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    All My Children CAST - Derek Frye - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Derek Frye Played by Charles Parnell on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Parnell (

    Real Name: Charles Parnell


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    Kendall vs. Greenlee

    Friday, August 03 2007

    On the beach, Lenny tries to call Ava but can't get through. She runs up to him. He cozies up to her but Ava backs off, not wanting him to feel the microphone. She asks what he has and what it costs, when Lenny won't give her a name for the drug Ava gets nervous. She pulls out a wad of cash which only makes Lenny more curious about what she is really up to. Ava tells him they need to get the show on the road before someone sees them doing a drug deal on a beach. Lenny pulls back. In the surveillance van, Jack gets nervous and tells Derek they need to pull Ava out of the deal. Derek tells Jack she is fine because she hasn't used the code word. Back on the beach, Ava keeps trying to push Lenny into a sale. He tells her she needs to cool off - by getting undressed! Ava tells Lenny to get real because she isn't going to get naked for him! Lenny steps closer and begins to frisk her, looking for a wire!

    A New Day

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    Jack and Derek are going over plans for the drug sting with Ava, who isn't paying much attention. Derek and Jack lash out at her, telling her she needs to be prepared when Lenny shows up at the boathouse. Ava thinks she has everything down pat, and when they keep pushing her she lashes out at Jack. Then, super-sweetly tells him she will be in complete control - unlike Greenlee when she took Spike! Derek gets between them, asking Ava again if she'll go through with the sting. She assures them she'll be fine, pulls out her phone and calls Lenny. She orders double what she got last time and sets up a meet in a couple of days at the boathouse.

    The Blame Game

    Friday, July 27 2007

    In another hospital room, Greenlee wakes up alone. Jack brings her flowers. She asks him first about Spike and then the new baby and Jack brings her up to date. "I have to tell you everything," she says. Jack tells her not to talk but she insists. Derek walks in with questions of his own. He takes Greenlee back through what happened before they switched cars. Greens reluctantly talks, asking about Spike throughout the questioning. Derek asks her how she wound up in the ravine 20 miles in the opposite direction. Greenlee makes up a story about getting lost. "I don't know how. I thought I knew what I was doing and I just got lost," she says. Jack steps in, telling Derek to back off. Erica walks in, surprised to see Derek but immediately siding with the lawman. She tells Derek to arrest Greenlee. Jack gets between the women as Erica demands Greenlee admit that she kidnapped Spike. "Because of you Spike is fighting for his life," Erica says. Jack continues trying to separate them but Erica won't stop or back off. She blames Greenlee not just for Spike, but for the new baby's too-early birth, too! Finally Jack grabs Erica and drags her from the room. Crying, Greenlee tells Derek to continue with his questioning. He asks about the accident.

    Outside, Jack vents on Erica, telling her that they don't know the full story yet. Erica tells him that Greenlee is sick and needs help. "You need to come to grips with what your daughter has done," she screams. Jack tells Erica not to believe the gossip, to wait until the full truth comes out. She can't believe Jack is defending his daughter. Derek comes out of the hospital room, telling them the investigation is on-going. She suggests Erica listen to all the facts before passing judgement on Greenlee. They leave to talk things over. Greenlee comes out of her room and gingerly begins to walk away. Derek takes Jack and Erica to a quiet area, telling them that there is no proof that Greenlee kidnapped Spike. He surprises them, telling them how hard Greenlee worked to save Spike's life after the crash. "Greenlee saved Spike's life?" Jack asks and Derek says yes. He goes on to tell them if new evidence comes up he'll arrest Greenlee but until then the woman is free to go. He leaves. Jack asks if Erica is satisfied now but she isn't. She still believes Greenlee was trying to take Spike! "We both know what she did, Jack," Erica says.

    Hospital Drama

    Thursday, July 26 2007

    In the waiting room, Joe explains things to Erica. She worries that Ian won't survive. Jack walks in, talking to Derek on the phone. He learns about the crash but that Spike and Greenlee are alive, at least for now. Certain that Greenlee was involved in an accident while bringing Spike back to town, he tells Erica and Josh what he knows. Tad arrives and talks with Erica. She tells him that things don't look good for either of her grandsons. He hugs her reassuringly but Erica pulls back. "Kendall needs them both. They have to make it," she says. Josh walks up, asking if he can help but there is nothing he can do for her.

    Ava Is Flying High!

    Wednesday, July 25 2007

    At the police station, Derek is going over the search plan with Ryan. He apologizes for jumping on Derek earlier. Annie, Jamie, Babe, Di and Krystal walk in. They have built a website and opened an email address for new information. Derek thanks them but is quickly distracted by a new report - a young, brunette acting crazy at the boathouse. Thinking it could be Ava, Jonathan leaves to check things out. Later, Derek comes back to go over more plans with Ryan. Ryan's cell phone rings and he answers - it's Greenlee! She hears his voice and manages to tell him that it is her but then passes out! Ryan keeps calling to her but Greenlee doesn't answer. Derek tells him to keep the call connected and Aidan tells him they are tracing the call location now. Listening to Ryan call to Greenlee, Babe wonders if they should stop working on the website. Krystal tells her they won't stop until Spike is back home. Aidan returns, telling Ryan they have a trace on the call. He and Aidan run for their cars.

