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    All My Children CAST - Bianca Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bianca Montgomery Played by Eden Riegel on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eden Riegel

    Birthday: 1980-01-01
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Real Name: Eden Riegel


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    But I Didn't Kill Dixie!

    Monday, April 27 2009

    At the airport Zach thanks Bianca for bringing the girls back to Pine Valley. She asks about Ian and Zach updates her. He brings up Reese, telling Bianca that the girls deserve to see their other mom. Bianca refuses to see her and even considers leaving town right away. Zach calms her down and apologizes. They leave.

    Zach and Bianca return to the house. As they are talking Kendall walks in and pretends to be surprised to see Binks! The sisters are uncomfortable with each other and Binks goes upstairs. Zach tells Kendall he knows she was at the airport and orders her to stay out of his life! She tells him to stop butting into Bianca's life and stop humiliating her! Kendall tells him that Reese is returning to Paris; Zach quickly leaves the house! When Binks returns, Kendall tells her how Ryan has been there for her and Zach hasn't. Then she admits that Ryan has pushed her away but that he'll get over her connection to Zach. Bianca blames herself for Kendall's problems and apologizes. Kendall hugs her and they make up. With tears in her eyes Kendall tells Binks that Reese still loves her. "I'm still in love with her," Bianca admits, but she isn't sure she has the strength to do it. Kendall tells Bianca not to let Reese go the way she let Zach go! They cry together.

    Zach takes Reese to the park where they meet Kendall and Bianca.

    Get A Grip!

    Friday, April 24 2009

    Zach goes to the airport and picks up Bianca and the girls! Kendall watches from around a corner.

    Bye-Bye, Pine Valley!

    Tuesday, February 24 2009

    At ConFusion Amanda tells Jake she is certain that David was at the wedding; she wonders why he would be there. Jake is convinced David had no reason to be there and asks Amanda to give him more time to get the goods on David. She says she has no time because David is pushing her. JR arrives and hears Amanda talking about lying. He asks what is going on. Amanda says she was just asking Jake some medical questions about the baby; he shoves a bunch of money onto the bar and hurries out. JR asks what is really going on and she says she is worried about Adam's cold-shoulder treatment. JR tries to reassure her but winds up telling her how close he is to the edge of the abyss because of Bianca's wedding and Babe's death. Across the bar Bianca hugs Jack and then asks him to come to Paris with her – and bring Erica, too! Erica tells Binks to stay in Pine Valley. Bianca takes Jack's hand and calls him her father. She refuses to stay in Pine Valley, saying Kendall needs distance now and so does she.

    Kendall comes downstairs and finds Zach staring into the fire. Angry, he says he is only going to deal with reality, not make stupid chit-chat with her. "Fine," she says, "I have Josh's heart, my husband made a baby with my sister." Zach tells her to stop talking in grocery lists and let the anger flow but she won't. She touches her chest, feeling strange and Zach gets worried. She insists she is just hungry and goes to the kitchen alone. Bianca and Erica arrive; Kendall continues to be standoffish. Binks asks if she can say goodbye to the boys; Kendall says the girls' things are all packed and waiting. Erica tries to play peacemaker by sending Kendall upstairs. She gives Zach and Bianca space but they only say goodbye. Binks follows Kendall upstairs. Erica confronts Zach, asking why he isn't trying to see Gabby one last time! He says he is trying to do the right thing. Kendall and Binks come back downstairs, still uneasy with each other. Kendall tells Bianca she needs time. Binks tries to hug her but Kendall won't let her. Bianca brings up Zach, telling Kendall how much he loves her and Kendall rushes upstairs.

    Adam finds Reese at the casino bar. She cries on his shoulder about Binks and the girls. He tells her to fight for her children, and then offers to talk to Erica for her! Reese wonders what he is up to. Adam says he is only trying to help her keep her family, the way he would for anyone else. He leaves. Erica walks in with Bianca and Kendall; Binks goes upstairs to get the girls, realizing that Reese has been waiting for them. Bianca returns in a few moments. Reese tells them both how much she loves them, crying. Then she tells Bianca how much she loves her. Zach arrives. He watches silently as Bianca gathers up the girls and then Binks offers to let him hold the baby. He does as Kendall watches closely. Zach tells the baby she is beautiful and not to fall for silly boys. He advises her to love hockey and then kisses her. Reese hugs Miranda. Bianca starts to cry and then leads Miranda to Kendall and Erica. Kendall finally hugs Bianca, which makes her cry harder. She and Erica hug and then she takes Gabby from Zach and quickly leaves. She turns back and Reese pats her heart.

    I Want Results!

    Monday, February 23 2009

    Erica makes Kendall sit down with Binks so they can all talk. Kendall throws Bianca's decision and secret-keeping in her face, making Bianca feel even worse. Erica tries to play peace-maker, begging Kendall to help. She points out that Reese doesn't deserve Gabrielle. Erica tells Kendall to try to be understanding and says Kendall has changed a lot since the coma. Kendall angrily says she has a right to have changed since everyone lied to her. Erica tells her to leave. Kendall waits and then says she'll help them fight off Reese. Binks' lawyer arrives and tells them again that Reese has parental rights! She says Bianca can't take Gabby out of the country and warns that the case could go on for years to come. She says the best option is to get into a character debate by pointing out Reese's lying, cheating ways. Adam walks in and pressures Erica about the money she owes him from Fusion. He reminds her that she lied about Fusion's finance; she says she is too busy with Bianca's problems. Adam sarcastically asks when the natives will get restless; Erica tells him to focus on his new grandchild. "I want my money. You're distracted and that means I may never see it again," Adam exclaims! She returns to her table.

    Zach walks into ConFusion, exchanges barbs with Adam and then goes straight to Erica's table. He tells them about Reese's visit and what he said. Kendall asks what he really thinks. He says if they really want a character assassination they need to go straight to the heart of the matter and tell the judge that Reese only wanted him all along! Kendall tells the lawyer how obsessed Zach has been with Reese and Gabrielle since the day she was born. "She was stealing everything I loved," Kendall says. Reese walks in and says she'll do whatever they want as long as all of this stops. Binks takes Reese aside; she says she is doing this in the hope that Bianca will one day forgive her. "Maybe you'll even let me be in her life," Reese says. They agree to sign the papers tomorrow. Zach watches them and returns to Kendall. Adam watches Reese and tells her not to turn her back on the carnivorous Kane women!

    Let's Go To Court, Then!

    Friday, February 20 2009

    Zach tries to reach Kendall by phone but she doesn't answer. Binks walks in and says Kendall is smart for not accepting Zach's apologies and taking him back. She rambles about all of the lies Reese told and all of the time she took Reese back. Zach simply listens and then says they will work it out. He tells Bianca that the kiss was just a kiss; Bianca says he broke her trust for good this time. "I chose you to be the father of my child. That is the worst mistake of my life," she says! She wishes she could change her decision and then says neither Zach nor Reese will be allowed to see the baby from now on! Zach says, up until now, he has only seen the best parts of Erica in Bianca but now he sees all of the worst parts of Erica in her. "It makes me sick," he says! Bianca storms out.

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