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    All My Children CAST - Colby Chandler (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Colby Chandler (Past) Played by Ambyr Childers on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ambr Childers
    Colby Chandler (Past)

    Actor: Ambyr Childers

    Who played Colby Chandler (Past) over the years

    Ambyr Childers (July 3rd, 2006 - May 6, 2008)
    Brianne and Morgan Mullan (2000)
    Kathryn Newton (Colby Marian Chandler (#2) (2001-2004)
    Abby Wathen (2002 - a teenage Colby in Adam's visions)

    Useful information on Colby Chandler (Past)

    * Ran away from home.
    * Grand theft auto - stole a car to make her way back to Pine Valley.
    * Blackmailed/Extorted $50,000 from JR Chandler.
    * Used a fake ID to get into ConFusion.
    *Crashed the Montgomery's yacht, injuring several other of her party guests, then hid in the secret passage of the Chandler house, letting her family believe she had drowned.


    Current: Student


    Colby was conceived by artificial insemination with sperm that was supposed to have been donated by Jake Martin. Wealthy, Adam Chandler, bought the sperm bank and substituted his own little swimmers, making Colby a Chandler. A tumultuous relationship between Adam and Liza caused her to take Colby and leave Pine Valley, against Adam's wishes. Despite hiring an army of private investigators, he was unable to find the duo.

    At fifteen, Colby ran away from Liza and returned to Pine Valley in a stolen car. Of course, papa Chandler's money got her off with only a slap on the wrist. It was the night of her return to Pine Valley that Colby stumbled upon Dr. Greg Madden's dead body... Quite a welcome home.

    Colby seems to have inherited her father's genes for deception and manipulation, as evidence at her sweet sixteen birthday party. Colby used her feminine charms to attract young Sean Montgomery into having sex to keep him from being interested in Sydney Harris, the niece of the Chandler's housemaid. After drinking way too much, Colby crashed the Montgomery yacht, injuring most of the young people aboard. She, then hid in the secret passageway of the Chandler Mansion, letting everyone believe she had been killed. Of course, her father was so relieved to see her alive, there were no repercussions. Luckily, the pregnancy scare from her brief sexual encounter turned out to be false.

    Colby is determined to rid the Chandler household of Babe and her mother, Krystal. Although things she overheard through the walls have failed to convince her father and JR of the loose morals of the two women, she has now planted a video cam in Josh Madden's room, hoping to get evidence that Babe is still cheating with him. She wants to have her father and her brother all to herself, and she's willing to do whatever it takes.




    Josh_Madden (kissed)
    Sean_Montgomery (lovers)


    Adam Chandler (father)
    Liza Colby (mother)
    Larry Colby (maternal grandfather - deceased)
    Marian Colby (maternal grandmother)
    Hayley Vaughan (paternal half-sister)
    Adam Chandler Jr. (paternal half-brother)
    Anna Claire Chandler (paternal half-sister - deceased)
    Stuart Chandler (paternal uncle)
    Charlotte Chandler (paternal aunt - deceased)
    Mia Saunders (maternal half-aunt)
    Scott Chandler (paternal cousin byadoption)
    Ross Chandler (paternal cousin)
    William (maternal half-cousin - given up for adoption)
    Lorenzo Santos (paternal half-nephew)
    Adam Chandler III (paternal half-nephew)
    Julie Chandler (paternal first cousin)




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    Monday, May 05 2008: Dangerous Operations...

    Cassandra can't find her MP3 player and begins to search for it, narrowly missing Robert. She calls Angie, but Angie doesn't know where it is. Giving up, she and Colby leave for the manse. With the girls gone, Rob searches Cass's room and finds her diary. Inside is a sketch of an elephant.

    Adam sees Dixie's reflection in the mirror and spins around - but no one is there! He yells at Father Clarence, asking what he wants and pretending that the visions aren't bothering him a bit. Adam thinks back and realizes the visions began when he was prescribed the anti-anxiety meds; he throws them away. In his briefcase, he finds another adoption certificate! Dixie starts laughing! She appears and when Adam isn't frightened, she snaps her fingers to make the lights flash and causes the fire in the fireplace to flare up. Adam asks what he's done to deserve a haunting and Dixie laughs again. She grabs Kate's adoption paper and says, "I'm here to help you do the right thing." Adam tells her to just give Tad the papers but soon realizes she can't. He goes upstairs but she chases him back down, saying he has to do it - and she's going to make sure he does! Colby and Cassandra walk in and ask who he is talking to; Adam says he's practicing a speech and sends the girls upstairs. When the girls are gone, Dixie reappears and begins humming. Adam says she is a lousy ghost but she was a great mother. Dix says he better start playing by her rules - or else! Then, she disappears.

    Friday, May 02 2008: Who's Crazy Now?

    Cassandra and Frankie go to Colby and Dre's table. Colby invites them to sit down and Cassandra begs Frankie to stay with the two other kids. Finally, Frankie and Dre go to get drinks. Colby lets Cassandra know she is just Dre's friend. Cass says it doesn't matter because she isn't interested in dating. The four of them go to the patio. Dre and Cassandra are instantly attracted; Colby invites Cassandra to come hear Dre play sometime. Frankie tells them about Cass's poetry; Colby suggests they get together to make music. Frankie and Dre have to go so Colby takes Cassandra with her. Frankie warns Dre away from Cassandra.

    Robert breaks into the Hubbard apartment and begins searching for the elephant. He's angry. Cassandra and Colby return and he hides. Colby asks about Frankie and then invites Cass for a sleepover. Colby wanders around the apartment as Cassandra packs; Rob watches.

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