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    All My Children CAST - Bianca Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bianca Montgomery Played by Eden Riegel on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eden Riegel

    Birthday: 1980-01-01
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Real Name: Eden Riegel


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    It's Me, Your Old Friend.

    Thursday, May 02 2013

    At the mansion, Celia notifies Brooke she'll continue volunteering despite her guardian's wishes. Upstairs AJ helps Miranda get dressed for a date.

    Bianca visits Marissa's grave and shares her day's events. She's sad they're not doing this together.

    Invasion Of Privacy.

    Wednesday, December 22 2010

    Griffin meets Bianca at Krystal's, who tells him the donors of the Miranda Center are nervous about his involvement. He knows he doesn’t play by the rules but he gets results. Bianca tells him how important the center is to her and now that Zach's gone she's there to oversee things. Kendall walks in upset that Bianca has left her out of this meeting. Griffin admits the investors are having issues with him. Kendall thinks she can get them to listen to her since she is Zach's wife. She demands no more meetings or decision are to be made without her. Kendall storms out and Bianca worries about Kendall to Griffin. Bianca wants to wait to discuss further business, because she knows her sister will be able to handle it. Griffin doesn't know why people allow themselves to fall in love so deeply their lives are ruined when they lose it.

    I Choked Your Husband And It Felt Great!

    Wednesday, June 16 2010

    At Fusion, Bianca lays into Greenlee for drinking champagne while her mom is missing. Greenlee swears she didn't want anything bad to happen to Erica, but Bianca doesn't believe her. She sees a picture of Erica in the trash. Bianca wonders how she could have shared her wedding day with her. Greenlee spits back that was just because of Ryan. Bianca doesn't think she is that cruel and begs Greenlee to tell her the truth. Greenlee coldly retorts it was an accident, just like what Kendall did to her. Jesse enters and asks Greenlee if she is ready to tell the truth. Greenlee states she did not try to hurt Erica. Bianca wants Jesse to arrest Greenlee. They are interrupted by a call from Jackson. He shares the news of finding a cabin and thinks Erica survived the crash. Bianca begins to cry and Greenlee tries to comfort her, but Bianca pulls away. Ryan arrives and offers his help to Bianca. Bianca again asks for the truth from Greenlee, but Greenlee orders Bianca to stop using her as a punching bag. Ryan tells Greenlee he put his hands around David's neck and squeezed and he wishes he didn't let go. He then orders Greenlee to leave and go find her husband. Greenlee thinks they should go find Erica and leave her alone and angrily leaves. Bianca wonders what has happened to Greenlee. Ryan sadly states she came back an angry person. Bianca thinks that Ryan is still in love with Greenlee. Ryan admits he is, but agrees to help Bianca get justice for Erica even if Greenlee is guilty.

    The Best Town in America!

    Tuesday, January 05 2010

    Families are discussed next. Mateo and Maria Santos weigh in on growing up in a big family. Ryan and Emma appear on camera, and Annie says her daughter will be with her very soon. Adam calls family the most important thing in his life. JR introduces Little Adam and talks about how he hasn't had it easy - losing his mom and having him for a father. Erica, Kendall, and Bianca talk about being Kane women. The Martins all reflect on their family members. David says his children will never really know how much he's done for them. The Hubbard family discusses being apart for 20 years. Randi and Natalia feel they belong to that family now. Scott is sticking with the Chandlers even though Stuart is gone.

    Brooke and Palmer say no one leaves Pine Valley for good. Lily lists off the times that the buses leave town. Brooke says she'd come back, but someone would have to warn Erica. Maria, Lily, Jackson, and Brooke all say they still call Pine Valley 'home'. Jake, Jesse, and Angie describe the tornado. Krystal thinks about her losses due to the storm, and David laments not getting to the hospital before Babe died. Tad boasts how the residents rebuilt. Adam claims he kept Erica alive in the tunnels - she owes him her life! Erica remembers Kendall being in a coma, and Bianca giving birth. Bianca thinks her daughter, Gabriella, might grow up to be the strongest Kane woman of them all!

    What If I Don't Believe You?

    Wednesday, April 29 2009

    Miranda is thrilled to see Reese and runs into her arms. She wants Reese to come back to Paris; Reese promises to visit. Miranda tells Reese how sad Bianca has been lately and hopes that Binks will cheer up if Reese comes home. Bianca can't believe what she is hearing as Reese comforts the girl. Binks sends Miranda back upstairs. Reese thanks her for allowing the visit and then asks about Bianca's sadness. She apologizes for making Binks feel bad. Binks apologizes for sending the get well letter. Things get uncomfortable and Bianca heads upstairs but Reese stops her and asks if she can visit the girls in Paris. Bianca approves another visit. Zach walks in. Reese goes upstairs to see the girls while Zach tells her about Alexander. Reese comes downstairs in tears and turns to leave. Bianca stops her and says she wants them to be together. Reese is stunned and thrilled. They hug and decide to try to make things work. Erica arrives and is happy for them. She tells the girls goodbye as Zach loads their luggage. Bianca and Reese are both excited to be moving forward. Erica wonders where Kendall is but there is no time to find her. Binks and Reese leave for Paris. After they are gone Erica asks Zach about Kendall. He insists that Kendall is exactly where she wants to be – with Ryan! He goes upstairs.

    Please, One More Try?

    Tuesday, April 28 2009

    In the park Zach and Kendall give Bianca and Reese space to talk. Reese rambles about missing her and how beautiful Bianca is. Binks says she is only here for a friend's wedding. Reese gives her flowers and Bianca realizes Reese is wearing their wedding bands. Reese explains that when she was blind she could finally see things clearly – that no one else's feelings mattered because she wants a life with Bianca. She asks Bianca to take a chance on them. Bianca worries that Reese will turn away from her again. Reese apologizes for turning to Zach. "I will never, ever love anyone the way I love you," Reese says. Bianca admits she wants to trust Reese but says she can't do it. Reese says they can take small steps but Bianca insists that she can't risk the girls' emotional health. She insists that Reese is so used to keeping secrets she can never trust her. Reese says, "I know who I am now and I will never be whole without you."

    Kendall gets home and Erica immediately confronts her about Bianca and the girls. Kendall insists she was going to tell Erica and that she has come to terms with Bianca. Bianca arrives and tells them that she still can't trust Reese. Erica stands by Reese, saying that Reese never wanted to hurt Bianca. She was only trying to figure herself out. She warns Bianca that forgiveness is part of all relationships. Things calm down and talk moves to Erica's renewed relationship with Adam. Binks and Kendall ask what is going on; Erica insists they are friends and business associates.

    Reese hurries to the Slater home to see the kids. She holds Gabrielle and plays with her.

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