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    All My Children CAST - Josh Madden - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Josh Madden Played by Colin Egglesfield on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Colin Egglesfield

    Birthday: 1973-02-09
    Birthplace: Dearborn, MI
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Colin Egglesfield


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    Mamma Drama!

    Thursday, January 29 2009

    Erica returns to the Valley Inn and looks at pictures of her children. She picks up the photo of Josh and imagines he is there with her. His image slowly disappears.

    Erica's Choice...

    Monday, January 19 2009

    At the casino Zach and Josh both fire their guns. Josh is hit and falls on top of Reese; Erica rushes to his side. "I just wanted a second chance," he mumbles and tells Erica to make sure Kendall is taken care of. The EMTs arrive and Zach tells them to keep Josh alive – so Kendall can have his heart! Erica asks what Zach means and he tells her about David's proclamation that Kendall is going to die without a heart transplant.

    Angie turns to another doctor and asks him to run some tests on the drugs she stole from David's! Greenlee arrives and asks about Kendall; Angie tells her to talk to David but before he can answer her questions Kendall's monitors flat-line! David stabilizes Kendall but tells Greenlee that she won't make it through the night! She begs him to keep Kendall alive until the family arrives and then goes into Kendall's room. She begs Kendall to wake up but Kendall doesn't respond. Jake arrives and tells David that he will fight him. Angie sees Zach arrive and tells him that Kendall has already arrested once; he says they have a heart. Erica follows him in, trying to decide which child she should save! Zach goes straight to David and demands that he hurry the tests through so they know if Josh is a match for Kendall. David heads for the ER. Greenlee asks him what happened but Zach rushes to Kendall's side. Amanda arrives and runs into Jake. He warns her about JR – again – but Amanda won't listen. Jake takes the canceled check from his pocket and asks what she has done for David! Amanda says she doesn't know what the check is but Jake keeps pushing her. Amanda gives in and tells Jake that David paid her to get JR to drink again. "I'm for sale just like any other prostitute," she says and faints! Jake asks a friend to look after Amanda. She tells the doctor she needs a pregnancy test and makes him promise to keep the results quiet.

    Angie works to save Josh's life as Erica watches from the hall. She tells Erica that Josh is brain dead! Bianca and Reese are there. Erica asks what is next and Angie says Erica has to decide whether to keep Josh on life support for the rest of his life or pull the plug. David and Zach arrive; David says Kendall will die by morning without a miracle and asks if they can use Josh's heart to save her. Angie tells Erica that Josh's heart is viable but only for a little while. David says the heart is Kendall's best hope. "Do it," she says. Erica and Bianca leave for some air and Greenlee goes to call Ryan. Reese stays with Zach, telling him things will be okay. She thanks him for saving her from Josh and starts to cry. He hugs her as Bianca returns; she hugs Reese, too. Erica returns. David and Angie come back and say even though the tests aren't back they are prepping both Josh and Kendall to speed things up. Bianca leads Erica into Josh's hospital room. Just then Angie's doctor friend comes back with the test results from the pills! Jake finds Angie and she fills him in on Josh's condition. He is worried until Angie says the ingredients in David's pills aren't FDA approved. "This is going to take him down," she says. Jesse arrives and overhears. She tells him about the drug tests and he questions how she found the pills and when she doesn't say, tells her to keep this to herself! The doctor returns to Amanda and says she is pregnant. A while later Jake comes in and guesses at her diagnosis; he asks who the father is but Amanda doesn't know!

    In Josh's room Erica cries and apologizes for not understanding his pain and anger. Bianca cries behind her. "Kendall reached out to you and now you can reach out to her and live on inside her," Erica says. "I hope you finally find peace."

    Zach goes to Kendall's room and tells her she'll be okay after the surgery. "You'll come back to us," he says, "I love you." David returns to the waiting room and says Josh is a match and they are starting surgery immediately. Everyone is worried and relieved at the same time. Josh and Kendall are wheeled into the operating rooms. Erica holds Josh's head down the hall as Zach concentrates on Kendall. "I'll always love you. I'm sorry," Erica whispers to Josh and kisses his hand.

    Josh Takes A Hostage!

    Friday, January 16 2009

    Zach calmly tells the gunman to put the gun down. He sidles across the room and then runs for it. Zach and Reese rush to Erica's side where Bianca has been knocked unconscious. She comes around and says she is fine. Reese recognizes the man's ring and tells Zach about the 'architect' she met. She described the ring and Erica becomes nervous. Zach's guards return to say the man has disappeared – with $10 million! Jesse arrives. Upset, Erica wants to leave but Jesse won't let her go until the gunman is captured. She insists on going to her room with Jesse's cops as bodyguards; Jesse gives in. Bianca and Reese tag along with her, even though Erica makes a fuss about it. Jesse questions Zach about people with motives. He says the gunman seemed familiar but the mask hid the man's features.

    The cops start to search Erica's room but she stops them. They insist on staying but when Erica promises to lock the door and keep it locked they leave. Bianca asks why Erica was so adamant about being alone. Seeing how upset Erica is, Reese turns to go but Bianca insists that she stay. Erica admits that the ring Reese described is very similar to the ring she had made for Josh! Just then the gunman – Josh! – comes out of the bathroom. "Damn! You ruined the surprise, Mom!" Josh exclaims. Erica and Bianca try to figure out what Josh wants and why he has turned on Zach. Josh says Zach ruined his life and Kendall's! "It's time I got what I'm owed," Josh exclaims. Erica offers him money which only makes Josh angrier. Bianca steps between Josh and Erica but Reese pulls her back. Erica swears she will help him. Reese tells Josh about the hidden security exit. Josh tells Erica to get the car. Bianca tries to stop Erica again but after she makes Josh promise not to hurt the girls, she leaves. Bianca can't believe what Josh is doing and tries to change his mind. He won't listen and rants about the un-abortion.

    On her way to the private exit Jesse and Zach see Erica and try to stop her. She says she needs something from her car and before she can say more Josh appears, holding Reese hostage! Bianca barges in as Jesse tries to get Josh's anger under control. Erica begs him not to hurt anyone. Zach offers himself in exchange but Josh won't listen. He demands a car; Jesse calls one of his men as Zach pulls a gun from his pocket and tries again to get Josh talking. He points the gun at Zach and says this is payback! Erica begs him to let Reese go and starts talking about Kendall. Crying, Josh says Kendall is the only good thing in his life. Jesse's men call to say the car has arrived. Jesse tells him to leave Reese but then she shoves him and gets away. Josh and Zach point their guns at one another and shoot!

    The Custody Hearing!

    Thursday, January 15 2009

    In his room Josh goes over the casino security papers again and then puts on his coat and grabs a gun! He sneaks into the casino and looks around. Josh hides when Zach arrives. He goes straight to the bar and finds Jake there. "You're not afraid to break the rules, right?" Zach asks and then questions Jake about getting Kendall to the top of the heart transplant list. Jake says he has no pull but Zach keeps asking the questions until finally Jake says it would take access to the list. He apologizes, takes another drink and says he can't help. A security guard comes up to tell Zach that there is a security leak! Just then Erica, Bianca and Reese, who have been talking about Kendall, come over and demand to know what has changed with Kendall's condition. Before Zach can answer a gunman comes into the casino, fires his gun and tells them all to stay down! Zach runs after the man, who turns and points the gun straight at him!

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