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    All My Children CAST - Colby Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Colby Chandler (Past) Played by Ambyr Childers on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ambr Childers

    Birthplace: Murrieta, CA
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Ambyr Childers


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    Dangerous Operations...

    Monday, May 05 2008

    Cassandra can't find her MP3 player and begins to search for it, narrowly missing Robert. She calls Angie, but Angie doesn't know where it is. Giving up, she and Colby leave for the manse. With the girls gone, Rob searches Cass's room and finds her diary. Inside is a sketch of an elephant.

    Adam sees Dixie's reflection in the mirror and spins around - but no one is there! He yells at Father Clarence, asking what he wants and pretending that the visions aren't bothering him a bit. Adam thinks back and realizes the visions began when he was prescribed the anti-anxiety meds; he throws them away. In his briefcase, he finds another adoption certificate! Dixie starts laughing! She appears and when Adam isn't frightened, she snaps her fingers to make the lights flash and causes the fire in the fireplace to flare up. Adam asks what he's done to deserve a haunting and Dixie laughs again. She grabs Kate's adoption paper and says, "I'm here to help you do the right thing." Adam tells her to just give Tad the papers but soon realizes she can't. He goes upstairs but she chases him back down, saying he has to do it - and she's going to make sure he does! Colby and Cassandra walk in and ask who he is talking to; Adam says he's practicing a speech and sends the girls upstairs. When the girls are gone, Dixie reappears and begins humming. Adam says she is a lousy ghost but she was a great mother. Dix says he better start playing by her rules - or else! Then, she disappears.

    Who's Crazy Now?

    Friday, May 02 2008

    Cassandra and Frankie go to Colby and Dre's table. Colby invites them to sit down and Cassandra begs Frankie to stay with the two other kids. Finally, Frankie and Dre go to get drinks. Colby lets Cassandra know she is just Dre's friend. Cass says it doesn't matter because she isn't interested in dating. The four of them go to the patio. Dre and Cassandra are instantly attracted; Colby invites Cassandra to come hear Dre play sometime. Frankie tells them about Cass's poetry; Colby suggests they get together to make music. Frankie and Dre have to go so Colby takes Cassandra with her. Frankie warns Dre away from Cassandra.

    Robert breaks into the Hubbard apartment and begins searching for the elephant. He's angry. Cassandra and Colby return and he hides. Colby asks about Frankie and then invites Cass for a sleepover. Colby wanders around the apartment as Cassandra packs; Rob watches.

    A Little Bit Of Life...

    Thursday, May 01 2008

    Dre meets Colby at The Comeback. She asks how his trip with Sam went; he says he was just tagging along while his father campaigned. He believes his father is lonely. Colby asks about girls on Dre's radar but he says there is no one. Colby admits that she has it bad for Frankie but that he doesn't see her at all. Frankie and Cassandra arrive; she can't take her eyes off of Dre!

    A Dangerous Assignment!

    Tuesday, April 29 2008

    Adam has an electrician come in to check his stereo. The worker says there is no way the stereo turned itself on. Colby suggests that it was a different stereo but Adam insists it wasn't. JR walks in and is surprised to learn that Adam's has been hearing "You Are My Sunshine". He thinks Adam is making it up. Adam freaks when JR pours a glass of water; he tells the kids about the glass moving across the room on its own. JR tells Adam to get out; to soften the blow, Colby reminds Adam that he needs to call Chandler Enterprises. Colby turns on JR, but he brings up Dixie and says Adam is just trying to get to him. Sadly, JR says he visited Dixie's grave. Colby says Adam isn't lying; she believes he might be crazy! Adam returns and sends JR off to talk to Barry. Colby tells him about JR's visit to Dixie's grave. Adam goes off on a tangent about how Dixie poisoned JR against him! JR returns and goes over the business dealings; Adam agrees with everything that is said. Colby follows JR out and asks him to give Adam another chance. Back in the sitting room, a picture of Dixie falls from a table.

    Don't Ignore Me!!

