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    All My Children CAST - Annie McDermott Lavery Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Annie McDermott Lavery Chandler Played by Melissa Claire Egan on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Egan

    Birthday: September 28 1981
    Birthplace: Bedford, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Melissa Claire Egan
    Web site:


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    Here We Go Again.

    Thursday, November 04 2010

    Annie tells Emma how she helped JR and AJ while at the beach house. As Emma sleeps, Annie tells her daughter she wants to be the mother she deserves and to be the best version of herself. JR stops by and tells Annie Asher is in the hospital and that he is Caleb’s son. JR wouldn’t be surprised if Caleb pushed Asher down the stairs. JR thanks Annie for covering for him because now his son is back where he belongs. After JR helps put Emma to bed, he thanks Annie again. She is glad she could help and that the judge ruled in his favor. He says for now anyway. She worries her and Emma staying at the beach house will hurt his custody battle, but JR is happy to do it especially after what she’s done for him. JR would like to visit her and Emma once in awhile and she tells him to come whenever he likes.

    Asher Is Your Son.

    Tuesday, November 02 2010

    As JR frantically tries to free himself from the handcuffs at the mansion, Erica reads the file learning Asher is Caleb’s son. She leaves and Annie enters, finding JR locked up. JR explains what happened and Annie frees him. She also warns him he is playing a dangerous game with AJ, but he thinks sometimes that’s the only option. Colby brings AJ to see his father and asks what JR was thinking. She tells him he’s created a mess on so many levels and she can’t believe he involved Asher. After Colby takes AJ to get his pajamas on, she returns to urge her brother to fix things for AJ. He retorts he’s doing this for AJ. Colby worries Asher hasn’t returned her calls and tells JR buying off the judge in the custody case is a total Adam move, but if it doesn’t work it could blow up in his face. JR has it handled because Annie is helping him right now. Later, JR talks with his son about how lucky they are to be together and that they love each other.

    Marissa meets Krystal at Wildwind and learns JR took AJ, but Caleb has gone after the boy. Marissa freaks out, but Krystal urges her daughter to be smart about this and use it in the custody trial, not go off half cocked, making everything worse. Marissa feels every decision she’s made against JR has been validated after the stunt he just pulled. Annie stops by and spins a story to Marissa and Krystal saying she ran into Asher while trick or treating and Emma told him how much she wanted to be with AJ. When Asher came by Wildwind, he invited AJ to go with them and she thought they asked for permission. She further explains that AJ was at the office so he could take photos with JR because they thought he was working. She adds AJ is at the mansion now. Marissa starts to leave, but Annie insists this is all her fault and implores Marissa to let AJ and JR spend more time together. Marissa and Krystal don’t believe her story and Marissa leaves to go to the police. Once alone, Annie grins and pops some Halloween candy.

    Jake and Amanda dine at Krystal’s and Jake mentions Halloween is his favorite holiday. He wants to keep family traditions alive for Trevor so he knows how much they love him. Amanda mentions she saw Annie trick or treating with Emma and she feels bad that she’s having a tough time. Jake has no sympathy for her but Amanda knows people can change because she did. She recalls how before she fell in love with him she was making all the wrong choices. If it weren’t for Jake she’d be just as lost as Annie is. They recall their early days and his work for Doctor’s Without Borders. She asks about his ex-wife, but he just says it was a lifetime ago. He gets paged and leaves for the hospital. Annie enters and joins Amanda. Pleased with herself, she tells her new friend she just performed a completely unselfish act by helping JR get to spend time with his son. Amanda wonders if Annie loves JR.

    Con Men And Grudges.

    Thursday, October 28 2010

    At the cottage, Annie looks at her wedding ring while reflecting on past events. She takes it off and then goes for a swim. JR walks in the cottage and sees her ring as Annie returns from the water in her underwear. Annie quickly covers up and JR gives her one of Emma's dolls she left behind. He worries about losing AJ and talks about how Halloween is one of their favorite holidays. JR starts to leave, but Annie asks him to stay because maybe they can help each other. JR tells her how badly he wants a drink and how alone he feels. She assures him he's not alone and they kiss. Clothes start to come off until Marissa walks in and catches them. She tells AJ to go to the car and then fights with JR. She doesn’t want JR anywhere near their son and tells him not to call or visit or else she will call the police. After taking a walk on the beach, JR tells Annie he saw AJ in the car looking confused and sad. He vows to get AJ back.

    Let Greenlee Fry.

    Monday, October 25 2010

    At Krystal’s Caleb orders coffee and food to go. He says he’s not a fan of Halloween. When Krystal goes to get the food, Caleb remembers a childhood time. She wonders why he dislikes Halloween so much. She figures there is a reason. He says he doesn’t like sweets. When he leaves he sees Asher sitting at a table and threatens him to leave him alone. When he leaves, Krystal takes Asher's order. Asher works on his computer and surfs for a Halloween tragedy. Krystal sees Annie at another table. Annie apologizes that Marissa got hurt. Krystal asks what Chandler men she wouldn’t she sleep with. Emma comes over and the conversation stops. Emma tells Annie that she misses her dad. Annie offers to call Ryan to see when he's free, looks at her phone and says, "Oh my God.” She tells Emma they won’t be living at the mansion anymore and tells Emma that home is about them being together. Emma asks if they can go home and pick up her dress-up clothes. They hug.

    Annie and Emma arrive at the mansion. JR tells her that he’s worried about AJ. She tells him she’s worried about Emma and what will happen if Ryan goes to prison. She still has no place to live. He offers his help and tells her he doesn’t want her to leave. She offers the beach cottage to her. It’s a secret and she’s beyond grateful. Madison comes in. JR leaves Madison and Annie to talk. Annie tells Madison that she is worried because Ryan has so much to lose. She wants her to convince Ryan to let Greenlee fry.

    Revenge Can Be A Good Thing.

    Thursday, October 21 2010

    Annie walks into the bedroom at the Chandler Mansion and sees the bed she and JR slept on. She looks in the mirror and tells herself to pull it together and that she can do it.

    In the living room of the mansion JR remembers his conversation with Asher when he said that Caleb killed his mother and that the explosion wasn’t an accident. He comes back to reality and sees a wrapped gift and looks at it. Marissa arrives to pickup AJ and he gives her the belated anniversary gift he had found and bought for her. She doesn’t accept it. He offers to help her pack for AJ and asks how they got to this place in their relationship. She says she doesn’t know and Annie walks in. Marissa gets angry, says doesn’t buy their story then Annie leaves the room. Marissa reminds JR that Annie is the reason for all of the trouble and also the reason he’s going to lose his son! He threatens that things could get ugly. She leaves angrily and tells him she’ll find someone to pick up AJ’s things.

    In her bedroom Annie tries to make a hotel reservation but her credit card has been denied. JR walks in and reminds her that he would lend her money. He thanks her for not telling Marissa about why Scott did what he did. She promises she’ll never tell. He tells her to stay overnight again in the Gatehouse and leaves her. Annie throws herself on her bed sobbing as JR listens outside her door.

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