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    All My Children CAST - Derek Frye - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Derek Frye Played by Charles Parnell on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Parnell (

    Real Name: Charles Parnell


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    Zach is hit by a car!

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    JR walks in to the bar, heads straight to the bartender who pours him a stiff drink. Before JR can take a sip Jack walks up, grabs him and asks why he is messing with Greenlee! Jack calls him a go-between and starts to take a swing but Julia stops him! She separates them and asks Jack what is really going on. He tells her about the embryo plot; Julia realizes just why Greenlee was at the hospital a few days before. Derek walks in and tells Jack they have a led on Aidan and Greenlee; he wants Jack to stay away but Jack demands to tag along. He and Derek leave.

    Greenlee and Aidan make love. She wants to disappear, get away from Pine Valley and just start over - with Aidan! He thinks it sounds great but doesn't want her to live a life on the run for a crime she didn't commit. Greenlee doesn't think it will matter if her name is cleared or not because Pine Valley will never really forgive her. Aidan decides to go out for food; Greens wants to tag along but Aidan tells her it isn't safe. She stays behind and before leaving, Aidan hands Alfonso (the stuffed tiger he gave her after the accident) to her to keep her company. Aidan returns very quickly and tells Greens they have to leave - right away! - because the guy at the store may have recognized him. Before they can both get away, Aidan realizes they can't leave together. He sends Greenlee out the back and tells her he'll meet up with her later. She doesn't want to go alone but he makes her. Once Greenlee is gone, he goes to the door and watches the cops who are watching the house! Derek and Jack walk in with several officers. Aidan tells him that Greenlee isn't her but he traced her here at one point. Derek begins to search the premises, anyway.

    The Great Greenlee Escape!

    Monday, November 12 2007

    Inside the court room, everyone is surprised to find Greenlee is gone. Angrily, Derek confronts a couple of the guards. Ryan watches from outside, knowing Aidan just took Greens, and then turns away and leaves the courthouse. Jack pulls Erica outside, telling her that the "escape" doesn't mean Greenlee is guilty of trying to kidnap Spike. Erica says it does and he angrily tells her that the only reason Greenlee was in court at all was because of Kendall's attempt to frame her! Erica tries to help Jack dry off and apologizes to him because she was a bit harsh. Erica sticks with her story and throws Greenlee's court "confession" in his face. Then she tells Jack that Greenlee's crime isn't his fault because he didn't raise her. Jack throws that back in Erica's face, asking if Kendall's crimes aren't Erica's problem because Erica didn't raise her! Jack returns to the courtroom and calls to find out about Aidan. He is nowhere to be found, which makes Jack curious. He sees Erica across the room and goes to her, saying he doesn't need her there. Erica says she will stand by him throughout this crisis and won't bad-mouth Greenlee. She points out that since Greenlee is likely with Aidan things will be fine. This only makes Jack more upset and he tells Erica he doesn't need her kind of help. Angry, Erica gathers her things and tells Jack if he doesn't need her help, Kendall certainly does! She leaves. Derek returns inside and Jack asks him not to list Greenlee as an escapee but Derek says he can't. He tells Jack they are going to set up border patrols soon.

    JR Proposes to Babe!

    Tuesday, November 06 2007

    Jack tells Erica that he knows Greenlee was set up and asks how long she has known about Kendall's plans! Erica insists that she knew nothing about a kidnapping plot and she also insists that Kendall wouldn't have set up Greens. "Greenlee is a very disturbed woman," she says and tells Jack that she wants Greenlee to have professional help! Derek walks up to them and tells Jack that Mary Smythe has signed commitment papers on Greenlee! He hands the papers to Jack who is stunned. He can't believe Mary would do that and asks where Mary is. Derek hasn't been able to find her. He shows Jack all of the evidence against Greenlee - the baby clothes, the fake passport/birth certificate and the tickets. Then he pulls out the clincher - a journal that they found on Greenlee's computer! Jack looks through the journal entries and then turns back to Erica. He asks if her newfound love for him is because she knew about Kendall's plan! He points out that there are too many coincidences - like absentee Mary signing commitment papers, Greenlee leaving the journal entries in an easy-to-find place. He tells Erica that Greenlee has moved on but Erica doesn't believe it. She tells Jack to get Greenlee some help and turns away. She returns, tells Jack that she will always love him, and then leaves. In the hall, Erica calls an interview subject and offers to give the person an interview at the police station.

