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    All My Children CAST - Sydney Harris - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sydney Harris Played by Taylor Gildersleeve on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Gildersleeve

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Taylor Gildersleeve


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    A Pine Valley Christmas Eve

    Friday, December 22 2006

    When Dixie returns to Chandler manse, Adam sees how emotional she is and asks if anything is wrong. She says that it's not the right time to say what needs to be said—and Krystal interrupts and says she'll say it.

    Thanksgiving "celebrations" continues

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    At the Chandler manse, Colby begins to argue with Sydney, and Krystal intercedes and tries to establish peace for Thanksgiving.

    David finds Babe in front of her house and tells her he's "come to say goodbye." He tells her when Krystal leaves Adam, she will follow. And when she thinks back on him, her father loved her very much.

    When she gets inside, Babe asks Krystal what David meant, and if he knows about the paternity of Krystal's baby.

    Tad and Dixie arrive, and Krystal is more than shocked by the new guests—and the news that Dixie will be living with them.

    Colby finds an envelope at the front door and shows it to Adam. It's marked "Urgent!" It's David's farewell video. Krystal leaves the room, unwilling to "let David ruin Thanksgiving"—but Tad insists on listening.

    In the video David repeats his assertion about Krystal eventually leaving Adam, and then asks if Dixie is there, and says she has the "ammunition to get the ball rolling."

    Colby gets a text message from Sean, who's left the Kane Thanksgiving dinner, and meets him outside the house. They talk about love and family.

    David visits Leora's grave and tells her that justice has finally been done, and that he will always love her very much.

    Thanksgiving Day Preparations

    Monday, November 20 2006

    Sydney reminds Jack that he has been throwing himself into his work and that she believes that it is his way of coping with the situation with Erica. He tells her that he is sorry about the break-up between her and Jonathan and that if she wants him back, he is okay with that. She tells him that she and Jonathan are too different for that to happen. He informs her that being different was always a strength for him and Erica.….until recently that is. She tells him that it is hard to trust someone after they have lied to you… Jonathan did to her.

    ::::All they can do is wait::::

    Friday, November 10 2006

    Jamie and Di are in the waiting room, with Jamie sorry he didn't break JR's hands to stop him from drinking. Erica and Jeff rush in, and there's an awkward moment when Jack sees them.

    Josh arrives at the hospital, walks directly to Babe and asks "How is JR?" Adam rushes towards him, and without a word, punches him in the face. A melee ensues, and then Adam punches Jeff.

    Erica steps in to defend Josh and blame Babe for what happened. Dixie chimes in and says it's Babe's fault. Adam agrees. Finally Babe speaks, and says everyone is right—she's responsible for her ruined marriage. She wanders off, and Josh rushes after her, angrily warning everyone to stay away. When he finds Babe, sitting alone and crying, she tells him to go away, and that she never wants to see his face again.

    Julia brings Jamie a cup of coffee, and he admits how angry he is with his brother for drinking again. He wants Josh out of all of their lives forever. And he wants Julia back.

    Kendall goes over to comfort Bianca, thinking she's upset over Josh—but discovers she's feeling that she's weak. She stood up to JR, why couldn't she stand up and fight for Maggie?

    Jack asks Erica if she is ready to move home. She claims she still has a lot to do with the show. Or is it Jeff Martin, asks Jack?

    ::::JR Reaches a Breaking Point::::

    Tuesday, November 07 2006

    Krystal is waiting anxiously at by the phone. Sydney and Colby come in. Sydney's discovered that Colby's hidden the missing Faberge egg in Sydney's backpack in order to make her look like a thief. Krystal finally loses her patience with Colby, yells at her and wants to know why she's so bent on hurting everyone.

    She assures Colby that she doesn't have to act out to get Adam's attention. An unrepentant Colby replies that she knows more secrets—including one about Krystal and Tad Martin. Colby isn't capable of feeling anything—even about the people she loves, says Krystal.

    Emma comes home:::

    Wednesday, November 01 2006

    Sean and Colby are at JB's, but he makes it clear that now they are "just friends." She acts as if it's OK, but leaves the restaurant looking disturbed. When she gets home, she lashes out at Sydney, accusing her of stealing her boyfriend. Sydney suggests that he's just not that into her—especially since she gave it up to him so easily.

    While her back is turned, Colby slips something into Sydney's backpack.

    After Colby leaves, Amanda comes into BJ's, where Sean comes on to her. She's sad about her interactions with Jonathan. At first, she rebuffs him, but after a while, they sit down to talk.

    Amanda loves Jonathan:::

    Thursday, October 26 2006

    Sean comes over to the Chandler manse to see Colby, and to "start over." She's behind in writing English class term paper, and he offers her some downloaded papers "for inspiration", warning her not to copy them. She complains about all her pressure to combine school and a social life.

    Sydney comes home and sees the two of them together. Colby sarcastically suggests she go do some housework, and then ignores her. Colby overhears Sydney trashing her and Sean defending her, and asking her not to put down Colby. Later the two of them compete for Sean's attention. When Sydney's not watching, Colby slips something into her backpack.

    Bianca's back...and Annie plans to leave

    Thursday, October 12 2006

    Babe goes to the high school to ask Sean to tell her what really happened on the night of Colby's Sweet 16. He's unwilling to, and walks off with Sydney. Colby walks up and they trade insults. Colby says Babe knows she didn't sleep with Josh—because Babe did. Go ahead—tell my father, she challenges Babe.

    Babe is sad to realize that Colby now hates her, but Colby threatens her with exposing the truth about Babe's tryst with Josh.

    Sydney knows the truth about Colby

    Wednesday, October 11 2006

    At school, Colby is angry at Sean, who's made it clear that he no longer interested in her. Colby accuses Sydney of causing Sean to drop her. Sydney insists she's the one who protected Colby, and accuses her of being promiscuous. Colby says she didn't sleep with Josh, and that the only person she's slept with is Sean.

    Later in the day, Colby accuses Sydney of stalking her and wanting to have her life. Sydney tells her to get over herself.

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