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    All My Children CAST - Derek Frye - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Derek Frye Played by Charles Parnell on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Parnell (

    Real Name: Charles Parnell


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    Father Clarence Visits Adam

    Friday, December 21 2007

    In the waiting area, Derek comes in and asks Joe about Zach and Greenlee. As Joe tells him Greenlee's and Zach's prognosis, Richie sees Zach through the open doorway and wonders if he could have even more charges placed against him. Derek takes Richie back to the psych ward. Joe returns to Greenlee; Aidan is waiting. Joe tells Aidan that Greenlee is in bad shape and her kidneys are shutting down because of severe dehydration! Just then, alarm beeps begin sounding from Greens' monitors!

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    Adam goes to Tad.

    Greenlee takes a turn for the worse.

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    Zach's Delusional!

    Wednesday, November 28 2007

    JR and Adam arrive at the PVPD and Derek takes them into an interrogation room. Adam pipes up that JR was with him the entire night in question. Derek asks JR about the car and Adam says it must have been stolen. Focusing on JR, Derek asks him if what Adam is saying is true. JR admits that he doesn't know where he was but says he does remember being at The Comeback at some point. He tells Derek to ask Ava because she saw him there. Adam can't believe what he is hearing. Derek places JR under arrest!

    Richie Seals Zach's Fate!

    Monday, November 26 2007

    At The Comeback, Derek tells everyone that they may have found the car that hit Zach. Before he can give a lot of details about the blood on the car, Julia stops him and reminds him there are children around. Derek gives the G-rated version of events and says they haven't been able to type the blood. Across the room, Colby asks JR where little A is and he tells her about the Lavery family dinner. Joe captures everyone's attention and begins the Thanksgiving prayer. Everyone becomes quiet and then the feast begins. After the prayer, Opal begins the annual tradition of telling what she is thankful for. Krystal and Colby join in and so does Julia. Everyone joins in; Adam stops them all when he says he is thankful for JR and a year's worth of sobriety. JR leaves the table; Adam follows him and they have a heated exchange about drinking at the bar. Jack watches them. Opal turns to Jack and asks about Greenlee. She tells him that things will work out; Jack hopes so. She turns the subject to Erica but Jack receives a phone call. He ignores the call, though. Joe pulls Jack aside and tells him about Erica's involvement in Greenlee's commitment. Jack is shocked to learn that Erica forged the document! Meanwhile, Tad and Hannah talk about the mistakes they've made with love in the past; Tad wonders what Krystal will do about Adam. JR is alone in the sea of people, trying to remember anything from the night before. Derek receives a call from the forensics department and learns that it is Zach's blood in JR's car!

    It's Thanksgiving!

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    Derek and the search crew are scouring the woods around the crash site. Jack arrives and argues with Derek, telling him that they need to be really careful so that Greenlee - if she's out there, too - won't be hurt. Though he doesn't want them there, Aidan and Jack join the search party trying to find Zach and Greenlee. Kendall and Ryan arrive and join in the search efforts. Ryan tries to keep Kendall's spirits up. She tells Ryan about the Thanksgiving dinner she had planned, wonders if Ian will grow up to be like Zach and begins to cry. "Ian is coming home today and his daddy is not there," she says, "this is wrong. This is wrong!" Derek comes over and tells them the weather is turning and they have to bring the search dogs back. Kendall is worried but Derek assures her the human searchers will continue. Ryan convinces Kendall to come with him back to the hospital. A while later, Derek gets a call from another detective who says they found blood on the seat of a car!

    A while later, Colby and her hip-hop crew arrive at The Comeback, along with Jack and Lily. Both Jack and Lily are distracted by the search for Greens and Zach. Adam hands Colby a wad of cash to pay for movie tickets for her and the guys (they're planning a movie night later on); Tad steps up and gives them even more cash for popcorn! The kids disperse. Tad goes over to Jack and asks about the search; Jack doesn't know anything and is becoming more worried - and aggravated - by the moment. Derek arrives. Krystal calls everyone to the tables and begins to serve the food.

    Greenlee Plays Doctor!

    Tuesday, November 20 2007

    At the crash site, emergency workers are crawling all over the place looking for Zach's body. Kendall and JR arrive. He looks around and swears he has never been in this area. The whole thing is a blank for him. She points to the blood on the pavement, blaming him. JR insists that he was never there. "I am sure I had nothing to do with Zach's accident," he says! Kendall finally realizes that JR really doesn't have any memories of the night; she feels more alone than ever. Derek comes over and Kendall asks if they have found anything. There is nothing new. She gives Derek the picture she found and tells him JR was drunk and had a blackout. She tells Derek to arrest JR but Derek can't because she tampered with the evidence - by removing it from under the tire. She tells him to search JR's car then.

    JR Opens Up To Ava

    Monday, November 19 2007

    At the safe house, Derek tells Jack and Aidan he is arresting them because they are interfering with his investigation. An officer comes inside, tells Derek about the accident and they all make a detour to the crash site.

    Derek and crew reach the crash site; Erica is stunned to see Jack and Aidan in handcuffs! Kendall believes that Greenlee is behind Zach's accident. Derek calls in more backup and forensics guys. Erica tries to calm Kendall down, telling her that they don't know Greenlee had anything to do with it. Derek joins in, telling Kendall that it looks like a hit-and-run and that doesn't mean Greenlee was involved. Erica asks Aidan what he thinks. He says they don't have enough information one way or another. Aidan asks why Zach was out in the country; Kendall tells him about the house-hunting project. Derek reports that Zach - or anyone looking like Zach - have been taken to a hospital within 100 miles. Erica asks him to bring in more police to find Zach. Jack walks up to Kendall and asks if she was going to tell the truth in court. Kendall turns things around on him, telling him if he hadn't defended Greens the first time she took Spike none of this would have happened. Derek reports that the blood on the pavement is the same type as Zach's; Jack is relieved and that ticks off Kendall! Jack blames the situation on Kendall and Erica tells Jack he can't blame Kendall for any of this. Aidan backs up Jack. Before they can all come to blows, Derek tells them all to shut up so the cops can concentrate. Kendall pulls Zach's coat from the backseat and hugs it to her. Kneeling beside the front tire, she sees the picture of JR that Richie left behind! Rather than giving the picture to Derek, Kendall tucks it into her coat!

    Zach's In Biiiiiiig Trouble

    Friday, November 16 2007

    Jack begs Aidan to take help Greenlee turn herself in. Aidan refuses, saying Greens is safer on the run! Derek walks back in and tells Aidan to come clean because he knows Greenlee has been with him. Jack convinces Derek to let him talk to Aidan alone and Derek leaves. When they are alone, Jack brings up the stuffed tiger and tells Aidan he knows without a doubt Greens was here and demands to know where she is now. Aidan won't give up Greenlee's location. They argue for a while longer but finally Aidan tells Jack she is headed to Canada where she'll be safe until they find the proof to clear her name. Jack can't believe it and tries to change Aidan's mind. Derek returns and arrests both Jack and Aidan for obstruction of justice!

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