    Wednesday, April 23 2008

    JR arrives at the Chandler manse where Adam is waiting. Adam speaks calmly about his failing health, which makes JR very worried. Adam says he has to promise not to tell Colby or Babe or Krystal about anything else. JR thinks Adam is about to admit he is dying and is flummoxed when Adam simply asks JR to help because he isn't up to par. He shows JR a few deals that he spearheaded that went badly and begs JR for help. JR can't believe it. Adam says he won't give up control of the company and he isn't trying to control JR. "But you're the only one I trust," he says. Colby arrives. She tells him about her research into panic attacks; the more she talks the more upset Adam becomes. JR sees Adam's growing panic and interrupts her. They argue, giving Adam time to recover. His laughter finally stops their tirades against one another. He says this is the first glimpse of normalcy he's seen in weeks. She asks what is going on with them and JR says he was asking Adam for business advice. She tells JR to keep things calm and goes upstairs. Adam compares his panic attacks to JR's alcohol addiction and says he understands JR better now. JR assures Adam that he'll be fine and says he'll help in any way he can.


    Monday, April 21 2008

    Frankie is trying to relax after a hard day at the hospital when Colby finds him in an empty room. He says he wants to be alone but she won't leave until he tells her how to help Adam. Frankie says there is nothing she can do until Adam admits he has a problem. "What's it like when your dad dies?" she asks. Frankie says it isn't as strange has finding your dad alive after 20 years. Frankie says she has to accept that death happens. Colby brings him coffee, calling Frankie a hero and layering on her praise. He tells her to stop because she's just a kid and he's a grown-up professional. She tells him about Adam's demands that she attend Wellesley but says she can't leave Adam now. Frankie is paged away.

    Let's Talk Prenups!

    Thursday, April 17 2008

    JR and Babe arrive at the hospital. They hear him yelling for a "real" doctor when Frankie tries to help. Angie goes inside as Adam is berating Frankie, and tells him to calm down. Angie returns to lead them inside so they can all talk to Adam about his latest episode. JR says Adam is at fault because he didn't follow doctor's orders the first time. Angie cuts in and asks what Adam has been doing lately and Colby chimes in that he has been lounging around in his jammies most days. Angie turns to Adam and asks what is really going on with him. He admits that he thought he was having a heart attack and it's happened before. Angie says he is likely having panic attacks. He angrily says he isn't afraid of anything and then has another attack! Angie medicates Adam and while he is feeling no pain says he has to do something to deal with the stress in his life. Colby goes outside with Frankie, who warns Colby that Adam needs to take the stress diagnosis seriously. Back inside, Adam tells Krystal, JR, Colby and Babe to get out. JR and Colby stay with him but Krystal and Babe leave the room. They commiserate about not being able to leave the Chandler men behind. Back in the hospital room, Colby and JR offer him a deal: if he'll follow doctor's orders to the letter, they will stop being so hot-headed and stressful for him. Angie returns and gives Adam the name of a psychologist who can help him. Adam wads up the paper and tells JR to take him home. Krystal grabs him and begs him to try the psychologist. He runs his fingers along his jaw and then tells JR to drive him home.

    Papel Isn't Papel?

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    At the Chandler manse, Adam confronts Colby about Wellesley. The school has told him Colby turned down her acceptance. As they are arguing Krystal walks in and sarcastically says it must be morning if there is arguing in the manse. She goes upstairs to gather a few things she left behind. Adam turns on Colby who explains that she wants to attend PVU because of the family. Adam thinks she is feeling sorry for him and becomes angry; Colby says she loves him and wants to spend time with him. Adam turns from Colby and hollers up the stairs to Krystal that he is going to inspect the silver when she's gone. He angrily turns back to Colby and then has another attack. Colby is about to call his doctor when Adam falls off the sofa. She yells for Krystal, who comes running, and tries to keep Adam calm while Colby calls for help. Adam tries to stand on his own but then falls right into Krystal's arms. The EMTs arrive. In the ambulance Krystal holds his hand, telling him things will be fine. Adam reaches out to her, too. He asks Colby to call JR and while she is distracted with the phone tells Krystal that he loves her!

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