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    All My Children CAST - Derek Frye - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Derek Frye Played by Charles Parnell on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Charles Parnell (

    Real Name: Charles Parnell


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    A Job Offer!

    Friday, April 18 2008

    Derek calls Tad's office, tells Jesse the cops are digging up the grave and hangs up. Jesse fills in Tad and Rob and then says he'll be there when his grave comes up! Tad wants Jesse to stay out of it but Rob thinks it is a good idea to go. Just then Angie walks in.

    Chicago, Here They Come!

    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    Jesse and Angie arrive at the police station, and Jesse sees the photo of him from when he “died in the line of duty.” Derek and Jesse talk about the case, but Jesse is still not convinced that all of the loose ends are tied up. He asks Derek to let him know if anything else pops up about this case. Angie pumps up Jesse to live the rest of their lives together. As they embrace, a procession of cops file into the room, giving Jesse a standing ovation, leaving Jesse and Angie proud and tearful.

    Jail Break!

    Tuesday, March 25 2008

    Derek runs into Samuel at BJ's and they discuss Erica. Derek warns Sam to watch out for Erica once she is out of jail. Sam asks if it was necessary for Erica to be cuffed to Carmen and Derek says it was standard procedure. He reminds Samuel that nothing can happen on the way to the prison but calls the guards to check in anyway. He doesn't receive an answer. Just then Samuel gets a call from a highway patrol officer who just found the crashed van! He and Derek hurry away. At the crash site, Derek calls Kendall. "Erica's missing," he says. After hanging up, Derek tells Samuel the guards went against protocol and that Carmen now has a gun!

    Greenlee calls Kendall for advice but Kendall won't listen. She tells Greenlee about the accident and Greens agrees to meet them at the police station. At the station house, Kendall is pacing when Samuel and Derek arrive. They update her on the search. Greens and Aidan arrive. Zach tells Aidan that Erica is apparently handcuffed to Carmen, a violent criminal.

    It's Really You!

    Monday, March 24 2008

    Meanwhile in the airport hangar, shots ring out and Colby falls to the floor! Tad and Adam run to her side! Frankie hurries over to care for Colby. The lights come on and Rob calmly walks out. Colby wakes and they realize she only hit her head. Rob says he followed Tad and Adam to the hangar and pulls out a badge, saying he is an FBI agent who has been looking for Rafael for years! Frankie tells Colby she did a good job. Rob tells everyone about Rafael, code name Papel. Tad doesn't completely trust Rob but Adam does. Rob asks what Rafael wanted but Jesse doesn't know. He borrows Tad's phone to call Angie. She cries as soon as she hears his voice. She drops the phone so Krystal talks to Jesse, who says they'll all be home soon. He hangs up as Derek arrives. Jesse turns to Tad, who tells them about Adam's heart pains. Colby overhears and tries to get Frankie to look Adam over but Adam won't allow it and charges off to talk to Rob. Derek returns to Jesse and they get acquainted. Derek asks him to come by the stationhouse soon to make a full statement. He agrees, then asks Tad to take him home. On the way out, Jesse asks Rob more about Rafael/Papel but Rob says they have never been able to figure out what Papel wanted. Derek fills in Tad and Jesse about Mrs. Remington's death. Rob assures them that even though they don't know what Papel wanted, it is over now. Jesse and Tad leave. Rob turns away and whispers, "This is very personal."

    Follow The Leader!

    Friday, March 21 2008

    At Mrs. Remington's, the medics arrive as Angie and Krystal are doing CPR. The medics pronounce Mrs. Remington dead. Angie turns to Krystal wondering just what happened to the older woman. She brings up the necklace that Mrs. Remington showed her, Jesse's case and Remy's death believing that all three are linked! Krystal says they need to talk things over with Tad. Derek arrives to go through Mrs. Remington's house and says she must have been burglarized. He questions Angie and Krystal, wondering why they were there. The more questions he asks the more agitated Angie becomes and he realizes something is wrong. Krystal convinces Derek that Angie is just upset because Mrs. Remington died in her arms. She tries to distract him by asking about his love life! Derek says he'll ask the questions. Krystal and Angie leave to return home. When they arrive no one is at Tad's house and they wonder where everyone has gone.

