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    All My Children CAST - Derek Frye - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Derek Frye Played by Charles Parnell on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Parnell (

    Real Name: Charles Parnell


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    Will Justice Be Served?

    Tuesday, April 17 2007

    Josh arrives, telling Zach that the drugs are a no-go. Jack calls Alexander to the witness stand as Kendall returns to the courtroom. Alexander ignores Jack even when he tosses a ball at Alexander! Jack reads off the list of men and women that Alexander killed and then points out Babe - the woman he couldn't kill. As Jack talks, those in the courtroom flash back to the various attacks and the aftermath. Still, Alexander doesn't respond to the questioning. The judge orders Jack to release Alexander. He does and calls Zach to the stand. Testifying, Zach tells the courtroom that he isn't Alexander's biological son. His real father was Jenkins! The revelation surprises everyone in the courtroom. "What do you think of that, Alex?" Zach asks, telling him that he gave Cambias Industries to his wife's lover's child. Finally, Alexander reacts by standing up, but he gathers himself before losing his cool and begins repeating the rhyme again! The judge orders a recess; Jonathan approaches Jack, thanking him for what he did in court. Hannah watches Kendall and Zach from the back row. Outside, Annie tells Ryan that justice will be served. Ryan, though, doesn't see how the judge could rule against Alexander's plea.

    Court is called back into session. The judge calls Alexander a murderer, telling him that he believes it is all an act. Unfortunately, he has no proof that Alexander is acting and releases him to a psychiatric facility. Everyone reacts badly to the news. As Alexander is wheeled away, Tad sits with his hands clenched together. Aidan joins him, saying a bullet through the head is the right justice for Alexander! Zach and Kendall stand together and watch Alexander until he is gone. Babe asks if Zach is really Jenkins' son and he admits that it was a lie. He leaves Kendall with Babe, Ryan and Annie and leaves the courtroom.

    Ready for Court?

    Monday, April 16 2007

    At the courthouse, Jack assures Derek that he will take over the trial reigns and keep Alexander behind bars! Jonathan, Aidan, Dell and Di arrive, incensed that Alexander might get off with an insanity plea. "The judge actually believes this rubbish?" Aidan asks. Jack tells them that Alexander will be sent to a mental institution but that doesn't make anyone feel better. After all, Janet just escaped from a similar institution! Ryan arrives and Jack tries to get him to calm Jonathan. "He has to pay," Jonathan says and storms from the courtroom. Ryan tells Jack that whatever Alexander is paying the judge, he will double. Jack assures him that the judge is an honorable man. In the hall, Zach runs into Tad, telling him that he was wrong for talking Zach out of killing his father in Vegas! Kendall arrives, telling Zach that she is not leaving him to face Alexander alone. Zach gives in and together they head inside. Kendall talks briefly with Hannah, eager to confront Alexander; Hannah warns her to keep her distance. Annie reassures Ryan that she will help keep an eye on Jonathan as Babe arrives asking if the news is true. Meanwhile, Jack tells Zach that he is going to motion for a stay so that they can get their own psychiatrist to examine Alexander. "And if that doesn't work, it's up to you," Jack says, telling Zach that he may have to break his father down! Alexander is wheeled into the room, singing the Red Rock song over and over.

    Burning Down The House!

    Tuesday, April 03 2007

    In the Wildwind grounds, Adam tells Amanda to get on board or lose Janet forever! Amanda threatens to go to the police and tell them that Adam is behind Janet's escape. Adam stops her, telling her that if she brings in the police Janet will be arrested for attempted murder! He comes up with a story that Janet tried to kill him after seeing he and Amanda fight at the institution. "I want to see her," Amanda insists. Derek comes out, wondering why Adam is there at all. Amanda covers for Adam, though she obviously doesn't want to. "You don't need to harass Amanda," Derek says, still not convinced that Adam's visit is on the up and up. Telling Adam to focus on his own problems, Derek leaves. When they are alone again, Amanda insists on seeing Janet - now! Adam leads Amanda, who is blindfolded, into a secluded entrance at the Chandler mansion where he has hidden Janet. He is hiding her in the Chandler attic! When Amanda suggests Janet return to the institution, Janet tells her she doesn't need to. "I'm happy and Adam has promised to help me find a new life," she says. Janet is thrilled that Adam is helping her and is willing to do anything in return. When he mentions bringing Amanda into the plan, Janet balks, not wanting her daughter to be involved in anything illegal. Adam assures her that nothing illegal will happen, and begins talking about the private island he has in mind for Janet. "This is the happiest I've been in a long time," Janet says, leaving Amanda and Adam alone. Adam tells her that she only needs to feed him information about Tad and Jamie and he'll make sure Janet is happy and comfortable for the rest of her life. If not, he'll make sure she winds up in a maximum security prison for his attempted murder! "If you don't fall into line, you're going to find out just how evil I can be," he says.

