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    All My Children CAST - Derek Frye - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Derek Frye Played by Charles Parnell on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Parnell (

    Real Name: Charles Parnell


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    It's Over!

    Tuesday, March 06 2007

    At the Vegas police department, Derek and Jack work on extradition, but Alexander isn't done with them. He tells Tad and JR that things aren't nearly over! Taunting the men, Alexander calls them buffoons. He knows he will always have their attention - which is exactly what he always wanted. "You've made me immortal," he says. JR tries to attack Alex, but Tad grabs him and with Jamie's help holds him back. Derek promises Alexander that they may never forget him but he will never see freedom again. "You might as well not exist," Tad tells Alexander, promising that he will never matter to anyone again! Derek leaves to finish the extradition papers. Tad, JR and Jamie talk about Dixie and Babe, wondering how this spring would be different and the same from all of the springs in their pasts. Papers ready, they leave Las Vegas. Back in Pine Valley, Tad visits Dixie's grave.

    All Roads Lead To Vegas!

    Monday, February 26 2007

    In Zoe's hospital room, Bianca assures her that Ryan will find out who the button belonged to. She is troubled after hearing a song on the radio - it has made her think of old times with Maggie. Crying, Bianca hugs Zoe tightly and then leaves.

    A few minutes later, Bianca arrives at police headquarters to ask Jack and Derek about the button. She also wants to know if any DNA was recovered from Zoe's jacket. Realizing they still don't know about the button, Bianca tells them about the crest and explains that she gave it to Ryan. Jack and Derek can't believe she would take evidence to Ryan instead of them. Binks describes the button and both men wonder if the bird on the button could be the bird Dani remembered seeing after her attack! An officer brings Jack a message - it's from the killer! Jack sends the officer to get a description of the messenger, but unfortunately no one saw him clearly enough. An officer comes in, telling them about a disturbance at Kendall's new apartment! Jack, Derek and Bianca hurry from the station. They get to the apartment and find Jenkins, dead. It appears that he has been pushed from a balcony - just like Zach's mother! Jack is worried about the note. It said the killer left a parting gift now that he has what he wants and Jack wonders if Jenkins is the "gift". Derek suggests bringing Kenny in for his own protection, believing that the killer is now targeting prior suspects.
    "Anyone could be next," Jack exclaims. He tries calling Kendall and then Zach but can't get through to either of them. The three return to the police station where the DNA test results are in - the DNA from the attack on Zoe comes back to a relative of Zach's!

    On a private plane, Tad argues with JR over whether or not he should go to Vegas. Ryan, Jamie and Aidan leave the decision up to Tad when JR insists he can take care of himself. Ryan tells the guys that the button was made on a special order 10 years before. It has to be from Alexander but Ryan is still confused as to why he would be terrorizing Zach. Since he met Alexander in the desert and Zach was questioning him about Vegas, Ryan believes they need to get to Vegas quickly. Jack calls Tad, telling him about the new note from the killer. Concerned, Tad hangs up and tells Ryan and the others about it. Tad believes Zach and Kendall have walked into a trap! As the plane takes flight, JR pulls a picture of Babe from his wallet, remembering the good times with her. As JR remembers Babe, Jamie watches Tad, vowing to make things right for his father. The killer took his mother and Jamie is going to enjoy taking his life in return! Ryan calls Annie to check on her and she assures him everything is fine there. He hangs up, wondering why Alexander killed his sister and vowing to keep Alexander away from Kendall. Across the plane, Aidan vows the same thing. Tad can't get Dixie off his mind. "He'll pay for taking your life, Dixie," he tells her. Derek calls Tad and tells him about the button. Tad tries to play dumb but Derek doesn't buy it. He tells Tad about the DNA match. "Start talking," Derek says. Tad pretends the phone is losing service and hangs up. He tells the others they don't have much time - the police are right behind them! They arrive in Vegas and head to the hotel but the guards won't let them into Kendall and Zach's room. Ryan and Tad pretend to leave and then bust into the room - but Kendall is gone!

    Digging For The Truth

    Thursday, February 22 2007

    In Zoe's hospital room, Derek and Jack continue questioning her about the attack. Zoe doesn't remember anything about the attacker and Derek wonders if Bianca was right. Could this attack not be related to the Satin Slayings? If so, Derek believes he can be better used elsewhere. Zoe stops both men from leaving as a memory comes back. The killer spit on her! Jack pounces on the information, ready to begin running DNA tests but Derek doesn't care. He is only interested in the Satin Slayer. Julia comes in with water and pain medication. Alone in the room, she apologizes to Zoe for the treatment at Wildwind. Zoe tells her not to worry about it, she's just uncomfortable in her own skin. Julia offers to get her in touch with a therapist but Zoe isn't interested. As Julia finishes up with Zoe, she encourages her to face the world as her real self. In the corridor outside Jack confronts Derek about his treatment of Zoe. The two argue over Zoe's story, which Derek doesn't believe. Bianca arrives and Jack tells her they will look into the possible DNA information. She goes inside and Derek tells Jack he still isn't convinced of Zoe's story. "With all due respect, I am ordering you to run that DNA test - and I mean right now!" Jack exclaims. Back inside, Julia and Bianca give tips to Zoe on how to be a woman - like not going certain places alone. "If you're going to live your life as a woman, it's going to be different," Bianca instructs. The attack, all the rules of being a real woman have Zoe very confused. Julia leaves Bianca and Zoe alone and Zoe has another flash of memory. She ripped a button off the attacker's coat! Bianca leaves to look for the evidence! Derek arrives to take Zoe's clothing for testing. He doesn't say anything, but it is obvious he isn't happy about his job!

