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    All My Children CAST - Annie McDermott Lavery Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Annie McDermott Lavery Chandler Played by Melissa Claire Egan on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Egan

    Birthday: September 28 1981
    Birthplace: Bedford, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Melissa Claire Egan
    Web site:


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    Kendall Remembers.

    Thursday, February 03 2011

    Annie arrives at the mansion where JR tells her the divorce is final, but he and Marissa have to hammer out the custody agreement. He says she's on her way over so Annie should go, but Annie doesn't want to hide anymore. JR insists he and Marissa have a lot to work out and he doesn't want to upset her by revealing their relationship. Annie puts a plastic smile on her face and leaves. Marissa enters. She tells him she gave her things that were stolen to the detectives to see if they had any new leads, but there were no fingerprints. She thought maybe Annie had something to do with it, but can admit when she's wrong.

    Annie brings Emma to Krystal's to meet Ryan. He walks in and says he can't take Emma because of Kendall. Annie gets upset, urging Ryan to be with Emma because she's got a lot riding on tonight. Ryan is confused, but takes his daughter with him when he leaves.

    Annie returns to the mansion to see JR and Marissa through the window in an embrace after they agree to stay on good terms for AJ. JR sees Annie, who moves from the window. Marissa leaves and JR lets Annie in. She says she couldn’t wait another minute once she knew he was going to be free. JR angrily tells her she messed up again by showing up. She was worried about Marissa, but JR can't constantly reassure her. He declares he's had enough.

    Pull Yourself Together.

    Tuesday, February 01 2011

    In the hotel room, Annie admits to JR she took Marissa's things. She urgently explains what happened when she accidentally knocked Marissa out. She thought everyone would accuse her of attacking Marissa in a jealous rage, so she made it looked like she was robbed. JR can't believe she lied to him and just left Marissa lying on the floor. Annie says she panicked and thinks Marissa is out to get her as evidenced by her sending Dr. Burke after her. JR corrects her saying he called the doc from Oak Haven. Annie reels as she accuses JR of thinking she's crazy. JR denies it, but still thinks it's a good idea if she talks to someone. Annie insists she will be fine once they are together. JR retorts if she doesn't get help there will never be "an us." He reminds her this is all about hanging on to AJ, but she wonders if she's supposed to wait around forever. JR tells her to pull herself together and says talking to someone will help her get her feelings out. She feels like he's pawning her off on Dr. Burke. JR insists he cares about her and asks her to do this for them. Later, Dr. Burke comes by and after JR tells Annie how proud he is of her, he leaves with Marissa's things. Annie takes the knife out of her purse and hides it in her sleeve as Dr. Burke asks if everything is okay. She puts on a big smile and pretends everything is fine, as she plays with the knife.

    Enjoy The Fresh Air While You Can.

    Monday, January 31 2011

    Annie continues to unravel in her hotel room, as Dr. Burke from Oak Haven stops by. He says he was just checking in on her to make sure she was okay. She tells him she's fine and asks for his card in case she needs to talk. She then quickly shuts the door on him. Annie grabs a knife out of her drawer and then leaves.

    Erica finds Caleb at Krystal's. He welcomes her home, but she tells him about David's blackmail. She wants him to know in case David goes through with his threats. He will do whatever he can to help her protect Kendall. Jack walks in and curtly tells Erica he didn't know she was back. Caleb steps away and Jack and Erica catch up. She then leaves as Annie walks in. Annie sees Caleb and realizes the divorce proceedings were canceled again. She asks if it was Marissa's idea, but Caleb wonders what business that is of hers. Caleb leaves and Krystal walks up to Annie to warn her away from Marissa and to stay out of her restaurant. Annie secretly grabs the knife in her purse and rattles on about how everyone thinks Marissa is so innocent and that she is so bad. After Annie has left, Krystal finds a frustrated Jack who vents about finding Erica with Caleb. He didn’t even know she was back in town. Krystal says if it was her, she wouldn’t have made any stops before coming home to him.

    Annie heads over to the mansion and looks through the window to see JR, Marissa and AJ together. She imagines them talking about shipping Annie to Oak Haven so they can be together forever. Krystal drops by the mansion to tell JR and Marissa Annie is flipping out. JR defends her, but lets them know he called Annie's doctor from Oak Haven and he's got it under control. Marissa and Krystal walk away as Dr. Burke calls JR. He lets him Annie was resistant and from what he saw, he's concerned. Later, Natalia comes over to tell JR and Marissa they've hit a wall with the break-in.

    Annie brings Emma to Krystal's to make it clear the proprietor can't tell her where she can and cannot eat. However, after Ryan walks in and sits with his daughter, Krystal tells Annie she is not welcome there. Annie gets Emma and they leave. Ryan asks what that was about and Krystal points out she and Annie don't get along. Ryan later makes a call to establish his alibi regarding David.

    JR heads over to the hotel room and when he discovers Annie isn't there, he looks around and finds Marissa's stolen things. Annie walks in and JR confronts her.

    Damage Control.

    Thursday, January 27 2011

    Outside in the park, Marissa tells Annie it's time JR knows how crazy she really is. Annie says she's overreacting and than imagines Marissa saying she and JR are renewing their vows. Annie goes off and says JR doesn't want Marissa because he loves her, as JR walks up. Marissa asks if that's true. Annie declares they are in love, but JR says he warned her about making their professional life personal and fires her. He says they will talk about it at the office. Annie is stunned and stalks off. Marissa tells JR this is going to get ugly.

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