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    All My Children CAST - Derek Frye - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Derek Frye Played by Charles Parnell on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Parnell (

    Real Name: Charles Parnell


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    JR Comes Clean!

    Tuesday, July 03 2007

    Derek visits Krystal at The Comeback, taking a seat at the bar and ordering a coffee. She tells Colby to go take care of the customers; Colby listens to Krystal and Derek wondering what is going on. She leaves to check on the new customers - some old friends from school who are intent on making fun of her. Colby doesn't take it, telling them to get out or face the consequences! The girls leave. Colby heads back inside in time to say goodbye to Derek. She asks Krystal if anything is going on between them and Krystal tells her about their 4th of July date. Upset because she still wants Krystal to be with Adam, Colby asks her not to go. Krystal changes the subject, asking about the girls outside. Colby fills her in, asking if she was ever that bad. Krystal tells her not to worry but quickly gets distracted by a new arrival. She grabs a bat and heads outside. Krystal tries to beat up Colby's bodyguard with the bat but Colby separates them. Krystal demands answers. Colby makes up a story that the bodyguard is because of Sean but Krystal doesn't buy it. Colby comes clean, telling Krystal that Zach is in control of Chandler Enterprises because of a bad business deal with Slater. She doesn't tell Krystal about the kidnapping. Worried, Krystal offers to take Colby in but the girl turns her down. Krystal tells Colby not to take Adam's problems as her own and tells Colby not to sneak around with Sean now to save Adam's feelings.

    Faking It!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    Colby rushes into the Montgomery home, freaked out because some big guy is following her! Sean watches the guy, who is standing out side. He grabs a heavy paperweight and heads outside! Colby stops him, telling him the thug could be the kidnapper! She tells him about the kidnapping and then swears Sean to stay quiet. They both get scared when someone knocks on the door but it's only Derek. He's checked on the stalker - who is actually only a bodyguard! Colby can't believe Adam hired a bodyguard and then didn't tell her about it. Derek sits them both down, playing the tough cop and telling them both that he would have taken things much farther than Adam did, especially after all the trouble they've gotten into in the past. Derek leaves. Colby scotches closer to Sean and tells him no one is going to keep them apart - not even Adam! Over cold drinks Sean tells Colby about his community service and ruined summer. Sean leans in to kiss her but Colby hesitates - she wants to make sure they are alone! Sean tells her the house is there - everyone is at work and Ava has moved out! They kiss!

    Erica Kane: Advice Giver!

    Tuesday, June 05 2007

    Annie arrives at Fusion and talks to Di about Spike's birthday party. Seeing how upset her friend is, Di tries to console Annie, but Annie doesn't want to talk. Derek arrives, looking for Greenlee. Learning that she isn't there, Derek turns to leave but Annie asks him to stay and wait for her. "What am I, the pizza delivery guy?" he asks, but stays. Di users Derek and the newly arrived Livia into the lounge. Both are annoyed that Greenlee summoned them to the offices but is missing in action herself. Livia teases Derek about the night before at The Comeback. Derek gets annoyed and Livia backs off, telling him that she is happy that he seems to be loosening up.

    Kendall arrives at Fusion and tentatively talks to Annie, wondering how she is holding up. Before Annie can answer the rep from Zoe's music label calls and backs out! Kendall is stunned. "No Babe, no music?" Annie asks and Kendall nods. Greenlee arrives. Before she can head to the lounge, Kendall sidetracks her, saying that she is making a mistake! She tells Greenlee that she can't prove anything against Zach and will only waste Derek's time. "If Zach is such a power then you have nothing to worry about," Greens says, refusing to back down. Annie interrupts them with a problem and Greenlee disappears into the lounge. She apologizes to them for being late and announces her plans to sue Zach and put him behind bars! Greenlee spills the beans on how Zach cut the power and her chances at being a mom. Livia and Derek ask for proof that Zach was behind the blackout. She says he told her. Derek asks for video or audio tape and when she says there was nothing. Derek asks if Kendall or Ryan has proof and she says no. He says she is wasting their time and leaves! Greenlee can't believe it. Livia stays behind and tells Greenlee about the coma and how close Kendall and Spike came to dying. She says there may be enough for a civil suit against Zach!

    Back in the office, Kendall is on the phone trying to replace the lost music deal. Seeing Derek leaving, she tries to stop him but is too late. She returns to work, telling Annie and Di that they need to think fast to fix the mess they are in without Babe or the music deal. The girls begin to brainstorm new ideas. Greenlee interrupts them with her own words - fertile and birth and baby. Annie, Di and Kendall tries to ignore her but she keeps interrupting their flow. Unable to concentrate, the girls disband their meeting. Di begins thinking about the distance between she and Aidan. Annie tells her that things will work out and manages to get her to focus again. Zach arrives, telling Kendall that everything will be fine. "I'm taking you down," Greenlee announces, sure that she has the upper hand finally. Zach calmly tells her that he has never denied anything to do with the blackout and asks what she would like to see happen!

    ...And The Roof Caves In!

