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    All My Children CAST - Derek Frye - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Derek Frye Played by Charles Parnell on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Parnell (

    Real Name: Charles Parnell


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    More Questions Without Answers

    Monday, February 05 2007

    Meanwhile inside the gala Zach, Aidan and Ryan burst through the terrace door as the stranger approaches Kendall! Tad calls the police as the stranger says, "You're not her?" Angry, Zach asks how the stranger knew Amelia, but the man doesn't answer. They take him inside and continue shooting questions at the man, who can't answer. Derek and Jack arrive as JR comes in to the room. What are they doing with Jenkins? JR introduces them to Raymond Jenkins, his nurse! Zach remembers Jenkins from when he was a boy. The man wanted to run away with Amelia. Finally able to speak, Jenkins tells Zach he didn't hurt his mother - and he wouldn't hurt Zach, either. "I did not kill anyone!" Jenkins says. Babe arrives; JR tells her someone has been living a lie. Does she know who? Without waiting for an answer he tells her Jenkins is a suspect in the murders. As Josh enters, JR asks Jamie to take him home. Derek and Jack begin asking more questions and
    Jenkins explains that he waited for Amelia that day but she never came to him. Derek and Jack take Jenkins away against Zach's wishes. He wants to question the man! Kenny steps up beside Kendall, wondering if he is finally off the hook. Befuddled by Jenkins and Kenny's question, Kendall stays quiet. The partygoers begin leaving but Ryan waits. Kendall takes her annoyance out on him, telling him to leave and take care of their son. Kendall finds Zach alone on the terrace. Seeing Jenkins has brought back memories from his childhood - arguing and fighting. It wasn't Jenkins voice he heard, though, it was his father!

    Tad arrives at the police station, demanding to be let in on the interrogation of Jenkins. He'll stay quiet, he promises Jack, but he knows the Cambias family history and he'll know if Jenkins is lying. Jack gives in and Tad joins in the questioning. Jenkins purports his innocence, telling them he met Zach once as a child, and remembers him as a sweet boy. He admits to being Amelia's lover. Derek leaves the interrogation room to speak with Ryan. As they listen to the questioning, Tad suggests coffee and a sandwich for Jenkins and quickly begins questioning him - again - about his relationship with the Cambias family. Outside, Derek tells Ryan he hopes they have the right man this time.

    Dixie's Final Scene

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    At the Chandler mansion, Babe is in shock. Adam goes on the attack, telling her everything that has happened is her fault. Jack interrupts the fight, telling Adam to go to the hospital. His family needs him. Derek and Jack begin questioning Zarf and Babe erupts in anger. Those were her pancakes, if anyone is to blame, it is her not Zoe. In tears, Babe asks to go to the hospital to see JR. She and a bodyguard leave.
    As Babe arrives in the waiting room to comfort JR, Dr. Joe Martin comes outside. "We lost her," he says. Without saying a word, Tad leaves the crowd. Joe keeps Jamie from following his father and Babe comforts JR. Angry, he demands that Joe go back inside and fix Dixie. Finally realizing his mother is gone, JR asks to see Dixie. Babe wheels him inside. Jamie follows with Adam and Opal. Dixie singing "You Are My Sunshine" fills the room. Those closest to Dixie say their goodbyes, but Jamie can't. He stays in the back of the room, crying. Di leaves the room, angry that they couldn't catch the killer before he got to Dixie. Aidan takes her in his arms and holds her while she cries. As JR takes Dixie's hand, she appears and her spirit squeezes his shoulder, then moves to Jamie. Her spirit can't find Tad in the hospital. Babe brings JR his mother's bracelet and, crying, he puts it on Dixie's wrist. "I love you, Mama," he says.

