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    All My Children CAST - Sydney Harris

    Full detailed profile on Sydney Harris Played by Taylor Gildersleeve on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Taylor Gildersleeve
    Sydney Harris

    Actor: Taylor Gildersleeve

    Who played Sydney Harris over the years

    Taylor Gildersleeve (August 1, 2006 - June 2007)

    Useful information on Sydney Harris

    * Sydney is the niece of long-time Chandler maid, Winifred, and works in the Chandler household, too.
    * Marital Status - Single/Never Been Married.
    * Underage drinking.


    PAST: Assistant housekeeper at Chandler Mansion
    PAST: Student


    Sydney showed up at the Pine Valley Yacht Club one day and struck up a conversation with Colby Chandler. At first, Colby viewed her as another PV socialite, but later learned that she was just the visiting niece of the Chandler maid, Winifred.

    With Colby's attitude of looking down on the hired help, Sydney found herself being treated shabbily despite trying to be a friend. The two girls immediately set their sights on Sean Montgomery, and Colby was beside herself when her father agreed to let Sydney share her Sweet Sixteen Party. Sydney ended up with an injured arm when a very inebriated Colby crashed the Montgomery yacht, yet she still covered for Colby when she hid in the secret hallway of the Chandler Mansion, letting everyone believe she had drowned.






    Winifred (Aunt)




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    Friday, December 22 2006: A Pine Valley Christmas Eve

    When Dixie returns to Chandler manse, Adam sees how emotional she is and asks if anything is wrong. She says that it's not the right time to say what needs to be said—and Krystal interrupts and says she'll say it.

    Tuesday, November 28 2006: Thanksgiving "celebrations" continues

    At the Chandler manse, Colby begins to argue with Sydney, and Krystal intercedes and tries to establish peace for Thanksgiving.

    David finds Babe in front of her house and tells her he's "come to say goodbye." He tells her when Krystal leaves Adam, she will follow. And when she thinks back on him, her father loved her very much.

    When she gets inside, Babe asks Krystal what David meant, and if he knows about the paternity of Krystal's baby.

    Tad and Dixie arrive, and Krystal is more than shocked by the new guests—and the news that Dixie will be living with them.

    Colby finds an envelope at the front door and shows it to Adam. It's marked "Urgent!" It's David's farewell video. Krystal leaves the room, unwilling to "let David ruin Thanksgiving"—but Tad insists on listening.

    In the video David repeats his assertion about Krystal eventually leaving Adam, and then asks if Dixie is there, and says she has the "ammunition to get the ball rolling."

    Colby gets a text message from Sean, who's left the Kane Thanksgiving dinner, and meets him outside the house. They talk about love and family.

    David visits Leora's grave and tells her that justice has finally been done, and that he will always love her very much.

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