    Ava Arrives!

    Monday, April 02 2007

    At Wildwind, The residents ask Derek how Janet escaped from the mental institution. Questioning Amanda, Derek asks when she last saw her mother. Amanda tells him about the visit to the hospital and Jamie adds what he saw there, too. Derek gathers the police officers searching the grounds and they leave. The group disperses to tell others that Janet is on the loose, Jamie stays with Amanda. They discuss Janet’s demeanor when they saw her. Jamie wonders if Adam could be behind the disappearance and heads to the Chandler manse to find out. Jonathan arrives, telling Amanda that they will find Janet. Amanda asks him not to let anyone hurt her. Searching the grounds, Amanda calls for Janet. She doesn’t find her mother – but she does find Adam! He wants Amanda to help he and Janet get revenge on Krystal and Tad. Amanda tells him no! “Not even to help your mother?” Adam asks.

    ...And, He's Out!

    Friday, March 30 2007

    At Wildwind, Annie tries on Ryan's ring as he returns. Without a chance to take it off, she hides her hand underneath the covers. Annie makes a decision and tells him to close his eyes. Before she can say anything, Emma interrupts. Annie invites her into bed for a final story before bed. She tells Emma the story of how Sir Ryanovich unlocked Queen Annabelle's heart - with oatmeal! She pulls her hand from beneath the covers, showing Ryan that she is wearing his ring! "Ryan and I are getting married," Annie tells him and Emma. Excited, Ryan begins bouncing Emma on the bed and then sends her off to spread the word. Ryan kisses her and Annie begins to cry. Emma returns with Jonathan, Kathy, Julia and Jamie who are all excited at the news. Amanda, Di and Dell arrive and toast the newly engaged couple. The other residents leave Ryan and Annie alone to celebrate their engagement. They wake the next morning, blissfully happy. Outside on the terrace, the other Wildwind residents are enjoying breakfast when Derek arrives with a warrant to search the grounds. Janet has escaped from the mental institution!

    The Lights Go Out!

    Friday, March 23 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, Tad looks very comfortable in the company of four very angry Chandlers - Krystal, Adam, Babe and JR. Krystal tells him to leave, but Tad isn't going anywhere. Colby and Sean look on, both uncomfortable, as Adam threatens Tad! Tad baits Adam, hoping he will attack him, giving him a reason to take the baby when it's born. Sean pulls Colby from the room and asks her to leave with him for Miranda's birthday party. Colby won't leave her family, though. Back in the parlor, Krystal calls Derek, asking him to arrest Tad for breaking and entering. Tad sits comfortably on the sofa, being sarcastic. Derek tells Krystal she is on her own and hangs up! As the adults fight, Winifred comes in with little A, singing Happy Birthday! Babe and JR turn their focus to Little A as Colby brings in a bunch of gifts. Adam stands quietly beside the fireplace as the presents are distributed and the focus turns to the boy for a few moments. Later, Babe and JR begin to clean up the party mess. JR apologizes to Babe, again, for his past behavior and asks her to believe that he really has changed this time. She can't, though. Outside the parlor, Krystal thanks Colby for the party, but Colby has other things on her mind. She believes that Krystal has only been using Adam for his money! "You messed this all up. How could you let this baby be Tads?" she asks. Krystal tries convince Colby that Charlotte can still be her sister and Adam's child. Colby warns her to stay away from Adam before she hurts him even worse! Tad and Adam leave the parlor to talk alone! Adam tells Tad that if he will help him, he'll make sure Tad gets full custody of the baby! "The day I trust you is the day hell freezes over," Tad says, telling him that using the baby to get his revenge on Krystal is the wrong thing to do. Returning to the parlor, Tad sits alone. Krystal approaches Adam who ignores her and passes by as Tad watches. He hands Krystal a glass of milk as JR comes back in, telling them that Babe and little Adam are missing! Tad tells them not to panic as the lights go out!

    Tensions Mount in P.V.

