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    All My Children CAST - Bianca Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bianca Montgomery Played by Eden Riegel on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eden Riegel

    Birthday: 1980-01-01
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Real Name: Eden Riegel


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    Let's Go To Court, Then!

    Friday, February 20 2009

    At the casino Erica and the nanny run into Reese. She wants to see Gabrielle but Erica tells her to get lost. Reese tries to see the kiddo anyway but Erica won't let her near Gabby. Reese tells her how much she loves Bianca. "If that is true then leave and don't fight her for this child," Erica says, implying that Reese has no parental rights because Binks carried the baby and she didn't! Reese insists that if the tables were turned she would never do what Bianca is doing now. Erica finally gives in and Reese picks up Gabby. Erica watches them closely and gets teary. She tells Reese that she's had enough time, worried that Binks will find out and flip out. The nanny takes the baby upstairs. Reese says she can see that Erica agrees with her but Erica won't admit that. Erica says she brought all of this on herself and quickly walks away. Bianca returns and finds out Reese got a judge to grant a restraining order, preventing Binks from leaving the country! Reese begs her again to give their love another chance but Bianca won't listen. She says she never loved Reese, she loved the image that Reese presented! She insists that if Reese loved her – or even liked her! – she wouldn't have fawned all over Zach. Reese says they are not over. Binks threatens to out Reese as a non-lesbian in court, takes off her wedding ring and says she is everything her mother said she was! Binks hurries away.

    Kendall meets Erica and Bianca at ConFusion. They tell her about Reese's court hearing and Erica asks Kendall to help them get ready. Kendall refuses.

    Annie Fights Back!

    Thursday, February 19 2009

    At the casino Zach tells Ryan to back off but he just keeps pushing Zach, telling him that he alone is responsible for Greenlee's death. Ryan flips out. Zach tells Ryan that he always hurts the women he loves – and reminds him of Annie, Greenlee and Kendall. Ryan turns the tables, saying Kendall would never have been in the coma if Zach hadn't left her alone during the tornadoes! Reese walks in and tries to talk to Zach but he walks out. She turns on Ryan, telling him that he made a mistake; this makes Ryan angrier and he yells at Reese that she was cheating on Binks. Reese defends herself and then Binks walks in, telling Ryan to leave Reese alone! She says she'll deal with Reese and reminds Ryan that he has Emma to think about. He leaves. Reese tries to talk to Binks but she brings in a lawyer and says they are getting an annulment! Reese keeps trying to talk to Binks and repeats that it was just a kiss; Binks is tired of listening to her explanations. She begs Bianca to get out of Pine Valley with her so they can start over. Bianca says she can't just forget about everything that happened. "You took my hope, my love, my trust," Bianca says. Reese refuses to sign the annulment papers until she gets visitation rights to see the kids. Binks says the girls are hers, not Reese's! They yell at each other about who is more a parent. The lawyer says Reese has rights! Reese rips up the annulment papers, saying she'll annul the marriage but she wants joint custody! She walks out; Bianca is stunned.

    A Vow of Revenge!

    Wednesday, February 18 2009

    Bianca yells at Reese, telling her that she knows about the affair because Ryan told her about it. Reese says all Ryan saw was one little kiss and swears it meant nothing. Because of Simon, though, Bianca refuses to believe her. She says Reese isn't gay! Upset, Reese says souls match up to one another and gender has nothing to do with it; this only upset Binks more. Reese tries to explain and says she doesn't know how she is supposed to act or react to anyone because she is new to being out. "Zach is the only one who doesn't look at me like he's waiting for me to screw up," she says and then says she kissed Zach because she was afraid of fully taking on her new, gay life. Crying, she says over and over that she loves Bianca and wants a life with her. She says every doubt she had disappeared when she said her vows but Bianca isn't sure she can believe her. She begs for forgiveness but Bianca refuses. "You betrayed me," she says and pulls away from Reese saying they have no future and no family. Reese won't give up. Bianca says her actions killed Greenlee! Reese insists that isn't her fault. Reese asks if she loves her and Binks admits she does. Reese begs her to hold on to that and offers to leave with her. Binks can't believe her. "You were unfaithful. That's a deal breaker," Binks says and turns away. Reese grabs her and won't let go. Binks pulls away and goes upstairs to check the kiddos.

    Erica arrives at the Slater home and immediately goes on the attack against Reese, who finally talks back to her and tells her to stop sabotaging her relationship. Erica says she's done nothing like that. She accuses Reese of throwing herself at Reese for months! Bianca walks in with Gabby and tells Erica to stop. Erica just keeps pushing Reese, accusing her of lying time and again; Binks calls for Miranda. Reese, heartbroken, says Erica has finally won. Miranda comes down and Erica takes the kiddo to the car. Bianca, with a bag packed, says she is moving in with Erica for the time being! Bianca gives Reese the chance to say goodbye to Gabby. Reese begs her not to take away their family; Bianca asks if Reese fell in love with Zach the night they stayed up drinking and talking about the donor. Reese tries to get through to her but Bianca turns away, tells her to get into something sexy and wait for Zach! She walks out. Kendall arrives and goes off on Reese, asking why Zach brought her there. Reese says Zach didn't do anything but she doesn't know where to go. Kendall opens the door and tells her to get lost!