    Back at the Chandler mansion, Zarf/Zoe repeats her story to Jack - she went for a walk, found the flowers and came right back in. She had just met Dixie and liked the other woman. Jack receives a call from the hospital, telling him Dixie has died. The news shocks those still at the manse. Bianca tells Zarf/Zoe about Dixie not finding Kate. Jack comes in and asks Bianca to follow him. What is going on between she and Zoe? he asks. A little annoyed, Bianca tells Jack to back off. Zoe hears the exchange and tells him she would never hurt Bianca. She then explains to Josh that she has nowhere to go; she can't intrude on the family's grief by staying with them. Josh corners Jack, telling him they need to keep an eye on Zoe. She was around when the ribbon was left on the gate and she found the flowers. Jack agrees. Josh offers to let Zoe stay with him.

    Poisoned Pancakes!

    Monday, January 29 2007

    Meanwhile at the police station, Zach wants to take Kendall and leave, but Tad and Jack continue questioning him. Has he come up with a connection? Jack tells the crowd the only thing Kenny has done since being released is go to the supermarket and Derek tells them Zarf is still his prime suspect. Josh comes in, demanding Zach be arrested because of the love letters. Zach explains the only thing he knows about the love letters is that they were written by a man named Raymond. Angry that they are questioning Zach, who is as a much a victim as anyone else, Kendall says she is tired of hiding. If the killer wants her, she's right here! Josh takes Kendall for a walk to calm her down. Jack and Derek discuss the suspect list and Zach takes Tad aside, telling him that under the influence he told Josh about Greg's death. Everyone comes to attention when Derek takes a call from Adam - he orders officers to the Chandler mansion immediately. Josh streaks out before Derek can tell him the attack wasn't on Babe. It was Dixie!

    At the hospital, Tad and Jamie arrive as Dixie is brought in. As Dr. Joe and Dr. Jeff Martin begin working on Dixie, Tad and Jamie are left outside the ER room with Krystle and JR. Krystle leads Jamie away to notify friends and family. A broken up JR almost tells Tad Dixie's secret. JR and Tad are inconsolable; Opal, Di and Dell arrive, talking to Jamie. Jamie comforts Opal, who can't find Palmer. Unable to wait outside, Tad bursts in to the hospital room. He begs Dixie to hold on, to fight. Dixie opens her eyes! Tad is relieved that Dixie is awake and calls her his dream come true. Dixie takes the oxygen mask from her face and says "Together". The monitors begin to flatline.

    At the Chandler mansion, Josh pulls Adam off of Zarf. Jack and Derek arrive asking what happened. Adam points the finger at Zarf/Zoe, who says she didn't do anything. Derek leads Zarf from the room as Jack continues questioning Adam and Babe. What happened this morning? Babe tells Jack they spoke about the Fusion murders, but nothing strange happened. Did they eat or drink anything? Babe remembers Dixie ate her pancakes! She tells Jack that Winifred made the pancakes for her! Just outside the room, Derek demands answers from Zarf, who explains he took a walk and found the gardenias outside the gate. One of the guards saw him. As they go back inside, Derek hears Babe's pancake story and tells the crowd the attack on Dixie was a mistake. "I was supposed to die today," Babe says as Bianca walks in the door.

    Satin Slayer Strikes!

    Friday, January 26 2007

    At the police department, Derek and Aidan discuss the possibility of David being a suspect. Derek isn't convinced but does think it strange that David hasn't been seen since he went 'off the map' in Indonesia. As they speak, the killer is shown emptying a vial of V-Tach into a container. Aidan promises to have David's information placed on Interpol's list. Two investigators bring in the portrait of Kendall with a syringe in the neck. Josh arrives with to give the love letters to Derek. Aidan comes back in, saying they may have a hit on David. Jamie and Josh study the picture of Kendall. Jamie wants to know what is going on between them, which makes Josh angry. It's nobody's business! When Jamie pushes it, Josh gets even more angry, telling Jamie he knows who killed Greg Madden - and if Jamie doesn't back off he'll tell the cops. Tad arrives, interrupting them. Sensing the trouble brewing, Tad asks what's going on. Derek enters, reminding Jack that Zarf/Zoe has not been cleared. They're still looking at Kenny and David, but he considers Zarf/Zoe the prime suspect. Jack reminds Derek that Zoe was jailed while Zach was locked in the warehouse and Ryan spotted the voyeur on the Fusion roof. They need to investigate everyone because all they know about Kenny is that he made a trip to the grocery store!

