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    All My Children CAST - Derek Frye - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Derek Frye Played by Charles Parnell on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Parnell (

    Real Name: Charles Parnell


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    Kendall Rings in 2008 in the Slammer

    Monday, December 31 2007

    Kendall’s in mid-confession in Greenlee’s hospital room. “Greenlee didn’t try to kidnap Spike. I lied to the police. I’m the one who was guilty,” she tells Derek. Zach jumps in and tells Derek to arrest him instead of Kendall, saying Derek has the wrong suspect. Kendall won’t let Zach confess and things get confusing. Derek wants to ask questions, but both Greenlee and Aidan try to get Derek to leave them alone to recover. Derek says he’ll go back to the station but he expects someone to come in and “do the right thing.” He leaves.

    Out in the hospital hallway, Hannah overhears Derek telling his “men” that Kendall and Zach are trying to “stonewall” the police and that one way or another Kendall is going to go down for what she did.

    With Derek gone from Greenlee’s room, the gang argues about who is guilty of what. Kendall tells Greenlee that she has no idea all the ways she’s betrayed her. Greenlee’s curious: is there something else that Kendall’s done? Kendall backs off and steps out to “get some air.” Greenlee asks Aidan to get her a sandwich, leaving Greenlee and Zach alone. In steps Hannah. Zach gives Hannah her not-so-subtle walking papers, saying they’ll “talk at the office.” He and Greenlee are alone again, joking. Suddenly, Greenlee starts to feel ill, and passes out. Zach rushes for help.

    We end with a musical montage, “Apologies,” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals:

    Kendall tucks Zach into bed, whispering, “I love you…and I’m sorry I have to do this.” Jack toasts Erica with a warm smile. Ryan sips champagne wrapped in Annie’s arms inside tangled blankets. Their phone rings, but they let it go to the machine. It’s Richie, saying, “I hope you get everything you wish for. I know I will.” Krystal and Tad toast, then get down to finishing the business they started. Hannah, alone, pulls a scrapbook out from under the bed – it’s filled with photos and news clippings about Zach. Aidan toasts Greenlee (water) and curls up in bed beside her.

    Kendall approaches Derek at the police station. “It was my idea. All mine,” she confesses. She’s booked and her mug shot is taken. Looks like Kendall will ring in 2008 in the clink.

    Kendall Confesses!

    Friday, December 28 2007

    In Greenlee’s room, Kendall won’t listen to anything anyone says. Despite Zach’s and Aidan’s pleas, Kendall won’t shut up. Derek enters the room just in time to hear Kendall say, "I'm the one who's guilty."

    Greenlee's Still Under Arrest!

    Thursday, December 27 2007

    At the hospital Derek visits Zach, who is talking with Erica, and tells them both that JR is innocent of the charges. Zach doesn't believe him at first but when Derek brings up the DVD evidence Zach caves in. Derek asks what Zach remembers from the bomb shelter and Zach tells him about the man who found them and closed the opening. Derek leaves the hospital room and runs into Jack, who asks why guards are still posted at Greenlee's door! Derek walks away but Jack follows. Derek admits that he doesn't like having a guard on her any more than Jack does but that until the judge lifts the order that places Greens on the fugitive list he has no choice. Derek walks away. Erica tries to comfort Jack but he turns away from her.

    In the hall Aidan asks Joe to kick the guards out of the hospital. Joe can't. Derek walks up and tells Aidan that they have no choice. Before Aidan can go off on Derek Joe takes him aside and tells him that Greenlee isn't out of the woods medically, either. Derek leaves for a second and Zach comes out of his room to check in with Aidan. He thanks Aidan for not giving up on the search. Jack exits Greenlee's room and Zach asks to go inside. Kendall walks up and Aidan walks away. Jack sticks close to Derek, demanding that he take the guards off of Greenlee's door. Derek refuses, saying it isn't his call.

    A Christmas Miracle

    Monday, December 24 2007

    On JR's yacht Amanda finally admits that she was with him the night of Zach's accident. She says she just wanted him to suffer for a while, the way she has been suffering because of him! Amanda rambles on about re-naming the yacht and stuns JR when she tells him that Adam gave the ship to her! JR finally puts two and two together and realizes that Adam knows something about Amanda's scheme. She tells him exactly what Adam gave her - $5 million and the yacht - and then says she was going to tell the cops everything as soon as Christmas was over. She brings up the DVD, which throws JR even more. Amanda tells JR about his DVD'd confession and swears she would have given it to the police. JR realizes that the DVD Adam asked him to put away must be the DVD Amanda made. She says she still has a copy. JR hands her his cell phone and demands that she call Derek right away. Derek arrives a while later and watches the DVD, which he says does clear JR. Then, Derek tells them that Zach is alive and well - and no longer missing! JR wants to go to the hospital to talk to Zach but Derek tells him that he has to return to the manse until the house-arrest is lifted. JR leaves. Derek tells Amanda she can do a lot better than JR and then asks her to stop by the station house to give her official statement. He leaves.

    Father Clarence Visits Adam

    Friday, December 21 2007

    Richie can't believe that Babe called Ryan to come and get him. "Are you afraid of me?" he asks incredulously. Babe says she just wants him out of her life so she can focus on little A and JR. Richie tries to manipulate Babe but Ryan won't allow that. Derek and the cops walk in, surprising Ryan and Babe. Richie says he called the cops! He says he doesn't want Babe to be afraid of him and this was the only way he could show her he isn't a threat! The police cuff Richie and take him away; he wishes Babe a merry Christmas on his way out. When he is gone Ryan turns to Babe, telling her that he was shocked to see that Richie really does have feelings for her. "With everybody else, he just works angles," Ryan says. Babe isn't interested in Ryan's apologies and tells him so. Ryan tells her she should still stay away from Richie, though. She asks what he really wants and Ryan tells her that he just wants her to understand that Richie is conning all of them and he can't be saved. Ryan leaves.

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