    Friday, June 01 2007

    Adam enters The Comeback, annoyed at Derek and Krystal's kiss. Tad tells him to leave, but Adam won't go. He continues to cut down everyone is the bar. Del notices a few leaks from the roof. Babe, Derek and Opal all tell Adam to leave; Krystal steps in, telling them to leave Adam alone! "If he wants to stay, he can stay," she says, astounding everyone. She reminds them that everyone is welcome in her bar and offers Adam a free drink. Tad offers a triple-anything, hoping it will effect Adam badly! Adam turns down the drink but heads to a table, alone. Krystal sits with Adam, telling him that she is just fine on her own. A deliveryman arrives with a new karaoke machine! At the bar, Julia begins to cry, worrying Jamie, Opal and Amanda. Derek helps Krystal unpack the box, apologizing for kissing her. Krystal shrugs it off. Derek tells Krystal that he has always admired her and asks her to dinner! She says she'll let him know when she's ready to date. Tad reminds Adam that he used to own the bar and failed at it! JR comes over and together he and Tad push Adam's buttons by reminding him that he was going to be a different person for Stuart's sake. JR tells Adam that he is finished. "You can't ruin this for Krystal no matter how bad you want to," he promises. Krystal gets the karaoke machine going. She compares the jewelry from Adam to a ball and chain and his home to a mausoleum and their love to a lie and excitedly talks about her new plans and friends. Babe gets the machine going and Krystal decides to sing. Before she can start, the roof begins to fall in! Tad and Derek check out the leak, which is huge. Krystal can't believe that her new project seems to be doomed. Adam rubs in the bad news, telling her she'll be broke soon. He leaves. Krystal worries that she made a huge mistake by not having the building inspected before she bought the place. Babe reminds her that they have friends and they can rebuild. "I just want it to happen now," Krystal says. Across the room, Opal talks to Julia, asking how she is. Julia gets queasy and hurries away. When she returns, Opal asks Julia if she might be pregnant! The question makes Julia wonder. Across the room, Tad encourages Krystal not to give up. She promises to keep fighting, just to show Adam that she is okay on her own.

    Greenlee: Party Crasher!

    Thursday, May 31 2007

    At The Comeback, Tad, Opal, Del and Jamie help Krystal and Babe christen the new bar. JR hands Del a mop and tells him to get to work. Derek arrives to check things out. Babe promises not to open until all of the paperwork is complete; Derek tells them not to worry, he is only there to help out! The crew gets to work. Palmer arrives, excited to see the new place. She congratulates Krystal on her new business and on dumping Adam. They pour drinks for everyone and start the party. Amanda arrives to join the party. She pulls Babe across the room but before she can tell her about JR, he arrives and interrupts them! Tad continues to tell Babe and Krystal that they need to have the place checked out. Krystal heads behind the bar, telling stories of her past while Del fixes the beer taps. When Opal suggests they all try some Del-Lightning, Palmer suggests they leave before she gets really frisky! Jamie realizes Tad has gotten quiet and asks what's on his mind. He begins talking about Kate, who would be turning 5 soon, and wonders where to go next. Julia arrives and tells them about Spike's party and Tad heads to the bar to get her a drink. Jamie asks if she is okay and Julia wonders why everyone keeps asking her that! She mentions getting ready for Kathy's 5th birthday party. At the bar, Derek tells Krystal he has always like her and is obviously a little bit tipsy. They begin to flirt a little bit and talk about their failed marriages. Derek leans across the bar and kisses Krystal! Adam arrives and quietly comes inside, not believing his eyes! Babe finally gets back to Amanda, who decides to keep her night with JR quiet!

    Friends or Enemies?

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    Krystal and Tad hold Jenny at the doll warehouse as Janet asks if "Moira" is okay. Derek arrives with the police; he and Aidan look at Amanda's head wound. Janet tries to explain to Amanda and the others why she took Jenny and apologizes for her actions. Babe takes Jamie aside, thanking him for saving Jenny's life. She offers to go to the ER with the emergency workers, Krystal and Jenny. Left with only the Martins, Janet apologizes again. Angry, Tad steps toward her but Derek and Aidan step in, telling him to go to the hospital. With a lot of effort, Tad thanks Janet for keeping Jenny with her and for getting them to the warehouse in time. "You are a good man, Tad," Janet says, telling him that he will be a great father. Tad and Aidan leave but Jamie stays behind with Amanda and Janet. When Derek cuffs Janet and tries to take her away, Janet protests, trying to make Amanda understand why she acted the way she did. Telling Janet she loves her, Amanda steps away from her mother as the officers lead her away.

    Outside, Tad runs into Jeff and demands to know where Adam is. Jeff holds Tad back and tells him to go to Jenny. JR follows but Aidan pulls him back, wanting to give Tad some space. Jamie arrives with Amanda and Derek. Derek goes straight to Jeff, asking for access to Adam. Jeff gives him clearance to question Adam. Seeing that no one is around, Amanda asks for a drink and when Jamie leaves heads immediately into Adam's room. "Jenny almost died today because of you," she says! When Adam reaches for the call button, Amanda grabs it and orders him to confess. He won't. Amanda grabs the heart attack paddles and turns them on. "If this can bring back the dead, can it kill the living?" she wonders! Adam dares Amanda to hit him with the volts but she can't do it. She begins screaming at him; Derek hears and pulls her away from Adam. "You did this! You set my mother up!" she yells as Adam tells Derek there is no link between him and Janet.

    An Office Romance?

    Tuesday, May 01 2007

    At Cambias, Josh barges in to Hannah's office, finding her scantily clad in only a bra and skirt! "Whoops," he says but doesn't leave the office. Hannah grabs her shirt while Josh closes the door, apologizing for barging in. She tells him to leave the files and go. He does. With Lily, Josh talks about diversifying the company retirement program. Zach arrives but when Hannah leaves her office, he heads inside his own office without talking to her. She follows him, bringing him information about a pending deal. Hannah asks about Kendall and Zach pushes the conversation back to the deal. Derek arrives to tell Zach that Alexander is now in locked down wing of the psychiatric hospital infirmary. Hannah leaves. Derek explains that Alexander is paralyzed from the neck down because of the shooting and no longer a danger to anyone. He also lets Zach know that they found the man who helped Alex send the note about Kendall. Zach is relieved. Derek goes on to tell Zach about his case load, hinting that he won't be looking very hard for Alex's attacker!

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