    Lies and Revelations

    Wednesday, January 24 2007

    At the hospital, the stranger enters Dani's room, flowers in hand. It's Kenny! Before he can do anything, Aidan attacks! Aidan and Livia question Kenny. Why is he there? Before Kenny can answer, Jack, Derek and Di enter. For the first time, Derek begins to believe there may be other suspects. He searches Kenny, they find pictures of Simone and Erin but no drugs. From the hallway, Jonathan is listening and before anyone can stop him, he attacks Kenny! Derek and Jack pull Jonathan off Kenny, who says he came to visit because he has a "deep connection" to all the Fusion women. Not so fast! He didn't even know Dani, exclaims Derek! While Derek continues questioning him, Jack leads Jonathan from the room. He suggests that Jonathan keep his distance from Kenny and the case. Jonathan wants to know why. Jack believes Jonathan is in danger of reverting to "the dark place", and Jack won't let him hurt anyone the way he hurt Lily, Bianca and Kendall. Tad calls Jack, telling him about the portrait and the message. They need to get CSI to the warehouse - now! Meanwhile, inside Dani's room, Derek shows a picture of Zach's mother to Kenny. Kenny says he doesn't recognize the woman and he came to see Dani because he is connected to her through Fusion! With no reason to hold him, Derek allows Kenny to leave. Watching him go, Jack assures Jonathan that Kenny will be followed; he gives Jonathan his word that Erin's killer will be caught. The men shake hands and Jonathan leaves. Derek, Jack and Aidan go back inside where Derek thanks everyone for their help. Livia leaves, she is headed to Hawaii to stay with Dani. Jack receives another phone call; Zarf/Zoe has been released!

    Setting Plans In Action

    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    In the squad room, Jack tries to convince Derek to look at someone other than Zarf. He is too close to this case! Derek won't hear of it; he needs to find his daughter's attacker. An officer delivers a paper, with pictures of Dani, and talks about her recovery. Their plan to draw out the killer is on! A few minutes later, Zarf/Zoe's lawyer arrives and orders Zarf be released. Derek refuses - Zarf is a suspect. The lawyer says they can do it the hard way - a probable cause hearing - and his client will win. Derek isn't concerned, there is more evidence coming in against Zarf - as far as he's concerned - every day!

    Across town, Aidan, Di and Livia are putting the plan to draw out the killer into action. With a police guard stationed outside, they try to entertain themselves with a game for cards until visiting hours are up. Aidan reminds the women about the bird Dani talked about. It could be a clue and they need to figure it out!

    Derek and Jack arrive moments later to tell them Dani is safe in Hawaii. Far away from the Satin Slayer. As visiting hours are up, everyone but Aidan leaves. He will stay to protect Livia and hopefully catch the killer. The guard leaves his post and Aidan covers Livia's face. It's time! Outside, someone walks down the hall, stopping as he or she reaches Dani's door!

    Kendall is in the Killer's Crosshairs!

    Monday, January 22 2007

    At the police department, JR asks to see Zarf/Zoe. Jack and Tad aren't thrilled with the request; JR seeing her won't solve anything. But Derek has another idea. They can use JR to get Zarf/Zoe to confess to something before her lawyer arrives. That way they'll have something to charge her with. Jack and Tad don't like that idea, either, but can't stop Derek. He's obsessed with fingering Zarf/Zoe for the crime. JR, on the other hand, is happy with the suggestion. This could be just what he needs to get little Adam from Babe for good! Inside the jail cell, JR tells Zarf he's been on stage, he knows how exciting that is. How can Zarf give it up to be a woman? Sarcastically, Zarf says his name is Zoe - she can give up the fame because she's a woman! She doesn't need that type of life. JR asks her to convince him Babe doesn't need protecting. She tells JR there was a connection as soon as they met. Babe didn't judge him. Does JR know what that feels like? To be liked by one when everyone else leaves you completely alone? JR isn't sure what to think and prepares to leave the jail cell. He didn't get what he needed, but he does have things to think about.

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