    Thursday, March 22 2007

    At the police station, Adam tries to convince Erica to be his witness as Josh and Bianca try to keep her from saying anything. As Erica makes the decision to tell "the truth", Babe collapses! Josh tries to revive her and with the others occupied, Babe tells them to get Erica off Krystal's back so she can take Adam down! Tad pulls Adam from the room and threatens him, telling him that locking up Krystal and Babe isn't the answer. Adam challenges Tad to take Krystal off his hands by moving in with her himself! "Get that tramp out of my house and I'll never speak to you again," he promises. They go back to the squad room and Tad asks Krystal why she is insisting on staying with a crazy man. Meanwhile, Bianca tries to convince Erica not to side with Adam. Erica explains about Charlotte's paternity to tries to get Bianca on her side, but it doesn't work. Bianca tells her that siding with Adam will only result in the loss of everything Erica loves! Josh confronts JR, telling him that his machinations to sway Babe won't work. Babe interrupts them, telling them both to back off. She wants nothing to do with either of them! Josh tries to follow when she walks away, but Zoe cuts him off! JR heads for the insurance adjuster, telling him to back off from Krystal and Babe. Tad approaches, asking if JR is using Krystal's baby to keep Babe under his thumb! Just then, Erica comes back into the squad room, ready to make her statement! When Derek asks if she saw Babe and Krystal, she says no! "I saw Babe but I didn't see Krystal," she says, telling Adam that she can't be manipulated! Angry, Adam tells them that they won't get into his home ever again and storms out. Krystal thanks Erica but Erica isn't having it. "Did you even think about Tad and what joy the baby could bring him?" she asks. Derek disperses the group. Tad approaches Krystal, telling her that he will sue - and win! - custody of the baby. Angry, Krystal promises to fight him. Babe comes over and leads Krystal away. Erica approaches Josh, telling him that she lied for him but Josh only walks away. Zoe approaches her, asking Erica to give Josh space. Jackson interrupts with news for Erica. He is ready to move forward with their divorce!

    Adam Goes On The Attack!

    Wednesday, March 21 2007

    At the police station, Krystal apologizes to Babe as JR comes in with Jackson. Jack asks about the charges and an insurance investigator explains: Babe took out a million dollar policy with Krystal as the beneficiary and Krystal signed the petition form after her "death" to get the money. Since Babe is alive, they believe the Carey women were trying to defraud the company! Adam arrives and Krystal explains that Adam had her sign several papers but that she didn't know the insurance form was one of them - or that Babe was alive when she signed it! Jackson tells Derek to let them go because without a witness, Krystal signing the form means nothing. Just then, Erica arrives! Derek asks what she saw as Jackson and JR try to coach her into saying nothing. Rather than answer, Erica asks to speak with Adam, alone. JR jumps in, telling Erica not to let Adam use her. Tad arrives, backing them up! Jackson pulls Babe away, asking why she didn't just come out of hiding when Alexander was caught and she admits she was thinking about leaving town - with Josh! JR talks with Babe, who is appreciative of his help but wants him to know that this isn't going to change her mind about the divorce. Across the room, Tad asks Krystal to sit and eat. Krystal wonders what this new side of Tad is about and he assures her that he doesn't care about her - he cares about their baby!

    Outside the squad room, Adam tries to convince Erica to take his side about the insurance fraud. "What better way to Babe-proof Josh than to send them away for a long, long time?" he asks. They return inside and Erica goes on the attack against Krystal. Krystal isn't backing down, though, and tells Erica that even pregnant she can take her! Josh, Bianca and Zoe arrive as Derek asks Erica for an answer - did Krystal plan to defraud the insurance company?

    Ready To Run?

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    At the police station, Erica arrives as Jack finishes up some work on the Satin Slayer case. She thanks him for helping to save Kendall and he tries to walk away. Erica stops him by asking about the mess he created for Josh! With Babe still pretending to be dead, Erica believes Josh could be in trouble. Jack walks away, telling her that he's been busy with the actual killer. Jack tells her to give it time; Babe will come "back from the dead" when she is ready. He tells Erica to stop meddling and she takes offense. Jack turns the tables, reminding her of their marriage promise - to stay out of their children's lives. He tells her that unlike her he is still honoring all of their marriage promises! Angry, Erica storms away, telling Jack to give Barbara her regards! Later, Zach arrives at the station and talks to Derek. As he begins looking through the evidence against Alexander, memories of the Vegas trip flash through his mind. Moments later, Zach is shocked to see Alexander in the room!

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