    Baby Danger!

    Monday, July 23 2007

    In the waiting room, Babe tries to reach Erica and Jack but can't get through. Ryan tries to calm her down, reminding her that there was trouble with Spike, too, and things turned out okay. "Where is Spike?" Babe asks. She tries to reach Greenlee on her cell but Greens isn't answering. She explains that they switched cars and realizes Greenlee should be at the hospital by now. Ryan gets worried but tries to cover it up. He calls Derek and asks him to get some officers to retrace Greenlee's steps. He wants to go, too, but Babe convinces him to stay. Jamie walks in, asking if he can help. Babe tells him she is more worried about Greenlee and Spike right now than Kendall and the new baby. She tells Jamie how weird Greens has been around Spike lately, worried that she may have run off with Spike. Jamie reassures her that things will be fine and goes to check on Kendall. Derek calls, reporting that they can't find a trace of Greenlee; Ryan asks him to put out an Amber Alert. Josh arrives, worried about Kendall and Babe fills him in. Josh reassures her about Greenlee, not believing the woman would actually kidnap Spike. Jamie returns and tells them how the doctors are treating Kendall. He asks about Greenlee; from across the room, still on the phone, Ryan shakes his head. Jamie returns to work. Babe asks Josh to find Erica. Josh leaves. Babe and Ryan brainstorm, trying to figure out where Greenlee could be. He is worried that she has taken his baby. Ryan calls Derek, trying to speed up the Amber Alert. Derek reminds him they have to follow the proper channels but Ryan isn't interested. Derek agrees to file a missing persons report to speed things up. Ryan tells Babe this isn't enough. Zach comes out of the exam room. He asks Babe to give them a minute and then confronts Ryan about Spike's whereabouts. Ryan tells Zach that Greenlee and Spike are both missing! Zach tells Ryan he'll get some Cambias men on the search, too, and warns him not to say a word to Kendall. Ryan tries to calls Greens again but she doesn't answer the phone. Desperate, Ryan calls Aidan for help.

    Two Steps Forward

    Monday, July 16 2007

    JR walks in to The Comeback to talk to Krystal. She doesn't disappoint him and lets him have it because of the kidnapping scheme. She asks how he will feel with little A turns on him the way he turned on Adam. He doesn't believe little A will ever turn on him because he will never treat little A the way Adam has treated him. Krystal sets him straight, reminding him that Adam isn't the best man but that he loves all of his children with all his heart. JR swears that he is different from Adam and that he won't repeat the mistakes his father made. Krystal tells JR that Adam didn't deserve what JR did; JR thinks Krystal might have feelings for Adam still. She tells him to think again and leaves the table. Colby walks in and JR leaves. With her shift over, Colby decides to surprise Sean with a picnic on the beach from some of Krystal's kitchen leftovers. Jonathan walks in, looking for Ava but neither Krystal nor Colby have seen her. Neither knows where she would be but Krystal suggests he try Kendall's. Derek walks in later. He spins her around, obviously wanting to continue with their new relationship. Krystal pulls back. She tells him about Tad's offer. "You deserve somebody who knows what she wants," Krystal says, telling him that she has no idea where her future lies. Telling Derek she likes him, Krystal explains that the timing for their relationship isn't right. He tells her not to lose his number and leaves.

    Love Detox

    Tuesday, July 10 2007

    Adam talks to Colby for a moment at The Comeback. She tries to make him eat but Adam isn't interested in the food. Instead he tries to convince Colby to give up her job, but Colby likes to work. Seeing that he won't change her mind, Adam bellies up to the bar. Lily arrives and immediately runs into Krystal. She asks for Ava and is surprised to find out that her sister isn't at work. Krystal gets worried when Lily tells her about Ava's job interview. Lily leaves and Krystal returns to the bar. She tells Colby she can leave but before she can stop talking, Colby has told Krystal everything about the kidnapping. Colby walks away, leaving a stunned Krystal and Adam to talk. He tries to make light of it and leaves but Krystal follows. She questions him about the kidnapping. Adam doesn't want to talk about it, but tells Krystal that the kidnapping didn't worry him - it made him fight. She won't let up; she compares what he went through with JR to what he did to her and Jenny. "I hope you went through hell," she says and walks back inside. Adam watches her through the window. The bar closes down and Krystal is alone. She calls Derek, wanting company. He comes to the bar, realizing that Adam has Krystal upset. Derek holds her close.

    Adam and JR - Together Again!

    Friday, July 06 2007

    Livia and Derek head to The Comeback for a fun evening. Livia tries to figure out what is going on between her brother and Krystal, making Derek nervous. They order and Krystal goes to fill their order. When they're alone, Livia tells Derek to work harder at wooing Krystal! This makes Derek even more nervous because of his feelings for the other woman. After dinner Livia leaves. Derek tries to get a few things straight with Krystal and tells her that he doesn't want to pressure her but he does want to see her. She likes that idea and agrees to a date the next week. Kyle walks by, wondering if Derek likes Krystal or the food! Krystal is cleaning up outside when Adam arrives!

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