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    All My Children CAST - Bianca Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bianca Montgomery Played by Eden Riegel on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eden Riegel

    Birthday: 1980-01-01
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Real Name: Eden Riegel


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    You're Helping Her!

    Monday, February 09 2009

    Bianca turns on Reese after she says Kendall shouldn't have woken up and tells her she has no clue what Kendall has gone through. Bianca tells Reese just how horrible Kendall's life has been but Reese says the past is no excuse for how Kendall is acting now. She tells Reese to give Kendall some space; this annoys Reese, who asks why she is being cast as the bad guy. She insists Bianca misunderstood what she was getting at but when Bianca tells her to finish her train of thought Reese won't. "You are choosing your sister over me!" she says angrily, comparing the Kane women to a cult. She insists that Erica and Kendall are trying to ruin their relationship but Bianca refuses to consider that. Bianca says their real problem comes from the way she convinced Zach to be their sperm donor. Reese angrily walks out, saying their life would be perfect if Binks would stop listening to her mom and sister. Erica arrives to go over the seating chart for the wedding but Binks can't concentrate on the plans. Erica pushes until Bianca breaks down and tells her about the fight with Reese. Erica convinces Binks to fight for Reese. Bianca realizes the seating chart has Greenlee behind a pillar. She says if Erica fixes the chart, she'll fix things with Reese.

    Reese plays the slots in the casino. Zach finds her and gives her a few tokens. She loses some more money. Frustrated, Reese asks Zach how to deal with all of the Kane women without losing her sanity. She blames herself for not pushing Bianca to tell the family about her pregnancy sooner. Zach insists this isn't her fault and says he wanted to be their donor. He says he'll take care of Kendall. Reese slowly walks back upstairs. She apologizes to Bianca; Binks apologizes, too. She asks if Bianca blames her for all of this; Bianca says there is no blame to be placed. They hug.

    David Gives Up!

    Friday, February 06 2009

    At the Slater home Reese tells Bianca everything about her conversation with Kendall, certain that they are now friends.

    Downstairs Kendall tells Zach to get rid of Bianca and Reese – right now! Zach doesn't want to do it but Kendall insists. "Bianca and that woman don't get a free pass. They betrayed me!" Kendall says! She even says she may not be strong enough to attend the wedding and then asks her nurse for a hot bath, refusing to let Zach help. Binks and Reese come in and Zach breaks the news that Kendall wants space so they have to move out. Bianca hesitates, reminding him that they are in the middle of wedding plans. Zach insists that he and Kendall need time alone and when Binks suggests talking to Kendall he convinces them to give Kendall a little time – and go straight to the casino! Just then movers arrive for their things!

    Erica finds Zach, Bianca and Reese moving things into the suite next to hers at the casino. With the girls focused on unpacking Erica asks why Kendall made him move the girls out! Zach takes the blame but Erica doesn't believe him. She leaves. Binks tells Zach she knows Kendall is behind this. He leaves and Bianca tries to put on a happy face for Reese, but she is certain that Kendall kicked them out because of her. "She hates me!" Reese exclaims. She says this puts their wedding and happiness in jeopardy. Reese says things would be better if Kendall had never woken up, angering Bianca.

    Rebecca's Dying Wish!

    Thursday, February 05 2009

    Upstairs Bianca and Reese wake from their nap. The girls are playing in another room; Binks kisses Reese and starts to make love but Reese pulls away! "I can't," she says! She brings up Kendall, saying there are issues there. Binks disagrees. Gabrielle starts to cry. Reese goes downstairs. Kendall isn't happy to see her. She asks Zach to give them a few minutes. When he leaves Kendall reminds Reese of the problems in Bianca's past. Reese vows to love and protect Binks. Kendall is satisfied. Reese tells her that Zach didn't want to be the donor at first but after talking to Reese about the importance of babies, he agreed to go through with it. This does not make Kendall feel better. Reese goes on about her life with Bianca and calls Gabby a miracle. Kendall says she needs to rest.

    Zach goes upstairs to chat with Bianca. He asks what is going on with Reese and Bianca says she is uncomfortable but doesn't know why. Zach mentions Kendall, wondering why she wasn't more upset at the big baby-daddy announcement. Bianca tells him that if Kendall is mad it isn't his fault; she reminds him that he agreed to be the donor, he didn't have an affair with her. Zach says it is still a betrayal of Kendall! Zach returns downstairs and apologizes to Kendall for not telling her sooner about the donor idea. He says he couldn't not be Binks' donor, which only annoys Kendall. "I had to do it for Bianca," he says, "because of what my brother did to her." Kendall says he also did it because of her one night stand with Aidan!

    Back upstairs Reese tells Bianca that Kendall really is okay with what they did. She relaxes for the first time and hugs Bianca.

    Fusion Is In Trouble!

    Wednesday, February 04 2009

    At the house Zach finishes up a few last minute preparations. Reese wonders if Kendall really wants them to stay at the house. Binks assures Reese that Kendall wants them to stay. She goes to get the boys while Reese puts a few finishing touches on the room – including a picture of her, Bianca and Zach with Gabrielle!

    Zach brings Kendall home. Binks is waiting with the kids. He helps her to the sofa and warns the kiddos to take it easy on her. Kendall kisses the boys and welcomes Miranda home. Spike has a gift for Kendall – a Sleeping Beauty bracelet. She loves it. Reese comes in with Gabrielle, who is fussy. Zach takes over the baby's care, calming her immediately. Kendall watches jealously. Zach and Kendall look through pictures from the holidays. Kendall can't stop watching Reese, though. Binks and Reese take Gabby to their room. Binks is thrilled that Kendall is home; Reese keeps her worry to herself. She holds Binks as she sleeps. Back downstairs Zach and Kendall finally have some time alone. He tells her how lonely it was without her. She mentions all of the people living at the house, saying he couldn't have been lonely. "It isn't about who you're with. It's who you're waiting for," Zach says. Kendall asks how he spent his time alone. He says he worked, took care of the boys and visited her. She pretends to be tired so Zach lies down with her on the sofa. He goes to sleep and she stares at the picture of Reese.

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