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    All My Children CAST - Annie McDermott Lavery Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Annie McDermott Lavery Chandler Played by Melissa Claire Egan on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Egan

    Birthday: September 28 1981
    Birthplace: Bedford, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Melissa Claire Egan
    Web site:


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    Facing Facts.

    Wednesday, February 09 2011

    It's a new day in Pine Valley and Annie tells a desperate Colby, who is still handcuffed at the beach cottage, that she sent out text messages letting people know she is with Adam, so no one will be suspicious she's gone. When Colby pleads with her to let her go, Annie flips out. She yells they could have been sisters-in-law, but she loved Marissa too much and that's a problem for her.

    As Colby tries to get the key to the handcuffs away from Annie, they scuffle. The phone rings and Annie puts her hand over Colby's mouth so she can answer to JR. He tells her he's on his way, but Annie says he can't come there, as Asher eavesdrops on JR. Annie tells JR she'll come to him. Annie leaves Colby, but not before telling her she ground up sleeping pills in the bottled water she gave her. After Annie's gone, Asher arrives and finds Colby cuffed to the table.

    Annie shows up at the mansion and JR gets a call from Asher, informing him what Annie did to his sister. JR doesn't let on he knows with Annie and suggests they spend the day together. JR steps away and calls Tad. He admits Annie needs help and hopes he can get her to commit herself.

    Not On My Watch.

    Monday, February 07 2011

    After crashing, Annie sees the ambulance that's been flipped over. She panics and remembers that JR is waiting for her, so she takes off. Griffin comes to in the ambulance and checks on Jake, Cara and Kendall. He then sees that the other driver has taken off and tends to Kendall. Jake tries to start the ambulance but it's dead, as is the radio. Cara calls for help on her cell phone. Another ambulance is on the way, but they realize they are stuck inside their own vehicle. Help eventually arrives and Kendall wakes up. Griffin assures her they will take care of her, but tells Jake and Cara they have to operate immediately. Griffin tells Kendall they don't have time to wait so they need her permission to operate on her right there. Kendall agrees, but she asks Griffin to tell the police that she shot David if she doesn’t make it. Griffin promises she won't die on his watch, which Cara overhears. Kendall says she trusts Griffin, as Jake and Cara fire up the generator giving them the power needed to work on Kendall. However, Cara discovers their monitor doesn’t work, so Griffin won't be able to see what he's doing once he's inside Kendall. Jake suggests they link up with the hospital. They will feed the picture to a doctor at the hospital who will be his eyes and ears. Griffin agrees, but he'll only work with David.

    JR talks with Dr. Burke at the mansion. He admits he is worried he's pushing Annie closer to the edge. Annie walks in and explains the cut on her face by saying she slipped on the ice. She sits with the doctor and flashes back to the accident. She says she loves JR and never meant to hurt anyone. Dr. Burke wonders who she hurt. She says she just doesn't want to hurt JR. She then pleads with JR to not involve outsiders and says she doesn’t want to do this. Sensing she's upset, JR tells Dr. Burke the session is over. Annie tells JR she needs some alone time and leaves.

    After Colby is unsuccessful at freeing herself from the handcuffs, she spots Annie's cell phone and scrambles over to it. She finally reaches the phone and texts JR, but Annie runs in and grabs it out of her hands. Annie learns Colby was planning on going out of town and smiles because no one will know she is missing.

    Drive Carefully.

    Friday, February 04 2011

    In the main room at the mansion, JR tries to reassure Annie of his feelings, but she wants to hear him say he loves her.

    In the foyer, Asher finds Colby who is preparing to see her father in Chicago. He thinks it's a bad idea and she will only end up getting hurt. Colby is intent on going, so he offers to go with her. She needs to do it on her own. He urges her to be careful. After Asher walks away, Colby overhears JR telling Annie he kept her secret of knocking out Annie, so that should prove how much he cares. She wants to hear the words, so he says he loves her. She thinks he's just telling her what she wants to hear and storms out. JR follows her as Colby hides.

    Upset, Annie heads to the beach cottage and has a hallucination of Marissa taunting her about JR. She throws a glass, as JR walks in. He tells a crying Annie he really loves her. She kisses him and wants to take it further, but JR stops her. She grabs the handcuffs they used before, wanting to play with them, but she hears a noise outside, which is Colby. JR tells Annie he wants her to talk to Dr. Burke and promises he'll be there when she does. She agrees, as Asher calls about a work emergency. JR tells Annie to meet him and the doctor at the house in an hour. He urges her to drive carefully because it's nasty outside and he leaves. Colby walks in the house and tells Annie she knows what she did to Marissa. After Colby makes threats, they struggle. Annie handcuffs her to the table and then leaves.

    Griffin drives the ambulance with Jake and Cara inside. They find Kendall and as they drive back to the hospital, Jake and Cara tend to Kendall. Griffin drives the ambulance and swerves when Annie, who is hallucinating about Marissa, drives erratically towards them.

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