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    All My Children CAST - Annie McDermott Lavery Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Annie McDermott Lavery Chandler Played by Melissa Claire Egan on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Egan

    Birthday: September 28 1981
    Birthplace: Bedford, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Melissa Claire Egan
    Web site:


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    Raising The Stakes.

    Friday, January 14 2011

    JR shows up at the hotel and tells Annie he's glad she is being so understanding. Annie doesn't think they need to cancel their trip, but JR is adamant. He tells her he's disappointed about their trip and he had to postpone the divorce because what happened last night changed everything. JR assures her it's only for a little while longer and she'll eventually see that he's doing the right thing.

    Scott takes a table at Krystal's and wants to order everything, but he can only order a bowl of soup. He then sees Annie who expresses how badly she feels about what happened between them. He only blames himself for believing they had something real. She leaves and Scott talks to Stuart's painting about how he plans to forge ahead with his life. Madison sees him and he asks her to join him for a cup of coffee. She says he should be scared of her, but he assures her he's not going anywhere. She sits down and asks him about his father's painting.

    Back at the hotel, Annie cuts Marissa out of a family photo and says, "There. Much better."


    Thursday, January 13 2011

    Annie seethes as she watches Marissa at the mansion and imagines her setting up a romantic setting for JR. As Annie starts to open the door to the main room, she accidentally knocks out Marissa, who was just leaving. Annie panics as Marissa passes out cold. JR calls Annie while she tries to drag Marissa's body out the door. JR tells her everything has changed and he wants to be with her. He'll see her at the house in a few minutes. After they hang up, Annie gets an idea and smashes a vase, tosses the room and smashes in a window to make it look like a burglar was there. As she starts to walk out she intentionally trips the alarm. Annie hides, as JR walks in and finds Marissa lying on the floor. Brot and Natalia rush in and look around the house. Marissa wakes up and Annie walks in acting surprised. Natalia questions Marissa, but she doesn’t know anything. Natalia questions Annie who says she just got there. Annie imagines JR saying he wants to be with Marissa and then calls Amanda to come over to help her. Amanda and Jake arrive as the EMTs update Jake on Marissa's condition. Jake says she'll be okay and Brot and Natalia leave. Amanda pulls Annie out in the hallway and says Annie is relying on her too much lately and she wants to cool off their friendship. Annie can't believe she's dumping her as friend, but Amanda just wants to stop with the panicky phone calls. Back inside the room, JR tells Marissa she is staying at the mansion tonight. Jake suggests someone check on her every few hours and then leaves with Amanda. Out in the hall, JR informs Annie he had a trip planned for the two of them, but they can't go now because he can't leave Marissa and AJ alone.

    I Think I Killed Her!

    Wednesday, January 12 2011

    JR is on the phone at the Chandler mansion as Annie overhears him talking. He hangs up and lies when she asks what the call was about. They hug. She continues to quiz him about the phone call but he continues to lie. She wants to go out with him tonight but he wants to keep their relationship under wraps a little longer. He promises to spend time with her tomorrow, kisses her goodbye and leaves.

    Annie calls Amanda at Krystal's all upset. Amanda pretends it was Tad and says has to leave.

    Amanda joins Annie at ConFusion as she blathers on about Jake’s phone call and asks Amanda if she's being paranoid.

    At home Jake tells Trevor that he loves his mommy more than anything in the world. He asks him what he would think about having brother or sister. Jake calls Amanda on his cell and tells her playfully to get her butt home as soon as she can. She leaves Annie.

    Marissa arrives and meets JR at ConFusion apologizing for being late. He goes over the custody agreement and says that it needs to be signed tonight. He apologizes for hurting her, holds her hand and tells her that she deserves better. From the bar Annie sees Marissa and JR holding hands and freaks. JR thanks Marissa for all the good things and laments that he never showed his appreciation. Annie sees them hugging. Her phone rings and it’s JR. She doesn’t answer. He leaves a voice mail and says his business is wrapped up and he wants to see her tonight. Asher joins JR and tells him that Colby is cheesed with him. JR tells him that his divorce will be final in the morning and that he and Annie will be together. Colby sees JR and Asher. Asher leaves and JR advises her to coexist with Asher. He hugs her and says he has to leave. Colby joins Asher at his table. She calls Damon and they talk.

    Marissa leaves a package for JR in the mansion as Annie returns to find her there. As Marissa looks at a photo, Annie hallucinates. She believes she sees Marissa in a negligee lighting candles. When Annie opens the door she knocks Marissa to the floor and thinks she killed her.

    Perks Of The Job.

    Friday, January 07 2011

    At Krystal's, JR tells Annie he was with Marissa because he had a check up and learned he is still in remission. She is thrilled and hugs him, but he backs away. She wishes she could have been there for him and reminds him she was the one who saved his life in the first place. JR brings up Ryan and tells her he warned him about Annie spinning out of control. JR assures her he doesn’t think she's crazy but he knows things are taking its toll on her. She admits it's hard sneaking around and he promises it won't be for much longer. He knows what they can be together and declares it will all be worth it.

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