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    All My Children CAST - Bianca Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bianca Montgomery Played by Eden Riegel on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eden Riegel

    Birthday: 1980-01-01
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Real Name: Eden Riegel


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    Kathy is Missing!

    Monday, February 02 2009

    Kendall is shocked when Bianca tells her that Zach was their sperm donor! Zach asks Binks and Reese to give them a little time. Kendall tries to hide how upset she is; Zach says over and over that he isn't the father of Bianca's baby, he is just the donor. She asks for more details. Zach says Bianca was supposed to tell them if the procedure was successful and he didn't want to throw more pressure on her in case the procedure didn't work. He tells her how great Gabrielle is as Kendall tries to digest all of the news. He decides to call Rachael to bring the boys in. Kendall asks how long Binks and Reese will be with them but Zach doesn't know. David comes in to check Kendall's vital signs. He tells Kendall how great she is doing; she mentions the strong Kane bloodlines.

    At the hospital David tells Erica what a good thing she did in saving Kendall. He suggests she might repay the favor he did for her someday; Erica says she won't help him gain custody of Little A! "You have Krystal to help you," Erica says, upsetting David. Erica spots Reese and Bianca and goes to them; Binks tells her everything. David pulls Erica away. Bianca worries that she should have been honest with Kendall from the beginning. Reese says Kendall's reaction isn't her fault. Down the hall David reminds Erica that she vowed to do anything in repayment for his saving Kendall; she still refuses to take Little A from the Chandler's. She hugs him, wishes him well and thanks him again for saving Kendall. They see Zach come into the hall; he assures them all that Kendall is fine with the news. Bianca goes inside and excitedly talks to Kendall about Gabrielle and her hopes for the future. She asks Kendall to be Gaby's godmother! Reese, meanwhile, tells Zach that she was upset about her mother and didn't mean any of the things she said about her feelings. Erica watches them, wondering what is going on. Binks returns and says Kendall really is okay with the baby news.

    Erica sits with Kendall and tells her they were all worried about her reaction. Kendall is obviously still upset but doesn't say anything as Erica rambles on about the new Kane woman in the family. "Oh shut up and tell me what you really think," Kendall says! Erica tells Kendall about her misgivings about Reese's sexuality. She hesitates and then tells Kendall to watch Reese very closely – around Bianca and around Zach! Zach brings the boys in. She holds them close and then asks to see Gaby! Binks and Reese bring the baby in and Kendall gets emotional. "Hello there," she says quietly and then sees Zach staring at the baby.

    Kendall's Awake!

    Friday, January 30 2009

    Bianca and Greenlee can't believe Kendall's eyes are opening. They ask if she can hear them and Kendall starts to gag on the tube in her throat. Bianca calms Kendall, telling her that she is in the hospital. Binks tells Kendall about the tornado, assuring her that the boys are fine and so is her baby. Frankie comes in with two nurses who tell Greens to wait outside. Bianca excitedly comes out to call Zach and Greenlee goes inside. Kendall asks how long she has been out and is shocked when Greens says it has been three months. Kendall spots the engagement ring and Greenlee tells her she is marrying Ryan. Kendall starts to cry but is also confused. She asks about Annie and then David walks in. Kendall doesn't understand why he is there. David tells her how good she is going post-transplant. "You have a new heart," he says and her monitors start to surge.

    Ryan visits Erica at the Valley Inn. He asks why Mary was invited; Erica insists she was trying to do a good thing but Ryan doesn't believe her. "This isn't an episode of your TV show," Ryan says but Erica insists her intentions were good. Ryan says she should have asked both Greenlee and Reese before inviting the mothers and tells her how upset Greenlee is about the bad omens. "Well, maybe she is right," Erica says! Bianca calls about Kendall.

    Zach comes into the living room as Reese orders Claire to get out; he backs up Reese and she leaves. Reese breaks down in Zach's arms. Reese asks Zach how her mother's issues can make her feel so bad; he lets her talk and then tells her that Bianca is all that matters. Reese cries harder, saying he and Bianca are the only people she feels connected to! She says she can be herself around Zach because she has to protect Bianca. "We can talk about anything. . .everything," Reese says. Zach says their connection is just friendship. Bianca calls!