    Aidan returns to the squad room and begins questioning Derek about his investigative methods. Derek assures Aidan that the tech guys are going over the computer with a fine tooth comb and they'll find any Trojan horses there could be. Aidan tells Derek he is going to clear Greenlee's name!

    Danger In The Skies!

    Monday, November 05 2007

    Greenlee can't believe what she is hearing and asks Kendall to tell the police what is really happening: that she was watching Spike for Kendall. Instead, Kendall tells them Greens took Spike! Kendall turns everything around on Greenlee, insisting that Greenlee showed up out of nowhere and took her son. "You set me up," Greenlee says as the police arrest her! Kendall makes up a story about how she brought Spike to the boathouse to help him relax, that Greenlee showed up, drugged Kendall and took Spike. Aidan steps in, telling Derek and the cops that Greenlee was with him all night. Derek has no idea who to believe. Aidan steps up to Zach, telling him that what Kendall is doing is wrong. Greenlee brings up the phone calls and their secret meetings, finally realizing that Kendall has been setting her up for weeks. "You are finally going to pay for Spike," Kendall says.

    At the stationhouse, Kendall stays very close to Spike, pretending to worry about his safety. Rachael arrives to take the boy home. A couple of cops come in, tell Derek that they found a suitcase filled with baby clothes, money and plane tickets in the back of Greenlee's car - along with a phone "Jackson Smythe" birth certificate. Greenlee tells them it's a set up but no one will listen. A cop leads Greenlee into the interrogation room but Derek stays behind to question Kendall. Aidan heads straight for Zach and tells him to stop the madness. When Zach gets quiet, Aidan realizes he didn't know anything about Kendall's plans. Kendall begins giving her statement to one of the cops, telling him that she only speaks to Greenlee at work and that Greenlee has never been welcome in her life. She tells the cop about Greenlee using the chloroform on her. Across the room, Aidan tells Zach that Kendall's plan won't work out well. He tells Zach that he won't let Kendall get away with it. Erica arrives and asks Zach how she can help. Zach tells her to go home.

    Jack walks in to Greenlee's interrogation room as Derek begins to question her about the kidnapping. Derek leaves; Greens tells Jack everything that has been going on between her and Kendall and swears she didn't try to take Spike. Derek returns to take Greenlee's statement, annoying Jack. Greenlee tells Derek everything she knows - that Kendall began calling her weeks ago and that they were trying to recapture their friendship and her fears about Spike's upcoming surgery. She tells Derek about the call Kendall got about Zach and how she begged Greenlee to watch Spike. When she finishes, Greenlee asks Derek if he believes her. He is noncommittal but promises to keep investigating. Derek brings Greenlee out and they take her to holding; Aidan starts a fight with one of the guards. Jack comes out and tells Erica that one of their daughters is lying - and he thinks she knows which one! Jack accuses Erica of knowing what was going to happen with Kendall and Greenlee. She tries to convince Jack she didn't know anything but he doesn't believe her. Kendall signs her witness statement and the cops leave. Zach asks her what really happened with Greenlee.

    Derek takes Greenlee to her holding cell. She is surprised to find Aidan in the cell next door! "Thought you might want some company," he says.

    Is Annie Losing It?

    Monday, September 24 2007

    Ryan catches Annie before she can fall to the floor and the medical examiner covers the body. "That isn't my brother," Annie says! Derek follows them into the hall, asking if she is positive that the man inside isn't Richie. Annie is positive. Derek goes to answer a call. Annie begins wondering how Richie found someone who looked so much like him and worrying that he is closer than they both realize. Ryan tries to calm Annie; Derek returns and tells them the spider tattoo was only a few days old! They also know his name - Eddie Johnson! And he was jailed only three cells away from Richie in Illinois! Ryan and Annie return home. He keeps trying to calm her about Richie, assuring her that she is safe from him but Annie doesn't believe him. Ryan asks her to start carrying a gun! Annie refuses, reminding Ryan about shooting him by accident. He begins checking all the doors and windows, assures Annie that the condo is locked up and his guards are downstairs and leaves the house to do some more research on Richie. Once she is alone, Annie opens every door and every window and then lies down on the sofa with a knife in her hand, singing "Ring Around The Rosie"!

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