    In Erica's suite, she tries to comfort Bianca. Binks says this feels like the rape all over again.

    The Town That Kills Everyone!

    Tuesday, February 17 2009

    At the inn Erica tries to keep Bianca calm. The search crews return; Jesse, JR and Jack are with them. There is still no news. Erica asks Amanda to bring blankets. Ryan storms in and orders them to get back to the search. Jesse says they have to scale back and another officer says the mission is no longer a rescue – it's a body recovery mission! Ryan flips out. Erica tries to help Jack because he is blaming himself. He believes if he had checked on Greenlee she would never have been on the road. Jake talks to Tad, wondering why Greenlee didn't get her happy ending. Meanwhile Ryan demands that they keep the full search going. The officer says Ryan has to face reality – that the area has been searched and no trace of Greenlee has been found. Jesse pulls Ryan away and tries to calm him. Ryan begs him to get the search reinstated. Jesse agrees to talk to the local cops for him. Randi and Amanda wonder if they could help; Frankie says Greenlee is already dead because of the cold and the water. Bianca goes to Ryan and tries to comfort him. She asks why Greens was going to the chapel when she had already called off the wedding. Ryan admits he lied – and they cancelled their part of the wedding because Reese is having an affair with Zach! Bianca is stunned. "I walked in on them," Ryan says! He insists that Greenlee was going to the church to confront Zach. Bianca stands by Reese at first but Ryan keeps pushing her, telling her that if she had really tested Reese none of this would have happened! Freaked, Binks tells Erica that Reese cheated on her with Zach and hurries away. Ryan checks in with Jesse, who says the water is too rough and they are calling off the search until the weather clears. Jesse turns to the gathering and tells them to go home. Jesse turns back to Ryan and sadly tells him that Greens is dead. Ryan swears he won't give up. Aidan walks in and says he'll help Ryan search. Jack grabs his coat and heads for the door. Erica begs him to stop and think about his health. Jack angrily says he is going to bring his daughter back. Erica hugs him and begs him to talk. Jack breaks down a little, wondering how to help his little girl. Erica reminds him that Greens is a fighter. He kisses her hard and hurries out.

    Bianca gets to Kendall's hospital room and tries to talk to her. Kendall isn't interested and suggests that Greenlee's accident is all the reason Binks needs to go back on her promise! Bianca realizes this is why Kendall ran out on the wedding. Kendall angrily asks why everyone thinks they have to lie to her. Bianca brings up Greenlee; Kendall blames Binks for the kiss, too, because of Bianca's doubts from the beginning. "What is wrong with you?" she demands. Hurt, Bianca says Reese loved her; Kendall says Reese is a liar. Kendall falls asleep and dreams that Greenlee is there, saying goodbye. She begs Greens to hang on. She admits the accident was her fault. Greenlee tells Kendall to hang on to Zach's love and then disappears. Kendall wakes but no one is there.

    Reese is at the Slater home when Bianca walks in. She asks about Greenlee and tries to hug Binks. "Don't you dare touch me!" Bianca says!

    Bianca's Wedding - Part II!

    Monday, February 16 2009

    Bianca and Reese finish their vows and Miranda brings the rings to them. "I give you this ring and with it, all that I have," Bianca says. They light the unity candle. Erica watches them closely. The minister announces they are married and they kiss as the crowd claps for them. The reception begins. Erica toasts the couple. Erica makes excuses about Zach and Kendall; Jack makes illness excuses for Greenlee. Opal says Greenlee didn't seem sick to her. Erica tries to reach Kendall by phone but can't. Jack congratulates the happy couple and tells Binks how happy Travis would be for her. Erica listens to Tad and Jake banter for a bit and then Tad congratulates her. She says how sorry she is that his marriage has ended and leaves. Jake asks if he can do anything; Tad asks about David instead of answering. Frankie overhears and asks about David. Tad and Jake keep their mouths closed. Across the room Amanda thanks Randi for helping her with the sonogram. They notice JR watching. Erica returns to Binks and Reese, handing them a card. "When you find the perfect property, I'd like to buy it for you," Erica says, surprising them. Binks hugs her. Music starts as Binks and Reese begin dancing. They invite Miranda to join them and then more couples take the floor. Jack asks Erica to dance; JR leads Amanda to the dance floor. As they dance Randi tells Frankie how much her life has changed because of him. JR asks Amanda if everything is okay with Randi and Frankie; she says the discomfort in their friendship is because she is living at the mansion. She says she has no regrets, though. Amanda sees something and hurries from the room. She looks out a window but nothing is there. Jake follows and she says she saw David outside! Jake says David is nowhere around and she needs to relax.

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