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    All My Children CAST - Bianca Montgomery - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bianca Montgomery Played by Eden Riegel on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Eden Riegel

    Birthday: 1980-01-01
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Real Name: Eden Riegel


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    This Time You Can Have Her!

    Monday, January 12 2009

    At the hospital Zach and Reese find Bianca with a few cuts on her face. She says she didn't go to Connecticut and Reese realizes this was all a scam to test her. She can't believe it and blames Erica. Bianca says she saw them together and accuses them of having an affair! Zach gets angry and says Bianca didn't see anything; he tells her about Erica's visit. Reese begs her to believe them but Bianca is caught up in the lies Reese has told in the past. Zach leaves to see Kendall as Reese asks what more she can do to prove her love. Binks says, "I don't know you at all." Reese says she can't live with Bianca's judgment and tests but Binks insists that there is something going on between Reese and Zach! Binks finally admits she was wrong to test them but says she still can't trust Reese. Upset, Reese swears that she loves Bianca and wants a future with her. She tries to reach out to Bianca but she turns away and pretends to sleep. In the hall Zach tells Reese things will be okay. A while later a nurse delivers a note to Binks from Reese – saying that she is going back to Paris because she can't deal with Binks' judgment! Her engagement ring is inside. Bianca gets out of bed.

    At Zach's Reese packs a suitcase and then hugs Gaby. Zach returns and she says she can't leave! He doesn't understand. She says she was going to leave for Paris but she can't leave the kids! Bianca arrives and says she was dumb not to believe in Reese. She asks for Reese's forgiveness and they kiss.

    Tad's Home!

    Friday, January 09 2009

    At Zach's Reese tries to convince Bianca to wait another day to leave but she insists that she has to go. Zach comes inside as Gabrielle cries. He picks her up. Bianca says she can wait a little while but Zach says they have the kids covered. Reese kisses her goodbye. She watches them from outside the door! She finally leaves. Zach and Reese talk about the kids over a glass of wine and then start to work on the finalized plans for the casino. Erica arrives, surprised to learn that Bianca is looking at wedding locations alone while Reese and Zach are playing house. She brings up Reese's lies about Simon but Reese doesn't take the bait. She insists that her relationship is fine. Zach defends Reese and Erica says she knows exactly what is going on between them because she saw them at the casino! They insist they are only friends but Erica won't listen. Zach angrily asks if Erica really thinks he is having an affair while Kendall is in a coma! Erica brings up the baby secret; Zach says he did that for Bianca, not Reese. Erica sticks to her guns and walks out. Reese can't believe it. Zach tells Reese to ignore Erica because she is just trying to push them around. "I thought you were stronger than that," he says and walks out.

    Corrinna brings Emma home from school. Emma asks Greenlee to come to a school function with her on Tuesday but Ryan says Greenlee has to work; Greenlee says can take the day off because she is her own boss! Ryan brings up family and asks Emma how she would feel if Greens became part of their family – and her step-mother. Emma asks if he is going to stop loving her like he's stopped loving Annie. Ryan insists that won't happen and then Greens asks her to be their flower girl. Bianca arrives. Both Ryan and Greenlee tell her she is going too far and Reese may never forgive her. Greens tells Binks about Aidan's spying games. Reese calls and Bianca pretends to be on the road. Reese says she misses her already and then hangs up. Bianca realizes she is making a huge mistake. She sits down heavily and says she knows she has to trust Reese but it is hard when she sees the connection between Reese and Zach. Greens and Ryan point out that Zach is just being a friend. "I have to go home," she says and makes them promise not to tell anyone about her plot. Over wine Ryan says it is time that Greenlee start sleeping at the penthouse so that Emma will become used to her being around. She suggests abstinence until the wedding but Ryan nixes that idea. Thinking about Bianca, she says they shouldn't be this happy. Ryan understands where Binks is coming from because of Zach's past; Greenlee defends Zach, reminding Ryan of the bomb shelter.

    Zach apologizes to Reese. He says Erica will never like her. Reese brings up Paris, saying things were great there and now things are terrible. Zach says she is the perfect woman for Bianca and hugs her. Bianca walks up and sees them – and jumps to the wrong conclusion!

    Tied To A Piano!

    Thursday, January 08 2009

    At the casino Ryan asks Bianca if she is trying to test Reese and Zach. Bianca says she has to know the truth and reminds Ryan that she has been left for a man before. Ryan says this is a big mistake.

    Meanwhile Reese tells Zach that their wedding plans are off because Bianca doesn't like the ideas. He hugs her and says things will work out. Reese leaves. Greenlee brings up their living arrangement, insinuating that something might be going on. Zach asks what she is trying to do. Greens says she is just impressed that they have made their strange living arrangement work. Binks and Ryan return. Zach says Reese left, upsetting Bianca. She says she doesn't want to get married at the casino; Ryan and Greenlee say they don't want to marry at the casino either! Bianca leaves to find Reese. Zach starts to follow but Greenlee and Ryan stop him. They convince Zach to give the girls some space to work out whatever is bothering them.

    At home Bianca brings up her idea of a real wedding in Connecticut. She asks Reese to come along to check out the place she found but Reese says she has too much work to do. Binks says she'll go alone and leaves to pack as Zach walks in. He asks what is going on now but Reese doesn't know. She worries to Zach about postponing the wedding and asks Zach if she should drop work to go with Binks. Zach asks what her gut is telling her. Bianca listens as she says her gut tells her to stay!

    Playing With Fire!

    Wednesday, January 07 2009

    At the casino Bianca tells Ryan that they don't have to have a double wedding if he wants the day to himself. Ryan says a double wedding is fine by him. He leaves. Zach and Reese come in and Bianca has a small break-down. She says things are moving too fast and she thinks they can't get married on Valentine's Day! Reese says things will work out and Binks brings up Simon! She immediately apologizes but Reese says they have to talk about her insecurities about Zach. Binks apologizes again; Reese says they can get through all of the wedding hassles if they just talk to one another. They kiss.

    Ryan and Greenlee arrive at the casino to talk weddings with Reese and Bianca. Zach is there. Reese tells them about Zach's suggestion that they get married at the casino but Greenlee nixes the idea. She also nixes the church idea. Zach says they'll build gazebos and get great bands to perform. Reese is thrilled with the ideas but Bianca obviously has doubts. "This is all wrong!" she exclaims. Greens sides with Bianca and finally Ryan says they want something small. Reese keeps pushing her ideas and Bianca walks out! Ryan follows her. Greenlee asks Reese what is going on between them. Reese tells Greenlee about Bianca's fears, thanks to Erica. Greenlee is understanding and they chat over coffee. Zach hears them and asks what is wrong.

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