    Zach runs down the hospital halls and impatiently waits while David tells Kendall that her body is responding well to the transplant. He finally gets in and holds Kendall's hand. He says she is beautiful. "I thought I lost you. Don't leave me again; I can't do it," he says emotionally. He tells her how he had the boys kiss her pictures before going to sleep; she starts to cry. Erica and Ryan arrive but Bianca keeps them in the hall so Zach and Kendall can have time together. Erica tells Binks she has to tell Kendall about Gabrielle. Reese assures Binks that Kendall will understand. Kendall asks Zach to get the boys so he calls Rachael. He tells her how she saved both of the boys. She asks him about the night of the tornado and surprises him when she says she is ready to have more kids now! Zach says they'll talk more later but she is adamant that she get her life back immediately. Erica comes in and says that is the Kane in her. She hugs Kendall. Kendall asks where her heart came from and Erica looks sadly at Zach. He finally says Josh was the donor. Kendall freaks out but Erica tries to keep her calm by saying Josh had a terrible accident. Erica tells her about the double wedding, hoping to distract her. Zach gets Bianca from the hall but Reese hangs back. Zach pushes her into the room, too. Bianca tells Kendall about Gabrielle but leaves out Zach's sperm donation at first. Finally she tells Kendall that Zach was their donor!

    Mamma Drama!

    Thursday, January 29 2009

    Reese and Bianca are enjoying a quiet morning in bed when Erica arrives and hollers at them that the shower guests will be there soon. Zach arrives and Erica says she has a few surprises in store! She insists the day is about celebration and forgiveness. Bianca and Reese come downstairs and are thrilled at the decorations. Zach makes a quick exit as Amanda and Randi arrive. They offer to help finish setting up. Opal and Colby arrive and the present opening begins. Greenlee arrives and sadly looks at the picture of Kendall. Erica hands her a gift – sexy lingerie! Reese opens another gift as a strange woman arrives – it is Reese's mother, Claire! "Oh, it's just like your last shower," Claire says. Claire joins the party as Erica tells Bianca that this is a good step forward. Binks returns to the party. Greenlee turns to Erica and accuses her of trying to come between Bianca and Reese! Erica calls Greenlee a pot-stirrer and storms off. Bianca offers to introduce Claire to Gabrielle but she declines. More presents are opened as Claire watches the girls judgmentally. One gift is a dress for Gabby; Amanda looks longingly at it. Just then Greenlee's mom, Mary, arrives! Colby wins the first shower game. Seeing Randi and Amanda joking around, Claire asks if they are gay, too! Reese tells Claire that women can be good friends and not be lovers. "Well, excuse me if this lifestyle choice of yours is still confusing for me," Claire says. Reese runs out. Mary asks if she can come to the wedding, informing Greenlee that she is staying in Pine Valley for a while. "Adam's moved on," Erica says snidely but Mary doesn't seem to care. She leaves and soon after Greenlee does. Bianca turns on Claire; Erica tries to play mediator and Bianca says she'll get to her later! She tells Claire to get a grip and get over herself. Reese comes downstairs. Erica pulls Bianca outside so they can talk. "I'm sorry that you don't understand," Reese says. On the terrace Bianca yells at Erica – and then Erica throws snow on her! She says Bianca is getting too hyper. Bianca turns away, saying she has somewhere else to be!

    At the hospital David tells Zach that Kendall's heart and other organs are working well but there is still no indication that she'll wake up. Zach leaves. Brot sees David and tells him that miracles can happen. As David looks over Kendall, Brot asks medical questions. David questions him about the coma he was in; Brot says he remembers the dreams he had. "Waking up, it almost felt like dying," Brot says. David wonders if Kendall wants to wake up. Later on Bianca and Greenlee arrive; both are missing Kendall and wonder if she would have set Erica straight. As they are talking, Kendall's eyes begin to open!

    An Uncomfortable Moment...

    Tuesday, January 27 2009

    Erica is going over some plans with Bianca at Fusion when Amanda arrives. She's still feeling ill from the morning sickness. Erica asks Reese to go over some blueprints to expand her closet. A few minutes later Biancas and Reese's wedding gowns are delivered. They want to try them on but Erica says they can't! "You cannot try on the dresses – it's bad luck," Erica exclaims. Amanda, eating popcorn, starts coughing. Erica suggests they all go to Zach's but Reese doesn't want to shut Greenlee out of the festivities. Erica could care less. Greenlee arrives. They start talking about the bridal showers; Erica doesn't want Greenlee at the showers, either. She gives Greenlee a list of things to do – including picking up her dry cleaning and sorting her shoes by color. Erica, Bianca and Reese leave. Greenlee tells the others to get rid of the list and sends Petey and Randi out for food. She and Amanda go over the new ad campaign that she developed. Amanda reminds her that Erica came up with a campaign. "Shred it," Greenlee says. They talk about Ryan and then Amanda gets sick again. She tells Greenlee it is just a bug. Petey comes back with a question about the order and Amanda runs out. Randi returns as Frankie stops by. Greenlee sends them off to have fun and then gives Petey the day off. JR comes in looking for Amanda. Greenlee says she went home sick; he says he'll find her.

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