    Somebody's Spying On Pine Valley

    Friday, February 22 2008

    Aidan and Kendall both want to forget about the body in the bomb shelter, and the bomb shelter in general. Greenlee and Zach both have questions, though. Derek returns and says they have identified the body! "It's John Remington," Derek says and explains that Remy was a cop. He is the one who was supposed to be shot the day Jesse was killed. The whole town though Remy just left town but now Derek is very curious about what really happened to the ex-cop. He says he is launching a full-scale investigation and then leaves. Zach asks Greenlee to talk to him in private; Kendall and Aidan wonder if things will ever return to normal. Kendall tells Aidan they have to find a way to return to normal around one another. She looks through pictures from the fashion show; Aidan rips up the pictures of him. Kendall brings up the shelter and tells Aidan that she will talk to Zach about the bodyguard deal.

    Will Spike Hear Again?

    Thursday, February 21 2008

    Derek arrives at Fusion just as Zach and Kendall do. Greenlee asks what is going on. He says the body they found in the bomb shelter was murdered!

    Only Erica Could Get Arrested in a Ball Gown

    Tuesday, February 19 2008

    Several reporters and photographers have followed Erica to the stationhouse. Jack is there and so is Derek. Jack says this is her fault because she didn't pay enough attention to her money-men; Erica says Jack should have found out earlier about Sam's real purpose in her life. Sam walks in and Erica turns her anger on him. She has her mug shot taken. In the interrogation room Sam and Jack argue about whether Erica will see the inside of a prison cell. Sam is certain that Erica will be behind bars very soon. Jack says Sam is only grandstanding and goes to get Erica, who insists on seeing Sam right away. Jack takes her into the interrogation room and tells her to keep her big mouth shut. Erica angrily fires Jack! Sam comes into the room and Erica offers to give him her full support in the upcoming Senate campaign if he will re-open her case! Meanwhile, Jack and Derek are chatting in the main squad room. Derek asks what is going on and Jack tells him that Erica has gone off on her own - again! Jack watches for a few more minutes and then can't stand the suspense. He charges inside and asks what is going on now. Sam leaves to talk to the DA. Erica tells Jack she and Sam struck a deal. Just then Sam returns with an updated indictment - that includes attempted bribery of a public official!

    Ryan Acts Crazier and Crazier

    Monday, January 14 2008

    Aidan rushes to the rocks to catch Zach who has gone over the edge with Hannah. Zach holds desperately to Hannah's hand as Greenlee and Kendall urge both men - and Hannah - to hold on. Hannah says she can't do it. Kendall calls out that she loves Zach and he replies that he loves her, too. Aidan is having trouble keeping his grip on Zach strong so Greenlee and Kendall grab his shoulders and begin pulling, too. Zach tells Hannah that he won't let her go this time. She looks down and says she believes him. Zach cries out in pain when they pull on his shoulder again. Hannah says, "Goodbye," and then lets go of Zach's hand! Once back on solid ground Zach wants to run down to find her but Kendall demands that he stay with her. Derek arrives and calls for a water search and rescue team to begin searching for Hannah below the falls. Derek begins asking questions; Aidan takes the lead, saying Hannah slipped by accident and that Zach was trying to save her. Zach can't stop worrying about Hannah, even with Greenlee and Kendall by his side, telling him there was nothing more he could do. Aidan and Derek come back to Zach; Derek calls in more search teams and walks off. Zach apologizes to Kendall for going off on his own. He tells her everything that Hannah said, shocking Kendall. He sits heavily on a rock and asks Kendall how he lost Hannah again. Kendall tells him it wasn't his fault this time because Hannah made the decision to let go. She holds him. Greenlee separates herself from the group and becomes lost in memories of Leo. After a little while Kendall takes Aidan aside to tell him that Greenlee can never know what happened between them or they'll never be able to completely move on. Derek calls off the search until morning. Aidan goes to Greenlee and holds her. Kendall calls Erica to fill her in. Derek promises to keep Zach in the loop; he and Kendall leave.

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