    Road Trip!

    Wednesday, February 21 2007

    At the cemetery, Bianca finds Zoe beaten and bruised. She orders her bodyguard to call the police. Worried about her friend, Bianca doesn't notice the button slip from Zoe's hand! Help arrives to take Zoe to the hospital where Bianca uses the desk phone to call the cops. Jeff brings Zoe out on the way to x-ray but she is too weak to talk. Wondering how someone could attack her, Bianca is shocked when Julia suggests it could be a hate crime. Derek arrives and begins questioning Bianca. He is surprised to learn they think it could be hate related. Since she was found near Babe and Dixie's graves, he assumes the attack is related to the serial killings. If it turns out to be a random attack, he'll hand off the case. Bianca is stunned that Derek is more concerned about the Satin Slayings than with a possible hate crime against Zoe. A few minutes later inside Zoe's private room, Bianca tells her to relax. They are keeping the attack under wraps so the papers won't hear of it. Derek and Jack come in, asking if Zoe saw or heard anything. She doesn't remember much but... "JR was there!" After the attack she remembers JR came but then he left her there!

    An Emotional Day

    Friday, February 16 2007

    At the cemetery, Ryan shows Jack the most recent note from the killer, wondering why the killer has chosen to communicate with him. Jack doesn't have any answers. He surprises Ryan with his next words. "I've heard from Greenlee!" She contacted Jack after hearing about the killings. Hearing from Greenlee has made Jack realize all he has to lose and he swears to help protect Kendall. Tad and Derek arrive as flower delivery men bring in gardenias and white ribbons! Derek takes the flowers away as the guests begin arriving. Amanda stands over Babe's coffin with Jonathan and Aidan. Bianca hugs Tad and then moves to comfort Krystal. Palmer and Opal make a beeline for Dixie's casket. Myrtle and Dr. Joe Martin arrive and speak with Zach. When Zoe arrives, the gathered crowd turns to watch. Erica arrives with Jeff, causing Jack to look twice. Zach remains near the entrance, almost as if he is standing guard. Adam opens the floor for others to talk about Babe and Dixie. Bianca steps up, telling them that she had forgiven Babe for taking Miranda and that she wished Babe could know. Tad remembers the first time he met Dixie at Myrtle's store. After being so strong, Tad breaks down a little. "I could see my future," he says, crying. "I could see our future." Jamie comes up, to lead Tad back to his seat. Di steps up, saying "I'm going to miss her every day of my life!" In tears, Krystal throws herself on top of Babe's casket. Adam and Colby quickly lead her back to her seat. Zoe stands up and begins to sing, "You Lift Me Up". She continues to sing as the rest of Pine Valley file by the caskets. Finally stepping forward, JR reaches out to touch Babe's casket and begins to cry.

    Bye-bye, Babe!

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Back at the hospital, Jack and Derek talk about the suspects. Zoe was alibied by the police officer, Jenkins was in custody and Kenny Adler was at a lawyer's conference. Aidan asks if the officer saw anything, but Derek tells him neither the officer or Zoe could provide a description of the attacker. Tad passes along Jamie's theory from Janet - that Hannah, Ethan's mother, could be a suspect. Tad believes they should ask Zach about Hannah, but no one can find him. They continue discussing the matter and decide to try to track down Hannah.

    The Satin Slayer Strikes Again!

    Monday, February 12 2007

    At the police station, Josh confronts Jack - no one sets Erica off like he does! Derek comes out, telling them there has been another attack - it's Babe! The officers mobilize and Jack calls Tad at the pumphouse. Babe has been attacked! Tad, Ryan and Zach hurry away - their going to the pumphouse was a diversion! A few minutes later inside the parking garage, Derek and Jack question the police officer who accounts for Zoe's whereabouts. She was with him the whole time! He didn't get a look at the killer. Ryan and Aidan arrive at the parking garage; Derek tells them Babe is alive - for now! The authorities are more worried than ever. This time the killer didn't just kill a Fusion girl, he killed a bodyguard - a cop! - as well.

    Babe Is Attacked!

    Friday, February 09 2007

    At the police department, Jack and Derek discuss the case. They should keep Jenkins as long as they can, just in case; Derek assures Jack he is also keeping an eye on Kenny Adler and Zarf and leaves. Erica approaches Jack. She is more worried about Bianca and Kendall than ever - and not just because of the murders! Jack tells Erica he's a little too busy for her personal problems, what with the Satin Slayer on the loose and all. Erica stops him cold when she tells him about Emma's paternity. Jack listens and then assures Erica that things will work out. The police are keeping an eye on things and the girls - and Josh - will be fine. He is more worried about Sean. Hearing about Sean and Barbara makes Erica worry. Could Barbara be infringing on her space? A phone call interrupts them and Jack asks her to meet him later at their apartment to discuss things more. Later, at Jack's apartment, Erica is surprised to find Barbara inside!

    Playing With Fire

    Thursday, February 08 2007

    At the police station, Zach erupts in anger. Overturning chairs and tables and grabbing Jenkins by the throat! Jack and Derek come in, breaking off Zach's attack. What was he thinking? They send Zach away and prepare to continue questioning the nurse.

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