and asks what she has done for David! Amanda says she doesn't know what the check is but Jake keeps pushing her. Amanda gives in and tells Jake that David paid her to get JR to drink again. "I'm for sale just like any other prostitute," she says and faints! Jake asks a friend to look after Amanda. She tells the doctor she needs a pregnancy test and makes him promise to keep the results quiet.

    Angie works to save Josh's life as Erica watches from the hall. She tells Erica that Josh is brain dead! Bianca and Reese are there. Erica asks what is next and Angie says Erica has to decide whether to keep Josh on life support for the rest of his life or pull the plug. David and Zach arrive; David says Kendall will die by morning without a miracle and asks if they can use Josh's heart to save her. Angie tells Erica that Josh's heart is viable but only for a little while. David says the heart is Kendall's best hope. "Do it," she says. Erica and Bianca leave for some air and Greenlee goes to call Ryan. Reese stays with Zach, telling him things will be okay. She thanks him for saving her from Josh and starts to cry. He hugs her as Bianca returns; she hugs Reese, too. Erica returns. David and Angie come back and say even though the tests aren't back they are prepping both Josh and Kendall to speed things up. Bianca leads Erica into Josh's hospital room. Just then Angie's doctor friend comes back with the test results from the pills! Jake finds Angie and she fills him in on Josh's condition. He is worried until Angie says the ingredients in David's pills aren't FDA approved. "This is going to take him down," she says. Jesse arrives and overhears. She tells him about the drug tests and he questions how she found the pills and when she doesn't say, tells her to keep this to herself! The doctor returns to Amanda and says she is pregnant. A while later Jake comes in and guesses at her diagnosis; he asks who the father is but Amanda doesn't know!

    In Josh's room Erica cries and apologizes for not understanding his pain and anger. Bianca cries behind her. "Kendall reached out to you and now you can reach out to her and live on inside her," Erica says. "I hope you finally find peace."

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